Zhang Yan took a closer look at this is the ancient copper tripod, which has the three ancient characters “Suppressing Impurity Cauldron”. It can be seen from the front and can be detected to the internal Qi, which is unique to the daoist.

According to Dao Child, this big tripod should be sent by High Master Shi Shoujing.

Just don’t give medicine pill Dao Scripture, but send yourself a copper tripod. What is the purpose?

Xuan in sect’s expert Everything is implicit in meaning, Shi Shoujing will not give him a thing for no reason, he must want to use Ding to express something to himself.

“Ding, Ding…”

Zhang Yan walked back and forth, pondering the mystery. Suddenly, he stepped forward and remembered a possibility. According to the High Master, is it that…Strength Warrior?

Although the name “Strength Warrior” sounds prestige, people who really know the details of the bottom never think so.

Cover because the Strength Warrior comes from the unsuccessful honorary disciple or the side door loose cultivator.

Cultivation to Building Origin This step, if you can’t open the meridians, until the age is over, the peak period is over, the meridians are no longer strong, but it is completely cut off.

Therefore, when some Disciples knew that they had no hope of Xianlu, they simply spread the entire body of Origin Energy into the limbs to nourish the bones and become a Strength Warrior.

If the cultivation base can go a step further, it can rely on the power of the martial art to cultivate with secret medicine, and the Golden Sand body can make the fleshly body more tough.

The so-called “Cauldron Carrying Strength Warrior” is specifically referred to as the Dao Cultivator of the Strength Warrior during the Building Origin period.

In the Higher Academy, there are different levels of “Mountain Picking Strength Warrior”, “Sea Covering Strength Warrior”, “Heaven Turning Strength Warrior” and so on. Although it seems to be powerful, it actually relies entirely on the foreign object. Since then, Immortal Cultivation has been broken, and I am a martial art fighter.

It can be said that they are completely tools in the hands of others.

Zhang Yan once heard that the Strength Warrior had a large amount of food, so every meal was swallowed with a big tripod. Shi Shoujing sent him a tripod, which was used to metaphorize his future and remind him of his future choices. Road, I hope he becomes a Strength Warrior?

The more he thinks, the more likely it is.

Shi Shoujing This is to let him take the initiative to give back to the other common disciple resources that should belong to him, instead of competing with them.

This is to remind him that only the way you go is different from everyone else. Is it the way to protect yourself?

Zhang Yan snorted, which is enough to show that Shi Shoujing, although he did his own common disciple, was not optimistic about his Aptitude, and he was not optimistic about his prospects. He only forced himself to get started for some reason.

He glanced at the bronze tripod. I believe that when the tripod was sent, there must have been many people on the road. Even Shi Shoujing might deliberately let the Disciple know the news, which also unambiguously passed out one. Signal: Although the three High Masters received Zhang Yan as a common disciple, they did not intend to redistribute the path of cultivation resources, but arranged for Zhang Yan to take another route.

Therefore, although the move to send the trip seems to be euphemistic persuasion, it is actually a decision that the three High Masters cannot change!

Zhang Yan sneered, his path of cultivation, let others decide?

He is not willing to be only a Strong Warrior, it is only a slave to protect the first class, what is the meaning of the longevity?

Immortal Cultivation, seeking for detachment, being enslaved, what is it, what is it?

As for Shi Shoujing, he said that his achievements are limited. He even dismissed himself. From a non-original disciple to the present, isn’t he also a common disciple?

It can be seen that the future is not static, and it is a testimony to be able to walk this step!

On the contrary, people who are not as enterprising as their predecessors, who only wait for others to give Destiny, may have been locked up by the Zhou Family to serve their wives.

Only by constantly upgrading your cultivation base is the root of oneself, everything else is vain!

Sneering and turning around this tripod for two laps, Zhang Yan felt a move and suddenly raised a bold thought in his mind.

It can be felt from those Internal Qi that this tripod is not a real thing, but it can be regarded as a magical tool. If you don’t have to try it, he can also know how to put the food into it. Qi, boiled essence, without swallowing a lot of useless impurities.

At the moment, Zhang Yan sees another use.

This tripod has its own effect!

At this point, his eyes shined, and immediately went out and circled, calling many Dao Child to collect a lot of dry firewood back.

He is now a common disciple. Although the treatment is different from those of the Aristocratic Family, his identity is actually there. He can even keep his own servants. He told him a word, where dao Child dare not die?

Not only that, they even broke the scalp for this matter, only to get Zhang Yan appreciation, in Dao Child, they want to come, if you can get his income discipline, maybe you can also be like Bian Qiao and others. It is.

Therefore, less than an hour, Zhang Yan immortal cave is already full of the firewood wages required for the second half of the month. Even some Dao Child is smart, and some wild food is caught. Zhang Yan does not reject it, accept it, and then Dao Child rushed out and blocked the stone.

He divided the firewood into fifteen piles, precisely corresponding to half a month, so that the copper tripod steamed, but fortunately the immortal cave is spacious, he still has a place to settle.

With so many firewood, he is not trying to cook food, but to use the effect of this tripod, to attack the Origin Energy in Core Orifice and to quench it!

He moved the copper trip to a pile of firewood, and introduced the spring water flowing down the stone wall with a bamboo tube. When it was half filled, the firewood below was ignited.

Not long after, the water in Dingzhong began to boil, he took off his clothes and jumped into the Dingzhong.

When he first fought with Wang Lie, he learned that under the stimulation of the extreme environment, or the moment of life and death, Core Orifice could be opened and overflowed with Origin Energy, but this method was too dangerous and the second was not a lot of medicine pill. Subsidies, it is inevitable that they will make mistakes, which can be said to be an extremely extreme practice.

Now think about it, if Chen Feng really used this method to temper Origin Energy, then perhaps it is also a bit of a hardship, and he has to take risks.

According to his inference, regardless of other means, only Master Sect elders should have a way to help Younger generation to temper Origin Energy, which is more secure and not easy to accident.

In fact, what he thinks is also close to the facts. Profound Sect Aristocratic Family Disciple goes to the step of tempering Origin. It is usually helped by the elders to open Core Orifice, guide Origin Energy, and slowly refining by himself, and this process is not a Seeing the day, because the Master Sect elders will also wear Essence Qi, depending on the cultivation base.

In general, one or two hours of daily work, and then slowly meditate, about half a month or so, will be able to do their best.

It is not a sad thing for this section to have a secret of inheritance.

As for Zhang Yan, he does not have the elders to master, and everything can only rely on himself.

Dingzhong’s heat is getting heavier and heavier, and Zhang Yan has to start running Inner Qi to resist.

At this time, he saw the magical point of this tripod. The firewood burned to the present, and there was no fireworks and fumigation in the entire immortal cave. Even the wall was a warm and cool, but the heat was not as steamy as the usual heat. Infiltrated into his muscles and bones.

He knows that this is not unusual heat, but the equivalent of a magic power than his well-known Teacher does not stop the internal fire to force him.

Feeling guilty seems to be a little faint, he quickly swallowed a Righteous Source Pill, and tried his best to spur Inner Qi to withstand the heat, but the heat rushed in, so that he could not breathe.

Gradually, Inner Qi suffered more and more wear, but he tried his best to force Inner Qi from the almost exhausted meridians. He knew that this was the most crucial moment. Even though his face was red, his body seemed to be cooked. Still sticking his teeth.

About a moment later, his Inner Qi had already been consumed. This was a “bang” in the ear, and the tightly closed Core Orifice door opened again, but this time, because the outside fire continued to infiltrate, Core Orifice did not In this case, it is constantly rushing out of Origin Energy and repeatedly fighting with the outside fire.

These Origin Energy are constantly being consumed, and Impure Qi is constantly being refining by the heat of Dingzhong, and then turned into the most pure True Origin. The skin of Zhang Yan is constantly oozing black impurities, although these stolen goods stinks. Unspeakable, but he has no time to pay attention.

Once he felt that his body couldn’t hold on, he swallowed a medicine pill, defended the meidians around him, and kept guiding through the mind, vowing to squeeze out the Origin Energy deep in the Origin Orifice.

Whenever a pile of firewood is burned out, he will move it to another firewood, so that the fire will not be interrupted.

Three days and three nights, Zhang Yan couldn’t close the door, only to temper Origin Energy in Dingzhong.

After swallowing twenty-six Rightse Source Pill, his energy in Origin has been refining most of the time, but at this time he has encountered a difficult time. No matter how hard, there is a last trace of Origin in the Origin Orifice. Energy can’t be forced out.

Just when he was somewhat flighty and impetuous, he suddenly blessed his heart, and his mind flashed a Mnemonic chant on One Qi Purity Scripture:

“Heart is alive and dead, his self-movement”!

His savage clearing and tempering Origin Energy reached this point. It was already a matter of course. However, he was forced to rush, his mind was too heavy, and the natural meaning of Dao Law was lost. As a result, Internal Qi was not smooth, but the Origin Energy contracted. ,stop moving forward.

How similar is this scenario to your own Building Origin?

Thinking of this, the Zhang Yan Spirit Platform is clear and bright, and the rest of the medicine pill is plugged into the brain. He simply does not pay attention to the change of Origin Energy, just keeps the Core Orifice, as if the week is empty.

Originally, he had already reached the final step. He only had a foot on the door. At this moment, he suddenly woke up and understood the true meaning. When the three treasures were quiet, there would be no obstacles. When he woke up, the last trace of Origin Energy rose slowly. Impure Qi sinks and falls, yin and yang are separated, and then merges with the refined Original Origin Energy of the previous Refining. After cycling for thirty-six laps in the Meridians, it finally returns to Core Orifice and stays still.

Ding down the firewood has burned out, Zhang Yan eyes stunned, a shimmering fine mans flashed through the bottom of the eye, the original dimly lit immortal cave inside his eyes but every delicate hair was completely shown, like white.

At this point, he has been a successful cultivation, officially crossed the “Temper Origin to Remove Weeds” level, stepping into the “Origin Becomes True” Realm, the body of Inner Qi has been transformed into True Origin Qi, a force is Three times as much as before, the arms have three thousand pounds of power, and the eyes can see Heavenly Star, and the next can be seen in the pool, and the body of the mortal is farther and farther.

Now he only needs to spend more time to promote True Origin, consolidate Realm, and then open the meridians to enter the customs!

Zhang Yan remembered the “Profound Origin Reference Record” and said: “Is this not God help me?”

Even though this book is very versatile, it is difficult for others to be Heavenly Moat, but if he has broken jade, he can try again and again, failing. After he successfully opens the meridians, he will look at those. What is the expression of High Master and common disciple!

He looked at the thick and clumsy Suppressing Impurity Cauldron, which was quite like someone else couldn’t wait for his cultivation base to progress too slowly, so he helped him with his own strength. When he thought of it, he couldn’t help but laugh and scream. : “Others are arguing for the best, but I am tempering the origin of the trip, the heart is playing the heaven’s secret, and some calculations are empty!”



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