At the end of the day, the sixty-four tracks that Zhang Yan interpret were completely placed in Bian Qiao before one’s eyes.

Bian Qiao’s cold sweat on his forehead slammed down. To be honest, these secret art couldn’t understand one or two of them, but Hu Sheng Yu once said that this poem can read sixty-four tracks, now Zhang Yan The book is secretly adapted to Hu Sheng Yu, and it can be proved that it is really possible to understand the true meaning.

His hands in his sleeves trembling gently, apparently known to be defeated by his own defeat, but his mouth is still strong, said: “This “Unrestrained Song Scripture Poem” is difficult to complex mysterious, the interpretation of Junior Brother is fast, However, it is still unclear whether it is correct or not, and I will get the authenticity of the Senior Brother Hu.”

Seeing that Bian Qiao has lost, but still does not recognize it, the audience is looking at his eyes are full of contempt, and even more people say cold mocking a few words.

Bian Qiao Although the anger in the chest is boiling, but on the surface can only pretend not to hear, but the heart is dark hatred, secretly thought: “This time and let the first wait for a few days, to go back and clean up!”

Zhang Yan sneered and said: “So, this Tao will stay in Zhang, wait for Steward Bian to identify the truth and come back to find Zhang, and leave.” He even wrote the Eclipse Canon. The thin paper and the Dan received the sleeves together, without saying anything, got up and left.

Bian Qiao never thought that Zhang Yan said that he would leave. He got up and chased a few steps. He looked at Zhang Yan’s back and tried to speak a few times, but he swallowed it again. He thought that Hu Sheng would ask himself to take this. I can’t get it out…

His face suddenly became pale, and he did not pay attention to the steps of the gazebo under his feet. He was awkward and almost fell to the ground. Although he was supported by the slaves on both sides, he did not make a fool of himself, but he also lost his face and never dared to stay here for a while. And go.

Today, Bian Qiao is eating, and Zhang Yan has no pleasure in his heart.

Bian Qiao is just a slave. Although this person has followed Hu Sheng for a lot of time, but his eyes are muddy, his breath is heavy. At first glance, he can see that there is no cultivation base in his body. Although he has black teeth, Zhang Yan can conclude. That is the reason for taking good medicine pill for a long time.

Life is just a hundred years, just for those who are busy with yellow and white, is it not a loess in the end? Obviously, he is not aware of himself in Baoshan, but he is only a squatter, and he is greedy for the one-s eyes.

I just heard that Hu Sheng Yu is extremely protective and he has offended his management. I don’t know what will happen?

Zhang Yan smiled. He had already taken this into account before, and he had a long-term solution.

Shaking his head, he left the matter behind his head and concentrated on the harvest of the day. After all, the content of Dao Scripture secret art brought by Bian Qiao is not what most people can see, but it is cheaper. After all, it is only to raise the cultivation base. It is the root of oneself.

But he did not think that the consequences of this incident are much larger than he imagined. Within a few days, his reputation has spread throughout the Green Parasol Tree Mountain, and Three Temples Disciple have been looking for him. Meet and make friends.

At the beginning, Zhang Yan also resisted the temper, but later he was annoyed. He simply stopped reading Dao Scripture and closed the comprehend secret art, which stopped a lot.

On this day, Zhang Yan played with the broken jade in his hand. He vaguely felt that there was still a lot of secrets in this jade that had not been excavated. Before his cultivation base was low, so many places of conjecture could not be confirmed, just as he wanted to try his heart. When I was thinking, someone patted the door outside.

Zhang Yan can’t help but wonder, since he has said that after retreat, few people have come to visit themselves.

“Which Senior Brother is outside the door?”

The man outside the door shouted: “Young Master, I am Zhang Xi.”

Zhang Yan was delighted and said, “Oh, it’s Uncle Xi? Come in quickly.”

He got up and opened the door, only to see a man in his early fortune, and the honest middle-aged man stood at the door.

This Zhang Xi is the only servant in front of Green Parasol Tree Mountain. He grew up in his house and was kind and honest. He was originally his father’s book boy. He remembered that his predecessor was never the next person, but when he was Uncles and elders look at it.

Zhang Yan After going up the mountain, Zhang Xi has lived under the mountain. After he got a lot of food the day before, he sent a lot of people.

It’s just that Zhang Xi is now suffering, as if there is something to worry about.

Zhang Yan looked at his look and said: “Uncle Xi, the mountain is cold at night, how come this time?”

Zhang Xi bowed his head and said: “There have been no young masters for three months. Now the spring is cold and the young master has always been thin, and the old slaves are worried. It is the above.”

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “I will wait for the daoist meal to drink, and the heat will not invade. Uncle Xi does not need to worry.”

Zhang Xi looked at Zhang Yan and looked at it.

“Yang Bolai just happened to stay here tonight, telling me about the mountain fun, Green Parasol Tree Mountain has a lot of beautiful scenery, and then bring some food with the people who bought it down the mountain.” Zhang Yan can naturally see Zhang There is no reason for Xi to go up the mountain, but he has a city government, and he is not in a hurry to ask, just greet him.

Seeing Zhang Yan going in, Zhang Xi suddenly pulled his sleeve. “Hey, young master, servant, I have to say something.”

Zhang Yan turned back and said softly: “Uncle Xi, I grew up when you were young, but there is nothing to say.”

Zhang Xi sighed again and again, saying: “The young master is already on the Green Parasol Tree Mountain for three spring and autumn. I am counting on how many people are become an Immortal. The old man has been to the Cloud Province, and the Master is also before you. I hope that you will be glorious and hope that you will be able to read the exams. How can you spend a lot of time here!”

Zhang Yan was a haha ​​smile. He took two steps and stood in one place. He pointed out a finger above the wall of the cave and said: “Uncle Xi, look, this is a poem with me for three years, but I always Seeing and not knowing, today’s view is really my heart.”

Zhang Xi is surprised how Zhang Yan suddenly came to the poem, but since the young master is interested in poetry, he is of course happy to see it. He also read poetry. He looked up and saw that the time of the poem was Yongping. In the early years, I knew that it was already 133 years old, but the handwriting went deep into the stone wall, and it was still the first moment.

He sighed slowly: “The Golden Temple has a yellow bone, and there is a half cup of Noble Shaman Hou, and now I feel a yellow dream, just ask the immortal not to ask…”

Zhang Yan said with a sigh of relief: “I feel a yellow dream in the present, just ask the immortal not to ask, say it well, and say it well! Uncle Xi, look, this is the precisely my Zhang Yan’s portrayal.”

The sky is endless, and the world is born again. The road to Grand Dao in this life is suddenly ahead. How could he waste the opportunity given to himself and go back to the riches?

Zhang Xi shook his head, and the young master saw the Divine Immortal singularity. How can he hear from the murderous Divine Immortal? He sighed: “Young Master, your Aptitude is not high, Immortal Cultivation is hopeless, why bother…”

“Aptitude is not high?”

The original expression of Zhang Yan was slightly surprising color, and the brow was lightly wrinkled. “Uncle Xi, why did you hear this?”

Yang Xi was shocked and seemed to feel that he had said something wrong, and he did not dare to speak.

Zhang Yan blinked and sighed, “How did Zhou Family tell you when you came?”

Zhang Xi did not hesitate to say, “Zhou Family said…”

Before he finished, his face was white, and he suddenly knew that he had leaked his mouth. His lips slammed a few times. He slammed his arm and pulled Zhang Yan’s robe. He cried: “Young master, Zhou Family found me. I know that you are here path of cultivation, I advise you to go downhill, otherwise when you try Zhou Family’s is difficult to deal with means, young master, Zhou Family is big, we can’t afford it.”

Sure enough, is Zhou Family coming to the door?

Zhang Yan flashed a light in his eyes. He shook his head and said, “Uncle Xi, you are fooled. If Zhou Family knows that I still need to find you, I don’t want to do anything.”

“What?” Zhang Xi stunned. “The young master said that Zhou Family doesn’t know if you are here?”

Zhang Yan sneered and said: “They also knew that I was in Green Parasol Tree Mountain, but it was not his backyard. It took me some time to find me, but when you came, they would naturally be easy. Find me.”


“Haha, my brother-in-law has been on the mountain for a few years, but I have grown a lot.”

With a long laugh, the door turned into a heroic boy in a white shirt. His eyes were narrow and narrow, his nose was straight, his mouth was like a line, and his eyebrows showed a arrogance.

He looked at Zhang Yan several times with his gaze. He suddenly smiled and said: “Brother, ask Daoist Priest for a bumpy, thousand threshold, like you Aptitude, the final generation is limited, there is a sister, natural Protecting your life with peace and wealth, why bother with the cold dew grass in this mountain? Or return home, take care of your parents carefully, and be a mortal to spend the rest of your life, isn’t it fast?”

Not waiting for Zhang Yan to speak, he smiled again and said: “Although you went up the mountain privately, but the parents and family members know that you are being tempted by others, you will not blame you, and go back with me.” His words sounded It is like persuasion, but an unquestionable gesture in the tone is full.

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “Parents and family? Whose parents, who’s family?”

It is strange to say that his predecessor experience. Three years ago, when he was sixteen years old, he married Dingyang Zhou Clan’s Zhou Family Miss Zhou Youchu. After the woman’s worship, the bride in the cave room was full of brilliance, saying that she was a reincarnation of the goddess. The grievance is full, and Ascend is about to take care of his parents. After a hundred years, he will go to Heavenly Court to enjoy the bliss.

Zhang Yan also listened to these words before, although the wife is arrogant, often the next person as the general call, still no regrets, single-mindedly serve the goddess parents, only hope that one day can enjoy Heavenly Dao bliss.

But on the other day, an Old Daoist stood sneer at the door and pointed him out. He suddenly realized that Immortal Family is a path of cultivation Qi Practitioner, although both are in the eyes of ordinary people. It makes no difference, but when Old Daoist says, I know that the Qi Practitioner is just a sacred slogan, nicknamed the heavenly palace Divine Immortal.

Zhou Youchu was originally an apprentice of Jade Firmament Sect Spirit Cliff Reverend. In order to repair the Grand Dao, he was reincarnation in a wonderful way. Only if this parent did not care about the slight dissatisfaction and hindered the cultivation, he found Zhang Yan. The father has no mother, and the family has thousands of good farmland heads to support their parents and pay for Heaven Mending.

If it wasn’t for Old Daoist to break through the mystery, then Zhang Yan was not only married to a wife who was named, but also had to fight to live and raise a wife. Not only did the generations suffer, but they ended up in the end.

When Zhang Yan, then 16 years old, learned the truth, he was indignantly directed by Old Daoist to Green Parasol Tree Mountain, and also wanted Immortal Cultivation to enlighten him.

Zhou Youchu Although this is the Descendant of Spirit Cliff Reverend, but it is still a mortal, but I don’t know the obstacles in it. I can’t wait for Zhang Yan to be there. I just want to annex Zhang’s field, so Zhang Yan has gone for three years, Zhou Youchu and I don’t know.

Until a few days ago, when she calmed down, she suddenly felt that the “Soul Leading Technique” applied to Zhang Yan suddenly disappeared. It was discovered that it was wrong. When she asked Zhou Family, she knew that Zhang Yan had gone for three years. Long.

Surprisingly, Zhou Youchu couldn’t figure out where Zhang Yan was going. It seems that there is an expert to cover the heaven’s secret, and Spirit Cliff Reverend has been retreating for many years, and he has no way to ask him to calculate. In desperation, the life is in the path of cultivation. Brother Zhou Zishang went down the mountain to find out.

Zhou Zishang didn’t dare to neglect. Zhang Yan had a great relationship. He had to be careful if his second sister could practice a superior cultivation technique.

Although Zhang Yan could not be found, but Zhang Yan did not leave with Zhang Xi. After a certain calculation, Zhou Zishang did not find Zhang Xi at the foot of Green Parasol Tree Mountain.

Because he was afraid that Zhang Xi would not reveal Zhang Yan place, he ordered a man to test Zhang Xi. Sure enough, Zhang Xi was afraid to go up the mountain overnight, and Zhou Zishang behind him easily found Zhang Yan’s residence. .

It was learned that Zhang Yan was on the mountain path of cultivation, and Zhou Zishang was shocked. Zhang Yan once the path of cultivation was successful, Heavenly Dao deficit naturally fell back on his head, Zhou Youchu, if this happens then, previously The effort is to pay for it all.

Zhou Zishang originally wanted to tie Zhang Yan down the mountain directly, but saw that Zhang Yan was breathless and the surface was like Runyu, which is clearly the Building Origin cultivation base. Although the mouth was dismissive, I was a little surprised. Does Zhang Yan have a High Master on Green Parasol Tree Mountain?

If this is the case, it will be difficult.

Zhang Yan is now Azure Ocean Sect Disciple. It is easy to go, I am afraid that it will cause disagreement between the two factions. Moreover, Zhang Yan goes up the mountain and there is another embarrassment. It is still unclear who is behind the scenes.

Thinking about it, Zhou Zishang decided to use gentle means to force Zhang Yan to go down the mountain.

However, now listening to Zhang Yan’s statement about “who’s parents, who’s family”, there is a three-pointed ridicule in the indifference, but there is no trace of fear. The heart is unpredictable and more suspected that someone is behind Give Zhang Yan a support, or else where is he so courageous?

He secretly speculated that the person is likely to be the opposite of Spirit Cliff Reverend. Such a person himself is definitely not tempted, but this thing can not be given up, and he rarely goes down the mountain once, is about to let the master Take a good look at your own means.

Zhou Zishang frowned slightly, did not anger, no longer did any persuasion, did not say a word, turned and left.

From Zhou Zishang to the door, from the beginning to the end, Zhang Yan is always looking as usual, but it is next to Zhang Xi.

Zhang Yan looking thoughtful, this Zhou Zishang actually did not waste his tongue and forced himself to go down the mountain, so he retired?

He never believed that Zhou Family would give up so easily. It seems that this cheap little girl is not a simple character. There should be a bigger back hand waiting for himself.

He is very clear that Zhou Youchu wants to build a superior Dao Law, and he will never allow himself to be an anemmortal. There is no possibility of compromise on either side.

Zhang Yan looked at the darkness of the outside world. After coming to today, the pressure of Zhou Family may come like a storm. Fortunately, his plan has already started in advance. If Zhou Zishang came a few days earlier, he would not be able to cope.

Thinking of this, he smiled confidently. Zhou Zishang had a good saying. Daoist Priest had a lot of bumps and thousands of thresholds. This is not just a barrier to cultivation, a confrontation between people, a slaughtering battle. Isn’t it not there?

If he can’t even pass this level, then let’s talk about Grand Dao!



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