The raws were pulled (real-time) from:
“Senior Brother Ai, if the teacher knows that this matter, he must not spare someone’s life, but also ask Senior Brother Ai to save a certain rescue.” Bian Qiao went to the face of the young man for a big week.



He deliberately regained it. He said that the people around him are oppressing the ordinary Disciple. Fortunately, it is undoubtedly self-deprecating for the Building Origin cultivator such as Zhang Yan.


Fortunately, Hu Sheng has retired cultivation for a long time, and he is so proud of his people. There are not many friends who come and go, so no one has ever said this before him. Therefore, Bian Qiao specially invited the well-known Ai Zhongwen of the Three Temples Lower Academy to mediate and retrieve the poems. In any case, I must pass the before one’s eyes.


Ai Zhongwen smiled and said: “Senior Brother Bian is in a hurry. Let me ask this Zhang Yan first.”


Ai Zhongwen is awkward: “No?”


Long with nodded.


Ai Zhongwen looking thoughtful , path of cultivation Although there are many wizards who are proficient in Eclipse Canon, most of them are Profound Sect Aristocratic Family Disciple, because they all have a family professor who interprets Dao Scripture’s technique. Since Zhang Yan is proficient in Eclipse Canon, nature It won’t be unfounded, but why didn’t you hear it before?


Bian Qiao hearing this big joy, immediately fell down, said: “Senior Brother Lin if you are willing to come forward, 卞 someone is naturally grateful, after the event, when there is a gift.”


Ai Zhongwen glanced at Lin Tong and reminded him: “I heard that Zhang Yan is also a building origin, and Senior Brother Lin must not look down on this person.”


Lin Tong laughed and said: “I went up the mountain for nine years, and got my big brother Lin Yuan to point to it, until the two years ago, ‘Congealing Origin to Reveal Intent’, how long does Zhang Yan go up the mountain? I think most of it is rumored, the word is exaggerated. Just already!”


Ai Zhongwen frowned.


Ai Zhongwen is not as optimistic as Lin Tong. The initial hearing of Zhang Yan is to interpret the three Dao Scriptures, which are of different origins. I don’t even need bamboo token Deduction. I am also very surprised.


He heard that there are some talents in this world, but he can only interpret Eclipse Canon by relying on his savvy savvy, but he has never seen it before. Is this the case of Zhang Yan?


In addition, there are two possibilities. One is that Zhang Yan has recently been expertly looking at it, and he has secretly taught Token Divination. The other is that Zhang Yan concealed his origin.


But suppose the previous inference is true?


“Viewing expert…”


Ai Zhongwen’s heart moved, and suddenly raised a thought. Could it be that the teacher was very vivid and wanted to receive a common disciple?


Zhang Yan has been obscured for three years in the mountains, but this time it is a blockbuster. The more he thinks, the bigger he may be.


He thought about it, but his footsteps were somewhat backward, and he was gradually opened by the worried Lin Tong.


The person opposite was cold.


Fortunately, the man did not say much, and walked straight past him.


Ai Zhongwen looked at the back of the man. After a while, I stepped forward to Lin Tong and asked, “Is Brother Lin innocent?”


Although he is arrogant, he will know that this is the Fellow Daoist who has encountered the cultivation base.


Ai Zhongwen’s complexion is dignified. The other side’s body has just been faintly clouded and scrolling. It is clearly a vision that has only been opened after the meridians. They are already separated from Immortal and Mortal. They are also afraid after a while. However, he thinks that person seems familiar, secretly thought: “Look at this person’s face, is it not Zhou Zishang of Dingyang Zhou Clan?”


He looked at the front, how could this Zhou Zishang appear here? Is it not to visit Zhang Yan?


This idea made him startled. What is Zhang Yan’s coming, and even Zhou Zishang will come to visit?


Could it be that Zhang Yan was deeply hidden?


Not long after, he heard a loud voice and asked:


“Which Senior Brother is outside?”


Ai Zhongwen finished the whole shirt, and there was no opening. Only when the figure flashed, a person had already walked out from it.


“But the Senior Brother Zhang face?” Ai Zhongwen took a step back and looked up and down, and couldn’t help but praise, “Senior Brother is as handsome as a rumor.”


Ai Zhongwen smiled heartily and said, “Ai Zhongwen.”


“Oh?” Zhang Yan looked a little bit, and looked at the eyes of the people carefully. He said, “The long-awaited Senior Brother is famous.”


Ai Zhongwen’s name has long been heard, and it is said that this person has a very wide range of Human Veins, and generally Disciple will have a generous donation when he encounters something difficult, and he has a good reputation on Green Parasol Tree Mountain, with Bian Qiao. It is the two extremes, but the two seem to have a little friendship.


Zhang Yan secretly guessed Ai Zhongwen’s intentions and said: “Senior Brother Ai, please sit inside, immortal cave, cold and wet, please don’t be surprised.”


Ai Zhongwen laughed and waved his hand and said, “I am waiting for Immortal Cultivation’s generation to hold the spring and sleep with Sun and Moon. How can there be so much arrogance?”


He handed out a Dao Scripture and handed it to Zhang Yan. “I also know that the Senior Brother has been retired for a few days, so I dare not force it. This book is placed here at the Senior Brother. When will you say it later?”


Moreover, this person is indeed worth paying.


He did not care, immediately reached out and said a sentence, and made a “please” gesture.


Zhang Yan, no wonder, Ai Zhongwen is so polite to him, the roots are here.


“Senior Brother is to say Zhou Zishang?


“Senior Brother knows Zhou Family Saburo?” Despite the early expectations, Ai Zhongwen was surprised.




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