Zhang Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he quietly closed the door, as if he had not found anything to go to the futon to sit down. In a moment, the immortal cave heard his breathless Breathing breath.

The surrounding area gradually calmed down and seemed to be as usual.

After two hours, the sky was already slightly bright, and Zhang Yan’s originally closed eyes suddenly glimpsed, and he stood up without warning. He grabbed the bronze ding of his hand and stepped over to the side of the trip. With a button, the “When” sounded the big tripod firmly.

When the tripod is combined, the tripod will sway and the top cover will be even more squeaky. It seems that there is something to struggle out of.

Zhang Yan has already judged that the snake demon is hiding in Ding, but he is not eager to start, but when the other party is relaxed, this will only make it happen.

At this moment, he stepped back to the door in two steps, his eyes fixed on Dading, and the spirit did not dare to relax. If Dinggai was really opened, he would only escape from here.

It’s just that his worry is superfluous. This bronze tripod is also a magical tool. After Shi Shoujing’s own refining, it can be used to cook a beast. How can it be easily opened?

Snake Spirit was hit hard, and in other people’s immortal cave, when he was in Dingzhong, he always had some defenses, and he did not dare to change. It was just that Zhang Yan didn’t move at all. It didn’t seem to be detected. It was finally exhausted after a long time of persistence. I didn’t expect Zhang Yan to seize the opportunity.

Snake Spirit has been tossing for a long time, but Ding Gai has always been motionless. Knowing that this tripod is not simple, he has no choice but to give up and no longer consumes energy.

When Dingzhong was quiet, Zhang Yan walked to the side of Dading and said, “You are the snake demon?”

Snake Spirit said: “This Dao Brother, why are you going to be here?”

“You sneaked into my immortal cave and killed me Azure Ocean Sect five people, I said why I shut you?”

“The original Dao Brother already knows the history,” Snake Spirit sighed, but he said for himself. “It’s just being chased down. It’s really nowhere to hide. It’s not harmful to you. Please ask Dao Brother to let me go. Going out, the grace of today’s shelter, there will be a supplementary report on the coming day.”

Zhang Yan shook his head and said: “I can’t believe what you said, not to mention the Senior Brother Ning. You may not go far. You go out from my immortal cave. If you are caught, it is a small matter to die. Zhang is unclear, so you are harmful. My heart is good, it doesn’t hurt me, I can’t let you go.”

Snake Spirit suddenly heard a bang, and was shocked. “What are you doing?”

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “This trip is called ‘Suppressing Impurity Cauldron’. It is good to cook food and simmer its essence. It has never been tried before. It is just for you to open it today.”

Snake Spirit was shocked and struggling in Ding, but it was futile. In the end, he could not help but cry. “How can you let it go?”

Zhang Yan smiled a little, it was a bit interesting.

If he really wants to kill that Snake Spirit, why bother? He just wanted to ask a few things.

“I am asking you, why are you coming to the Azure Ocean Sect?”

Snake Spirit said, “I only want to chase the five Discices, there is no other reason…”

“Hey, I thought I was a three-year-old child? Are these lies telling me? My Azure Ocean Sect has been fighting with Three Lakes Lake Monster for many years. Although there have been deaths and injuries, there has never been a move to break into the other side of the world. You I did not hesitate to chase my Sect in the hinterland, just to kill a few cultivation base. It’s not like your Disciple? Who are you cheating?” Zhang Yan snorted. “It’s that they know what secrets you are, so you can’t let them live. Otherwise, why are you so chasing after you?”

Snake Spirit was shocked and secretly complained. I didn’t expect to encounter an Azure Ocean Sect junior. It was so difficult to guess the story. I was seriously injured. It took a lot of Body Transfiguration. True Qi, at this moment, the oil is dry, and I can’t afford to stretch the Strength Dao. I can only let the other side slaughter.

It’s just that after all, in his heart, he was lucky and refused to tell the truth. He cares about him and has a lot of secrets. The hope is that Zhang Yan will not pay attention to this matter, but Zhang Yan is still unmoved. Put the fire up, and continue to add a raise to the Ding.

In a short while, the temperature inside the tripod gradually rose.

Originally open, Zhang Yan tempering Origin is stylish and can’t stand it. Snake Spirit has a higher cultivation base than him, but he is seriously injured at the moment. True Origin is very depleted, and there is no more Spiritual Qi in the body. Cutting, can no longer endure, shouting for mercy, “Mo burned, Mo burned, I would like to say, I would like to say …”

Zhang Yan keeps in his hands, cold channel: “say!”

Snake Spirit had no choice but to say what he knew.

It turns out that this Snake Spirit is called Luo Xiao. When I was fighting a Discile in Azure Ocean Sect, I accidentally bumped into a cave. After I was curious, I found a shellfish Field that I had never seen before. I can’t help but overjoyed.

It’s just a coincidence that this location was also discovered by several trailing Azure Ocean Sect Disciple. It’s killing, even if it’s in the Azure Ocean Sect boundary, it’s going to be the Disciple to behead. However, it accidentally ran into Ning Chongxuan, and all the way to chase it, only to hide from the road to hide here.

“Shellfish Field ……” Zhang Yan before one’s eyes, this is the place to produce Spirit Shellfish!

The Golden Pearl, which is cultivated in the body of Spirit Shellfish, is a must for pill refining. The shell is also used as a material for refining the magical tool. The Spirit Shellfish is shiny and jade, and the Spiritual Qi is compelling. The selling is really good, so the daoist is repaired. Used as currency.

Azure Ocean Sect has been struggling for more than a decade, isn’t it for a Shellfish Field?

With Shellfish Field, it is equal to the secular people holding the gold mine silver mine. It is difficult to make a home, and a big gate is great sect. There are several behind the Shellfish Field.

It’s no wonder that Snake Spirit is risking a big risk and killing the five Discices, even if he is tempted.

When I think of it, he asks: “Who is this other than you?”

“No, no,” Luo Xiao said after he said that he felt that something was wrong. He added another hurriedly. “No one can find a place other than the one below.”

Zhang Yan sighed for a while and said, “I can let you out, but how do you believe in you?”

Luo Xiao said, “I will swear…”

Zhang Yan shook his head: “The empty mouth is white, not credible.”

“I am willing to make a deed.”

“Too too much trouble, not desirable.”

Zhang Yan knows the Dao Law deed slightly, but once he has no deeds, he has not used the Dansha talisman brush for writing. In the third place, he did not dare to put Snake Spirit out, so he immediately vetoed it.

Snake Spirit was anxious and said, “What about you?”

Zhang Yan said slowly: “You and I sent Origin Essence Blood Oath,”

Snake Spirit lost his voice: “What?”

Zhang Yan asked: “Do you think it is not feasible?”

Snake Spirit is not shouting in Ding.

Zhang Yan smiled and continued to add firewood to Ding.

In a short while, Snake Spirit was forced to open up. “Origin Essence Blood Oath, I will connect with your Heart Blood. If you die, you can’t live under it. I, I am not as good as it is now… …”

“Only this method can make Zhang feel at ease!” Zhang Yan sneered. “If you don’t, I will cook you a pot of snakes right now. Don’t think that I know Shellfish Field place. I won’t kill you. Zhang seems that only those who get the hand and eat it are their own. Those who are too far away can’t see what they can’t touch, don’t mention it.”

After hearing the words “eat it”, Snake Spirit was so frightened that Zhang Yan was there to add firewood. He couldn’t help but scream. “Mo burned, Mo burned, I should, I should, you open. Ding Gai, I will blood essence will be you…”

Zhang Yan laughed and joked: “You don’t know me, I don’t understand? My Zhang Yan is also a voyage. Blood oath has Heavenly Dao constraints. Why do I have to open the cover? Then I can’t make you skinless! ”

Luo Xiao saw that he did not reveal any flaws. In desperation, he had to extract a trace of True Origin blood essence from his heart, and then picked up a secret art and honestly made a blood oath.

Zhang Yan’s body was shocked. It seems that there is something in the heart that is in the heart. The every move of the Snake Spirit in Dingzhong is incomparable in the heart, knowing that this is the blood oath.

So two steps forward, I will cover the trip, and I will not care about the Snake Spirit.

A moment later, a golden Thread snake that was about a foot long climbed out from the inside. The snake head was weakly placed on the edge of the tripod. It looked around and looked back and forth at Zhang Yan’s face, and found the one on his hand. On Dao Scripture, I couldn’t help but say, “‘Profound Origin Reference Record’? Who is going to harm you?”,

Zhang Yan frowned and opened her eyes and said, “What is this?”

Luo Xiao smiled and said: “I haven’t seen this Dao Scripture, but I have been famous for a long time. I heard that the book contains the authentic method of authentic, and can open the meridians breakthrough within ten months, but there is only one The bad part of the pile is that it is vulnerable to the scorpio. It is not allowed to hear the sound of thunder within one month after opening the meridians, otherwise it will inevitably destabilize True Origin, and break the Immortal meridians, and it will not be with the road.”

It hates and says: “Isn’t the Origin Essence Blood Oath, I am connected with your life, I am too lazy to say more to you.”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Yan was shocked and his back was followed by a cold sweat. If Luo Xiao said it was true, even if he had a broken jade in hand, it would be inevitable that he would be on this occasion!

I didn’t expect to have a big pit here waiting for myself…

After pondering for a while, Zhang Yan asked: “How did you hear about this?”

“My Monster Clan cultivation is different from your personal path of cultivation. There are countless Great Tribulation Minor Tribulations in the early days. I have to know how to avoid Fated Tribulation since I was a child. This Dao Scripture has also been spoken by elders.”

Zhang Yan nodded and asked: “When you know the book Profound Principles place, do you know what can be avoided?”

See Zhang Yan seriously ask yourself, Luo Xiao can not help but show off, proudly said: “You are asking the right person, maybe others do not know, but my Luo Xiao knows very deeply, after you open the meridians, just dig a deep Pit, when the thunder is going to move, immediately cover your mouth, eyes and nose to hide in it, and then bury it with floating soil, so after seven days, you can avoid this robbery!”



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