The Five Elements Divine Sand that Zhang Yan usually sees is based on a few pounds. This one comes directly to a thousand pounds. Does he doubt that he is wrong?

In fact, the Lower Academy common disciple has a royal and royal offering. Five Elements Divine Sand is rare, but it is spread over the Eastern Flower Continent. It is not difficult to collect it as long as it is manpowered.

In the past, the great sect of the door, Divine Sand, was based on a large number of civil servants.

For example, Cao Ying, her father, as a national official, is divided into one place. In one sentence, the manpower of the hundred thousand people can be used. Although she does not have such a large amount of energy, and there are several Elder Brothers in the family, the call is interrupted. Tens of thousands of people can do it.

She saw that Zhang Yan had not answered for a long time, but thought that the other party was not satisfied. He gritted his teeth and said: “This year, the upper reaches of the Grand River have been frozen, and the ship is difficult. Divine Sand is difficult to collect. In the coming spring, I would like to add another kilogram. A total of two kilograms, Immortal Master Zhang thought?”

Zhang Yan saw her misunderstanding, did not explain, faintly said: “Yes.”

Cao Ying was relieved. She didn’t have Zhang Yu to look at Zhang Yan. At this time, even with her knowledge, she couldn’t help but praise.

Zhang Yan looks handsome, his nose is like a dangling, his lips are like a line, and his shoulders are pulled out. He only looks at the physique sitting there, which is higher than ordinary people. After the Origin Becomes True, he has already faintly Immortal Family. Atmosphere, it adds a lot of dust.

“Well, what else is there?”

Seeing Zhang Yan’s gaze and gaze, Cao Ying hurriedly bowed his head and screamed. “Immortal Master can do anything if you have anything to do.”

Originally, she brought 50 slaves to Zhang Yan, but she had previously reminded Zhao Yuan that Zhang Yan didn’t seem to like more servants, and she and Zhang Yan also met for the first time. I dare not mention it rashly. Seeing Zhang Yan at the moment seems to have a meaning of giving away. She did not dare to stay for a long time. After seeing Zhao Yuan, she retire after a tribute.

“Brother Zhao, why did Princess Cao come to me?” When Cao Ying left, Zhang Yan turned back to Zhao Yuan for the reason.

Zhao Yuan smiled bitterly: “In recent years, Cao Ying has been entangled in a Lower Academy common disciple by North Star Sect, saying that she is going to accept her as a servant and pass her Profound Sect Dao Law. Some of her brothers seem to have this too. So she is looking for a shelter. If Senior Brother Zhang is willing to do her offering, this person will not dare to be embarrassed with her again.”

He didn’t dare to bully Zhang Yan, and these things Zhang Yan would know sooner or later, it would be better to say that it was late, and North Star Sect is not a great sect. Compared with Azure Ocean Sect, it is not a second-rate. This matter should only be beneficial to Zhang Yan.

In fact, Cao Ying regards Zhang Yan as a offering. Not only for these reasons, she is particularly optimistic about the bright future of Zhang Yan, and Zhang Yan has just become a common disciple, not a Profound Sect Aristocratic Family, and her appetite is not great.

Sure enough, Zhang Yan no longer pursued the name of North Star Sect, saying: “Since there is Senior Brother Zhao coming out, I should have done this.”

Zhao Yuan was overjoyed and got up and bowed to Zhang Yan: “The man is happy senior brother.”

“Senior Brother Zhao is a must.”

The two men talked to each other a few more words, and Zhao Yuan got up and said goodbye.

Snake Spirit Luo Xiao explored his head in Dingzhong, a look that was expected. “How? Azure Ocean Sect common disciple, as long as you go out in one sentence, you can drive thousands of people to work for you, wait for you into the Higher Academy, the owner of a city and a country can also let you drink and drink, what a prestige? Unfortunately, my Three Lakes Monster Clan even if there are thousands of Aquatic Race, it is just a difficult place, far less than your door great sect.”

Zhang Yan previously valued the common disciple identity just to improve the cultivation base. Now, it seems that it ignores other aspects and can’t help but nod. “Fellow Daoist Luo is right.”

Luo Xiao smiled and said: “When these Divine Sands are available, you can exchange some herbs with some Martial Brothers from the Aristocratic Family…”

“Herbal?” Zhang Yan took another look at Luo Xiao, said solemnly: “Fellow Daoist Luo, would you pill refining?”

Luo Xiao said with pride: “Nature, although I can’t refine the fine medicine pill, some medicine pill for healing is easy, and I can’t help it.”

“Since Fellow Daoist Luo said this, the utensils used in the refining of medicine must be my bronze tripod?”

Zhang Yan looked at Luo Xiao at a glance, but Luo Xiao didn’t feel embarrassed. “Nature, you can only be a good magical tool, but this is not a bronze, but a good Dragon Star. Sand cast, but the cultivator technique used to refine this tripod is quite clever. If I haven’t cooked it for you once, it’s different from the detection of Internal Qi. It’s also decided not to come out. I guess you are giving this tripod. People don’t know the true origins of this trip, hey, it’s cheaper for you, such a treat cauldron is really a violent thing to eat, only pill refining is serious.”

Zhang Yan was shocked, Dragon Star Sand?

This is something that is only heard in rumors. Although he does not know the value geometry, he also knows that High-Grade, which is needed for the refiner, is used to cast such a big tripod. How many Dragons will be used? Star Sand ?

I am afraid that only the Ancient cultivator has such a heroic handwriting?

Luo Xiao glanced at Zhang Yan and said, “You don’t have to feel bad. I can practice healing pill and give you many benefits. You need to open the meridians. The medicine pill is not a minority. I can You are refining.”

Seeing Luo Xiao seems to be afraid that he will not promise him the benefits. Zhang Yan is not funny. He said: “There is no such thing as this. This trip is temporarily useless to me. If Fellow Daoist needs it, it will be used first. ”

In his opinion, Luo Xiao is more important to himself.

It is already the most crucial step in the opening of the meridians, and it has to be cautious.

It’s just that he doesn’t have High Master pointing, although he can rely on broken jade on the cultivation technique, but some of the necessary things to avoid and need to use are not clear.

Before one’s eyes Luo Xiao Although it is not a human cultivator, it is also a snake demon of Profound Light Realm. It is more than enough to tell him that a small cultivator who has not yet opened the meridians is more than enough.

Zhang Yan seized the opportunity to ask questions and did not know what it was. Luo Xiao did not refuse to ask Zhang Yan’s question, Newcomer, and answered them in detail.

“My Monster Clan path of cultivation, Body Transfiguration can naturally practice superior technology without opening the meridians.” Luo Xiao’s body is on the ear, only the snake’s head is stretched out, and he keeps saying, “But I know. You are in the path of cultivation. The Meridian Form is divided into high, middle, and low three grades. This is related to the opening of the meridians Technique and the Jade Wine Flowery Pool. If you open the meridians, look for a good place and get a good Jade Wine Flowery. Pool, and Flowery Pool is divided into six, only the best Technology plus the first-class Flowery Pool, can achieve High-Grade Meridian Form.”

Jade Wine Flowery Pool is a natural pot. It is a pool formed by the fusion of Spirit Milk and Earth Veins. It opens the meridians to nourish fleshly body meridians, complement Strengthening Origin, the cultivator for this step. It is extremely important.

Of course, there aren’t as many Flower Pools available in the world, but the stone embryo in the pool is the key. Therefore, Profound Sect Aristocratic Family does not need hundreds or even thousands of years to cultivate stone embryo, self-made Jade Wine Flowery Pool, only from this point can be seen the depth of Aristocratic Family.

The master and the disciple passed on the Disciple can only rely on the Flowery Pool that the predecessor Teacher found to open the meridians. If not, then the Flowery Pool of the Profound Sect Aristocratic Family can only be borrowed.

Zhang Yan knows that there must be Jade Wine Flowery Pool in the Lower Academy, but the High Master is never possible to use it, so he must find another way.

“Since Fellow Daoist Luo says that Monster Clan does not need to open the meridians, can there be a Flowery Pool on the Three Lakes boundary?”

Luo Xiao smiled and said: “There is a thing, but I am waiting for Monster Clan to take it, and then sell it to you and wait for the human cultivator. Is it better? It is also a thing of the Lord, if you want to take for no reason It is impossible to go there.”

Zhang Yan shook his head and went to the Three Lakes Lake Monster to buy the Flowery Pool? Not to mention that without this financial power, even if there is, he has no life to enjoy.

At this time, he remembered a rumor and tried to ask: “When I heard about Ancient, the cultivator opening the meridians never needed a Flowery Pool. Fellow Daoist Luo knew what it was?”

“Hey, you know this even, you said that you are not blowing in the Dao.” Luo Xiao was a little surprised, his eyes turned and shook his head, said with a sigh: “This method is used in Spirit Shellfish. The spirit liquid replaces Jade Wine Flowery Pool, and Fellow Daoist Zhang is not willing.”

Zhang Yan understands when he hears the words, but this method is not a problem that is unwilling, even if he has a Shellfish Field at hand.

Because one of the hundreds of Spirit Shellfish may have a spirit liquid, even Jade Wine is just a drop of two. He roughly counts, just to make a tank of spiral liquid, the minimum required Spirit Shellfish is three or four hundred. This is an astronomical number, and the extravagant martial art can not withstand such a toss, let alone him?

But to say that the Ancient cultivator is opening the meridians in this way, he does not believe it.

As a result, I am afraid that the world of Spirit Shellfish has long been emptied, can you wait until now? So there must be no other law, Luo Xiao certainly did not tell the truth.

The moment is a faint smile, indifferent expression.

Luo Xiao was waiting to see Zhang Yan’s frustrated look, but now she saw what she said and did not scare Zhang Yan. It was a bit boring and snorted. “I still talk to you, Spirit Shellfish grows, down. There must be a hole in Baizhang, but Shellfish King place. If you can take advantage of True Dew, even if you open the meridians Technique, you can finally produce High-Grade Meridian Form !”

He glanced at Zhang Yan and added: “I have heard that this method has always been used by each Sect Sect Master.”

Zhang Yan nodded, said: “Fellow Daoist Luo told Zhang that this law must be done, and I hope to inform him.”

Luo Xiao stares at Zhang Yan’s eyes, said solemnly: “I can take you there, Shellfish Field, all Spirit Shellfish can also be sent to you, just, you have to make an oath, after opening the meridians, you need to be me Unlocking Origin Essence Blood Oath and returning to my free body.”



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