There is no room for Zhang Yan’s words. Shen Jingyue’s below can’t be said, but he is not angry, smiles a little, said: “Junior Brother Zhang, let it be.”

He turned and stepped down. It didn’t take long for Zhang Zhen, who was chubby, to walk slowly on the platform, but he was not good at words. After a good ceremony, he and Zhang Yan each took the seat.

Zhang Zhen looked at the first Star Tablet. The first Star Tablet was divided into nine chapters and three chapters, with tens of thousands of words. He had a few glances on the Daoist Assembly.

Looking at it now, I found that the handwriting like the ant worm is only aiming a few eyes, and my heart rises with a sense of vomiting and irritability. I hurriedly took a few breaths and tried to keep my mind and take a pair of bamboo tokens from the sleeves. Preparing Deduction for interpretation, he accidentally glanced at Zhang Yan, but he could not help but be one of them.

I saw that Zhang Yan has been working hard on the case at the moment. I can’t help but wonder. What is this doing?

Not only is he puzzled, but the different sect Disciple, including Shen Jingyue, is also incomprehensible. I don’t know what Zhang Yan is doing?

To say that Zhang Yan has begun to interpret Eclipse Canon, everyone is not convinced, bamboo token does not need to say, but also write so fast, it is not like Deduction Eclipse Canon, but like copying articles.

In fact, Zhang Yan Deduction Star Tablet, at this time compared with the 誊 copy article is not much worse.

This time, he is about to fight against Vast Source Sect. It seems to be easy on the surface, as if everything is under control, but where is there actually half silk to relax? Almost as soon as I came up, I tried my best to sink my consciousness into the broken jade Clone, and destilled it at a very fast speed.

In the broken jade, there was just a gain, and the content immediately flowed out of his pen, so in the eyes of outsiders, Zhang Yan’s move was incredible.

Zhang Zhen didn’t dare to look after seeing Zhang Yan’s movements. He suddenly thought of this or Zhang Yan’s strategy of messing up his mind? I decided not to pay attention anymore. After calming down and doing a few adjustments, he followed the Vast Source Sect algorithm and calculated it.

At this moment, Zhang Yan has no reason to deal with this. Just after writing the first sentence, Internal Qi in his body is inexplicable, and then walks over to his limbs. This kind of experience is very wonderful, as if he has been with God. Combine the two into one, the body reflects the stars path, and the thousands change, not to look a little, and be careful.

It didn’t take long for his fear of Star Tablet to be greatly reduced. He was freed from the psychological state of the original trembling with fear, and there was a feeling of “but so” in his heart.

This is not Zhang Yan’s arrogance, but this Deduction, he has already seen some of the mysteries.

When Deduction Star Tablet, Internal Qi will follow the Eclipse Canon chapter you read and change. When Inner Qi moves, it is extremely difficult to think about it. But there is a difficulty here, that is, if you have already walked through the previous breath, The corresponding next step was not able to be deduced in time, then Internal Qi will be out of order and in a disorder.

This is like a running horse being rushed forward, and you have to pave the way for it, and you can’t stop at will.

This is a horrible thing for people who don’t know much about Eclipse Canon, just for people who read Eclipse Canon fast enough.

This is the long-term of this carefully Zhang Yan, and there is broken jade in, he has almost no miscalculation possible, Deduction time is more than ten times more common people, and occasionally the difficulty is also leaping, no stagnation.

In this case, he can relax his mind and experience the magical feeling brought by the operation of Internal Qi. As he gradually becomes familiar with the laws of these breath walking, he gradually has his own understanding.

It is said that the Star Tablet is corresponding to the stars path, but he does not seem to be the case.

In his interpretation, several Eclipse Canons have appeared repeatedly, and each time they appear, the breath is constantly repeated.

According to this, it seems that as long as you want to read these specific Eclipse Canons, you can drive Internal Qi yourself.

Just as he thought so, several of the Eclipse Canons on the Star Tablet were getting brighter in his eyes! There is a sudden realization in his heart, this is where the stars path works, which clearly describes the ethical relationship between Eclipse Canon and Heavenly Dao!

Doesn’t this mean that the legends are true, a person can climb the Grand Dao as long as he is poorly Eclipse Canon, and get the Heaven Gate?

Think of this, Zhang Yan is more focused, single-mindedly record the Internal Qi route corresponding to Eclipse Canon, and then do some research when you are ready.

After about an hour, the first chapter of the Eclipse Canon of about 3,000 words, he has finished reading, the breath of the body suddenly slammed, and automatically returned to Dantian, it is a cycle has ended, if you move again, it is another Start. When I got here, Zhang Yan was still unfinished.

At this time, he thought of Zhang Zhen, who was confronted with himself, and looked up, but found that the face was pale, shortness of breath, and the body of the fat body was trembling. The bamboo token in his hand was also not stable, as if it might fall at any time, obviously I am trapped in it.

But what makes Zhang Yan surprised is that this young and fat young cultivator, although seemingly crumbling, never really fell down, but insisted on surpassing the first level.

Zhang Zhen gasped and stood up. He lifted his cuffs and wiped the sweat from his head. He wanted to exchange his notes with Zhang Yan, but found that the previous section had been soaked by his own sweat. It is ambiguous, and it is not the color of the face.

Zhang Yan didn’t care, smiled and reached for it, and handed his release to the other party.

Zhang Zhen looked at it carefully and found that no matter how comprehensible and understanding of the Star Tablet, the calmness of the words in the lines is not what he can match. The victory and defeat are obviously very clear, not to mention that he was shocked by Zhang Yan. Bamboo token Deduction can interpret Eclipse Canon, which makes him lose his conviction, and he is very admired by Zhang Yan, saying: “Senior Brother is a big talent, and it is not good at it.”

After the completion of the sentence, Zhang Zhen consciously left his face and left on the stage, swaying and walking down the stage. The last few steps were carried out, and the danger fell. He was rushed to Qi Xuan to help him, saying: “Senior Brother Be careful.”

Zhang Zhen stood up straight and looked up. When he looked up, he saw Wen Jun and Shen Jingyue looking at himself with concern. He apologized: “The two Senior Brothers, the younger brother has a commitment, hehe.”

Wen Jun comforted: “Junior Brother has no experience, just need to feel at ease. The next one will let the brother try it.” Zhang Yan has a few colors.”

Shen Jingyue was shocked. This was not a good arrangement that he had previously said. He just wanted to speak, but was interrupted by Wen Jun. “Junior Brother, Junior Brother Zhang is going to consume Zhang Yan’s energy, but my Point of view This person is still full of enthusiasm, and it is obviously more than enough. You may not be his opponent at this moment. You will not be late after I fight.”

Shen Jingyue Still to say, Wen Jun looked sad and said: “I have decided, it is so decided!” He gave Qi Xuan a look, the latter will know, and will stop Shen Jingyue.

Shen Jingyue has never seen Wen Jun press himself with First Disciple. He couldn’t think of any way. He could only watch Wen Jun come to power, but his eyes gradually showed a glimpse.

“Junior Brother Zhang, Vast Source Wen Jun is here.”

Wen Jun has already entered Profound Sect, a black robe, wearing a five-beam crown, high-footed, his body is tall and straight, the beauty must be fluttering, the body has a style of Lower Academy First Disciple.

Zhang Yan is also a solemn return, said: “Please!”

The second chapter of Star Tablet is more difficult than the previous chapter. Wen Jun is not even better than Zhang Zhen in Eclipse Canon achievements, but he has reached the “Origin Becomes True” Realm, but has not yet opened the meridians, the Origin Energy Filling and concise, not easily tempted by Internal Qi, even if Inner Qi left alone, he relied on a deep cultivation base to suppress, making the breath go too fast too far slow, but more secure than Zhang Zhen.

This is also the usual means of Disciple Deduction Eclipse Canon. Although they can’t improve the speed of interpreting Eclipse Canon, they can suppress the internal Qi’s walking, so that they will not get out of their control early, although if this happens then more difficult, There is no benefit, but it is a good way to use the Fighting Competition.

So compare Deduction Star Tablet, if the two sides have similar views on Eclipse Canon, then the rest is the competition cultivation base, which is why so many Disciples are not optimistic about Zhang Yan, but he has divine artifact in hand, can not Regularity.

After sitting on Deduction, Wen Jun has been calm and fluent, and he is not busy, and the First Disciple style is fully displayed.

Zhang Yan didn’t care about him. He still moved with the pen. The variant sect Disciple has already seen that Zhang Yan Deduction does not require a bamboo token. At this time, goodbye, another array of surprises, and Zhang Yan is like a rush of water when he writes. Slow, relaxation, and the appearance of the appearance is not bad, it seems to give a wonderful sense of comfort, but also to make everyone under the admiration.

Only more people are now betting on Wen Jun. I wonder if this Vast Source Sect Lower Academy First Disciple can beat Zhang Yan in this game?

Unconsciously, everyone has put Zhang Yan in a strong position in his heart, no longer because he is just a honorary disciple.

Another time has passed by, and Wen Jun has a faint sweat on his head, but he is much stronger than the previous Zhang Zhen. He is still sitting on the stage, holding the pen firmly and not shaking. Interpret the second chapter.

At this time, he also detected that his ability has reached the limit, dare not rush into the rush, sighed slightly, put the brush in his hand.

When he looked up, he found that Zhang Yan didn’t know when the interpretation had been completed and the ink on the paper had dried up for a long time. He shook his head and stood up and said: “This is the winner of Junior Brother Zhang.”

This highly flavored Vast Source Lower Academy First Disciple also gave Zhang Yan a tribute, and he took a close look at Wen Jun.

At this time, the scene was completely opposite to the original sect Disciple. It wasn’t that Zhang Yan was not self-sufficient, but he was defeated by two, and he easily won two games. He said that he was talking about Vast Source. He couldn’t help but leave an endless reverie.

Shen Jingyue under the stage was dignified, secretly thought: “It seems that I have looked down on this person before.”

When he thought of it, he couldn’t help but regret that Zhang Yan had such a skill. No wonder he refused to join Vast Source Sect. At the same time, he couldn’t help but wonder if Lin’s news was false. Zhang Yan was called honorary disciple, but in reality it was Azure. Ocean Sect Lower Academy secretly cultivated disciples?



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