Before Shen Jingyue was about to take the stage, he took a bottle of medicine pill from his sleeve and then squatted around the Martial Brothers.

This bottle of Medicine name is “Gathering Life Powder”, which can stimulate your brain power in a short period of time, and maximize the computing power. Only this medicine pill is as good as the tiger wolf poison to the body, and if it is overdrafted, Origin Essence will stimulate Potential, even if nothing happens in the future, the number of lives will be greatly shortened.

However, the third Fighting Competition is too important for Vast Source Sect, and Shen Jingyue would rather break his life and be a part of it.

He sorted out his clothes and handed it to Wen Jun: “Senior Brother, Junior Brother, I went.”

Hearing Shen Jingyue’s words, there was an ominous sign that Wen Jun frowned at the slightest inconsistency. He said with relief: “Junior Brother, don’t think too much, try your best.”

Shen Jingyue smiled and walked slowly onto the platform.

Zhang Yan and his face again, do not want to speak a lot, just a little hand to say hello.

Shen Jingyue stood still, and he watched Zhang Yan, Shen Sheng said: “Junior Brother Zhang, I used to look down on you.” After a pause, he smiled and said: “However, I used to Said to be still counting.”

Zhang Yan didn’t pick up his words, he said directly: “Senior Brother Shen, please.”

Shen Jingyue, a few steps, went to the case and sat down, staring at the Star Tablet. In the original Eclipse Canon, which seemed to be a mess, he now looks at the words clearly, but has not used the bamboo token. As if the results are already coming out.

He did not panic and spread the paper, and wrote the pen.

There was a sudden Cry out in surprise in the audience. I saw Zhang Yan Deduction Star Tablet without the bamboo token. They were already shocked. I didn’t expect this Shen Jingyue to be hidden!

Zhang Yan frowned slightly, he has tried to overestimate Shen Jingyue’s computing power, but did not expect this person to be difficult to deal with than that.

However, he already expected that the third Fighting Competition must be a hard fight, and it would be unhelpful. Moreover, Vast Source Sect is undoubtedly dispatched by the most proficient Disciple on Eclipse Canon. It shows that if he wins this game, he will win a big victory. He smiles a little, squats on the hem of his robes and sits down. Pick up the pen in your hand and look at the third chapter in the Star Tablet.

Just in the two-person Fighting Competition, the Azure Ocean Sect three Lower Academy common disciples are in one place on the mountain trail not far from here.

“This Zhang Yan once won the Vast Source Sect, and there is a common disciple, which will hinder me from waiting for the plan…”

Lin Yuan looked cold and violently threw a sentence: “This person can’t stay!”

Lower Academy path of cultivation, medicine pill books and other things have always been given by the Higher Academy, and the Higher Academy has competed with Three Lakes Lake Monster for Shellfish Field for more than a decade, and has been battling each other. Now it is getting more and more intense. Gradually decreasing, the allocation of their 28 people has been stretched. If there is one more person, it will undoubtedly reduce the original quota in their hands.

This is not the point. Once Zhang Yan started, the opening the meridians is almost doomed. That is to say, even at the Higher Academy, Zhang Yan will compete with them, and at that time their suppression of Zhang Yan is even more Almost no.

In the past few years, how to allocate path of cultivation resources, they have already formed several small groups of interests, and several families have already settled within the family. If one person comes in again, the situation will definitely be disrupted, which will inevitably lead to their original arrangement. Put it into the water.

Lin Yuan looked at the faces of Chen Lan and Hu Sheng in front of him and said, “What about the two Junior Brothers?”

Chen Lan is full of unbelief, “High Master will receive Zhang Yan entry?” A district of honorary disciple, no body background, how can High Master rush?

Lin Yuan snorted and said: “This Zhang Yan’s Aptitude Junior Brother, you see it, not under you and me, seeing him press Vast Source Sect with one person, will High Master let go?”

It seems that in order to enhance persuasiveness, he continued: “Zhang Yan’s method of planning is unknown. Before that, he did not show up in the mountains. Perhaps he had already been seen by the High Master, but he was afraid to wait for me. It’s only a blockbuster today, and it’s so famous that I can’t talk about it.

Chen Lan looks a glimpse, Lin Yuan is a bit far-fetched at first, but it seems that it is not unreasonable to think about it. Zhang Yan may indeed be included in the door by the High Master, except that this person is afraid of being the most secure, his face is flowing. Showing a hint of haze, “So, this Zhang Yan will kill!”

“Good!” Lin Yuan was overjoyed and turned to ask Hu Sheng Yu, who had never spoken. “Senior Brother Hu, what do you say?”

Hu Sheng Yu Mo Ran said: “A honorary disciple, killing will kill.” Zhang Yan is not a common disciple, with the influence of their family behind, will be in a group, even if the High Master knows why they can not.

Chen Lan suddenly thought of something and reminded: “It’s just that Ai Zhongwen seems to have a good relationship with Zhang Yan. He was born in Anfeng Ai Clan, but it was a big problem.”

Hu Sheng said with a cold face: “No matter, this person will give it to me.”

“Since Senior Brother Hu came out, it would be safe.” Hu Sheng Yu Xianglai was very proud. Since he was willing to make a mistake, Lin Yuan was relieved. He looked around again. “This is like a game.” Zhang Yan lost, we don’t want to do it, just think of ways to drive him out of Azure Ocean Sect, if he wins, when you want to start early!”

At the moment on the platform, everyone did not think that this battle turned out to be unprecedentedly fierce. Deduction of the two people all the way, even unconsciously has reached the third monument, they are all amazed, not knowing where the limits of these two people are. .

You know, Star Tablet is now only six people out of it, it’s all here.

At this time, even Zhang Yan felt pressure to multiply, no longer want to experience the changes of Internal Qi, and went all out to interpret Eclipse Canon. His consciousness seems to be divided into two, one is Deduction in the broken jade Clone, and one is on the ontology. On the white paper, write on the pen.

He is still the same, and Shen Jingyue is also not easy. As the effect of medicine pill gradually fades out, his mental depletion is already too serious. For those who force the brain power to increase their computational power, the pressure is always as heavy as the burden. On the back, you should not relax for a while.

After a while, he was one of the eyes blurred, and it was paused in a difficult place. Internal Qi was in a mess, and suddenly a mouthful of blood spit out and sprayed on the white paper. He did not care about his own vomiting blood, but looked pitifully. A glance at the stained paper.

At this point, he could not stop, and he sat down straight, and swallowed a bit of blood to his mouth, and he continued to write.

After reading a paragraph, Zhang Yan took a moment to pay attention to Shen Jingyue and found that the opponent’s mouth was bloody and looked shocking. There was a white hair on the corner. Seeing this appearance, Zhang Yan also knew that the other could not support it. How long.

He shook his head and sighed: “Why should the Senior Brother be so desperate?”

Shen Jingyue couldn’t answer, and suddenly she felt that her throat was a burst of Qi and Blood. She only felt that before one’s eyes turned black. He couldn’t stand it anymore. With a few mouthfuls of blood spurting out, he fell to the side of the case.

“Junior Brother!”

Under the stage, Wen Jun yelled and hurried to the stage, reaching for a wrist and looking awkward.

Shen Jingyue The situation at this time is extremely bad. Internal Qi is disorderly and has been scattered into the internal organs. It seems to have swallowed the drug, the heart is weak and weak, and the brain power is seriously depleted. If it is not timely, it will not only destroy the roots, but also have more lives. Worry.

Shen Jingyue opened her eyes slightly and grabbed Wen Jun’s wrist. He said: “Eldest Senior Brother, if I am dead, please yell at my eldest brother and don’t seek Zhang Yan’s revenge. This is a talent, if you have the opportunity, when you earn the door wall, I will be able to grow my Vast Source Sect.”

He still has an illusion about Zhang Yan, not just the ability of Zhang Yan to show his strength, perhaps because he gave his life a step, and finally he touched a little heaven’s secret in Deduction, faintly seeing Zhang Yan seems to have no luck in his body.

Wen Jun has a hot eye and chokes: “Junior Brother…” He knows that Shen Jingyue is the second son of the family, and that a big brother, Shen Jue, is a master of Higher Academy Profound Light Realm, and has a bad temper and has never been able to speak. When Shen Jingyue was still thinking in the past, as a First Disciple, he hated and groaned in his heart.

Wen Jun handed Shen Jingyue to the hands of Qi Xuan who followed him. He stepped down and stood in front of Azure Ocean Sect Lower Academy First Disciple Zheng Xun. He said: “Junior Brother Mo is young and ignorant. These days are absurd. Wanwang Senior Brother don’t mind.”

The audience was in a state of utter disappointment, which means that Vast Source Sect has officially admitted.

Zheng Xun’s face is kind and good, and Wen Jun is supported. The other party is also a First Disciple. In front of him, his posture is so low. If he stalks and stalks, he will fall into a narrow-minded reputation, so Wenyan said: “Junior Brother Wen, Junior Brother Mo is a young man, just loves to play, I will always care about him, this matter has been revealed, you and I need to deale more in the future.”

Wen Jun’s mouth is slightly bitter, this Daoist Assembly can be regarded as a feather. It is chilling that until this time, Southern Flower Sect did not come out to say a word for them. He secretly sighed and sent people to Mo. After calling, I went to Vast Source Sect and waited.

On the other side, Lin Yuan and other three figures appeared on the side of the platform, shouting at Zhang Yan: “Zhang Yan, come over.”

Ai Zhongwen saw it and grabbed Zhang Yan in front of him. He whispered: “This is Senior Brother Lin, Junior Brother should be careful!”

Zhang Yan nodded slightly, he naturally heard of Lin Yuan’s name, knowing that there is no good thing, slowly stepping forward, he said: “I have seen Senior Brother Lin.”

Lin Yuan sneered and screamed: “Zhang Yan, can you know sin?”

Zhang Yan did not change his mind and said: “What do you know about Zhang?”

Lin Yuan sinks her face and says, “You have no reason to provoke Fellow Daoist, fighting privately, causing me to have a gap between each other, to bully a group of Senior Brothers, and to make Fellow Daoist look at you, his heart is awkward!”

When he said something, he thought that Zhang Yan would panic. He didn’t expect Zhang Yan to look at Calm demenor. He said succinctly: “Senior Brother Lin, Mo Yuan blocked the road, and told me that Azure Ocean Sect Disciple could not climb to the top for three days. Just a honorary disciple, but also know the shame word, blocking Vast Source Sect, carefully for my Azure Ocean Sect reputation will not be ruined by him.”

Lin Yuan shouted and said: “Stop! The Senior Brothers have a plan for how to plan, and you will be a junior! The Junior Brother, and I will take this person down!”

Ai Zhongwen was angry. He was trying to speak, but he didn’t expect the chest to be boring. The body couldn’t move. It turned out that Hu Sheng took his wrist, and an Origin Energy suddenly forced his veins to As for his inability to speak, he was shocked and angry, but he resisted, and his face suddenly became red.

Zhang Yan’s eyes swept away, and several common disciples were surrounded. The mountain road didn’t know when it had been blocked by a dozen Disciples. He secretly sneered and was preparing to start…

At this point, there was a clear bell and drum sound on the Sweeping Cloud Peak, and everyone couldn’t help but look at the peak.

A powder makeup jade Dao Child appeared on a rock not far away, high-pitched: “Zhang Yan He? High Master Shi Shoujing, He Shouxuan, Zhen Shou, Profound Virtue Temple honorary disciple Zhang Yan Participate in the ceremony.”



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