“Cauldron Carrying Strength Warrior ?”

After listening to this statement, Wang Lie laughed and said: “‘Cauldron Carrying Strength Warrior’ is made with secret medicine, Golden Sand, Jade Wine, Heavenly Star forging, non-gate great sect can’t In the next, what skills and abilities, where is so good.”

Seeing Ai Zhongwen’s doubts, Wang Lie smugly pulled off the upper body clothes, and saw countless twisted, twisted golden talisman shimmering and moving, crawling over his back chest, the empty space of the mountain road before Goldene Light is shining, and Xia Ying shines.

Ai Zhongwen changed his face and shouted: “Golden-marked Talisman Book?”

Wang Lie smiled proudly and said: “Yes, precisely my Vast Source Sect’s Golden-marked Talisman Book !”

Ai Zhongwen looked at Zhang Yan, his lips twitching, and there was a sorrow in the eyebrows.

Golden-marked Talisman Book is a grounded Five Elements Divine Sand infused with secret technique liquid, after seven or seventy Nine Heavens, then blended into Spirit Shellfish Jade Wine, and then seventy-four forty Nine Heavens made of gold ink, by magic Power The strong Immortal Master draws the golden talisman on the subject, so that the person’s cultivation base can be raised at least.

Because the same use of the five-shaped Divine Sand, the atmosphere is similar, so Ai Zhongwen will mistake him for the “Cauldron Carrying Strength Warrior” first class.

Wang Lie turned his eyes to Zhang Yan. His expression temporarily eased a few points. He said: “Senior Brother Zhang, your cultivation base is just a ‘Congealing Origin to Reveal Intent’, and it is comparable to ‘Origin Becomes True’ with the Talisman Book cultivation base. ‘The cultivator, the body is strong, the bones are as strong as the bones, the blood is like a river, the strength is more than twice your strength, and I am against you, you have no chance of winning, but I see you in the martial arts together to make extraordinary, you and me fight It will be both losers and hurts. It is better for you to retire. I am not difficult for you. How do you see it?”

Previously swapped a punch, Wang Lie saw that Zhang Yan was not an easy-going person. Although his strength is above Zhang Yan, it does not necessarily have a good chance of winning. Therefore, he does not want to fight with Zhang Yan. It is best.

Zhang Yan listened to his words, first a glimpse, then burst into laughter.

Wang Lie feels humiliated and annoyed: “Do you have a good laugh?”

Zhang Yan took the laughter and looked straight at Wang Lie. He said: “The sect of honor is for you and me. Can you see it as a game? Is it ridiculous for Senior Brother Wang to want to retreat in words?”

Wang Lie’s eyes leaped and he couldn’t find the wording.

“Senior Brother Wang, I used to be a personal thing, but I found out that you have no way to win against the enemy. There is no intention to break it, and there is no need to kill. Why do you talk about winning or losing?”

Zhang Yan’s voice is getting louder and louder, and there is a trend in the voice, and the momentum of the wind is in the air. “Senior Brother Wang said that it only aroused my heart and death, if you want to get through this Mountain Sect, unless you self-tension Crossing over a corpse, today’s situation is going forward and there is no retreat. Only backwaters! Watch the box!”

After Zhang Yan finished speaking, he screamed and stepped out. The underground stone bricks were slammed by him, as if he was thundering, and with an unparalleled momentum, he immediately crossed the space and punched it straight!

Wang Lie was first stunned and annoyed by Zhang Yan’s words. He was so cold that he couldn’t prevent his opponent from making a sudden move. When he was tempted by Zhang Yan, he couldn’t help but feel flustered. He was even worse than Liang Dong. He was in a hurry. Advance and retreat, but Philip stretched out his hand to the chest.

In the meantime, Zhang Yan was already within a few feet. He punched out and hit Wang Lie’s arm, but hit a thick wall.

Zhang Yan looked at it, Wang Lie was really strong, and there was no immediate breakthrough in the rush, but these enemies had only one chance to attack. At this time, they could not retreat!

His forehead is violent, and the whole body, Inner Qi, is gathered and punched.

Just as his inner Inner Qi was empty, the under belly Core Orifice suddenly opened, and Origin Energy rushed out like a flood. The inside stomach was hot and steaming. Power wants to vent.

Zhang Yan was another big scream, and the hard-boiled shot of this punch, the force of the big, actually made a loud sound out of thin air.


Under the punch, Wang Lie’s arm bones were broken, the front chest was concave, and the mouth was squirting blood. The feet were lifted off the ground and planted back to the back.

Zhang Yan jumped up, not waiting for Wang Lie to land, holding a neck, knees against the other side of the lower abdomen and slamming into the ground, then pressing it under the body, then punching his head and punching his head At the beginning, Wang Lie also raised his hand, and then his consciousness gradually became scattered, and he lost his resistance. He only heard the sound of slamming.

Because of the collision with Wang Lie’s hindbrain and repeated impacts, Shandao slabs have been thrown out of a small gravel. You can imagine Zhang Yan’s strength.

At the end of the game, Wang Lie breathed a sigh of relief. Zhang Yan was still not relieved. He unloaded his limbs and joints. This slowly stood up, only to find that although it was only a moment of confrontation, he was already sweaty and heavy.

This series of changes, Ai Zhongwen, was stunned. Usually, Zhang Yan was gentle and gentle. He did not expect that when he was wounded, he was fierce, like a savage beast. Even when he stood on the sidelines, he felt stiff and cold. Looking at Wang Lie, who has been unconscious, he can’t help but tremble: “Senior Brother, Fellow Daoist, why?”

Zhang Yan said in disapproval: “Senior Brother Ai, you need to know the tiger Undying, you will suffer! I will not hurt him this time, he will hurt me!”

In the last days of the world, it is obvious that the opponent has been seriously injured and dying, but he has been reversed because of his negligence. Where can he carelessly? It is better to spend more time and effort than to leave even a chance for the opponent.

Ai Zhongwen reluctantly accepted Zhang Yan’s explanation, but the scene when Zhang Yan was in the air was still a little discomfort.

Zhang Yan looked at Wang Lie, who was full of blood at the moment, and who was fine thread, and his heart shouted.

Wang Lie’s real strength is far above him, and the gap between the two has not been exaggerated. Such an opponent is really difficult to deal with, but Zhang Yan has been killed for a long time, and his heart is so tough, he will not be shocked by the strength of his opponent, but he is always looking for opportunities.

Next, Wang Lie’s words made him glimpse a trace of flaws. He detected that the person was not strong and did not win. Not only that, but Xu was sent by people, and his heart was still afraid of war.

Zhang Yan has a lot of experience in fighting, and immediately stimulates the other with words, secretly mobilizes his whole body and steals preparations. Sure enough, Wang Lie was fucked and impetuous after he said a few words, and the breath was impure. This subtle change was immediately captured by him. He took advantage of this opportunity to make a decisive shot and took Wang Lie in one fell swoop.

However, when he knocked down a strong opponent, he also had another gain.

In the moment when he punched out, he felt that the Inner Core was suddenly opened and closed. The overflowing Origin Energy swayed back and forth in the body. The rushing momentum was like a river, as if it was going to break out, but fortunately he repeated it later. It was gradually dissipated in the boxing. To his surprise, although this Origin Energy lost more than half of the time, it found that the last remaining Origin Energy was more refined and concise than before.

He felt that he seemed to touch the real way of honing Origin Energy.

After forming Origin, Origin Energy deeply locked the Core Orifice, which was not controlled by the Spiritual Will. It was difficult to adjust it. It was difficult to temper the Origin Energy, but the Core Orifice opened just before the line.

He suddenly thought that the same was true of Chen Feng. Perhaps he already knew this method, so he repeatedly challenged Fellow Daoist, intending to open Core Orifice in an environment of extreme oppression, and then use Spiritual Will to condense and purify Origin Energy.

It seems that the more life-and-death battles, the more it will motivate Core Orifice to open. Originally, he felt that it was still very troublesome. Now, after going through some experience, there is no secret to him.

Ai Zhongwen walked up to Zhang Yan and took a bottle of medicine pill from his sleeve and handed it to Zhang Yan. He said: “Senior Brother Zhang, a few successful fights a day, don’t take these medicine pill, make early Rate response, maybe there will be a bad fight tomorrow.”

Zhang Yan took the medicine pill, but did not take it immediately, but fell into deep thought.

Vast Source Sect actually sent such is difficult to deal with the characters overnight, which is obviously that they do not have a long-term mind, but an abacus that is fast-paced.

This is not a good signal for him.

He can deal with a Wang Lie, but there is no guarantee that he can deal with two or three. Chen Feng did not encounter a lot of is difficult to deal with opponents when he was in Southern Flower Sect. This does not mean that he can’t meet.

This made him reluctant to retreat.

After all, it’s too risky to block the two Disciples at Mountain Sect. Now that they have found the right path and have broken jade in hand, he is confident that even if he is no longer through life and death, he can temper Origin Energy. The right Technique, there is no need to stay here with the two factions Discipele dead.

What is the purpose of participating in the Daoist Assembly yourself? Not precisely in order to make a name? Now such a great opportunity can not be easily missed.

Although it is often said that the fish and the bear’s paw, you can’t have both at the same time, but he does not want to give up.

When he thought of it, he showed a slight sneer. Since Vast Source Sect wants to be quick and quick, then he is as they wish.

“Senior Brother Ai, please go to the next slogan and say that I am Zhang Yan about Vast Source Sect… After three days, Deduction Star Tablet !”

Ai Zhongwen’s eyes suddenly widened. After a while, he came back. He grabbed Zhang Yan’s sleeves and hurriedly said, “Senior Brother Zhang, you are crazy, careful, careful!”

Star Tablet, this is the inscription on the operation of the stars path of the ancient moral people. All of them are written by Eclipse Canon. There are a total of nine pieces. It is said that it contains many wonderful changes in the operation of the heaven’s secret. This monument has been stored so far. Deduction solves six blocks, but the stars are changeable, there is no fixed number, and the content that everyone interprets is very different.

These six monuments are the monuments of the Profound Canon Daoist Assembly, which are kept by the owner every time.

However, this inscription is quite strange. When it is deduced, its own atmosphere will change automatically with the changes of the astrology. If you can figure out the tricks, it will naturally be of great benefit, but if it fails, it will be contrary to the heavens path. Disorder, the meridians were damaged, and the Divine Soul was created. The Dao Foundation was destroyed, so this is not in the Fighting Competition, but in the competition.

Zhang Yan looks calm as usual, said solemnly: “Senior Brother Ai, not so, do I wait here to wait for Vast Source Sect to kill the door? Instead of this, don’t take the initiative to play, and do its best!”



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