When the two jade feet fell on the ground, they were completely devoid of light. Obviously, the injury was not small. Du You also showed a slightly distorted face on his slightly tender face. He reached out and touched the black platform in the sleeve. On, the heart said: “If you fight today, but your mother is scolding, you should also hang this Zhang Yan here!”

“You’er, still can’t stop!” When he was desperate, he suddenly heard a drink, a blue robes, a middle-aged man wearing a Primordial crown came in, and he was still looking out that he was still outside the hall. Just stepping over, everyone just one’s eyes, he actually went to the side of Du You, grabbed his wrist and stopped his next move.

“The footsteps of the Cape, the corner of the world, this person is clearly the master of Profound Light Realm 3rd-layer Realm, this can control Profound Light, within a few miles inside Shrink the Ground to an Inch.” Lin Yuan is aware of the goods, a glance I saw the is difficult to deal with this middle-aged person.

The cultivator opening the meridians is divided into 9-layer Law Dao, each of which is Bright Qi, Profound Light, Core Transformation, Nascent Soul, Shaping Semblance, Mortal Transcendence, True Yang, Spirit Refining, and Saint.

And each Law Dao is divided into 3-layer Realm.

And Saint is the ultimate that can be achieved by the human body. If the rumor goes further, it is the legendary way of stepping on the Shatter Void.

Du You sees the coming, and is surprised: “Uncle Bo?”

The middle-aged man ignored Du You and said to Zhang Yan and Yan Yue: “Zhang Yan, today’s business has nothing to do with you, the fault is not with you, you can retire.”

Du You had a mouth open, but he was severely stopped by the middle-aged man with his eyes. He had to endure it, just staring at Zhang Yan with a murderous eye.

Zhang Yan’s face is dignified. This middle-aged man gives him a very powerful pressure, and Internal Qi is similar to Ning Chongxuan, apparently the master of the same Realm.

However, Ning Chongxuan is a kind of fierce and unobtrusive rushing spirit. It is not aimed at others. But this middle-aged person has a momentum like a wave, and the ** overlaps like a tide. Stacked up to him, in his eyes, the surrounding scenery and even the entire Main Hall together To sway up, as if swept by the raging waves, and they stood on a leaf boat alone to face the power of the world.

If he is not determined, he is almost unstable.

He took a deep breath, tried to calm his mind, and bowed his eyes and said: “So, Zhang retire.”

The middle-aged man looked at him with amazement and apparently was amazed at his before one’s eyes.

Zhang Yan turned and walked slowly outside the hall step by step. He walked extremely slowly, as if he had a huge boulder on his back, and he could even see his horns oozing sweat, and the middle-aged eyes were deep. Watching him go out of the Main Hall all the way.

As soon as he came out of the temple door, Zhang Yan slowly pulled out a trace of blood. He rubbed his hand and rubbed his heart. “I still have a big time this time. I didn’t expect Du You to have such a master.”

However, the path of cultivation must sometimes be faced with righteousness. If you are retreating because of the danger of the future, then you will find various reasons when you face other difficulties, and you will say it once or twice, but once you have After the psychological set, the originally solidified Dao Heart will shrink and retreat, and the resilience will no longer be.

It’s only the endeavor to improve the cultivation base!

He secretly made up his mind that I am not as good as this one today, but it may not be my day. When targeting this person and Ning Chongxuan, always remember the humiliation of this day, thinking that the flogging, one day you must personally get back this fair!

In the Main Hall, Du You wants to clean up a Zhang Yan today and can’t clean it up. He has no face before the common disciple, and after a few words in a hurry, he dismissed the Disciple.

Returning to the home of the First Disciple in the apse, Du You complained to the middle-aged man: “Why does Uncle Bo? stop me today?”

“Uncle Bo” is called Du Bo. It is Du You’s father who has not known his identity and sent him to secretly protect his relatives. This person did not call this name. It was just to cover his identity. Said to be a child of Du Clan.

Du Bo shook his head, said solemnly: “If I didn’t read it wrong, Zhang Yan’s hand was just ‘Pleasant Divine Shuttle’.”

“Pleasant Divine Shuttle?” Du You stayed, he seemed to have heard of the name, but he couldn’t think of it for a while.

Du Bo reminded me: “Pleasant Divine Shuttle, you can’t remember, 12 Heavenly Shuttles, have you heard of Virtuous Nephew?”

Du You was shocked and lost: “12 Heavenly Shuttles, isn’t that the magical treasure used by Sect Master?”

“Yes, Pleasant Divine Shuttle is a copy of 12 Heavenly Shuttles, built by in sect Sun Zhiyan Elder Sun, the stern of Sect Master, the backbone of Master and Disciples Lineage, which Zhang Yan can get one of them. Only Divine Shuttle, the relationship with the Sect Master is not too shallow, and your identity is special, it is not inappropriate to kill him at this time.”

Du Bo said the benefits, and pointed out the possible background of Zhang Yan, can not kill, can not kill.

Anyone who has a relationship with Azure Ocean Sect Sect Master can’t just think about it alone. Du You Aristocratic Family is born, and he was trained as a family leader in the future. He still understands this truth.

It’s just a young age, a common disciple that is not from Aristocratic Family. He is now pressureless, can’t control, can’t fight, and can’t fight. It’s really wrong, not in resentful tone said: “As long as I’m a First Disciple The Higher Principal’s medicine pill Flowery Pool, Dao Scripture magical tool, Zhang Yan just want to take it away from me!”

Only when you deprive the things that belonged to Zhang Yan, can you vent their anger a little.

Du Bo did not agree with his face. He blamed: “Virtuous Nephew, don’t forget, the Lower Academy First Disciple is only temporarily borrowed. Just use Shellfish Field for the sake of being able to use it. Use Shellfish King True Dew to open as much as Sect. Master Disciple’s High-Grade Meridian Form, how can you love this?”

Du You was reprimanded by Du Bo, but he was not angry, but instead before one’s eyes, he couldn’t help but stand up and rushed to ask: “Uncle Bo, by Shellfish King opening the meridians, but Sect Master agreed?”

“I want to tell you today,” Du Bo smiled and made a gesture for Du You to sit down and watch the latter reluctantly sit down. He slowly said the truth.

“Two months ago, my Azure Ocean Sect grabbed the Shellfish Field. The competition for Du Clan was very strong. The children of the family were killed and injured. The Sect Master promised to borrow this Shellfish King from Shellfish Field. For the use of the opening of the meridians, for the sake of this matter will not lead to dissatisfaction, the cost of the family is quite a lot of money, this matter has been set before you go up the mountain, just afraid that you can not hold the temper, is I have never told you.”

Du You hearing this unable to contain one’s joy, if it is not in front of Du Bo, maybe you have to jump up and say a few times.

Everyone knows that the Meridian Form with the Shellfish King True Dew opening the meridians is High-Grade, and his opening the meridians cultivation technique is also a secret in the family, condensing the middle grade Meridian Form, even Legend has it that the High-Grade Meridian Form is also possible.

Du Bo saw that he seemed to be a little forgotten, and he ordered him: “Now, although the family accepts me and waits for the ceremony, they are also secretly watching. It is this time to be quiet, and Zhang Yan is both with Sect Master. I have advised you not to make extra-budgets, so as not to accidentally let the families catch me and wait for the pain, resulting in a variety of changes.”

Du You took a little bit and said: “Uncle Bo, I remember.” He snorted again. “So, it is cheaper Zhang Yan.”

“Cheap him?” Du Bo smiled and said: “Zhang Yan has suffered a little internal injury under the pressure of my Profound Light and taught him to suffer.”

“Oh? Why not directly…” Du You is puzzled. Since Du Bo can hurt Zhang Yan in silence, he must have secretly killed him. Why not use a mobile hand?

Du Bo shook his head and said: “If I want to take his life, then the Pleasant Divine Shuttle will fly to the guardian. At that time, I will destroy this treasure to restrain it, but this shuttle is connected with the owner Heart Blood. Loss, must be alarmed by this treasure owner, just to offend this person for Zhang Yan, that is not worth it.”

Because of all the concerns, Du Bo was left to leave Zhang Yan safely today.

“Furthermore, Virtuous Nephew has to deal with Zhang Yan without worrying about before one’s eyes,” Du Bo said with a strong heart. “I am waiting for the cultivator cultivation base to be fundamental. Wait for Virtuous Nephew. You get Shellfish King and condense High-Grade Meridian Form. Then I have Du Clan backing behind it. It is not easy to find this face. A Lower Academy Disciple and a True Disciple are in the area. Isn’t the Higher Academy numerous Immortals unclear?”

Du You Nono responded.

He is young and mindful. All he wants is going directly. Others humiliate his face. He also wants to retaliate back in front of him. He doesn’t like those windings, but Du Bo says so now, he can’t do it anymore. listen.

Du Bo seems to see through his mind and smiles. He said: “Virtuous Nephew seems to be unable to put it in the heart. It’s a matter of fact, My Church, you can cut Zhang Yan’s skin without knowing it, so that he can’t stand on the mountain. “”

Du You before one’s eyes, jumped up and said: “What? Please ask Uncle Bo to teach me!”

“immortal cave on Gazing Star Peak is the Lower Academy industry. As a First Disciple, your position has the responsibility of cultivation for a group of Disciples. I heard that Zhang Yan is now living alone. You can order to take back Gazing. Star Peak, only said that there are other arrangements, and then Zhang Yan moved to Seizing Moon Peak to live, but the Lower Academy, the Disciple, after all, is different from him. If he is going to go there, he must be crowded out, and he must not advance or retreat. Zhang Yan, who is so arrogant, does not bend, and wins his residence. He must have no face and stay in the mountains. So, without his hands and feet, he can drive him down the mountain. You can also see that you can’t see it. It’s not too late to find him later.”

Zhang Yan is a common disciple, moving to Seizing Moon Peak to live precisely and reasonable, no one can pick the fault, but the Disciple, who does not know the truth, also praises the Senior Brother Du compassionate Junior Brother, if Zhang Yan does not leave at Gazing Star Peak However, it will fall to the ground and let the people who deal with him have an excuse.

Just being driven out of the original place, do you still have a face left on the mountain? Without cultivation immortal cave, can you still cultivation?

Du Bo This plan can be described as a bottom-up salary.

“Good idea, good idea, Uncle Bo wait, I will pass the next person to do it.” Du You thinks that the better the way, the more rushing out to arrange.



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