Dao Child came out with a different look, but no one was moving.

Zhang Yan is unclear about the true and false nature of Dao Child, and dare not believe it; Lin Yuan and others are skeptical. I don’t know if there are other arrangements for the three High Masters besides sending this Dao Child. For a time, I dare not act strong.

Dao Child saw no movement for a long time, and immediately lifted the dust in his hand and shouted: “High Master is here, what is Zhang Yan? Isn’t it fast?”

As soon as the dust came out, everyone looked simultaneously changed for one.

Lin Yuan’s face is even more ugly. He can see at a glance that it is High Master Shi Shoujing’s “Shou Shou Dust”. If this thing comes out, if they still have a change, a crime of not respecting Teacher can’t run away.

Not only that, but the dust is still a magical tool that has been carefully refined. If it is really hit, no one can stop it.

Dao Child is also a nervous face. Although Shi Shoujing has passed his method of arranging, but his shallow Inner Qi does not know how to control it several times, this magical tool is really more deterrent.

Finally, Lin Yuan thought to come and go, still dare not challenge the High Master majesty, and made a look to the left and right, Chen Lan also knows that there is no way to take Zhang Yan today, although the heart is unwilling, but helpless, waved, Let everyone retreat and let the way out.

The deadlock scene was eased.

Zhang Yan saw the people around him gradually spread out. He had nothing to do with his face, but he did not dare to relax, and he kept secret.

Going to Dao Child, holding a fist: “Zhang Yan is here.”

“You are Zhang Yan?”

Dao Child breathed a sigh of relief, and the oppressive atmosphere made him almost breathless. He didn’t dare to stop here. He said quickly, “Zhang Yan, come with me.”

Watching Zhang Yan leave with Dao Child, Lin Yuan also has some regrets.

Originally, he wanted to use words to hold Zhang Yan first. If Zhang Yan didn’t dare to resist, he would let them break. If Zhang Yan rebelled, then as they wished, he would kill him on the spot, if this happens then As for the drop of the handle.

I didn’t expect this to be a little delay. Instead, the Dao Child was saved in time to save Zhang Yan. I knew that I should kill him directly!

At this time, there was a sigh in the distance. The people looked back and saw that Zhang Yan left, Hu Sheng Yu also relaxed, and Ai Zhongwen took the opportunity to get out of his hands. After he left far away, Then he sneered back and said: “Ai Mou today wrote down a few Senior Brothers!”

Lin Yuan and the other three glanced at each other. Chen Lan wanted to say something. Lin Yuan reached out and put his hand on it, blocking his words. He said: “The situation is not clear, let the matter be discussed later, and see how the High Master looks. arrangement.”

Chen Lan pumped his mouth and snorted, and nothing could be said.

And Hu Sheng stood on one side, always looking gloomy, not knowing what to think.

The Profound Virtue Temple is located on the Grand Sleep Peak, the main peak of the Green Parasol Tree Mountain. Zhang Yan is the name of the Profound Virtue Temple, but he is here for the first time.

After entering the Mountain Sect, he was innocent to observe the scenery on both sides, and he was speculating about the intention of calling him.

This time, he is one of the most obstructive Vast Source Sect. It can be said that the famous sect is not too much. It is logical for the Higher Academy to accept him as a common disciple.

But he also knows that even with such a result, even if there is such a result, his future path may not be smooth.

Just path of cultivation, how can there be no twists and turns? Today, he can be here, it is enough to show that the road of Grand Dao is only thorny, and it is nowhere to go.

All the way through Three Great Palaces, Dao Child introduced him to the back view, saying: “Senior Brother, please wait here, I will go back.”

Zhang Yan Slightly nodded, Dao Child kicked in. Not long after, the Dao Child came out again and said, “Senior Brother, three High Masters call you in.”

Zhang Yan sorted out the robe and straightened her head and walked into the Main Hall without squinting.

The Main Hall is called the Crossing Truth Palace and is the highest on the Grand Sleep Peak. The interior of the Main Hall is supported by four Immortal Crane copper columns, and the Black Tortoise is pressed down.

There is a copper incense burner in the middle of the main hall. The sorghum arch on the head is painted with Profound Sect. Divine Immortal is an anecdote. When you look closely, it looks like a cloud cage and looks at the Atmosphere.

On the three-story pedestal in front, three Old Daoist seats sit on the futon, with a white hair in the old Daoist precisely Profound Virtue Temple, and the left and right sides in the Cultivating Virtue Temple. He Shouxuan and Grand Serenity Temple are in charge. Shou.

Zhang Yan entered the Main Hall, and Shi Shoujing’s deep breath of the sea immediately caught his attention. This kind of breath seemed to have been felt in Zhou Zishang. It was not obvious at the time, but it was only interpreted by him. After Star Tablet, the feeling of Internal Qi seems to have remained in a keen state.

He took a few steps forward, Shi Lidao: “honorary disciple Zhang Yan, I have seen three High Masters.”

Shi Shoujing slowly opened, said: “Zhang Yan, have you been in the mountains for more than three years?”

Zhang Yan replied: “Yes.”

Shi Shoujing “snapped” and said: “You have a deep understanding in Eclipse Canon. I ask you, where did you learn from?”

Zhang Yan replied: “Half is heavenly, half is artificial.”

Shi Shoujing glanced and smiled: “A good one is half-given, half is artificial, but it is the first in the world, and the Descendant is alive. If anyone does not, what is the use of heaven? You know it very well.”

On the right side, Cultivating Virtue Temple is in charge of Zhen Shou. Since Zhang Yan came in, he has been closes the eyes. At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and said: “Zhang Yan, you can retire.”

This move is extremely abrupt, and even more strange is that Shi Shoujing is silent.

Zhang Yan respectfully salutes her face and calmly recedes.

After changing other people, they have not been said to be sentenced to retreat. Even if they are not confused, they are also embarrassed, but Zhang Yan has been calm since the beginning.

Shi Shoujing couldn’t help but secretly nod.

“Senior Brother Shi, is it appropriate to accept the Zhang Yan entry wall?” After Zhang Yan’s exit, Zhen Shou’s opening was questionable, and there seemed to be a question from Shi Shoujing in the speech.

Shi Shoujing smiled lightly and said: “Junior Brother Zhen, you also see that Zhang Yan is a talented person in Eclipse Canon. Sweeping Cloud Peak is the next person to fight Vast Source. It is also daring, and this After the second Daoist Assembly, he will be famous. If he does not include it, he will be blamed for his illness. He said that my Profound Virtue Temple is in a state of sorrow, and I am in charge of the Lower Academy, and I am thinking of collecting the good wood for the martial art. , there is no wild talent.”

Zhen Shou said: “My point of view Zhang Yan, although the heart is good, but Aptitude is flat, I am afraid that the future achievements are limited. For this reason, people will offend Sect disciple, which is not worth the candle.”

“No problem,” Shi Shoujing smiled and shook his head. “Junior Brother Zhen, I sent the Suppressing Impurity Cauldron to Zhang Yan. How do you see it?”

When Zhen Shou heard it, there was a flash of light in his eyes. He said: “So, very good.”

Zhang Yan stepped out of the Main Hall. Dao Child, who led the way, came over to a head. He said, “Senior Brother, please come with me.”

Zhang Yan was in the heart, as Dao Child came to a Side Palace on the side of the Crossing Truth Palace.

After Dao Child left, he looked at the environment. Although the cleaning was clean, it was cold and silent. It was a long time unoccupied.

However, he did not care, and he took a puff to sit down and meditate.

I don’t know how long it took. When he quit from the quiet, he looked up. I didn’t know when Shi Shoujing was sitting on the futon in front of him. Zhang Yan was shocked and immediately stood up and said: “I don’t know.” The arrival of High Master, Disciple is rude.”

Shi Shoujing is rather pleasing to the eye, contrary to the previous attitude, and said warmly: “You don’t have to be polite, sit.”

When Zhang Yan re-sit, Shi Shoujing slams and says: “Zhang Yan, can you understand what I am calling you?”

“Disciple thinks about it every day, it’s all a common disciple, so I’m thinking about it in Discicle. It should be this.”

Shi Shoujing laughed, said: “You are calm.”

Zhang Yan feels that here, the thoughts in her heart Shi Shoujing should be clear, so why bother? So he is not rumored.

Shi Shoujing added: “You are sitting closer.”

Zhang Yan took a few more steps and sat down three feet away from Shi Shoujing.

Shi Shoujing looked at him carefully and said: “You are not high Aptitude, path of cultivation is difficult to get on a trip, but it is quite insightful on Eclipse Canon, and it is also a fated person.”

He took out a dao book from his sleeve and handed it to Zhang Yan, saying: “Get it.”

Zhang Yan didn’t ask what it was, but just got up and took it respectfully.

Shi Shoujing said: “This is a dao book, it is a cutting the meridians superior secret art, but there are quite a few roads, a little carelessly destroy the foundation, just my point of view, it is a first class The classics of the door, Ancient authentic, can not bear to give up, so now handed to your hand, whether cultivation, you can make your own decision.”

After talking about his dust, closes the eyes: “The words have been said, you can go.”

Zhang Yan got up and quit, waiting for him to go out, Dao Child at the door said: “Congratulations to Senior Brother.”

Zhang Yan said, “Where is it from?”

Dao Child smiled and said: “Senior Brother is not aware that the High Master has passed the premise before entering the customs. The Senior Brother is the thirteenth common disciple of my Profound Virtue Temple.”

“common disciple…”

Zhang Yan took a long breath and made every effort to get started. But after hearing this news at this moment, he was not able to look down on his heart.

He clicked on it and said to Dao Child, “Many Thanks Junior Brother.” He took out a Roundeous Source Pill from his arms and put it into Dao Child palm.

Dao Child before one’s eyes, he recognized that this is a good thing, looked at the left and right, then carefully close it.

He leaned closer and whispered: “There are some high-level masters that have been taken care of by the Senior Brother. I have to hand it over to the Senior Brother immortal cave, and the Senior Brother.”

Zhang Yan smiled secretly. Listening to this Dao Child tone, these “garbage” must be easy to move. If it is not this medicine pill, I am afraid that I have to do it myself.

“So, there is a Junior Brother.”

Dao Child smiled and said: “Where, Senior Brother is good, go!”

After coming down from the Profound Virtue Temple, Zhang Yan didn’t rush back to the immortal cave. Instead, she turned two laps on the mountain road until the night was over, confirming that no one else was snooping around, and then returned to the immortal cave.

Pushing the door inside, he glanced at it, but found that a positive bronzed tripod was placed right in the immortal cave!



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