“Three hundred and two silver, two hundred kilograms of rice, twenty pounds of fresh meat, three hundred pounds of bacon and all kinds of fruits and vegetables, three sets of wide-sleeve robes, crowns, shoes and socks, a pair of copper Raising Qi Furnace… ”

Zhang Yan looked at the list in his hand. In addition to these things, some scattered Japanese items were not included. He sighed that Min Lou had a good hand. Even if the food was released, it was enough for him to eat a whole. Years can be said to completely solve their own urgent needs.

In all fairness, if you want to interpret the value of Dao Scripture today, you can’t sell the price. Even if you go to the High Master, you can’t use it.

However, considering that there is also Min Lou’s intentional relationship, Zhang Yan is not ruthless, and all of them are accepted, but this person’s feelings are actually bearing down.

After pondering for a while, he wrote a Letter and found a chores, Dao Child, and he sent him down the hill when he bought it.

After putting everything in place, Zhang Yan meditates behind the door. Although “One Qi Purity Scripture” is just an introduction to Heart Law, the cultivation path, such as the reverse Water Element boat, does not advance and retreats. He knows the importance of the foundation. I have been through so many days, but I have not relaxed for a moment.

Nothing in the night.

At the beginning of the second day, he still went to the pavilion at Qianzhangyan, but he unexpectedly found someone waiting there early.

The man was in his early thirties, but his eyes were slightly white, his eyes were slightly stunned, and a cedar wood book was held in his palm. He saw Zhang Yan, who was holding a bamboo pole, coming in, and hurriedly came up. A ceremony, said: “But Zhang Yan Senior Brother Zhang?”

Zhang Yan is determined to be modest and courteous: “precisely.”

“Under the Cultivating Virtue Temple Zhao Yuan, I heard that Senior Brother Zhang is acquainted with Eclipse Canon, and I have been asking for advice.”

Zhao Yuan opened the raft in his hand to reveal a thin Dao Scripture. He seemed to be afraid of damaging the Dao Scripture, took it out lightly, and then took it to Zhang Yan. He respectfully said: “If you can solve your doubts in your heart, Must not be treated with Senior Brother.”

Zhang Yan saw Zhao Yuan look at the book as a treasure, and took a look at the carefully crafted cedar wood box. He smiled slightly and leaned his hand on the side of the bamboo raft. He took a white bud from the sleeve and wiped his hand. This will take over Dao Scripture.

Seeing Zhang Yan’s move, Zhao Yuan couldn’t help but feel a bit of a good impression on him.

When the book started, Zhang Yan turned it over and found that the Dao Scripture had only the first volume and no book. Obviously, he did not want him to see the whole. This is also a matter of reason. He smiled and Dao again. Scripture was returned to Zhao Yuan.

Zhao Yuan changed his face and said, “Senior Brother Zhang, is there anything wrong? Or…” He snorted and looked at Zhang Yan with a suspicious look. Is it Min Luo’s ability to Zhang Yan? Exaggerated, in fact, the other party can not understand this Dao Scripture?

Zhang Yan shook her head and smiled. “Senior Brother is in a hurry. This book is in my heart.”

This half of the dao book is only a few hundred words, and now his memory is getting better and better, and he has studied Eclipse Canon for several years. Naturally, he remembers it once, and he still relies on this to promote his reputation. Have an expert attitude.

“Oh?” Zhao Yuan was taken aback, but there were some doubts in the look.

Zhang Yan neither too fast nor too slow Enter the gazebo and put the pen and ink in the bamboo raft on the stone table. After sitting calmly, this will be written.

He just saw that the Dao Scripture, titled “Yongchuan Xingshui Book”, is actually just a fairy tale, which is not difficult for him. In a short time, he will interpret this half-page Dao Scripture.

Before he could wait for the ink to dry out, Zhao Yuan hurriedly grabbed the pages of paper in his hand and couldn’t wait to see it. At the beginning of the first time, he was still full of embarrassment, but not long after, his face became worse and worse. After looking over and over again, he sighed and said: “I didn’t believe it. I didn’t expect it to be true. I also spent a lot of thoughts… Also, the magical method, where can I see it freely, I am here today. It’s also a heart-wrenching!”

Zhang Yan said with amazement: “What about the Senior Brother?”

Zhao Yuan reveals the meaning of bitterness and says: “Junior Brother, you also know that I have to wait for the honor disciple path of cultivation. It is the food and clothing. The house of Jin Yu Man Tang also has to offer some sacrifices to the evil slaves from time to time. Technique, I don’t know Junior Brother Zhang. In the previous day, Senior Brother Bian said that if I found a pound of Sinking Billows Sand, I would like to have a Dao Scripture, knowing… Hey!”

Zhang Yan suddenly disappeared, whether it is Profound Virtue Temple or Cultivating Virtue Temple, or Grand Serenity Temple, the real common disciple is only a dozen people, they are cultivation on weekdays, and daily chores are handed over to the management, these people Although it is a matter of management, but do not underestimate them, they also hang the name of the honorary disciple. Common disciple After reading the dao book on weekdays, there will always be some manuscripts left. These servants secretly transcribe some of them and sell them to honorary disciple or some wealthy people who yearn for Immortal Cultivation.

However, this is also divided into three or six, etc. If it is not the real luxury, he will not give you a face, just take some miscellaneous books to send.

Most of the Dao Scripture circulated between Three Great Lower Academies is like this.

Although Zhao Yuan is a business man in the family, he is considered to be a good family, but it is still far worse than those of the royal family.

Zhang Yan’s objection before, precisely these “hono”, these people are very energetic, and most of them are linked with the common disciple. Generally, the Disciple is absolutely inconvenient, and you are also pitted.

This time, Zhao Yuan asked Dao Heart to cut. He heard that a common disciple was searching for Five Elements Divine Sand. He was willing to come up with several “Authentic Dao Scripture” for the Martial Brothers. He took this person with his heart. The door to the management, not only served a pound of Sinking Billows Sand, but also sent a lot of money, in order to obtain a real book.

Zhao Yuan originally thought that this “Dao Scripture” would definitely be the Immortal Family. I didn’t want to come back and found that it was just a travel note. It was worse than the usual practice. I couldn’t help but regret it, but I was afraid to be my own Deduction. Eclipse Canon made a mistake. Within a few months, he spent a lot of money asking several common disciples. The conclusions are all in the same way. When he was desperate, he heard that Yan Yan was very good at reading Eclipse Canon. He is also to try anyone or anything in a crisis. Unwilling to take half of the Dao Scripture and ask Zhang Yan.

“Up the mountain for six years, today’s calculations have failed. I want to come to Profound Sect. It is better to go back to my hometown to do business.”

Zhao Yuan is thirty-eight years old. Seeing the path of cultivation is difficult, she is frustrated and frustrated. With the thought of going down the mountain, he looks at the half of Dao Scripture, and he can’t help but get angry. Tear two halves.

After listening to his words, Zhang Yan blinked and suddenly reached out to grab Zhao Yuan’s wrist and said: “Senior Brother is slow.”

Zhao Yuan looked up.

Zhang Yan looks at Zhao Yuan, said solemnly: “If Senior Brother can trust me, can you read this book with my point of view?”

Zhao Yuan heard Zhang Yan’s words, he hesitant, and said, “What about the Senior Brother?”

Zhang Yan said: “My blunt words, Eclipse Canon Dao Scripture is all about one, before and after, rushing apart in vain, just my point of view this book, some places are quite mysterious, maybe…”

“Oh?” Zhao Yuan stared at Zhang Yan with his eyes wide open. He seemed to understand the meaning of Zhang Yan’s words. He trembled unconsciously. “Difficult, is it…”

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “Do your best, listen to your destiny.”

Zhao Yuan bit his teeth and stood up and said, “Okay, I will look at the Senior Brother!” He had already had this thought, but Zhang Yan’s words made him see a little hope, even though he was still very embarrassed. But how can he be willing to let go?

Looking at Zhao Yuan and rushing, Zhang Yan got up and walked. Mand said: “There are ancient Yongjun, also known as Chuande, the terrain is high, and the eight waters gather together, such as the Crouching, the Southern Region, and the Southern Region. For example, Qianlong is on the beach, and wants to enter the North Sea…” The more he read, the more he felt that there might be any allusion. Originally, he only used this book as a travel note, but just Zhao Yuan said that fated had no chance. He suddenly remembered that the daoist sect predecessors always like to play with the mystery, add a heartache, maybe there are any Profound Principles that they have not found.

Less than an hour, Zhao Yuan rushed back in a panting breath. He didn’t say a word, and pulled a Dao Scripture from his arms and stuffed it into Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan nodded, sitting down and reading, Zhao Yuan looked at his face nervously, and his heart was suffering, but Zhang Yan had a dull expression and could not see the slightest clue.

After reading the entire book, Zhang Yan’s heart is secretly thought: “Sure!”

This time, he is very certain that there are dragons and tigers. It is clear that the stagnation is the intersection, and the eight waters refer to the eight veins.

The Eclipse Canon used in the entire Dao Scripture is very shallow, even if the Aptitude dull person can understand one or two, but the superior Building Origin secret art is written in the way of travel, but if it is not true, Dao Heart often The person who is there is really wrong, the Immortal Master is far-reaching.

Just now he is thinking about another issue.

Do you want to tell Zhao Yuan?

It stands to reason that even if it is said that this is a travel note, Zhao Yuan has no way to take him, and it will not attract attention.

However, in retrospect, this is just a Building Origin Dao Scripture. Although it is rare at present, but compared with the long path of cultivation, then nothing can be considered. This is neither good nor destructive. He will not do anything.

Zhang Yan slowly raised his head and arched his hands. He smiled and said: “Congratulations to Brother Zhao. “Yongchuan Xingshuishu” is actually “River Travelling Veins Technique”, which is really a rare Building Origin Dao Scripture!”

Zhao Yuan’s eyes widened a little and shivered and said: “Really?”

Zhang Yan sighed: “If the Senior Brother puts two copies of Dao Scripture together, it may already be seen…”

Zhao Yuan shook his head and said: “Otherwise, the Senior Brother gentleman, if you change someone else, you may not tell Zhao that the Senior Brother is actually a good person!”

He bent down and made a big gift to Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan hurriedly helped him up and said: “This predecessor borrowed water and said that the whole secret art is as good as before one’s eyes. It is rare. Junior Brother, I have a heart, I don’t know. Senior Brother Zhao can ask me to cultivation no?”

Zhao Yuan, this Dao Scripture has obviously been written down by Zhang Yan’s memory. Even if he is secretly cultivation, he can’t help him. Now he still asks him. Obviously this is respect for himself, and his heart is even more moved. Even hurriedly said “Where, where the Senior Brother said so, the younger brother was ashamed, and the Senior Brother did not think that the book could be learned.”

He touched his body and felt that the original pearl was not ready to be taken. He thought about it. He took a paper bag from his arms and handed it to Zhang Yan. He said: “Today is a hurry, not carrying treasures. This is the ‘Jade Guisha’ in Five Elements Divine Sand. It is worth a little silver. Please accept the Senior Brother and return it to Japan.”

Zhang Yan did not shirk, but took it over and reminded him: “Senior Brother’s mood is ups and downs today, it is not suitable for cultivation.” Since you have done a good person, then you can do it well.

Zhao Yuan quickly nodded and thanked him. He looked at Zhang Yan and he hesitant. He took a step forward and whispered: “Senior Brother, it is great to interpret Eclipse Canon, but it will be hated…”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Yan looked a bit serious and seriously said: “Senior Brother don’t have to worry, Junior Brother I have my own plans.”

Zhao Yuan nodded. Since he understood people, then he could do it. He said, “If you need help, just the Senior Brother, Zhao can do what he can, and he will not give up.” Once again, after a solemn ceremony, He turned and left.

Zhang Yan looked at the other side’s back and thought about it. It seems that Zhao Yuan is also pushing himself to the heart. The sentence just didn’t treat him as a friend.

Interpreting Eclipse Canon seems normal, but in fact it is from the memory of common disciple, the tigers eat it, they originally sold Dao Scripture, and then sold the manuscript after reading, you can earn two strokes, now wait Zhang Yan crossed a knife and broke a road of money. Now it’s okay to say that, but the time will inevitably lead to their unhappiness, and the consequences will be hard to predict.

Zhao Yuan’s concerns stem from this.

To say that Zhang Yan has enough money, according to common sense, it seems that there is no need to rely on Eclipse Canon to make a living.

However, his plan will be as simple as that!

He is a Dao Cultivator, and naturally understands that only the cultivation base is the foundation. To earn money is just a matter of hand. His real purpose is to attract the attention of the upper level of Profound Virtue Temple.

Zhang Yan has been in the doomsday world for seven years, and even once entered the core layer of the survivor camp. He understands that the most essential difference between the upper and the bottom is actually two: one is the control and distribution of resources, and the other One is the amount of information that is asymmetric.

Although this is two different worlds, the truth is common.

Azure Ocean Sect is a path of cultivation great sect, but there are more than 300 honor disciples in the Lower Academy Profound Virtue Temple, and there are more than a thousand people in the Dao Child. The real common disciple is only a dozen people.

It is true that the more than ten people and the three High Masters in the field mastered all the path of cultivation books.

The Profound Virtue Temple common disciple is generally in the Green Parasol Tree Mountain peak Sejing Moon Peak cultivation, which is not easily seen by people who are familiar with it. In view of the High Master, the preach the Dao is opened every month, but there is no perennial “consecration”. If you want to get the daoist sect secret art, it is also a dream.

Zhang Yan is not a luxury and wealthy home. This road is obviously not going to work, but there is another way to go.

That is the name!

A great reputation, even if you can’t get a High Master’s eye recognition, you have the chance to make a common disciple. Once you enter their circle, you are most likely to get a superior Technique.

And the ability to interpret Eclipse Canon is his stepping stone.

How can he stop before these people have noticed themselves?

As for the dangers that may be faced, he smiled a little. If he used to, he would definitely not take such an adventure, but these days…

He glanced at the Direction of the peak of the Green Parasol Tree Mountain, the peak of the peak, this precisely great time!



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