At the time of entry, a small golden sword penetrated Zhang Yan immortal cave in a soft trembling.

Zhang Yan reached out and grabbed the Letter on the Golden Sword. He looked at it and said: “I want to move out of Gazing Star Peak and go to Seizing Moon Peak cultivation?”

He smiled and put his hands away.

He was able to see at a glance at Du You’s intentions, but he wanted to force him to stay on Green Parasol Tree Mountain, but he didn’t care, but instead played the golden sword in his hand.

This should be the legendary Howling Pond Metal Sword.

At the beginning of the Profound Canon Daoist Assembly, Ai Zhongwen proposed to let Zheng Xun use the Howling Pond Metal Sword to ask Zhang Yan to fight against Mo Yuan. However, Zheng Xun and the Disciple thought that Zhang Yan was born, and it is not worth to use the Golden Sword to invite. I do not agree.

But now, Zheng Xun went to the Higher Academy, Du You became the Lower Academy First Disciple, but used Howling Pond Metal Sword to pass the book, please Zhang Yan moved to immortal cave cultivation, although the purpose is different, but it is enough to see that Zhang Yan is already Not the same as before, had to face the face of these Profound Sect Aristocratic Family Disciple.

However, in a few months, he became a common disciple from the unnamed honorary disciple with the help of the Daoist Assembly. Even the Aristocratic Family, such as Du You, was afraid to move freely because of the possible background behind him. He had to use the name of First Disciple to force him down the mountain.

Every step he took, although seemingly dangerous, was based on the situation and never fell into a real ruin.

“Golden sword, Jin Jian, you don’t come that day, but after all, you have to go through Zhang.”

Zhang Yan also knows that Ai Zhongwen had proposed Zheng Xun to ask him with Jin Jian on the same day. Now he is telling things, and all the things that are destined to belong to him cannot be ran away. Sooner or later, they will return to their own hands.

As for those of the Higher Academy, he is even more disdainful. When he went all the way, why did the Higher Academy help him half?

It’s just that it seems that the limelight is too strong recently. This is not a good thing.

However, he also intended to use the Shellfish King opening the meridians in the crypt of Luo Xiao’s mouth. However, there is a lot of trouble in the common disciple downhill. He can’t find an excuse. The matter is just right, it can avoid everyone’s sight. There is also a reasonable excuse.

It can be seen that the world is not absolute, good things can turn into bad things, and bad things can turn into good things.

And once you open the meridians, your status will change even more. At that time, you don’t need to care about the faces of the Lower Academy.

After making up his mind, he took the golden sword in his hand and said, “Fellow Daoist Luo, it seems that I am going down the mountain.”

Luo Xiao turned his eyes and looked awkward. He said with a pitiful voice: “Nour servant is now a homeless person, and he is also pity for the son. Don’t give up your servant…” she is eager Weeping, the eyes are red and swollen, if we don’t know her details, she might be fooled by her.

Zhang Yan laughed and said: “Fellow Daoist Luo is a unique way to comfort people. Does Fellow Daoist think that I was forced to go downhill? I also, Zhang has been studying Profound Origin Secret Book for two months, and I am already aware of the mystery. Now I can find the Shellfish King True Dew to open the meridians.”

Luo Xiao “snapped” and stared at him, surprised: “It seems that Fellow Daoist Zhang is not depressed.”

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “Why are you frustrated? I should laugh! Lower Academy, but I am a temporary place in the path of cultivation. Can I still be greedy here? Now I am in front of me. There are opening the meridians to climb the gate and go up to the next level. When I come back, it is the door of the Higher Academy for me!”

Hearing what Zhang Yan said, Luo Xiao immediately put away the previous delicate state and said seriously: “Fellow Daoist Zhang is really good-hearted, so angry! But this is true, the foreign object is a foreigner. If you persist in your attachment, you will only be confused and bewildered. If you stick to the Spirit Platform, you can disperse clouds and part fog and see True Spirit.”

Zhang Yan listened to Luo Xiao’s sentence. It seems that it is exactly the same as Ning Chongxuan’s statement recently. There are hidden alludations, and they can confirm each other. They can’t help but move. These two people seem to faintly indicate what they are, and they are opening the What are the obstacles that meridians might encounter?

However, since these two people are not willing to say it directly, it is obviously not the words that can be clarified. Now, if you want to use nothing, it is just a matter of increasing your worries. As long as your own ethics is strong, these do not need to be in your heart.

“The road to Shellfish Field must be remembered by Fellow Daoist Luo, and Fellow Daoist is required to guide it.” Zhang Yan remembers that Luo Xiao said that the Shellfish Field she discovered on the day seemed to be near the Cloudfish Shellfish Field.

On the same day, Azure Ocean Sect has not fully occupied Shellfish Field, and it must be under strict control. The current situation must be very different from the previous one. If they go all the way, they will probably encounter Azure Ocean Sect’s duty Disciple.

Zhang Yan said his worries, but Luo Xiao waved his hand very arrogantly and said with confidence: “There is nothing wrong with this. I remember that there is a great lake in front of the cave. If there is Azure Ocean Sect Disciple, I will wait. I can sneak out of the waterway and swim into the great lake. They decided not to detect it. And when I was in a hurry to catch up with the five Higher Academy Disciples, I left a drop of blood essence there because I was afraid of finding a way back. Heart Blood Sense It’s not difficult to find the cave again.”

Having said that, she frowned slightly: “Just the only thing I worry about is the Shellfish King. Although the longer the Shellfish King cultivation, the better the benefits of True Dew to the opening the meridians, the temperament of the temperament. The turbulence will cause Azure Ocean Sect Disciple detected.”

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “Before Shellfish King was not seen, I was not good enough to speculate. I only stayed in the crypt and made plans.”

Luo Xiao nodded: “When it is.”

Zhang Yan asked again: “I just don’t know how long it takes for Green Parasol Tree Mountain to get to Shellfish Field there?”

“Why do you need to walk? Fellow Daoist Zhang, you are too small to see this girl.” Luo Xiao hand gently waved, Yu Rong flashed a trace of arrogance, said: “This girl self-driving Profound Light carries you.”

Zhang Yan looked at Luo Xiao and smiled. “Fellow Daoist Luo should be seriously injured. I have time to spare, or not.”

Luo Xiao snorted and said: “The injury has not healed, but I have condensed a trace of Profound Light. It should be no problem if I fly two or three times a day. I can get there early, I can also use Shellfish King True. Dew recovered his injury early.”

Speaking of this, Luo Xiao sighed and stood up from the futon and circled the dragon star sanding for a few laps. He said with regret: “It is too wasteful to put this treasure cauldron here, as I did not hurt. It’s also a trivial matter to bring it with, but now it’s not enough. Unfortunately, this tripod is a magical treasure, so you can size it and don’t bother.”

Zhang Yan can see it, it doesn’t matter: “Look for a mountain valley and bury it. Go back and take it.”

“It has to be like this.”

Originally, Luo Xiao wanted to bring this tripod to refining medicine. Now it seems that he has to give up.

The two men packed up, first found a hill on the Gazing Star Peak to bury the treasure cauldron, and then took all the remaining medicine pill, did not say hello, and quietly went down the mountain.

In order to prevent the attention of the Azure Ocean Sect Higher Academy Disciple, they did not dare to fly in the first ten days, until the Great Wei Dynasty Hong Province boundary, away from the sphere of influence of Green Parasol Tree Mountain, which was put down.

“Going here, it’s only about six days, and you can follow the canal all the way to a tributary in the Shellfish Field.”

Luo Xiao smiled at Zhang Yan and said: “Fellow Daoist Zhang and please hold your servant, don’t blink when Profound Light is flying.”

Zhang Yan didn’t have a hesitant, and he basically took Luo Xiao to his waist and hugged him. He only felt that his tentacles were warm and weak.

Luo Xiao’s eyes flowed, showing a little charming color, and Zhang Yan glanced at it and shouted: “Get up.”

A Profound Light rises up and goes straight to North!

Just a half month after Zhang Yan and Luo Xiao went downhill, Du You also received a Letter from the family to let him go to the Glittering Cloud Shellfish Field opening the meridians as soon as possible, and also sent a “Riding Cloud Flying Boat” to travel. .

This flying boat is made by one of his Du Clan family’s cultivators who are good at refining, not only can fly hundreds of people, but also can withstand flying sword, and the speed is far beyond the ordinary cultivator. Help.

Du You has traveled this time, not only with Du Bo, but also with two Bright Qi Realm Disciple from the Du Clan clan, and ten Tenness Warrior guards, followed by more than fifty slaves.

Du You looked at the clouds and peaks on both sides and quickly receded from the side. I didn’t feel satisfied. I took a flying boat and said, “I heard that Shellfish Field is called Glittering Cloud Shellfish Field. This Riding Cloud Flying Boat is a good slogan, not careful. Do you mean that I want to take Shellfish King?”

Du Bo glanced at him and smiled slightly. He couldn’t sit on the top of the flying boat.

Just after flying one night, Du You was also bored and said: “This time with Uncle Bo, I can help me to surrender Shellfish King and win True Dew, just don’t know the strength of Shellfish King?”

Du Bo laughed and said: “The higher the Shellfish King cultivation, the better the True Dew. The more you condense the Meridian Form, the better you can achieve High-Grade. You Uncle Bo. I hope that Shellfish King will not let me down here.”

Du You is curious: “Uncle Bo is already a master of Profound Light 3-layer Realm, but I heard that Shellfish King is violent, and it is extremely powerful when hiding in a cave, and a pair of shells and flying sword are also attacking. Don’t open, I don’t know how Uncle Bo is going to deal with it?”

Du Bo smiled and said: “Virtuous Nephew doesn’t know, Shellfish King is greedy, especially a small fish in the water called ‘Silver Tear Fish’, just need to catch some in advance and put it in the hole. Take the Shellfish King out, and once you get out of the cave, it will be nothing, just let me wait.”

“Oh?” Du You didn’t feel confused. “I heard my mother say about the rumors about Shellfish King. I have never heard of it. I only said that every time there is Sect Master Disciple opening the meridians in the Higher Academy, please ask Core. The Transformation Master caught Shellfish King.”

Du Bo laughed, said: “Virtuous Nephew, Shellfish King is not a Body Transfiguration because it is nourished by Earth Veins, but it also has Spiritual Wisdom. This method can only be one and no more. If it is more than one, it will no longer be fooled. Shellfish King in Glittering Cloud Shellfish Field has never tried this method, so you don’t have to worry, there is me, enough!”



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