At night, the seriously injured Wang Lie and a date book were sent to the Vast Source Sect in front of the Disciple. There were no two words to read, and they provoked everyone to scream and accuse Zhang Yan of arrogance!

An Azure Ocean Sect honorary disciple, dare to speak up and challenge a martial art? I really don’t know how to live! However, after reading the essays, it is even more confusing.

Because of the mention in the dynasty, Zhang Yan wants to smash Star Tablet with Vast Source Sect Disciple Fighting Competition!

The difficulty of Star Tablet is well known.

Star Tablet This is the town monument used by Profound Canon Daoist Assembly. Every time it arrives, there will be a High Master to judge the outstanding Disciple, and choose one person to publicize Deduction Star Tablet to show its name, but it is also necessary to have High Master. , spells and guards can ensure innocence.

Directly interpret Star Tablet to Fight Competition? Never had such a bold person!

Contrary to the Disciple reaction, Vast Source Sect’s five common disciples treated the essay book with unprecedented care, because they thought it was not Zhang Yan’s personal decision, and thought it was the entire Azure Ocean Sect. Behind the scenes.

This misunderstanding also made them afraid to look down on Zhang Yan. He thought that he was just a small piece. Now it seems that he is like the Azure Ocean Sect killer, and immediately put it at an unprecedented height.

Shen Jingyue watched the battle book several times, and finally sneered, saying: “Azure Ocean Sect is also smart, and the words are not mentioned in the words of Southern Flower Sect.”

First Disciple Wen Jun is calm and self-sufficient, long beard, said solemnly: “The Vast Source Sect Disciple was all mentioned before, they naturally will not take the initiative to provoke Southern Flower Sect, but this way, my Vast Source Sect has no retreat. Azure Ocean Sect This is to see that I am waiting for the speed of thinking, forcing me to wait for the battle.”

As soon as the news of this fight came out, Vast Source Sect was destined to be difficult to ride.

As for the Southern Flower Sect, their original intention was to let Vast Source Sect charge forward, and would not easily tear the Face with Azure Ocean Sect, and would not jump out at this time.

“If you don’t fight, everything is done before.” Shen Jingyue left the book of war aside, and the corners of his mouth floated a little faintly. “One person slams me Vast Source Sect, a big tone, and the Star Tablet never In terms of the number of people, it is this Zhang Yan picked for free.”

Wen Jun shook his head and said: “Azure Ocean Sect, since I dare to launch Zhang Yan, I want to come here. As the Junior Brother had expected, it is also a certain skill, I am afraid it won’t be easy.”

At this time, the three Disciple Zhang Zhen, who had been silent on the side, suddenly stood up and said, “Two Senior Brothers, it is better to let the younger brother try in the first game!”

Shen Jingyue took a look at Zhang Zhen and then slowly said: “In my Sect, Junior Brother Zhang is not as good as Junior Brother Mo, but it is rare. It is just a hidden danger. It is not unusual. Let’s take it, the Junior Brother is still not going.”

Zhang Zhen insisted on insisting, “I am just Fengyan Zhang Clan. Since the faction, the two Senior Brothers have taken care of me. I don’t think I can report it. Now the Junior Brother Mo can also rise on the Heaven Gate. Prestige, as a Senior Brother, how can I stay behind?”

Shen Jingyue also euphemistically persuaded a few words, no matter what he said, usually the honest and honest Junior Brother would not give up half a step anyway, and finally only agree.

Zhang Zhen finally smiled and said: “Senior Brother is at ease, I have also watched the Star Tablet in the previous Daoist Assembly. With the help of the Junior Brother, the Deduction half-inscription is no problem, such as Zhang Yan. It’s really difficult to deal with, and it’s not too late to pull back.”

Wen Jun sighed for a long while and nodded. “So, I also walked.”

“No!” Shen Jingyue was shocked. He quickly dissuaded him. “Eldest Senior Brother is still just Oversee here. I can go with Junior Brother Zhang.” Wen Jun is the Vast Source Sect Lower Academy First Disciple and the benchmark for the Lower Academy. He can’t play easily. Once he loses, the loss in his reputation is not just a matter of his own.

Wen Jun sighed: “Senior Brother, I can’t understand the truth. But if you only play alone, Southern Flower Sect may mistakenly think that my Vast Source Sect is not working hard. I need to know that the honor and disgrace is small, and the survival is big. ”

Shen Jingyue was shocked. He stood in silence for a moment, and finally stood up and respectfully gave Wen Jun a big gift. He solemnly said: “Senior Brother reminded that the younger brother was negligent.”

Wen Jun was busy helping him up and said: “It’s all a Disciple, don’t need to.”

“So, Junior Brother Zhang first, Junior Brother, my second game, if you are not good, then please ask Senior Brother to do the third game!” Shen Jingyue thought, only this arrangement is the most appropriate, not to let Southern Flower Sect felt that Vast Source Sect didn’t work hard.

At the end, he did not hesitate to remind Zhang Zhen, “Junior Brother Zhang, don’t fight!”

Zhang Zhen put a smile on her chubby face and said, “Senior Brother assured, Junior Brother I have a self-knowledge.” He knew that his achievements on Eclipse Canon were not high, but he noticed that he was tired Zhang Yan’s Shensi, playing for Shen Jingyue.

On the Sweeping Cloud Peak, the news of Zhang Yan’s Vast Source Sect was also transmitted to the ears of the 28 common disciple of Azure Ocean Sect. Although there are many different opinions, the reflection is far less intense than Vast Source Sect, because Zhang Yan After all, it is only a honorary disciple, and it is still in the name of an individual, and winning or losing has nothing to do with them. It is natural to be on the sidelines.

There is only one thing that is surprisingly consistent, that is, no one is optimistic about Zhang Yan.

Deducting the Star Tablet, it is natural to ask the Star Tablet from the top of the peak, but since it does not damage your own half, you can also press the now aggressive Vast Source Sect, Zheng Xun is also happy to open the door, life The six Star Tablets were removed from the summit and a ten-foot-wide earthen platform was piled up at the foot of the Sweeping Cloud Peak. Six inscriptions were lined up to make the distinct sect Disciple clear.

The news came out and sensationalized the entire Green Parasol Tree Mountain.

Not only the variant sect Disciple, but even the Discipes who were not qualified to participate in the Daoist Assembly in the past, want to see who is so bold, dare to fight for a door, and in less than two days, the Sweeping Cloud Peak can not gather at the foot of the mountain. Thousands of cultivators.

For a time, the different sect Disciple inquired about Zhang Yan, and the two sides did not officially Fighting Competition. His reputation can be said that no one knows.

Three days passed by, at the foot of the Sweeping Cloud Peak, above the high platform, six arrays of the front Star Tablet under the fierce sun a ray of light, because of the age, the edge of the stone is missing, but it has been added A sense of simplicity and weight, each stone tablet is engraved with dense Eclipse Canon, there are always four thousand characters up and down, just a glance at the glance.

In the middle of the stage, Ai Zhongwen arranged a case, a futon, and a pen and ink basket, while another five cases were distributed in a ring, and whoever was the guest, was clear at a glance.

Under the watchful eyes of thousands of people, Zhang Yan looked at himself with ignorance of the disdain, inferiority, reprimand, worship, and many other complex eyes passed down from the audience. He walked all the way to the high platform, but this unrelenting determination was in the hearts of the people. admire.

No one knows that his heart is not worried about the fight, but after thinking about it today, he is famous for his variant sect. As long as there is no accident, one of the three “Shou” characters in the High Master will accept himself as Common disciple.

Once it became a common disciple, the Grand Dao door had already opened half a fan to him, a step closer to the road of become an Immortal.

Thinking of this, his eyes showed a firm look.

“Hello is Zhang Yan Junior Brother Zhang? Under Shen Jingyue, I’m in the name of Senior Brother Zhang.”

Shen Jingyue got a little behind Lahang Yan. He leaned against Zhang Yan and arched his hand. On the surface, he looked faint. In fact, he observed Zhang Yan’s manners, and he saw his appearance and his appearance was calm and calm. It is obvious that this time the showdown is in the chest.

Zhang Yan bowed his hand and said: “Don’t dare, Zhang Yan is just after school.” Vast Source Sect is a small school, but Shen Jingyue is a common disciple. After all, he has to at least make a humility. The gesture of Greetings comes out.

Shen Jingyue gave Zhang Yan an indifferent expression, and he smiled lightly. “Junior Brother Zhang, this first game was compared to you by Junior Brother Zhang Zhen. Just before the Fighting Competition, would you like to hear me? ”

“Senior Brother, please.”

Shen Jingyue took a step forward and looked at Zhang Yan with a gaze. “Junior Brother Zhang, this Fighting Competition, if you win, then everything is off, if I win, how do you enter my Vast Source Sect? ”

“What?” Zhang Yan was shocked. He originally thought that Shen Jingyue had no choice but to voluntarily quit, but it was threatened by various threats, but he never thought that the other party would suddenly mention the topic.

Shen Jingyue looked at Zhang Yan’s look and saw that he had no dislike. He had a judgment in his heart, so he continued: “Junior Brother Zhang, you are just a honorary disciple, and your father is Vast Source Sect Higher Academy Elder, if you wish Join my Sect, you are my Sect common disciple, Dao Scripture, medicine pill, you can choose, if you open Immortal meridians, I can advise my father to accept you as a disciple, how do you see?”

Shen Jingyue is sincere, and this condition is quite rich. It is impossible to say that Zhang Yan has no heart.

Although Vast Source is now a small school, it is once the Eastern Flower Continent great sect. The skinny camel is bigger than the horse, and there is a benefit that the common disciple is rare, which means that the competition within the door is not as intense as the great sect. .

This is also true. Because there are not many Disciples, Vast Source Sect has always been a group, and there is a rare harmony between the Fellow Daoist in the door.

It’s just that Zhang Yan has another concern.

One though, before one’s eyes Shen Jingyue, promised many benefits, but I know that this is not his plan to destabilize his own mind? So he can’t believe it!

Second, he is not optimistic about the future of Vast Source Sect. Although the Southern Flower and Vast Sources are good, Vast Source Sect has always attached to the Southern Flower Sect, and now Vast Source Sect actively challenges the Azure Ocean Sect, Southern Flower. Sect has not made a single statement yet, enough to see that Vast Source can’t be autonomous, and even may be abandoned at any time. Such a martial art has no sense of security for him.

Thirdly, Azure Ocean Sect is Eastern Flower Continent great sect. After that, Zhou Family doesn’t dare to use it, but if he changes to Vast Source Sect, it’s hard to say.

So whether he is really sincere or false, Shen Jingyue will not agree, so the With the slightest hesitation veto.

Shen Jingyue sighed and apparently regretted Zhang Yan’s choice.

The words he had just extended to Zhang Yan came from the heart. The reason was that after the fight here, Zheng Xun and others were not in a hurry to defeat the prodigy. The Disciple no longer sat in the Side Palace, and the news was passed down on the mountain. He learned that Zhang Yan was a one-person sect, and no one was behind him.

He felt the enthusiasm and ability of Zhang Yan, and saw that Zhang Yan’s characters were outstanding, and he suddenly moved his love, and Vast Source Sect was in desperate need of new blood. He was not so concerned about Disciple’s origin, so he invited Zhang Yan to the scene. .

However, the intention of falling flowers is ruthless, but Zhang Yan does not see Vast Source Sect, but instead wants to borrow them on the back to set foot on the Grand Dao Heaven Gate.

So he took a step back and carried his hands, said solemnly: “More than nothing, Senior Brother Shen, please take the Junior Brother to the stage, you and I will have a victory today!”



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