The raws were pulled (real-time) from:
At the time of the trip, Zhang Yan turned to live.



Upon returning to the immortal cave, he moved the door to seal the door and locked it.


Before one’s eyes, Zhang Yan in the dark room is hard to hide, but I didn’t expect to open the meridians. The most important building origin Dao Law was so easy to get started? Even with his qigong effort, there is some little excitement.


He is not in a hurry to cultivation, but washes his hands and clothes, and points to the incense burner.


Ning Shen sit quietly for a moment, he took a piece of white paper, and wrote down the entire Technique again. As the writings of the pen appeared one by one, his whole body slowly relaxed and his mood gradually settled down.


When the entire “River Travelling Veins Technique” was written, his mind and body status gradually adjusted to the best.


Building Origin is the integration of Inner Qi, which is trained, into the Spirit Gate, and the first generation of Origin Energy from the mother’s womb to create the Immortal Root Spirit Seed.


There is Mnemonic chant 曰: “Inner Qi is mixed, one yuan begins.”


This is the only way to go before the Immortal meridians, and whether it will be accomplished in the future is crucial.


Sitting down on the futon, all the distracting thoughts were drained out of his mind. He first picked up the introductory mind and straightened his breath. After sitting for half an hour, his heart was already peaceful and quiet.


After everything was ready, it began to meditate on Mnemonic chant and guided Inner Qi to move slowly according to Travelling Veins Technique.


It didn’t take long before he stopped.


Zhang Yan’s brows are slightly wrinkled. In the past, his movements were smooth and comfortable, but he was so angry that it was only this time, but he felt that something was wrong. Not only the breath was intermittent, but the walk was quite sluggish, like a person stumbling. In the process of advancement, there is always a flaw in the foot.


Fortunately, he just started cultivation, simply scattered the Inner Qi that he had just guided, set his mind and re-started from scratch.


But this time, the situation encountered was the same with the last slightest difference.


Zhang Yan’s face was condensed, his eyes opened, and his work was decisively stopped.


Cultivation can never be reluctant, if it is blindly reluctant, it will only destroy its own foundation.


Is it because the Aptitude is too bad, so can’t cultivation this secret art?


He shook his head.


The reason for saying Aptitude is that he can’t practice a certain secret art. Maybe it will, but even the stagnation is so bad, the problem is not here.


what is the root cause? Is it the reason for secret art itself?


Zhang Yan looked at secret art again and was puzzled.


Secret art doesn’t have anything like retrograde Qi, don’t go through the singularity, backwards and the like, you can see at the glance that it is the most authentic Profound Sect path, how to go every step, where to go, How to cooperate with acupoints, how to respond to breathing, are all plain and clear, detailed can not be detailed, and the poor did not supervise the teacher, so there is any problem with such secret art?


If neither of these reasons is true, then it is possible that his cultivation way is not accurate.


Thinking of this, Zhang Yan felt a move, picked up the Travelling Veins Technique and repeated it several times. He always saw the word “flowing down, it’s natural”, and he was faintly aware of the problem.


Perhaps careful because the secret art is elaborated so much that it caused his cultivation to be too deliberate, and forgot the true meaning of the natural flow in Dao Scripture!


You should know that Profound Sect True Law has a focus on Spiritual Will, and some focus on Technology. Both are indispensable and complementary, but there are some points in the division. This secret art is obviously Spiritual Will. After the technology, his cultivation was only obsessed with the “law”, but he ignored the “meaning”. The primary and secondary reversal, the deliberately sculpted gas is too heavy, and naturally falls low grade.


Zhang Yan put down the ball and put his sleeves in his hands.


Although he found the crux of the place, he still could not continue.


As long as he is cultivating this Dao Law, the obsession always exists, which is contrary to Spiritual Will. As a result, he is bound to be unable to force cultivation.


If you let him put it down, of course, you can remove obsession, and you can improve the cultivation base.


This seems to be a knot in the ring.


Zhang Yan stood up and walked back and forth in the room, thinking about how to cultivate.


On the way of cultivation, there will always be a variety of obstacles. If you are inadvertent, you will get lost. If your cultivation base is not going backwards, the Dao Foundation will be damaged, but you will lose your life and have a life. Worry.


At this time, we can see the benefits of teachers. They can not only pay attention to their faces from time to time, but also support Protector at key moments. The danger of cultivation is naturally greatly reduced. However, Zhang Yan is just a honorary disciple. There is neither a teacher nor a Fellow Daoist to ask for advice. Therefore, I can only rely on myself to slowly explore and break the heart disorder.


Zhang Yan knows that this time is urgent, but it is even more peace of mind, otherwise once the Spirit Platform is blinded by the magic barrier, it will only sink deeper in the muddy battle.


After thinking for a long time, he found that there is a way to be feasible.


That is to go out for a trip.


Visiting the famous mountains and watching the landscape, waiting for the weather in the heart of forgetting the worries, waiting for the opportunity to arrive, the natural water is ripe, the cultivation is complete, which can be said to be the cultivation way that best fits the true nature of Daoism.


However, this method was later negated by Zhang Yan. It was too long and the second was too many variables.


This is only before the opening of the meridians, if you get a similar high-tech technology in the future, does he go to the mountains to play water every time? This is too much a waste of time. What’s more, he chose to retreat immediately, because he felt that it was the best time to build his own home tonight. If he missed it, he didn’t know what time to wait next time.


He can’t help but closes the eyes. Since he sees secret art from his travels, it is already a “fated person”. The predecessor has no reason to leave such an obvious flaw.


There must be a solution, and it must be hidden in the book!


He stared at the dense text on the paper and looked back and forth several times until his eyes were sore. Suddenly, his back was swaying, and his mind suddenly appeared in the air!


correct! How did you forget that this Dao Scripture was originally written by Eclipse Canon!


Eclipse Canon seems to be simple and succinct, meaning vast and great, each word is Reflecting Sky Overhead, and a few strokes can make every effort to make life and death. This Dao Scripture’s technology has been interpreted by him. Thousands of words are sprinkled, but Eclipse Canon is used to write, but it is only 600 words.


These six hundred words have already said that secret art is clear and transparent. The Eclipse Canon used by the predecessor of the book is the most straightforward. Instead, he refers to the revised copying cultivation. Is it far-sighted?


in this way……


Zhang Yan flashed his eyes and brushed his ink. He took a piece of white paper and rewrote the entire “River Travelling Veins Technique” with Eclipse Canon.


The entire Travelling Veins Technique has just been written, and his original rigid atmosphere is inexplicable.


Zhang Yan was not inspired by the spirit. He knew that he had found the right method. He kept writing and finished the entire Technique. After he finished writing, he did not see him stop, and then he took out a blank piece of paper and wrote it again.


Gradually, the thick Inner Qi, which was originally like a stagnant water, was stirred up by a dragon. It spread to the limbs and spread, and then moved around. After walking around the circulatory cycle, it gathered at the Dantian. This cycle is alive and well.


The whole process is natural, and True Qi is automatic. Zhang Yan has no intention to pursue it. His mind has been immersed in the Eclipse Canon.


The whole body began to feel like a trickle, dense, with the Travelling Veins Technique writing over and over again, the atmosphere has grown stronger, and later it has been like a river rushing, Perpetual River waves, and rushing around the week. more than.


However, Zhang Yan has no joy or no sorrow. He does not care about it at all. At the end of the writing, there is no ink in his hand. However, in his eyes, Eclipse Canon is still pouring out from the pen, even without his guidance. Inner Qi also follows the secret art in the veins, and the silted meidians are washed away everywhere.


After the circulatory cycle of three hundred and sixty Five Revolutions, the whole body of Inner Qi rises and falls like a sea tide, generally squeezing acupoint everywhere.


When this vast atmosphere reached the apex, it was originally located deep in the umbilicus. After the birth, the door was closed and suddenly shocked. It opened a gap, and the inner Inner Qi was like a way to find catharsis. After a while, it disappeared. For a time, the body became empty. If so, the whole person would sway in the void.


If there is no guidance from the Master, Dao Cultivator can’t help but be suspicious and guilty, so that Zhang Yan has experienced a cycle of life and death, and his mind is firm, still calm, and deep in his heart, to the body. Everything that happens in the middle is not to be ignored, let it be natural.


It didn’t take long for the disappearing Inner Qi to be spit out by Core Orifice, but it seemed to be a mixture of Innate Origin Energy, which was then inhaled again by Core Orifice. After eight rounds of breathing, Inner Qi and Innate Origin Energy were stunned. One, regardless of each other, when Inner Qi gradually falls into Core Orifice for the ninth time, the Spirit Gate in the umbilical body jumps!




Zhang Yan’s brain seems to be gently knocked by Yuxi, and there is a clear sound in the ear. Before one’s eyes, it is white, and then the light is bright, the mouth is filled with liquid, and it is berthed into the throat. The heat sinked down and finally fell deep inside the umbilicus, finally staying still.


Zhang Yan’s pen suddenly stopped, and when he looked up, he found that all the papers were written by him.


The hole left in the front square hole wall has a white light penetration. Unconsciously, it has already passed overnight.


At this moment, he is not tired, but refred, five senses clear and bright, the heart is quiet.


The temperament of his whole person has also changed, and there is a faint temperament.


If he can see himself, he will find a layer of crystal jade on his face, which will continue to flow on his head, and his eyes will be brighter as stars. This shows that from today, he has stepped on it. In the “Congealing Origin to Reveal Intent” Realm in Building Origin, the final step of “Building Origin” “Origin Becomes True” is just a line.


Zhang Yan took a brush in his hand and walked a few steps. He took the door stone and opened the door, stepping out.


After two steps, he paused and looked at his hands. The stone was more than 300 kilograms. Although he was physically strong, he often felt very hard when he moved. But just just gently lifted it. Move the stone to the side.


He can’t help but feel awkward. He used to hear people say that after Dao Cultivator Building Origin, “the arms are self-sufficient, the eyes can be smoky, the birds can distinguish insects crawling and birds singing, almost the immortal.” Really?


Zhang Yan took a fist with both hands and took a deep breath, secretly reminding himself that this is only the First Step of Grand Dao. Absolutely should not be forgotten, there are more dangers behind him, waiting for himself. Too early.


At this time, a clear and tidy crane came, and it was a long time.


Zhang Yan turned to look at it, at the moment when the rising sun is rising, the clouds are scattered, the mountains and trees are dyed with golden red clouds, and the Perpetual River is like a white jade belt. There are three or two white feathers from time to time. Immortal Crane The path under the foot flies over.


He stood on the edge of the cliff, and the cold morning wind blew through. Although he was only a robes, he did not feel the cold, letting the clothes sway in the wind.


After three years of hard work, Heart Law, the superior secret art started, and the building of Origin was overnight. It can be described as thick and thin.


He can’t help but think, if you still practice hard in the Rock Cave every day, just wait for Heavenly Dao alms, and pay attention to Destiny, then there is still today’s encounter?


The answer is obviously not.


Path of cultivation, such as the thousand-armed horses and horses alone, there is no way to retreat, only to go forward, let him take the trouble, it is also a matter of course.


The previous Yijing once said that “the whole day is dry, and the road is repeated.” It is not precisely that the gentleman must be self-reliant, regardless of the adversity of adversity, must it be repeated and repeated, can this be in line with the masculine righteousness?


I can see that I am determined to make progress, to work hard, and to take the move of Heavenly Dao.


In a word, people will help themselves and help them!


When he thinks about it, he will realize it.


At this point, his look changed and suddenly turned to look at the other side of the path.


Now that he is keenly sensitive, he has heard that someone is rushing to his side.


In a short time, a 17-year-old woman came into view. She had a ball on her head, a narrow-sleeved dress on her body, a man’s costume, and a sabre at the waist. It was full of vibrancy at first glance. Just the chin is slightly sharper and gives a feeling of being close to people.


She came to Zhang Yan all the way, looking at his eyes full of misbehaviness, asked: “You are Zhang Yan?


Zhang Yan has never seen this woman, and replied: “Precisely swearing, girl?”


“My name is Zhao Ying.” The woman’s face was cold and she waved her hand: “I am going to go down the mountain with speed and I am going to change.”


Zhang Yan feels inexplicable and asks: “What does Zhao girl mean?”


“You are small…” Zhao Ying angered from the heart, and wanted to swear, but looking at Zhang Yan, the temperament is outstanding, and the word “thief” is not exported. Look at him and say: “You still have a face to ask? You are suffering from your brother!”


In her heart, this is a good skin, but it is no wonder that I can deceive my brother!


Zhang Yan hearing this, look at the woman’s appearance, vaguely and Zhao Yuan is somewhat similar, think about it, and suddenly realize, “Why is there anything wrong with Senior Brother Zhao?”


Zhao Ying coldly snorted, his face full of grievances.


Zhang Yan was amazed, and he secretly sighed. He had already seen that Zhao Yuan was a man of anger and uneasiness. He warned him to be cautiously cultivation. He did not expect that there was a problem.


It turned out that Zhao Yuan’s words to Zhang Yan last night were also listened to, but Dao Scripture took it in his hand and said that he could bear it? After repeated observations, I unknowingly cultivated. Who knows that this secret art has no concern, he used too much urgency, so he made a scorpion, and then fainted after a few mouthfuls of blood.


Because of the big event in Green Parasol Tree Mountain in the past few days, his little Sister Zhao Ying, who was originally cultivated at Grand Serenity Temple, happened to be on the mountain. After listening to it, he was furious and thought that Zhang Yan was just a liar. He ran to ask Min Lou why he was hurt. Own Elder Brother?


Min Lou, who was originally Zhang Yan, only talked to a few Martial Brothers, and many people didn’t know. In order to maintain his reputation, he had to stand up for Zhang Yan.


This result triggered a chain reaction. The Cangwu Shangshan now gathers Three Temples Disciple, and the common disciple Hu Sheng of Cultivating Virtue Temple is also among them, and the Bian Qiao precisely who sold the “Yongchuan Xingshui Book” is the manager of this person.


Bian Qiao After learning about this, the first reaction was that someone was swindling and didn’t care. Later, when Min Lou came out, he felt that things were not easy. Min Lou was already seen by High Master. Sooner or later, he was Cultivating Virtue Temple common disciple. He would never open his mouth.


Actually someone privately interprets Eclipse Canon?


His heart was furious, and the servants of Three Temples were often dealings. Although there was no verbal clarification, no one had ever fished. Zhang Yan helped Min Lou and Zhao Yuan to interpret Eclipse Canon’s move. Break your own money!


However, Zhang Yan is a Profound Virtue Temple Disciple. He didn’t take it directly. When he thought about it, Zhao Yuan gave him an excuse. He took a look at the door and said that Zhao Yuan was relieved. Be fair to the Cultivating Virtue Temple.


Zhao Yuan woke up soon and was shocked when she learned of the incident. Zhao Ying shouted and slammed her face and asked her to immediately apologize to Zhang Yan and let her arrange for Zhang Yan to go down the mountain.


Zhao Ying Where are you apologizing? Zhang Yan was also identified as a liar, and did not dare to violate Zhao Yuan’s words. He only thought that it would be a good idea to take Zhang Yan down the mountain.


Zhao Ying and Zhang Yan are reluctant to say a few words. Although the words are concealed, Zhang Yan still understands the cause and effect.


When this happened, it seems that he has already caught the attention of some people in advance. This is faster than expected. Zhao Yuan can send people to tell him at night that there is no fear of refuge, indicating that this person is Worth deep.


Zhang Yan calmly said, “You go back and tell Brother Zhao, I know this, I know, Many Thanks, he told me in time, please don’t worry, I have my own arrangements.”


Zhao Ying is not willing to work for Zhang Yan. Now that she is not willing to go down, she is more happy. She is not against the entrustment of Elder Brother. Her heart is more secretly thought: “I don’t know how to live.” Little thief! I don’t know Bian Qiao’s is difficult to deal with, and when the evil slave arrives, I will have your good show!”





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