Chen Lan hurried into Lin Yuan’s residence, and said with a smile: “Senior Brother Lin, I heard that Shishou High Master Jing has sent the ‘Liao Ding Ding’ to Zhang Yan.”

“Oh, are you serious?” Lin Yuan stood up, but there seemed to be some unbelief in the look. After confirming with Chen Lan, he laughed loudly and said, “My husband-free!”

Sending Suppressing Impurity Cauldron to Zhang Yan, it is self-evident, naturally wants to let Zhang Yan be a little bit safe, so that he can be a Strength Warrior, as for medicine pill Dao Scripture, that is not to think about it, if This happens then, naturally, they will not be thinned out because they have one more common disciple.

Chen Lan looked rather sorry. He said: “It’s a pity that it’s a good trip. I heard that it was also made by Shishou High Master Jing many years ago when it was used for refining medicine pill. It is no less effective than ordinary. The magical tool, which was given to Zhang Yan, was a brilliant cast.”

“No problem, I will not pill refining, nor will it become Strength Warrior. What should I use?”

Lin Yuan is in a good mood at this time, naturally he will not care about this section, and he is quite dissatisfied with Chen Lan’s words. What is a magical tool worth? When you open the meridians to the Higher Academy, Jade Wine Spirit Shellfish, magical treasure medicine pill, is there still less?

He sat down again, picked up the teacup and took a sip, looking at Chen Lan, and suddenly a deep smile. “Junior brother Chen, you can hear that Senior Brother Zheng has returned to Zheng Family the day before?”

Chen Lan glanced, then smiled and hesitated: “Senior Brother Zheng… Is this ready to open the meridians?”


“How to choose at this time?” Chen Lan is somewhat puzzled.

In addition to Zhang Yan, there are a total of 28 common disciples in the Lower Academy, all of which are Building Origin Realm, but only Realize Becomes True, but only five people are ready to open the meridians breakthrough.

They are Zheng Xun, Lin Yuan, Chen Lan, Zhen Lun, and Hu Sheng.

Profound Sect Aristocratic Family Disciple opening the meridians, not only have the elders on the sidelines, but also take a lot of medicine pill and wash the meridians in the family’s Jade Wine pool.

However, there are many children of Profound Sect Aristocratic Family. In order to hone the heart of Disciple and consolidate the foundation, from the path of cultivation to the opening of the meridians, it is generally 16 years.

Chen Lan knows that Zheng Xun has only 10 years to get started. Is this going to open the meridians? There must be something wrong with this!

Lin Yuan smiled proudly and said: “This is naturally fated.”

“Oh, Senior Brother Lin, is there any movement?” Chen Lan looked at him. He knew that Lin Yuan had an elder who was Elder in Azure Ocean Sect. He could always hear some unknown insiders.

Lin Yuan got closer and whispered: “I heard that the Higher Academy won a small battle with Three Lakes Lake Monster and finally won the Glittering Cloud Shellfish Field, but it was also a serious injury, even my Higher Academy six Bright Qi Realm The True Inheritance Senior Brother was also beheaded by a sneak peek at the Righteous Bloodshed Pond.”

“True Disciple?” Chen Lan lost his voice, “Where is this?”

The Lower Academy Disciple was born as a sect of the sect because it was originally from the Profound Sect Aristocratic Family.

Once you open the meridians, you can become a True Disciple, a medicine pill book, and a Divine Sand Spirit Shellfish. All of them are given by the martial art. They don’t have to struggle outside like the Master and Disciple Disciples. When the cultivation base Is feeble You don’t have to fight for it, just sit back and enjoy the achievements in the martial art.

Can this be killed? Chen Lan heard the news and it was incredible. Did Three Lakes Lake Monster kill Azure Ocean Sect Mountain Sect?

Lin Yuan is a coldly smile, disdain: “That is their own death, do not know what the few Senior Brother think, hear the Righteous Bloodshed Pond Lao Mengze has a female named Luo Zhenzhen, has a closed month of shame The content of the fish, the appearance of the fish and the wild goose, wants to have a glimpse of the true content, which knows that it has been stared at by a sly, this lost its life.”

Chen Lan couldn’t help but feel guilty. “The cultivator is painstaking, only for the long-term Undying, but also greets the female color, and it is still a monster girl. It is really a pity, but… it has something to do with Senior Brother Zheng. what relationship?”

“One of the Senior Brothers was a Zheng clan Disciple, and Zheng Xun was recalled this time. Precisely took over the Fusie left by the Senior Brother into the Higher Academy.” Lin Yuan’s voice revealed some envy.

Chen Lan snorted and said: “Which is the Clan Member for Senior Brother Zheng?”

He knows that Lin Yuan also has two brothers in the Higher Academy path of cultivation. At this time, he looked at Lin Yuan’s look. He couldn’t help but have some malicious guesses. Then he seemed to think of something. He was excited and stood up. Come to Lin Yuan and say with respect: “Senior Brother Zheng is gone, Senior Brother Lin is the Lower Academy First Disciple, Junior Brother I will rely on the Senior Brother to take care of it in the future.”

Lin Yuan laughed and raised Chen Lan. He said, “Junior Brother doesn’t need to be like this. Can you compare with others?”

The two men asked each other a few more words, and then sat down again, Chen Lan casually asked: “I don’t know how to kill my Disciple?”

“I heard that I was being chased by Ning Chongxuan in my Sect. There has been no news so far.”

“Ning Chongxuan?” Chen Lan thought about it and seemed to remember this person. “It’s rumored that this person is Aptitude, but the path of cultivation is the master of Profound Light Realm for forty years. Into Core Transformation Realm, I wonder if it is true?”

Lin Yuan snorted and said: “This person is difficult to deal with. It is just a cultivator without a foundation. In the martial art, I still need to wait for Aristocratic Family Disciple to Oversee.”

Near the Green Parasol Tree Mountain, the two lights are passing by.

In front of it is a black Profound Light, a mysterious scorpion swaying in it, a white sword light flying in the back, and a cold young cultivator looming above the sword light, he snorted, “in my Ning Chongxuan In front of you, dare to drive away?”

A Green Glow is separated from the white sword light. The brush slams into the front of the cloud, and then slams back and forth. When it is finished, it makes a horrible sound. With a few drops of blood spilling out, it is wrapped around the body. Black light was a little thin.

After being hit hard, Yan Jing knew that he couldn’t get it in the air. He had to fall down from the cloud head, and opened his mouth to spur a Monster Cloud to protect himself. The dark clouds of the ink clouded him all the way down a hill. Caged in it.

“such insignificant ability, dare to offer ugly?”

Ning Chongxuan coldly smiles, eyes are condensed, two golden glows are worn out from the eyes. This is the fault that can be made by Profound Light later. When the light meets Monster Cloud, it seems like fierce sun melts snow. Sweep for one!

When I saw it, I couldn’t help but spit it out. However, one mouth was screaming. “I am, this Ning Chongxuan has been cultivation for more than 40 years and has arrived at the Realm of ‘Profound Light Penetrating Matter’. I think I have Xiao Xiao cultivated two. For more than a hundred years, it’s just like ‘Bright Spirits First Illumination’. How is Heavenly Dao unfair!”

Although he has a heart to avoid the edge, but now he is hit hard, his body is slow, he can only stop using True Origin to spit out a black temper, trying to hide the true body place, but Ning Chongxuan just put a glimmer out, it immediately changes Have nothing to do.

蟒 蟒 不 不 不 , , , , , 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒 蟒

It’s just that he hasn’t been able to find a crater in the middle of the day. Seeing that True Origin is running out, as long as Ning Chongxuan is down, it must be the first two breaks. It’s not a blind color. “No, there is no cover here. Cover, there is no cellar, is it that Luo Xiao is going to die here today?”

At this moment, he looked at a mountain creek on the rock that seemed to lead to a hole, not thinking, immediately exhausting all the remaining True Origin, shrinking the three-length body to a foot, into the water. A glimpse, swam into the eye of the stream along the stream, and went all the way to the depths of the mountain.

The sky’s sword light repeated several times on the mountain, and then went down again. Ning Chongxuan’s figure stood firmly on the peak.

His eyebrows wrinkled, and the cockroaches suddenly disappeared. It must have been drilled into the ground. At this time, unless the whole mountain is opened, there is no way to take this smashing in a moment, but even if he has this ability, It may be ruined here because it is already the boundary of the Azure Ocean Sect Lower Academy.

He walked down the mountain road all the way, but he never found a trace of the sputum. At this time, he suddenly noticed the authentic atmosphere of Profound Sect. He couldn’t help but be amazed. “Hey, here is the quaint, is there a Lower Academy? Disciple is here cultivation?”

He walked through Internal Qi and, after a while, saw a young cultivator meditating on a rock that stood out on a cliff.

The man seems to have also detected that someone came over behind him, but he did not hurry to receive the work, and this turned around.

Ning Chongxuan nodded, showing the color of appreciation, said: “Who are you?”

The young cultivator took a cautious look at Ning Xuanchong, and said: “Azure Ocean Sect Lower Academy Disciple, Zhang Yan, I don’t know how Senior Brother calls it?”

“I am the Higher Academy Disciple Ning Chongxuan, killing a snake demon. This demon has killed me several Higher Academy True Disciple. Have you ever detected a little abnormal?”

Zhang Yan shook his head and said: “No.”

Ning Chongxuan asked again: “I ask you, why are you only around you?”

“Below is a common disciple, so you can live alone.”

Zhang Yan didn’t move away from the immortal cave, but no one around him dared to stay with him again, and he lived elsewhere, and the Gazing Star Peak was originally remote. Now he only has one person left, if This happens then, he does not have to cultivation in the immortal cave, so he came to meditate halfway up the mountain.

Ning Xuanchong heard this and frowned, cold voice: “You are a common disciple?”


Ning Xuanchong’s face is not disgusting. The Lower Academy Disciple is almost all Aristocratic Family. These people can not only be able to occupy a Heavenly Paradise, but also enjoy the martial art without going out to fight. His ordinary Disciple, in addition to occasionally relying on some of the medicine pill given by Teacher, everything he needs is not to fight for himself, so he is particularly disgusted with these people.

When the next sentence is too lazy to say, coldly snorted, immediately Imperial Sword, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Zhang Yan sees the other side screaming away, the eyes are slightly envious, I don’t know when I can cultivation to this point?

It was only this thought that was immediately thrown aside.

I have my own way, others have their own way, what is enviable? You only have to be determined by yourself, all the way forward, and naturally there is a day of Flies sky-high!

Zhang Yan looked at the sky and looked at the night sky. He smiled and turned to the mountain.

Returning along the plank road, I returned to the immortal cave in a short time, but just after pushing the door and stepping into the immortal cave, he suddenly became a bodybuilder.

Since watching the Star Tablet that day, he was always sensitive to the changes of Internal Qi, and he could feel it even if the environment changed slightly. At this time, he noticed that a strange Internal Qi was hidden in the immortal cave. At a glance, his eyes finally stayed on the bronze big tripod.



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