A group of five people gathered in the pavilion of Thousand Zhang Cliff Front, Bian Qiao sitting alone on the stone bench in the middle.

He was in his early forties, his clothes were luxurious, his head was wearing a nine-yang towel, his feet were thick and thick, his face was white and plump, and he held a purple clay teapot slowly, looking like a hero, not a waiter.

Thousand Zhang Cliff Front There are many people in the distance. Someone in the distance is pointing and pointing, but he doesn’t care. The surrounding slaves are short-sleeved, the clothes on the chest and abdomen are open, and the face is full of arrogance.

Zhao Ying stood in the distance and looked at it. Zhang Yan didn’t know what to do, and her heart was faint and regretted. Bian Qiao was always sinister and it was a breeze to deal with a little honorary disciple. If the thief was killed here, it would be fine. It’s just that the big brother will definitely count her down. What if the body is out of breath?

She was raised by Zhao Yuan since she was a child. If it wasn’t for her, Zhao Yuan had already climbed the mountain to seek the dao, and she would not delay for ten years. Therefore, she never dared to violate Zhao Yuan’s words. Also seeing Zhao Yuan vomiting blood, she was anxious and hate to be willful again.

It’s just that Zhao Ying doesn’t know that Bian Qiao seems to be arrogant, but in fact he knows how to move forward and backward.

On the one hand, he should not be guilty of the person who should not be offended. Even if there is some conflict, others will not care about him in the face of Hu Sheng. On the other hand, he will suppress the unscrupulous bullying of the Discipe without background. Also precisely because of this, he is the most famous in many management matters, the most fierce.

“Manager Bian, Zhang Yan is coming.”

A Profound Virtue Temple Dao Child, who was arrested and listened to, looked around and pointed at the tall figure in the distance and whispered.

Bian Qiao had already waited a little impatient. Hearing this was a little bit spirited. He looked up and glanced at it. The look at the teapot that raised his mouth was a stiff one. Some of them were surprised: “That is Zhang Yan. ?”

He thought that Zhang Yan was just a poor acid scholar who didn’t understand the rules. He knew that the appearance of the other side was far beyond his expectations.

Zhang Yan changed into a wide-sleeved robe that Min Lou gave him. He is handsome and handsome. He is evenly tall and taller than his regulars. He is alive and well with his eyes. When you come, it looks like a heroic and powerful person.

What surprised Bian Qiao is that Zhang Yan’s face has a hidden luster. He has been dealing with chores around Hu Sheng for many years. It is naturally insightful. At first glance, Zhang Yan has not only reached the building origin “Congealing Origin”. Realm to Reveal Intent, and there is a faint sign of “Origin Becomes True.”

Bian Qiao snorted, and my heart was secretly annoyed. I don’t know what the people who asked for the news are doing. Is there such a cultivation base, would it be an ordinary honorary disciple?

In fact, Zhang Yan’s predecessor character is dull. In the past three years, he only understood the painfultaking cultivation, and closed the door to study Eclipse Canon. He never made any Fellow Daoist. It can be said that it is unremarkable. Of course, nothing can be found under the rush of time.

According to Bian Qiao’s original plan, if this Zhang Yan had no background, it would be a lesson to be a disability and throw it down the mountain.

In his eyes, a honorary disciple can’t be considered. If it is because of ProPro Virtue Temple, he will rush to do it in a sentence. He doesn’t need to come out personally, but he didn’t expect to see it at first sight. Yan is not easy.

Plus Zhang Yan is proficient in Eclipse Canon…

Generally like this person, not behind the common disciple, it is the family prestigious.

At this point, Zhang Yan’s figure became deeper in his eyes, but he did not dare to make it easy.

However, in the past, he took the name of Hu Sheng Yu and recognized himself as a personal thing. Since the scenes were all spread out, it was impossible to retreat in the face of many Disciples and lose momentum.

On his face, he barely squeezed a few smiles, sitting there and bowing Zhang Yan arching his hand, saying: “A Bian Qiao, a Cultivating Virtue Temple Hu Sheng, a daily custom, the Junior Brother But Zhang Yan?”

Zhang Yan stood still and looked at Bian Qiao calmly and silently. He said, “Yes.”

Bian Qiao has been watching Zhang Yan’s look carefully. When he heard Hu Sheng Yu’s name, he was shocked and unmoved. He was more sure of his previous judgment. He looked like a friend. “I don’t know Senior Brother.” How do the several Senior Brothers of Zhang and Profound Virtue Temple call it?”

Bian Qiao The “Senior Brother” mentioned here naturally refers to the few common disciple of Profound Virtue Temple.

Zhang Yan, where he didn’t know his mind, his face looked like a smile and said: “Nature is not as close as Brother Bian and Senior Brother Hu.”

Bian Qiao’s face changed. This faintly has the meaning of being a slave to him. He hates someone who mentions his origins in his life. He can’t help but feel annoyed, and the smile on his face is a bit stiff.

He seems to be elegant, but after all, he used to be arrogant, and his tone suddenly became unsatisfactory. Coldly swept Zhang Yan and said: “I will ask you, hear you explain my Eclipse Canon for my Cultivating Virtue Temple Disciple? thing?”

Zhang Yan is extremely calm and said: “Yes.”

Bian Qiao said with a sneer : “I also know that you have been on the mountain for three years. Can you not know that Three Temples Disciple has rules? Do you understand that Dao Scripture has its own staff? Or, today, it is not difficult for you, you are here. I swear, from now on, I will no longer interpret Dao Scripture for Three Temples Disciple. I will put you on behalf of Senior Brother. I have never been jealous. What do you think?”

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “Since Steward Bian speaks, since then, Cultivating Virtue Temple Disciple I have never interpreted Dao Scripture with him.”

Bian Qiao stares at Zhang Yan and sighs: “Junior Brother really doesn’t understand, or is it fun to swear someone? I am talking about Three Temples Disciple, have you heard it?”

Although the Lower Academy is divided into Three Temples, the usual dealings are frequent. If someone gets Dao Scripture from Cultivating Virtue Temple and then reads the other two of the distinguished names of the section, Zhang Yan, to interpret Eclipse Canon, can he still stop? Isn’t that the same as saying nothing?

Zhang Yan said, faintly said: “This is the case, it is hard to die.”

Where can he not know the concern inside? He deliberately said this, this is a way of retreating, if this happens then, it is not that I refuse to promise you, it is really you deceive too much.

Bian Qiao would have been jealous of people behind Zhang Yan. I wanted everyone to take a step back and not fall out. I didn’t want to face it.

After thinking about it, although Zhang Yan seems to have some roots, but since the destruction of “rules” first, when it comes to a few Senior Brothers, they are also self-sufficient, afraid of him?

Since you don’t listen to good words, then I will not confuse me, really, when I have no way to rectify you?

He had been prepared before he came here. Since it is impossible to reconcile, he is ready to resort.

Bian Qiao suddenly laughed and said, “It’s a good thing, it’s a good thing. Since Junior Brother has a lot of experience in Eclipse Canon, let me wait and see. There are three Dao Scriptures here, please ask Junior Brother. !”

With a wave of his hand, a small cockroach behind him immediately put on a Dao Scripture. Bian Qiao knocked on the finger joints with a finger joint. He smiled and said with a smile: “I also know Junior Brother Zhang, your rules, rice. If you can’t afford your money, please ask Junior Brother Zhang for guidance.”

When there is business, Zhang Yan will naturally not do it. He took two steps and reached out to get the Dao Scripture.

“Slow down.”

Bian Qiao stretched his hand on Dao Scripture and stared at Zhang Yan. “I sincerely ask for advice. If the Master Brother Zhang is wrong, or can’t read it, how can I say it?”

Zhang Yan said with a faint expression: “Senior Brother can slap my sign, and I will never say Eclipse Canon.”

Bian Qiao snorted and shook his head. “Not enough, not enough.”

Zhang Yan also smiled, shivered back and stood up straight and said, “So what does the Senior Brother think?”

Bian Qiao blinked: “You have come down from the loose cultivator, so you have to step down into my Azure Ocean Sect site!”

Because there are many people gathered here, the Discures around Three Great Lower Academies have gradually come round, and this is a Cry out in surprise. This is a road to cultivation that completely breaks Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan was an accident. I didn’t expect Bian Qiao to have a previous attack. Now it has become a tough one.

He didn’t know that this was Bian Qiao’s hospitable nature, he was a small profiter, he was afraid of adults, but he couldn’t get through the Zhang Yan background.

If Zhang Yan loses this time and no one is in his head, then naturally he will not leave a living path. If someone comes forward to ask for help, he can sell a face if he comes to the big head, and he will personally ask for it. In short, as long as Zhang Yan Dao Scripture has read out the mistakes and leaks, it is flat and round, and he is all kneading.

“Senior Brother can do this, but…” Zhang Yan is looking at himself and said: “If you want to do this, the price will not be the area.”

Bian Qiao laughed and groped for a while in the sleeves. He took out a white jade porcelain bottle and placed it on the stone table. “Junior Brother seems to be Building Origin cultivation base. This is Zhihe Dan, a total of 23 in the bottle. Granules, each one is worth a thousand dollars, and the Junior Brother thought it?”

Around the Three Great Lower Academies Disciple, there was a lot of discussion. Looking at the bottle of medicine pill, it was all hot, but I knew that this was not what they could get, but they were all in the heart. This Bian Qiao is just a management, no cultivation. Base, but there is such a good medicine pill, it is simply a dark cast, violent things.

Zhang Yan is familiar with the classics, and of course knows the value of this medicine pill, not only can heal the health of the valley, wash the suffocating gas, but also can solidify the culture, and promote the blood and blood, which is great for the Dao Cultivator who can’t sit still for a few days. The key is that there is no market price, this is the medicine pill that can be enjoyed by the common disciple.

No need to think about it anymore, he is now replied: “Yes.”

Zhao Ying in the crowd saw Zhang Yan promised to come down, not to swear, this little thief really does not want to die, can’t you see Bian Qiao is the next set to let him drill inside?

Bian Qiao shook hands around and said, “Well, today there are a lot of Martial Brothers here, to be a witness, so as not to spread out that I am swearing someone to bully people.” He is also a means of swearing, first blocked by words. The back road of Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan Looking at Bian Qiao’s little action, he didn’t care. He sat down on the stone bench and picked up Dao Scripture.

The surrounding Disciples listened to Bian Qiao’s words, and they all came up with their courage. They wanted to see what Zhang Yan had in the end. They dared to play against Bian Qiao, Grand Serenity Temple and Profound Virtue Temple Disciple. In the view of Cultivating Virtue Temple Disciple, Bian Qiao has been a blessing in the mountains over the years. No one dares to control it. Today, some people dare to dismiss Bian Qiao’s face. It is inextricably excited in the chest, and even more tells everyone to go with Dao Child. Find a good friend and you will miss this good show.



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