After watching Dao Scripture in his hand for about a moment, Zhang Yan shook his head and let it go.

Bian Qiao sneered and said strangely: “Why, is it difficult for the Junior Brother?”

Zhang Yan sighed and said: “It’s just a breathing technique. It should be a game of a predecessor. It is deliberately written with Eclipse Canon. It is easy to be fooled by the truth, Steward Bian. To path of cultivation, I think it is more suitable for “One Qi Purity Scripture”.”

Bian Qiao, a little black, the Dao Scripture is indeed a fake Eclipse Canon, as Zhang Yan said, but it is very incompetent, not a person who has been immersed in Eclipse Canon for a long time. When he didn’t come out, he still wanted to sell a good price when he got it. Today, he just happened to deal with Zhang Yan. He thought that even if Zhang Yan explained it, if he didn’t see the real root, he could also use it to ridicule Zhang. Yan had a meal and swept the other’s face. I didn’t expect Zhang Yan to seize the opportunity to degrade himself. He was not able to explain it, and he couldn’t help but feel depressed.

At this time, someone in the crowd Cry out in surprise said: “This Zhang Yan interprets Eclipse Canon and never used bamboo token!”

When this was said, most people around me noticed this detail. They were all puzzles. Yes, why didn’t you see Zhang Yan bamboo token?

I don’t blame them for not knowing it. After all, I can go to the High Master to ask for advice. After all, even if I can get the Dao Scripture, I have already read the transcript. I have never seen anyone who interprets Eclipse Canon and does not need the bamboo token. A few people understand that the reason people look at Zhang Yan’s eyes are all surprised and admired.

Zhang Yan is calm and smiles. “Steward Bian, can I have another book?”

“No need!”

Bian Qiao snorted and shot the Dao Scripture on the floor. He gloomy and took out a Dao Scripture. He first raised it slowly and then let his hand loose. “The sound fell on the stone table, and he held a corner of his mouth. He smiled and said with a smile: “Please look at Junior Brother.”

Bian Qiao sneered in the heart, knowing that Eclipse Canon also has division of traditional and simplified. This Dao Scripture Hu Sheng will also have a bamboo token for the first time, even if Zhang Yan is proficient in Eclipse Canon. Can you compare Hu Sheng?

To take a step back, I have the original copy of Hu Sheng Yu’s interpretation. Even if Zhang Yan can interpret it, it must be a mistake, and a comparison will make him look good!

Just now, he also saw that Zhang Yan’s words were sharp. Once he let his words hold his painful feet, he might not be able to do it. Just wait for Zhang Yan to make a mistake, and he will immediately attack. Do not give Zhang Yan a time to speak. !

Looking at Bian Qiao’s appearance, Zhang Yan knows that this Dao Scripture is probably not easy, but instead of flinching, he is so excited that he can read it carefully and find that it is somewhat difficult, but he can still rely on his ability. In dealing with the past, there was a slight disappointment in my heart.

Just now, he found that with the improvement of his cultivation base, the interpretation of Eclipse Canon was more clear, like Yingyue Qingquan, the film was spotless, and the speed was faster than usual. It seems that it is not needed for the time being. Go to that card.

After turning a few more pages, he found that this was a good daoist sect secret art. He suddenly had a thought in his heart. He was trying to make a name. Now, isn’t it a rare opportunity?

With his mind in mind, he speeded up the flipping speed. After the turn, he immediately closed Dao Scripture and closed the eyes.

Seeing his move, everyone is a glimpse. Guess whether this Dao Scripture is difficult to live with Zhang Yan?

Bian Qiao’s eyelids jumped slightly. His eyes were more sinister than those present, but there was a faint feeling.

After a while, Zhang Yan opened his eyes and said: “This book is called ‘Acupoints Cleansing Diagram’, secret art 曰 ‘窍God Mountain Pass, cleansing Ling Dan’…”

Zhang Yan didn’t need to read the book at all. Just reading the memory again, the mouth was interpreted in a word, and a Cry out in surprise sounded around. Apparently, Zhang Yan’s move shocked them, but not much time, with The sound of Zhang Yan’s clear voice came out, and the people who had been whispering were gradually quiet, and their hearts gradually attracted the content of Dao Scripture.

Bian Qiao was dumbfounded. He trembled and took a copy from the cuff and compared it with the content of Zhang Yan. Unconsciously, there was a fine cold sweat on his forehead, and the more he looked down, the more cold sweat he had on his head.

The transcripts and Zhang Yan’s terms are slightly different, but that is only the difference between the language habits and the cultivation of the knowledge, but the meaning is similar, and because Zhang Yan intends to speak plainly, the words are more fluent and understandable. If this is not the Dao Scripture, it is Hu Sheng’s recent reading, and there is no possibility of circling it. Bian Qiao thinks that Zhang Yan has already read it.

For a time, there was only Zhang Yan left on Qianzhangyan. It was not very loud, but it was full of sound.

This Dao Scripture is called “Acupoints Cleansing Diagram”. It is about how to temper your own acupoints with time. This is not the case. Many people who have been present in the game have never heard of it. At this moment, I heard that True Law is rare. All of them are holding their breath and they are so intoxicated.

Bian Qiao’s face was pale. He didn’t expect this Zhang Yan to be so difficult to deal with. Once the secret art was leaked out, Hu Sheng blamed him for not being guilty. Looking at Zhang Yan’s posture, it was to be The Dao Scripture’s from head to tail was read out in a word, and I couldn’t take it for a while. I took a purple mud teapot in my hand and threw it on the ground.

With the bang of “砰”, Zhang Yan’s voice was also one of them. He looked up at Bian Qiao, who was shaking, and smiled slightly.

Everyone finally came back to God. They all looked sad and sorrowful. Most people looked at Zhang Yan when they looked at it, and the look of Bian Qiao was full of resentment. At this time, a series of “plopping” sounds came, and the people in the front row fell to the ground. It turned out that when listening to Zhang Yan’s interpretation of Dao Scripture, everyone’s body unconsciously leaned forward, the front chest stuck back, one pressed one, the person standing in the forefront was so relaxed at the moment, naturally untenable It is.

Among them, there are also people who are in a hurry to sit down on the spot, sit still and comprehend in place, and everyone does not bother, consciously let a circle open.

Zhao Ying was also fascinated, compared to Dao Scripture Inner Qi in the body, only to feel that he was immersed in a mysterious Realm, warm and unable to extricate himself, now wake up, secretly thought this thief seems to be really capable, But how can a big brother vomit blood? Is it really like the older brother said that he is too hasty? Is it really a strange person? For a time, she looked at Zhang Yan’s eyes full of complex colors.

Bian Qiao took out a piece of slap and wiped the sweat from the corner of the horn. He breathed a sigh of relief. He thought that this Dao Scripture had been able to stump Zhang Yan. I didn’t expect this Zhang Yan to be so difficult to deal with.

When he came, he prepared three Dao Scriptures. One was deeper than one. It was only the last one that he didn’t even think about it. This is actually only a way. Hu Sheng Yu has another use. Now come out. In case, Hu Sheng will pursue it…

Under the watch of hundreds of people, he was forced by Zhang Yan to come down to Taiwan. At this time, it was a loss of face, but I was afraid that those guys would step on their faces in the future. Now it is already on the string!

He twitched his skin, gnawed his teeth and took out a thin yellow paper. “This Mnemonic chant has only oneteen Eclipse Canons. Since the first two Dao Scriptures are hard to beat Junior Brother Zhang, then this must be It’s also a hand to come!”

This road, “Unrestrained Song Scripture Poem”, although there are only 16 words in the whole article, implies sixty-four kinds of Taoist secret art. It is not successful if it is missing one.

More critically, this deduction is time-consuming and time-consuming, and it is by no means deduction.

Bian Qiao stares at Zhang Yan, and he doesn’t believe that the other party can pass this time!

Picking up the thin paper, Zhang Yan’s brows are invisible, he can see that although this word is rare, but the esoteric and esoteric, the Eclipse Canon used is also a strange exception, the inside is even more hidden It’s not as simple as Bian Qiao on the surface.

He shook his hands and thin paper, said solemnly: “Steward Bian, this road seems to be simple and difficult, Deduction is very time consuming, you may have to wait a long time.”

Bian Qiao has absolute confidence in this Tao. He looked at the sky. Now it is already in the middle of it. I wonder if Zhang Yan is calculating to tomorrow. Still not the same result? Then pretending to be a generous wave, said: “It’s a good thing, then it is limited to the people tonight. When you want to come, Junior Brother Zhang will not be able to interpret the 16-character Eclipse Canon?”

Don’t look at Bian Qiao’s mouth, but Zhang Yan roughly calculated it, and found that this Dao Scripture, even if it is a sleepless interpretation, it will take at least three days to do its best.

He couldn’t help but sneer. If someone changed in at the moment, it was really hard to live, but it was his own words…

He reached out and grasped the broken jade hidden in his sleeve, sinking his heart into it.

Soon, his consciousness came into a strange space.

Here is the biggest secret place of this broken jade. There is a “Clone” in the jade. It is not only the same in appearance, but also the sensory spirit is exactly the same, which is like the mirror image of the ontology.

As soon as the mind entered the broken jade, the original “self”, which was sitting still, was immediately alive and active, as if there was a sudden life.

This Clone does not affect his body even if he is sitting on his back. They are independent of each other and are seamless.

The biggest magic is that the time and space in jade is not synchronized with the outside world.

He used the method of tacitMan to measure the time and roughly inferred the conclusion that “the day of jade is ten days, the day is outside.”

With this broken jade, he can think about learning ten times more than others, and Deduction Eclipse Canon is even more unparalleled.

Zhang Yan looked at the time silently. It is about the time of the time, that is, around ten o’clock in the morning. It is almost twelve hours at night, and if it is ten times, it is one hundred and twenty hours. For him, there are five days!

He smiled and sat in the jade, taking the hand as a raise, and began to divind the divination from this sixteen-word secret art.



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