The raws were pulled (real-time) from:
Long Shangxing Ding under the fire, seeing the fire weakening, Zhang Yan sitting on the futon took another few firewood and sent it to Dingxia.



Facing Cliff Princess After sending Five Elements Divine Sand, he went to Ai Zhongwen and got a lot of herbs. After a few days, Luo Xiao immediately opened the medicine, and he trained less than a thousand medicine pill in just over ten days. Then A whole brain was given to him.


Luo Xiao put the remaining herbs into the treasure cauldron, and finally jumped into the Dingzhong, and took care of Zhang Yan to cover the Ding, daily simmering, every seven days, this method was It is called “Medicine Refining Technique”.


Originally, Luo Xiao didn’t dare to try it easily, but at the moment, this dragon merchant Xing Ding is an encounter that can’t be met. As long as the method is safe, relying on the power of the fire, you can directly attack the guilt and wrap the Origin. Energy washes impurities and kills the rot.


According to Luo Xiao Z, Zhang Yan is initially cooked on a small fire every day. Every seven days, he has to open a set of herbs. Every time Luo Xiao will squat a layer of dead skin, he also needs to pour. After a smashing of black and white slag, Luo Xiao’s Internal Qi is even more powerful after each smelting, which makes Zhang Yan eye-opener.


Don’t let Luo Xiao 嘱咐, Zhang Yan doesn’t dare to rush to open the trip, and only care about cultivation.


For more than a month, he also worked day and night, and repeatedly swallowed a lot of medicine pill. These days, the medicine pill he ate every day was comparable to the sum he had taken in the past.


As his cultivation base improves, it seems that jade has become somewhat different.


But now he feels like he is in a wide space, with a difference.


If Zhang Yan realizes it, it seems that because of her own cultivation base, this has changed the situation in Yu, and Clone has become more and more real.


While thinking about it, he kept walking in the broken jade, but the space here was extremely large and seemed to never go to an end.


He secretly thought that it seems that the secret of this broken jade is far more than what he sees at the moment, but it is only necessary to upgrade his cultivation base.


At this moment, he did not care deeply, and Clone sat down to the ground, posing in a five-hearted posture, and began to quietly run Heart Law on the “Miao Lu”.


According to secret art, the cultivation person needs to mention an Internal Qi, and then divide into two, two and four, respectively into the four veins, and the four internal Qi have different secret art operations, which can not be the slightest deviation.


He shook his head and took a deep breath. The consciousness re-entered into the jade. As his mind changed, Clone, who had been seriously injured and fell to the ground, stood up again.


After thinking about it, he consciously had not been proficient in the previous part of the game, and simply let Clone’s physical condition return to the moment when he had not yet started cultivation.


Zhang Yan’s eyebrows are slightly picky, calm and calm, throwing away all the thoughts, and let the Clone in the jade sit up again.


However, he did not know that this was just the beginning of tempering.


For the fourth time, Internal Qi was clearly in his dispatch, but suddenly he lost control in an inexplicable way, causing him to suffocate and die.


For the fifth time, when two internal Qi Qi were merged, they failed to gather acupoint at the same time.


Seventh time……


Repeated failures and repeated attempts.


Zhang Yan is more and more shocked. It is no wonder that Shi Shoujing said that this Dao Scripture has a lot of differences, but Internal Qi, the complexity of walking in this meridians far exceeds his imagination, True Origin Qi or resident or stay, or Wearing or walking, or squatting or squatting, sometimes rising and rising, and sometimes slowly descending, there are almost no one in the whole body of 365 large and small points.


Profound Sect cultivation technique The multiple senses of the mind are light and light, and this Dao Scripture is extremely extreme in terms of the path of the passage. It seems that you can’t want to integrate all the ways of doing things in one place.


I only practiced the first secret art, various meridians broken, True Qi retrograde, and anti-dark smashing. He tried no less than one hundred and fifty times. I can see how this secret art is abnormal.


Zhang Yan shook his head, and there was almost no shortcut to this distraction. He could only rely on repeated attempts over and over again to brush proficiency.


He believes that the cultivator that has never been exposed to this Dao Scripture, if there is no Teacher to guard on the side, I am afraid that it will die on the spot.


So far, he doesn’t know how many times his Clone has died.


Fortunately, his heart is tenacious, and he may be crazy about the boring Internal Qi.


It’s just that for more than a month, Luo Xiao in the treasure cauldron has not seen the movement. Is it really dead?


Zhang Yan stood up and was about to go to see what happened, but suddenly he heard a voice in his ear. “Zhang Yan can speak out.”


Ning Chongxuan !


Zhang Yan’s calm hand, said: “Senior Brother Ning.”


Impossible, if so, the other party has already rushed in.


Ning Chongxuan glanced at him and suddenly stepped forward to grab his shoulder and said: “It is inconvenient to talk here, come with me.”


His look is very different from the time he left. It seems that there is still a color of appreciation in his eyes. Zhang Yan does not know what he is trying to do.


Ning Chongxuan With a finger, a little jade flew into the sleeve of Zhang Yan. In a hurry, I couldn’t see what it was.


“Go, remember to keep your heart, if he is fated, I will recommend you pay respects to join an Immortal Master’s disciple.”


Ning Chongxuan reached out and Zhang Yan’s body swayed a little and didn’t feel anything. Looking up, it turned back to the foot of the Gazing Star Peak.




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