Steward Hao had already inquired about Zhang Yan’s residence in advance, and then led two followers to Gazing Star Peak.

He has been in Du Family for a long time, and he has been practicing with enthusiasm. He is only limited by Aptitude and cannot open the meridians breakthrough. However, driving magical treasure is not a problem.

He is a dude in Du Clan in sect. This time, along with Young Master Du You, he came to Azure Ocean Sect Lower Academy and finally felt that he had a chance to get a common disciple in person. I can’t help but feel proud.

He came all the way to the front of Zhang Yan immortal cave, and did not inform him. He pushed the door to the inside with a big thorn, deliberately not looking at the people in the immortal cave, and pretending to say: “What is Zhang Yan?”

Zhang Yan was originally trying to deal with Lin Tong, who was pinned by Luo Xiao in Dingzhong, but suddenly he saw Stewart Hao coming in without any help. The look was cold and he said, “Who is this?”

After Steward Hao’s hands, he said: “Zhang Yan, I am the Governor of Lower Academy. Today, Lower Academy First Disciple Du You called the Disciple to the Side Palace. Everyone went, why don’t you go alone? I am a Young Master. The fate, let’s take your questions, don’t you sin?”

Lower Academy First Disciple ? Du You?

Zhang Yan was puzzled and immediately alerted.

I want to change the situation of the Lower Academy? He looked at the other side of the situation, and felt awkward in his heart, said with a sneer: “I am a guilty guilty, no matter, I am a common disciple, you are a slave, dare to come to me?”

“Do not talk nonsense, are you binding your hands or waiting for me to get it?” Steward Hao, although holding the magical treasure, Zhang Yan is “figurt” after all, and the magic power cultivation base is far above him, plus Zhang Yan is a majestic figure, and his heart is actually nervous.

Just as Steward Hao lifted the “Restraining Ruler”, Zhang Yan suddenly rolled into a tight, sweaty, and an extremely dangerous feeling passed over the ruler, just the huge Internal Qi. It can be recognized that this is a powerful magical tool.

Zhang Yan looked dignified, and the palm quietly touched the cuff and held a thing. This is the body that Ning Chongxuan gave him, and I don’t know how useful it is.

Steward Hao sees Zhang Yan and refuses to give in. Secretly thought This is your own death. I blame me. He lifts the “Restraining Ruler” and is about to release the hit. He knows that he hasn’t waited for him to start. .

The next moment, he was stunned to see a beautiful woman who was holding the “Restraining Ruler” in her hands.

Steward Hao groaned for a while, only half a day before he came back, couldn’t help but screamed: “Return the magical treasure to me!”

Luo Xiao snorted and dismissed: “Do you dare to call the magical treasure?”

Steward Hao was anxious and said: “You are so, I am Du Clan, you know me Du Clan, Du…”

Zhang Yan shook his head and didn’t want to yell at him. He grabbed his arm and went out in the first two steps. Steward Hao was thrown out.

Outside the immortal cave is the plank road, Steward Hao suddenly scared the soul flies away and scatters, but fortunately, Zhang Yan started to work on his own strength, he was clinging to the plank road, otherwise he might fall into a broken bone, two The followers were not good, and he quickly pulled him up.

Steward Hao has suffered, where can I stay here for a long time? Suddenly ran away in horror.

Zhang Yan’s face sank. Before the retreat, he heard about the opening of the meridians in the family of Zheng Xun in Ai Zhongwen. Now I want to come here. This Du You calls the Lower Academy First Disciple, which must replace the original specific place of Zheng Xun.

He also roughly guessed what Du You had made. It seems that there is no one that shocks everyone’s strength or identity.

Ning Chongxuan gave him something, saying that he would not borrow it today.

Luo Xiao picked up the “Restraining Ruler” and played it a few times. Suddenly her eyes turned and smiled. She seemed to think of a ghost idea. She stunned Lin Tong, who was unconscious in Dingli, and picked it up. The ruler was tucked into Lin Tong’s sleeve.

Zhang Yan glanced at her and said, “What are you doing?”

Luo Xiao clap his hands and proudly said: “If I guess well, this ruler is a pair. You sit and watch the show!”

Du You waited for two hours at the Main Hall. When he was impatient, Steward Hao, who was gray-faced, came back. As soon as he entered the Main Hall, he cried at the Main Hall: “Young Master is angry, old. The slaves lost their minds, causing the magical treasure to be taken away by Zhang Yan and asking Young Master to punish.”

Du You opened his mouth and suddenly became angry. He pointed to Steward Hao and shouted: “Non, Hu Yan is just a Building Origin cultivator. I can knock it down under my magical treasure Bright Qi Realm. How can he be taken away?”

Steward Hao said with a sad face: “Magical treasure is good, but it has not been waited for the old slaves to be taken out, then it was taken away by Zhang Yan…” He wanted to say that he was taken away by a prostitute, but he was afraid of words. Lost face, so I immediately changed my mouth.

Du You secretly slams a waste. This Steward Hao is also brought from Du Clan. It is not his intention. Now the more I look at it, the more I hate it. The face sinks and says: “Lost magical treasure, what do you want!”

Steward Hao’s body trembled. He knew Du You’s temperament and knew what he wanted to do. He immediately called: “The son is Rao…”

Before he finished, the white light flashed on the Main Hall. He slammed his head and broke his head, killing him on the spot.

Du You reached out and gently called, a fluorescent, translucent, thin-legged jade ruler returned to his palm.

Lin Yuan’s eyelids are watching. The Duical’s magical treasure is more than one?

Du You frowned and slammed the secret art back and forth several times. He always refused to respond with a magical tool. When he thought it was supposed to be this treasure was suppressed and he could not get away.

People can die, magical tool can’t be lost!

He sneered and said: “Zhang Yan, do you really think my magical tool is good?”

At this moment, the ruler in his hand is called “Setting Law Ruler”, and the pair of “Restraining Ruler” is a pair, and the main ruler can attract each other.

Du You meditation on a secret art, said: “Go!” I saw a white light flying from his hand, and instantly wore the Main Hall.

After a while, the two white awns flew back to the Main Hall and settled in his hands, precisely the pair of jade feet.

He silently observed that “Setting Law Ruler” had taken people’s life, and his lips were slightly tilted. He turned back and pointed to the two Strength Warriors around him. He said: “I will wait to lift Zhang Yan’s body back.”

Two Strength Warrior replied with a slam and retired from the lower house.

Du You looked around in a circle and said slowly: “You Junior Brother, and waiting for a moment, Zhang Yan is so embarrassed, in the lower body of the Lower Academy First Disciple, will naturally give you an account.”

Twenty-eight people, including Lin Yuan, are all looking at the nose, nose and heart, and no one has an opening.

Du You didn’t care either. When he lifted Zhang Yan’s body, these people would naturally know his means.

The two Strength Warriors were extremely fast, and about half an hour later they returned.

Du You couldn’t help but rushed to ask: “Where is Zhang Yan?”

Strength Warrior replied: “Zhang Yan is outside the temple.”

Du You nodded with satisfaction and said: “Come, come up and raise the body.”

Strength Warrior be hesitant took a moment, then waved his hand, and the two long took up a bloody body. The man was broken and his face was blurred.

Disciples secretly shook their heads. Although they all looked down on Zhang Yan’s origins, they also thought that Zhang Yan was also a great person. The actions on Earth Gate were also admirable. I didn’t expect to die in a erect today. It is also considered that his fortunes are not good.

Du You glanced at the crowd and saw that there were fears in the eyes of the people. I couldn’t help but smug my fingers and asked me, “This is Zhang Yan?”

Originally, this sentence did not want people to answer, but the Strength Warrior had a hesitation, saying: “This, this person seems to be Zhang Yan…”

“It seems like Zhang Yan?” Du You turned his head and stared at the Strength Warrior.

Strength Warrior was shocked. When Steward Hao was killed, he was there. He couldn’t help but say: “One person is waiting outside, claiming to be Zhang Yan…”

Du You was furious and pointed at the body: “The man is Zhang Yan, this person is Zhang Yan, is there a few Zhang Yan in the Lower Academy?”

There was a clear voice outside. “The person who was killed is Lin Tong, the brother of Lin Yuan Martial Brothers.”

“What?” Lin Yuan stunned and then lost the tone: “Zhang Yan? How are you…”

A tall figure walked into the Main Hall in full view, not Zhang Yan. Who is it?

Lin Yuan’s heart is pumping, is that the person who was killed, is it Lin Tong?

Zhang Yan walked to the Main Hall and stood calm. He looked calm and first bowed to the crowd. Then he said, “I am very happy with Brother Lin in the immortal cave. I am going to take it for me. Brother Lin is angry, but he argues with the evil slave. Who knows that the evil slave wants to hurt, so Brother Lin will take the jade in his hand and put it in his arms, saying that he will return it again in the future. To this treasure master, who knows that the evil slave has not been a long time after the trip, suddenly flew a foot, hit the head of Junior Brother Lin on the spot, causing him to die.”

He sighed and was not very sighed in his speech. “I have always had a good relationship with Brother Lin and admire him. I didn’t expect him to die in the hands of lower one today, but unfortunately.”

Lin Yuan looks strange. He certainly knows the temperament of his brother Lin Tong. Zhang Yan said that most of them are not true, but now they can only default to Zhang Yan. Can he still say that Lin Tong sees the treasure and seeks a dead end?

Then again, Lin Tong is also his brother, and now he is killed for no reason, even if he wants to maintain Zhang Yan’s rhetoric for his own face.

When he thought of it, he couldn’t help but feel awkward.

“You are Zhang Yan?” Du You missed two shots in succession, causing him to lose face between the same sect. At this moment, Zhang Yan was ridiculed as “lowly one”. He was already angry and mad. Looking at Zhang Yan in red, suddenly yelled, two white lights flew from his hands and flew to Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan’s eyes were condensed. When he saw two feet flying down, he waved his hand. In the sleeve, he flew out a Green Glow. The air “咔咔” suddenly sounded two sounds like a broken stone, two of which were originally white. The profound jade ruler actually fell out of it.

Lin Yuan saw it and didn’t lose his voice: “Spirit Artifact?”

The Disciples are all shocked. This is the Spirit Artifact of the spiritual intelligence. The heart is free to move. Compared to the Du You, the magical tool that drives the secret art does not know how much.

Today, Du You keeps out the magical tool, and everyone has already sighed Du Clan’s Great Hand. I didn’t expect Zhang Yan to be in the Spirit Artifact?

What is the origin of this Zhang Yan?

Ai Zhongwen said that this person has an extraordinary origin. Is it true that a certain Aristocratic Family is deliberately buried and cultivated?

For a time, everyone looked at Zhang Yan’s eyes suddenly complicated.



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