“I was hit hard at the moment, and the medicine pill carried on my body was lost on the road. You can help me find some medicine pill, and it is good for you.”

Although Luo Xiao was able to help Zhang Yan to avoid a disaster in advance, Zhang Yan still categorically refused. “No! You should not go out at this time. Ning Chongxuan has not searched you this time. Zhang has decided that he must have not gone.” Maybe you are waiting for you to vote at the moment.”

Luo Xiao swayed and thought about it. He thought that Zhang Yan said that he was arrogant. He said: “Ning Chongxuan is not a good thing. I want to come at this moment. He had the opportunity to save the Discicles, but he After sitting and watching me to behead, they will start to work, and he can see that he is a ghost.”

Zhang Yan shook his head. The water of Azure Ocean Sect Lower Academy has been so deep, let alone the Higher Academy? But before he opened the meridians, these things were too far away from him, and he was too lazy to think about it.

Luo Xiao irritated a few laps in Dingzhong, suddenly thought of something, and asked: “I ask you, you are the Azure Ocean Sect Lower Academy Disciple, can you have a good common disciple?”

“common disciple?” Zhang Yan smiled and said, “Zhang is.”

Luo Xiao stayed, immediately angered: “You are a common disciple? That is the Aristocratic Family, how can it be lack of medicine pill? Could it be reluctant? I also tell the heaven’s secret to help you cultivation, as early as this is better than You are all gone!”

Luo Xiao’s reaction was so fierce that Zhang Yan didn’t think of it. I was afraid that it would cause misunderstanding. I immediately explained: “Under the Aristocratic Family, it is only getting started in the third day.”

“You are not a Profound Sect Aristocratic Family?” Luo Xiao stunned, but after learning the original story, its eyes suddenly became complicated, and Dao Cultivator, who did not have the slightest origin, could start from Azure Ocean Sect Lower Academy? This is too unbelievable in its view. For a long while, it took a sigh of relief and said: “That would be easier.”

“How to do it?” Zhang Yan did not understand.

Luo Xiao laughed and said: “Azure Ocean Sect Lower Academy common disciple, the world does not know how many princes are coming to the knot, what do you say?”

Zhang Yan couldn’t help but be amazed. He was about to ask again. Then he heard someone outside the door saying, “Senior Brother Zhang can be there, and Zhao Yuan is visiting.”

“Is it Senior Brother Zhao?”

When the sound was heard, Zhang Yan recognized that it was Zhao Yuan. He looked at Luo Xiao. The latter immediately retracted into the Dingzhong. Zhang Yan covered the Ding, and then put down the shirt and walked to the door to open. door.

Outside the room, Precisely Zhao Yuan, but he is somewhat cautious in the face of Zhang Yan, arching his hand: “Senior Brother Zhang, under Greetings.”

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “Senior Brother Zhao hasn’t visited the younger brother for a long time.”

I looked at Zhao Yuan carefully and saw that he still had no Building Origin, and his cheeks were invaded, his eyes were ignorant, and he was eager to find Dao Foundation. I am afraid that there is no further hope in this life. The heart can’t help but secretly thought a pity.

Seeing Zhang Yan’s attitude is still as usual. Zhao Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and a smile on his face. “Junior Brother, I have been here before, but only after the Senior Brother Zhang came back from the view, I have closed since then. It is in comprehend what is superior to Dao Law, so I dare not bother.”

Zhao Yuan is older than Zhang Yan, but he is called “Junior Brother”. Zhang Yan has not deliberately corrected it. Now the status of the two has changed. He is already a common disciple. Zhao Yuan can dare to own the Senior Brother? However, how does he call Zhao Yuan in his mouth and dare not say anything more.

“Precisely I am retreating in a retreat, but I am slowing down Senior Brother Zhao.” Zhang Yan sideways, “Senior Brother please speak inside.”

Zhao Yuan stepped into the immortal cave and the two of them took the seat. He looked around and said: “It’s clean here, but the Senior Brother is different now, so it’s time to find a few people to take care of the common things.”

“My common disciple was only sitting for three days, and it was too late for the slaves to gather. I said that I am mentally path of cultivation. These trivial things are not enough to think about it.”

Common disciple is to show their identity, and then to deal with Common Affairs and the family’s dealings. These people are brought from the family and can be trusted, but Zhang Yan is shallow, and there are some roots. Clear slave?

Zhang Xi is a good choice, but he is old, and the Lower Academy is so busy that it is inevitable that some people will be dissatisfied with the common disciple, but he will not take the shots from him. So he has no such plan for the time being.

“How did Senior Brother Zhao come here today?”

Zhao Yuan sighed, his face apologetic, and got up and said: “The previous Little Sister caused a lot of trouble for Senior Brother Zhang…”

When he hadn’t finished speaking, Zhang Yan reached out and pressed him down. He smiled and said: “Why are you doing something small, why should Brother Zhao be in the heart? It is not a sister, I may not be able to walk this step.”

There is nothing wrong with this. If it wasn’t for Zhao Ying, maybe Bian Qiao wouldn’t come to Qianzhangyan to find him trouble, Ai Zhongwen would not take the initiative to go to the door, the world is changing, the mortal can’t be expected.

I don’t know what Zhao Yuan thought of. He sighed a little and said, “That is Destiny of Senior Brother.”

Zhang Yan frowned, Zhao Yuan fell on the word “Destiny”, but since the path of cultivation is hopeless, he is not much to say anything, then open the topic, said: “The last metaphysical on the Sweeping Cloud Peak It seems that I have seen the sister once, I don’t know who she is from?”

Zhao Yuan shook his head and said: “Junior Brother, I don’t know, I only know that I am a Kundao who lives in the Grand Serenity Temple. I have never seen it.”

Today, Dao Cultivator is divided into two categories, one is the Aristocratic Family inheritance, the other is the master and disciple. According to Eastern Flower Continent, the gate great sect is held in the hands of Profound Sect Aristocratic Family, Zhao Yuan said, Zhao Ying It is probably the same as the master and disciple.

The Daoist Nun seems to be his Zhao Sung Master Sect elder, and Zhang Yan always remembers the owed man, always wanting to return, but Zhao Yuan seems to have no hope of path of cultivation, this opportunity may be found later.

At this time, Zhao Yuan coughed and looked a little embarrassed and said: “Senior Brother Zhang…”

“Senior Brother Zhao, there is something to say but it’s fine.”

Zhao Yuan slightly reveals a cautious look and slowly said: “My Zhao family has been a merchant for generations. When my grandfather was a nobleman, this noble person wants to get to know Senior Brother Zhang. I don’t know…”

When he said this, he couldn’t help but feel that Zhang Yan’s expression was always afraid of him’s unpleasant look. He knew his own family and said that he helped, or Zhang Yan helped himself, even Zhao Ying gave it to Zhang. Yan has found some trouble. As mentioned earlier, it is just a matter of words.

It’s just that this person is really good for Zhao’s family. He has to ask for a thick face.

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “These little things, next time Senior Brother Zhao does not have to come in person, repair a book.”

Zhao Yuan, I didn’t expect Zhang Yan to speak so well, and her expression became a little excited. “This person is waiting at the foot of the mountain. If the Junior Brother is convenient, can you call her up now?”

After that, he looked at Zhang Yan in a hurry, fearing that his exports would be rejected.


Zhang Yan can’t help but wonder, Zhao Yuan’s mouth “the noble person” must have a low status, how can he still wait for the side while seeing himself?

In fact, he is somewhat arrogant.

He is the Azure Ocean Sect Lower Academy common disciple, which is enough to make the world’s people look at it.

Lower Academy What is it? It is the place where the martial art cultivates the future backbone Disciples. In the future, Elder and even Sect Master in Azure Ocean Sect may appear among these people. Many people prefer not to path of cultivation, but also to make these common disciple here.

Common disciple went to the Higher Academy, one person alone in Heavenly Paradise, and also selected several good honor disciple from the Lower Academy to go to the Higher Academy to be their future team.

In the eyes of outsiders, Zhang Yan is destined to be the True Disciple of Azure Ocean Sect in the future. Once he opens the meridians to the Higher Academy, he will marry a Profound Sect Aristocratic Family, and even if he does not close the door in the martial art, there is a martial art. Given medicine pill Dao Scripture, magical treasure Spirit Artifact, cultivation base can also rise all the way, such people usually do not even get a knot, Zhang Yan is willing to give them a face, to pay attention to the level of the Sweeping Cloud Peak mountain road.

Since Zhang Yan path of cultivation, almost everyone has said that his Aptitude is not high, even he himself thinks that the person who can actually practice the path of cultivation is already in the middle of it. He can repair him. This step is even rarer.

In the Eastern Flower Continent, in addition to the sects, there are still countless small factions, and even some small factions are exhausted to make one person open the meridians. Even so, they can be called in the rain in a state and a county. For the seat.

Zhang Yan couldn’t help but ask, “What is this person?”

Zhao Yuan said: “This person is the Wei Dynasty Song Country female daughter Facing Cliff Princess Cao Ying, especially here to visit Senior Brother Zhang.”

Hearing this “elegant person” is this identity, Zhang Yan did not care much, he is now Xuan in sect people, the emperor will only be able to manage the people, but not his head, as long as it is not cultivator, The high and low status of identity is no different in his eyes.

Zhao Yuan sighed and hurried away. For Zhang Yan, this female identity is Insignificant, but for Zhao Yuan, it is the daughter of the national father. He is slow, he must personally meet.

After about two hours, almost noon, Zhao Yuan led a man in a costume and walked up.

This woman is about twenty-seven, tall, phoenix eyes, eyebrows, there is a faint majesty between Gu Pan, plus a hundred and ten servants behind her, even more distinguished, precisely Facing Cliff Princess Cao Ying.

“Well wait here, don’t call, don’t go forward, lest you get angry with Immortal Master.”

Everyone leaned over and gave a gift, but they dared not answer it.

“Country, please come with me.” Zhao Yuan leads the way.

Cao Ying’s face was slightly restrained and nodded. “There is Mr. Lao Zhao.”

Walking through the plank road, Cao Ying stepped into the immortal cave and saw Zhang Yan sitting on the futon. He went forward and respectfully saluted him. He said: “Cana Ying, I have seen Immortal Master Zhang.”

Zhang Yan did not pay attention to her first, but instead said to Zhao Yuan: “Senior Brother Zhao, come here.”

Cao Ying’s heart is shaking. It seems that Zhao Yuan’s position in the heart of Immortal Master Zhang is far beyond his imagination. The way to treat Zhao’s family in the future may change.

Zhao Yuan didn’t even dare to say that in the end, under Cao Ying’s persuasion, he barely stood next to Zhang Yan, but he refused to sit down.

Zhang Yan also got him, and he looked at Cao Ying and said, “You are Cao Ying?”

Cao Ying gave another ceremony and said: “Precisely mortal.”

As a Facing Cliff Princess, he is also a slap in the government office. How many princes and sons she does not care about, but in front of Zhang Yan is trembling with fear, the atmosphere does not dare to come out.

She also knows what Zhang Yan is doing, and the three consecutive common disciple of Vast Source Sect Lower Academy under the Sweeping Cloud Peak, causing Vast Source Sect to lose face and having to lose ahead of time. What is this skill?

Vast Source Sect is already Immortal Family great sect in her opinion, Azure Ocean Sect is even more unattainable in her eyes, and Zhang Yan will be the Higher Academy True Disciple sooner or later, and she can actually pass Zhao Yuan before the other party goes to Higher Academy. To get to know this person, I have to say that it is the fortune of the family.

Zhang Yan nodded slightly, “What are you looking for?”

Cao Ying looked up and said: “I heard that Immortal Master Zhang has been a common disciple, and the woman is willing to offer a thousand pounds of Five Elements Divine Sand.”



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