Wei Dynasty Ding Province, Dragon Goose Pond.

A few days ago, Zhang Yan and Luo Xiao sneaked into the river along a river called Lofty River. All of them, Inner Qi, have all been transformed into innate True Origin, and they have been shutting down for a few days and nights, at the bottom of the lake bed. Black forward, just to avoid the Azure Ocean Sect Disciple patrolling the sky.

Fortunately, they were careful, and the Direction was not the focus of the Azure Ocean Sect Disciple, so they managed to move into a concealed waters along the edge of the Dragon Goose Pond.

This water area is surrounded by mountains on three sides. If you walk from the ground or fly in the sky, you will definitely be noticed by the Disciple.

With the introduction of Luo Xiao Heart Blood, she found the mark that was left in the first place, pulled Zhang Yan’s sleeve and pointed her finger down.

Zhang Yan blinked and saw a funnel-shaped cave at the bottom of the lake, where the lake formed a small vortex.

Luo Xiao made a gesture of keeping up. When the first one went down, the appearance of the beautiful snake was even more beautiful in the water.

Zhang Yan followed closely, and the body approached the whirlpool. He felt a strong force pulling his body down. He relaxed and let the lake take him to the bottom of the cave.

After standing on the heel, before one’s eyes have a hole and I don’t know where to go. Luo Xiao has disappeared.

Zhang Yan rubbed her hands against the wall of the cave and went to the depths of the tunnel. It didn’t go far. The looseness of her body was lifted up by a strong force. The sound of “哗” came out from the water and found that she was already there. A cave with a vast and vast space.

Luo Xiao was standing on a stone platform not far away.

Zhang Yan jumped up from the water and came to her side. Her look was slightly moved. I saw a white bone on the ground not far from the ground. From the perspective of clothing and attire, it looked like a cultivator.

Zhang Yan suddenly showed a vigilant color, said solemnly: “Is it already here?”

Luo Xiao smiled and shook his head: “No, this person is what I killed on the day.”

Luo Xiao and Azure Ocean Sect, a Profound Light Realm master, both entered this place. After some hard work, this person was to beheaded here, but when she went out, she found five Azure Oceans. Sect’s Disciple is rushing out and seems to have seen the Profound Principles at the entrance here.

Luo Xiao immediately attacked and killed them all the way to the boundaries of Green Parasol Tree Mountain, which was forced by Ning Chongxuan to Zhang Yan immortal cave.

The valuable thing on this corpse has already been taken away by Luo Xiao. Zhang Yan no longer pays attention. He looks up and sees the creeping Spirit Shellfish on the wall. They all suck on the wall and swallow the Earth Veins. The essence of the present, at first glance, afraid that there are not tens of thousands.

Luo Xiao said to these Spirit Shellfish turn a blind eye: “Fellow Daoist Zhang, that Shellfish King is in the cave under Baizhang, please come with me.”

The whole cave stretched downward in a spiral shape. When going down, the nose was full of humour and mildew, and the feet were uneven. It was difficult to walk wet and slippery. The two stopped and stopped. After a moment, there was no road ahead, only one. The wide cave is surrounded by a jade-colored mucus, but it is empty.

“Oh, weird, it’s a Shellfish King nest, how can it not be here?”

Luo Xiao turned a few laps in the cave and looked at the small caves that Shellfish King often dwells. From the remaining True Dew, it can be seen that Shellfish King’s lair is correct, she can’t help but pick up. Eyebrows, said: “Is this a Yang Shellfish?”

Zhang Yan asked: “Fellow Daoist Luo, what is Yang Shellfish?”

Luo Xiao explained: “Shellfish is divided into Yin or Yang. Yin Shellfish is not happy. Although it can be shuttled in the crypt, if it is not a strong enemy, it will not move easily, but Yang Shellfish does not. Sexual migration, a crypt can not change for a year and a half will change another nest, see that there are only 10,000 Spirit Shellfish outside, I want to come to this Shellfish King has lived here for a long time.”

Zhang Yan stepped forward and touched the semi-solidified body like a rosin on the wall, saying: “Is this True Dew?”

Luo Xiao is somewhat interested in sighing and sighing: “It’s true that True Dew is not fake, but looking at these True Dew colors, it has been around for a day, and it is OK to open the meridians, but after all, I lost a lot of Essence Qi. The True Dew side that is swallowed in a moment is the best.”

“Only one day? It means that Shellfish King has not gone far.”

When Zhang Yan spoke inadvertently, he screamed, and he was surprised to find that his arm was actually worn from the thick layer of grease on the wall.

His eyes flashed, and he stepped back two steps. After looking at a few eyes, he went up and tried to drill a drill. He found that there was no object blocking in the depths. He simply used force, and the whole person swallowed it.

Luo Xiao has been watching Zhang Yan’s movements, but he has found that he has not come out for a long time. He does not feel a tight face and screams, saying: “Fellow Daoist Zhang?”

“嗤” whispered, Zhang Yan, who was covered with True Dew grease, retreated from the inside. He smiled at Luo Xiao and said, “Fellow Daoist Luo, there seems to be another Heaven and Earth behind this cave! ”

Just as the two went deep into the crypt, a Riding Cloud Flying Boat fell to the cloudfish Shellfish Field occupied by the Azure Ocean Sect.

After a row of more than 60 people came down from the flying boat, Du You took out a shot and waved it, and turned the whole flying boat into a small-sized boat, which was included in the sleeve.

Two Bright Qi Realm Disciple, who were in charge around the Shellfish Field, immediately came up and said, “Who is Newcomer? Come on!”

Du You saw that the two men were in a bad mood and were about to attack. Du Bo took him and went up and said: “At the next Du Bo, this is the Lower Academy First Disciple Du You, especially here to find the Shellfish King opening the meridians. I don’t know if the two guards have received the Sect Master order?”

“It turned out to be a child of Du Clan.” The two men’s looks eased a lot. One of them shook hands: “Sect Master has already told me that if you come, you don’t have to stop, so please ask the two to be free, I will wait for duty. If you are guarding, you will not be accompanied.”

Du Bo smiled and said: “Two please.”

Looking at the two people walking away, Du You snorted and said: “Just two Secret Qi Realm’s Disciple, why is Uncle Bo so polite to them?”

Du Bo laughs and laughs, Du You has Du Clan back in the back, of course, can be rampant, but he can’t.

If you can not sin, you should try not to sin people. Who knows who is standing behind these two Disciples? However, these do not need to talk to Du You. In his opinion, Du You’s heart is undecided, and when he eats more on the path of cultivation, he will naturally converge.

Glittering Cloud Shellfish Field is backed by a ring of beautiful mountains, in front of the mighty Dragon Goose Pond. The river tributaries are winding around the mountains. From the sky, the entire Shellfish Field is surrounded by the two. .

Although it seems to occupy a wide area, in fact, Shellfish Field’s cave entrance is only one foot in size. When Du You sees it, his mouth is disdainful.

When you get here, the slaves can only stay outside.

Before entering, Du Bo gave a courtesy to the unmanned person above the cave, and Du You seemed to understand.

Du Bo didn’t speak, went straight into the cave, Du You quickly followed, and behind him two Bright Qi Realm Disciple, ten members of Strength Warrior followed.

After a while, before one’s eyes suddenly opened, I saw a steep slope down the terrain, the sides are like a wrinkled stone pattern, the front is a depression basin, a width of more than one hundred feet, up to ten feet It looks like a flat spoon.

The eyes are full of Spirit Shellfish, and the bright light of the sky is flickering like a star in the sky.

“This is Shellfish Field?”

Du You breathes a little heavy. Although he is an Aristocratic Family, Spirit Shellfish can be said to be rare for him, but he can’t help but be shocked when he faces a number of Spirit Shellfish.

“It’s good, but it’s not all I have to wait for.” Du Bo patted Du You’s head. “After Virtuous Nephew, you will have a cultivation base in the future. These Spirit Shellfish will be available for you.”

Du You nodded seriously and said: “Uncle Bo is right.” He squeezed his fist and thought: “One day, the owner must be me.”

Du Bo smiled and walked deep into the cave.

Leading the crowd for about half an hour, the pedestrian reached the bottom of the cave.

It’s quite amazing that they searched the crypt and even missed the Shellfish King?

Du Bo’s brow wrinkles, heeled secretly thought: “Strange, how can this Shellfish King not be in the nest? Could it be that only the Yang Shellfish is not? Shellfish Field is so big, and there have been dozens of battles with Three Lakes Lake Monster. It’s impossible to be Yang Shellfish.”

At this time, a Strong Warrior suddenly shouted: “Mr. Du, there is a hole here, I don’t know where to go.”

“Oh?” Du Bo stepped over in two steps, and opened the previous one’s eyes. The True Dew, which was in the way, looked at it carefully. He suddenly looked at his eyes and suddenly thought of something. He couldn’t help but laugh and turned his head. Du You said: “Virtuous Nephew, as I guessed it, it should be your Destiny!”

Du You doesn’t understand: “What about Uncle Bo?”

Du Bo didn’t break it, just pointed at the hole and smiled. “You just come with me.”

As soon as he bowed his head, he first went to the hole.

The black road of this passage did not know where to go. After a few miles, Du Bo suddenly raised his hand and motioned everyone to stop.

He listened a few times and whispered: “I waited here, I went to see it.”

He did not touch the ground, driving Profound Light and slowly approaching the exit from the light shining in front of him. After a quiet exit, he found a large cave with a height of more than ten feet. In the lower part, he I saw two Shellfish Kings at a glance!

They are all only one foot in size. The under belly has a layer of silvery white soft meat. The bone shell is like a crystal grind. It is clear and bright, and the flesh and blood organs inside are clearly visible, giving people a feeling of agility and lightness. The soft light from the body illuminates the entire cave.

It’s just that the two Shellfish Kings are gathered in front of a low hole at the moment. From the perspective of Du Bo, you can see that the inside is full of fat Dew, which seems to have something tiny in the squirm. With.

“Well, I don’t expect it to be good, it really is the yin and yang double-being and the pregnant!”

Du Bo stared at the two slightly uneasy Shellfish King, secretly sneer: “Reconciling the yin and yang, pregnant Shellfish Child Profound Pearl, it’s a good calculation! Shellfish Child is the essence of Earth Veins, once it breaks out, it will be able to take off The shell of the demon, the Body Transfiguration adult, and then the cultivation for a hundred years, Monster Clan will have a Great Monster! Oh, even want to blind the heaven’s secret, you should have this One Tribulation!”

“If this pearl is swallowed by my Virtuous Nephew, it will be able to condense the Meridian Form!”

Du Bo no longer looked at it, turned and left, but he did not find it under the turbulence. On the opposite side of the cave wall, there seemed to be two figures flashing past.



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