In the two months of Zhang Yan cultivation, there have been some changes in Green Parasol Tree Mountain.

Zheng Xun back to the Zheng Family opening the meridians, the condensed Meridian Form is the upper grade, and the future is boundless. From then on, step into the Grand Dao of Xianmen, he will go to the Higher Academy and then cultivate higher quality. There is no half-hearted love for the Lower Academy.

The Lower Academy was also crowded at this time. When Zheng Xun left, the common disciple’s quota was suddenly vacated, and some honorary disciples from Aristocratic Family ran for it. Without exception, Lin Yuan was the new Lower Academy. First Disciple, the door to his residence was almost broken by the people of the dealings.

As a Lin Yuan brother, Lin Tong also tried his best to get started, but Lin Yuan ignored him.

Although the position of First Disciple is close to before one’s eyes, but this thing has not been completed, and Shi Shoujing has long been interested in Ai Zhongwen, and the latter has a Human Veins between the same sect, if there is no horizontal accident, when Ai Zhongwen is common Disciple is correct.

Although Lin Yuan and Ai Zhongwen had a dark gap with Zhang Yan, Ai Zhongwen was an Anfeng Ai Clan after all, and he could not suppress it at will.

Lin Tong saw that he couldn’t walk through the Lin Yuan gate. He and Chen Lan also made a good deal, so he sought the latter’s head, but he didn’t know why. Chen Lan was also awkward and refused to stand up and speak for him. Unintentionally mentioning what is missing a pill refining magical tool.

Lin Tong is confused, where does he come from what pill refining magical tool?

It was only after I heard that I realized that Chen Lan seemed to like the Suppressing Impurity Cauldron that was given to Zhang Yan by High Master Shi Shoujing.

Lin Tong couldn’t help but calculate. “I heard that Zhang Yan and Ai Zhongwen have a good relationship. It is better to ask him to convince Zhang Yan and surrender the treasure cauldron. I am benefiting from him…”

Where did he know that he had just opened his mouth in front of Ai Zhongwen and was taken out by Ai Zhongwen.

After touching a nose here, Lin Tong couldn’t help but swear, “After I am a common disciple, I want you to look good!”

He thought about it in his mind, and felt that he couldn’t convince Zhang Yan to hand over the treasure cauldron. The last thing was, “It’s better to steal the treasure cauldron!”

He knows that Zhang Yan is good at martial arts and he doesn’t dare to be hard-hitting, but he also inquired that there is only Zhang Yan in the immortal cave. There is no slave on the side, and he decides to sneak out Zhang Ding when he is not in the mountain. It was buried in the ground and was dug up and sent to Chen Lan after the night.

“Senior Brother Chen got this treasure cauldron and he will tell me!”

Lin Yuan secretly made up his mind to sway around the Gazing Star Peak day and night, but he couldn’t seem to go out, just like Zhang Yan’s cultivation. He had been suffering for more than two months, almost desperate, but found Zhang Yan was taken away by a white cultivator. He suddenly overjoyed and refused to miss the opportunity. He stepped forward and looked at the immortal cave. You really didn’t trace it, and rushed toward the big tripod.

I heard a coldly on the side of the body and asked: “Who are you?”

Lin Tong was surprised. Looking back, I saw a woman with a lot of charm standing there.

The woman’s double eyebrows are like fine-grained paintings. Underneath is a pair of sculpt and sculpt, and the figure is more curvy. The neck is covered with a large piece of delicate skin such as Sheep-fat white jade, which makes people feel blood boiling from excitement. .

Lin Tong snorted and snorted, “You are Zhang Yan niece? Hey, it’s a little beauty, it’s better to follow me…”

The woman listened to this, and the eyebrows were picked up. In the eyes of the eyes, there was a murderous murder, and said: “Look for death!”


Zhang Yan walked up the mountain road along the mountain road and thought about the intention of Ning Chongxuan.

The last sentence of Ning Chongxuan shows that he is the master of the master and disciple. So, the other party should find out its own value, so it’s not good news because it’s early, because it means the fight of the Higher Academy. More intense than he imagined.

But it’s too early to think about it now, and everything will wait until he opens the meridians.

After returning to the immortal cave, he stepped into the door, but saw a charming woman looking at her with affection. When she saw Zhang Yan coming in, she immediately pulled forward Zhang Yan’s sleeve and sobbed: ” After searching for the son of the boy, you can finally find the son today…”

Zhang Yan glanced at her and walked inlessly. The woman’s eyes turned and hugged him from behind. A pair of plump people leaned against his back and said, “Young Master Zhang, this is forgotten. Have you servant yet?”

Zhang Yan has no change in his face. He said: “Why should Fellow Daoist Luo be like this? You and I meet every day, and I am in the same room every day. Can I not know?”

When the woman glanced, her face suddenly became shy, and Zhang Fang opened her hand and jumped to the side. She bit her lower lip and slammed her foot and annoyed: “Damn, forget that you will recognize Internal Qi.” Rotating and dissatisfied, said: “Hey, who and your little thief are in the same room every day, don’t for no reason, the girl’s innocence is broken!”

Zhang Yan shook his head and said, “Fellow Daoist Luo is full of grievances, and he is very happy.”

Obviously congratulations, but his voice is flat, it sounds like no sincerity, Luo Xiao can not help but hate him, no Qi Dao: “Only for the time being Body Transfiguration, the cultivation base still needs to slowly recover.”

Zhang Yan strode in, but couldn’t help but feel amazed, but found that the immortal cave had changed its appearance. The cave wall was as clean as a mirror, and the ground was also dust-free. Even the original firewood charcoal was removed. Everything is placed in separate categories, changing the previous messy appearance.

Luo Xiao proudly said: “You said that you, you do not know to sweep the immortal cave.”

Zhang Yan is not a person who doesn’t love clean, just an immortal cave, his path of cultivation is too late, and where is the time to clean up? Moreover, when he was in the last days, he was in danger of being in danger at any time and place. It was a safe place to live in a safe place. It was not a matter of concern for the surrounding environment. It was just a refreshing point in the area where he often lived. It’s gone.

But he just shook his head: “I don’t think it is clean enough.”

“Where is it still not clean?” Luo Xiao Liu Mei was upright and immediately convinced.

Zhang Yan refers to the relationship cauldron, said solemnly: “Who is in Ding?”


Just as Lin Tong was thinking about stealing, he didn’t think the situation on Green Parasol Tree Mountain was unexpected.

To everyone’s surprise, the Higher Academy actually sent another person to take over the specific place of Zheng Xun. Lin Yuan was finally happy, knowing that Zheng Xun went to the Higher Academy, not just because he took over Clan Member. Precisely, the vacant position is made for this person, so that this person can settle in the Lower Academy First Disciple.

Even so, everyone is still not stunned. When this person was greeted by the crowds with the attendants crowding round, it was discovered that the people who became the Lower Academy’s Eldest Senior Brother in the blink of an eye were only one of the fourteen. Year old lad!

Young lad has a bright eyes and a beautiful face. Although she tries her best to make a veteran state, after all, the age is there, and the hearts of Disciple are unspeakable.

“Where did this child come from?” Someone whispered underneath.

“I heard that it is the son of Du Clan.” Someone whispered, “It is said that this year is only fifteen years old. When you were nine years old, Origin Becomes True, only to condense the Meridian Form of High-Grade. For six years, it is said that his father is an Elder at the Higher Academy, and his mother is the famous beauty Du Luo of Hengnan Du Clan!”

Everyone has a glimpse of the situation, not to mention the position of Elder in the Higher Academy. It is said that the Du Family is also across the three great sects. It is no wonder that the three Lower Academy High Masters are silent on this matter. By default, the people who were originally prepared to make troubles did not say anything.

Young lad swept the disciples in the presence, hands behind his back, heads high and said, “I am Du You, I am here today, I am Eldest Senior Brother!”

The Disciples are all unremarkable.

Du You was slightly dissatisfied with the small face. The person on the side looked like a person, and quickly stood up and said: “The Disciple is not going to see the Lower Academy Eldest Senior Brother?”

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but scream, and the rest of the people ignored it. Everyone was born in Profound Sect Aristocratic Family. You Du Clan is big, we recognize it, but the slaves in the district dare to call me and drink. Too much to put me in the eyes!

Du You also knows that it is not appropriate to be too tight. He quickly uses his eyes to indicate that the management has retired and coughed. “Is the Disciple today available?”

When he spoke, one person stood up and said, “Go back to Eldest Senior Brother, and there is still a Discicle that is not here today.”

Everyone looked at it. It turned out to be Zhen Lun. This person is also one of the five cultivation bases that are “Origin Becomes True”. Although it is known that the relationship between Du and Chan is very close, it is just that his “Eldest Senior Brother” is also called It’s too calm.

“Oh, is the Lower Academy not twenty-eight Discice? Is it true that the Zheng Xun Senior Brother is gone?” Du You sneaked a question.

Zhen Lun added: “Lower Academy Shishou High Master Jing has received a new Disciple named Zhang Yan, which is the original twenty-seven Disciples of the Lower Academy.”

“Son name? Can you tell which door is from Zhang?”

“This person is not from Aristocratic Family.”

Du You squinted and angered: “Not Aristocratic Family Disciple, can I enter my Lower Academy?”

Zhen Lun replied: “This person was defeated by Vast Source Sect on the Daoist Assembly that day, so the High Master made an exception to accept him as a common disciple.”

Lin Yuan stared at the two people in a play-like answer, and the corners of his mouth were slightly ridiculous. When I couldn’t see the way you played with your kid?

Du You knows that he is young and can’t convince the public. He has to get the first place in the Higher Academy. He had the heart to take Lin Yuan, but the background of this person is not easy, not so active. The other Disciples are all from Aristocratic Family. They are not enough weights, they can’t find the head, and they don’t play the role of shocking everyone.

However, he has already inquired clearly that there is exactly one person in the common disciple who is neither Aristocratic Family nor in the sect and has no foundation. It is suitable for him to kill the chicken and monkey!

Du You knows and asks: “Today, I called the Disciple, why didn’t Zhang Yan come to see?”

Zhen Lun said: “This Zhang Yan has always been unruly. When Senior Brother Zheng was there, he was not convinced. Senior Brother Lin also had no way to take him. I don’t think it would be in his eyes to think of Eldest Senior Brother.”

Lin Yuan hearing this, the eyes slightly flashed annoyed.

Du You glanced at Lin Yuan and said loudly: “Senior Brother Zheng can’t control it, and Senior Brother Lin can’t control it, but I can manage it. Come and take me to the ruler.”

At the moment, a person with the appearance of Strength Warrior came out and respectfully placed a white jade ruler in front of Du You.

This is a magical treasure given to him by Du You mother Du Luo, named “Restraining Ruler”. One hit, under Bright Qi Realm, what cultivation base you are, immediately turned over to the ground, can’t do it, God does not come out, like a waste person, combo three times, and immediately kills.

Du You picked up the ruler and handed it over to the manager on the side. Cold voice: “Steward Hao, you are going to arrest Zhang Yan. If you don’t, kill it!”



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