“Senior Brother Ai, if the teacher knows that this matter, he must not spare someone’s life, but also ask Senior Brother Ai to save a certain rescue.” Bian Qiao went to the face of the young man for a big week.

The Thousand Zhang Cliff Front was a big hit, and the Three Temples Lower Academy Disciple was almost unknown. However, Bian Qiao lost his face or a small matter. The original poem of Hu Sheng was used for another purpose. On that day, he just took it to Zhang Yan. He did not expect to be taken away by Zhang Yan. This is to stop his life. .

He deliberately regained it. He said that the people around him are oppressing the ordinary Disciple. Fortunately, it is undoubtedly self-deprecating for the Building Origin cultivator such as Zhang Yan.

Fortunately, Hu Sheng has retired cultivation for a long time, and he is so proud of his people. There are not many friends who come and go, so no one has ever said this before him. Therefore, Bian Qiao specially invited the well-known Ai Zhongwen of the Three Temples Lower Academy to mediate and retrieve the poems. In any case, I must pass the before one’s eyes.

Although Ai Zhongwen is only a honorary disciple, he came from Profound Sect Aristocratic Family Anfeng Ai Clan, and he came a wide circle of acquaintances. He came to Zhang Yan with Profound Virtue Temple Disciple, Higher Academy Temple Lord Shi Shou High. Master Jing intends to get him started, and sooner or later he is also a common disciple, so most people in Three Temples are willing to sell him a face.

Ai Zhongwen smiled and said: “Senior Brother Bian is in a hurry. Let me ask this Zhang Yan first.”

He waved his hand and walked along with his will. He checked out a roster on the back shelf and turned it over. He said: “Zhang Yan, Eastern Flower Dingyang, Cheng’an 17 years uphill.”

Ai Zhongwen is awkward: “No?”

Long with nodded.

Ai Zhongwen looking thoughtful , path of cultivation Although there are many wizards who are proficient in Eclipse Canon, most of them are Profound Sect Aristocratic Family Disciple, because they all have a family professor who interprets Dao Scripture’s technique. Since Zhang Yan is proficient in Eclipse Canon, nature It won’t be unfounded, but why didn’t you hear it before?

At this moment, a disdainful voice around him said: “It turned out to be a nameless child. I thought it was three heads and six arms. I don’t know where to get the best Deduction Technique. I dare to insult the Brother Bian. Brother Bian rest assured, yours. It’s natural for me to do things. I will help you get back to justice, and that the child knows what the rules are!”

Bian Qiao hearing this big joy, immediately fell down, said: “Senior Brother Lin if you are willing to come forward, 卞 someone is naturally grateful, after the event, when there is a gift.”

“Senior Brother Lin” is called Lin Tong, and a family brother, Lin Yuan, is the Profound Virtue Temple common disciple. He and Ai Zhongwen have always had a good relationship. This time he went to the door to find Ai Zhongwen to drink, just happened to bump into the matter.

Ai Zhongwen glanced at Lin Tong and reminded him: “I heard that Zhang Yan is also a building origin, and Senior Brother Lin must not look down on this person.”

Lin Tong laughed and said: “I went up the mountain for nine years, and got my big brother Lin Yuan to point to it, until the two years ago, ‘Congealing Origin to Reveal Intent’, how long does Zhang Yan go up the mountain? I think most of it is rumored, the word is exaggerated. Just already!”

Bian Qiao’s eyes are flickering. Zhang Yan’s cultivation base was seen by him on the same day. It is definitely not wrong, but at the moment Lin Tong’s face is inconvenient to say, but his heart is dark, if Lin Tong is out, no matter In the end, how can Zhang Yan thieves not be able to ask for it, and if it can provoke Lin Yuan, it would be even better.

Ai Zhongwen frowned.

Lin Tong over there is no matter how much, he is from the big, Lin Family is also a generation in the Great Wei Dynasty, plus Lin Yuan in the Green Parasol Tree Mountain to make a backing, to develop a habit of no choice, which will Put Zhang Yan in your eyes? At the moment, I took Ai Zhongwen out with the wine, and left the floor when I left: “Senior Brother Bian and waiting for me to wait for good news, haha.”

Ai Zhongwen is not as optimistic as Lin Tong. The initial hearing of Zhang Yan is to interpret the three Dao Scriptures, which are of different origins. I don’t even need bamboo token Deduction. I am also very surprised.

To understand the ordinary Dao Scripture, it is better to say that the profound and difficult Dao Scripture has always been a long time, such as a Dao Scripture with thousands of words. Stupid people often cannot penetrate in seven or eight years. In his own hands, there is a copy of “Heart”. He sneaked in the silent performance. It took him five days to interpret the entire 3,612 words. This is enough to be proud of the same sect, but compared to Zhang. That is still far from good.

He heard that there are some talents in this world, but he can only interpret Eclipse Canon by relying on his savvy savvy, but he has never seen it before. Is this the case of Zhang Yan?

In addition, there are two possibilities. One is that Zhang Yan has recently been expertly looking at it, and he has secretly taught Token Divination. The other is that Zhang Yan concealed his origin.

It makes sense to think so. As long as the Token Divination Technique is smart enough, even if it is almost savvy, it is not difficult to interpret Dao Scripture, but this technology is not something that ordinary people can get. Most of them are now in the hands of the big ones. In the hands of Profound Sect Aristocratic Family, each Aristocratic Family has a unique technology that interprets Eclipse Canon. The deeper the foundation, the deeper the Aristocratic Family, the more sophisticated the technology.

He didn’t know that although Zhang Yan didn’t have a deep technical, he was very talented in the interpretation of Eclipse Canon. Secondly, he used ten times more time than ordinary people to calculate. Even if Technique was almost inferior, it would be enough to close the gap.

In Ai Zhongwen’s opinion, if Zhang Yan is a Profound Sect Aristocratic Family, even if it is a fall of Aristocratic Family, it is not uncommon to have this.

But suppose the previous inference is true?

“Viewing expert…”

Ai Zhongwen’s heart moved, and suddenly raised a thought. Could it be that the teacher was very vivid and wanted to receive a common disciple?

Zhang Yan has been obscured for three years in the mountains, but this time it is a blockbuster. The more he thinks, the bigger he may be.

He thought about it, but his footsteps were somewhat backward, and he was gradually opened by the worried Lin Tong.

Lin Tong was waiting on the path leading to Zhang Yan immortal cave. At this time, when he looked up, he saw a person coming face to face, impatiently saying: “Who is blocking the road? Good dog is not in the way! Not with you, Uncle Lin. I let it go?”

The person opposite was cold.

Ai Zhongwen suddenly felt a guilty conscience and quickly took his footsteps. I saw that Lin Tong, who was opposite, had fallen to the ground and could not help but be shocked. He said: “Fellow Daoist, please leave your hand.”

The man coldly looked at Ai Zhongwen, and he felt like a cold water pouring from the head, cold and cold, hands and feet stiff.

Fortunately, the man did not say much, and walked straight past him.

Ai Zhongwen looked at the back of the man. After a while, I stepped forward to Lin Tong and asked, “Is Brother Lin innocent?”

Lin Tong sat half-sitting, and he only felt a whirlwind. When he came back, he was lying on the mountain road inexplicably. He patted his head and his eyes showed a sigh of relief. “Senior Brother Ai, Who is that? A high cultivation base?”

Although he is arrogant, he will know that this is the Fellow Daoist who has encountered the cultivation base.

Ai Zhongwen’s complexion is dignified. The other side’s body has just been faintly clouded and scrolling. It is clearly a vision that has only been opened after the meridians. They are already separated from Immortal and Mortal. They are also afraid after a while. However, he thinks that person seems familiar, secretly thought: “Look at this person’s face, is it not Zhou Zishang of Dingyang Zhou Clan?”

Last year, he followed Zhou Zishang with his grandfather at the Eastern Flower Continent various sect conference. Jade Firmament Sect is no less than Azure Ocean Sect’s great sect, but the two people’s specific place is different, Zhou Zishang is Elder. Direct Disciple, Zhou Clan is Profound Sect Aristocratic Family. Although Ai Zhongwen was born in Anfeng Ai Clan, he was only a sideline and was not qualified to go to talk.

He looked at the front, how could this Zhou Zishang appear here? Is it not to visit Zhang Yan?

This idea made him startled. What is Zhang Yan’s coming, and even Zhou Zishang will come to visit?

Could it be that Zhang Yan was deeply hidden?

Taking a breath, Ai Zhongwen had a heart in mind, saying: “Senior Brother Lin, just though the Fellow Daoist didn’t have a heavy hand, but he couldn’t hold any dark injuries, or go back and check it early, Senior Brother Bian This is handled by the Junior Brother, how?”

Lin Tong be hesitant took a look. Although Biao Qiao praised Haikou in front of him, he still had a small life and smiled. He said: “So, I am tired of the Junior Brother.”

Ai Zhongwen arched his hand and stopped talking. After Lin Yuan left, he went along the plank road to the residence of Zhang Yan.

Not long after, he heard a loud voice and asked:

“Which Senior Brother is outside?”

Zhou Zishang didn’t take long to leave. Zhang Yan had been keeping an accidental face, beware of what Zhou Zishang left to monitor himself. Then he heard the footsteps outside, but the sound was steady and powerful, and he did not deliberately conceal, so he took the initiative to ask questions.

Ai Zhongwen finished the whole shirt, and there was no opening. Only when the figure flashed, a person had already walked out from it.

“But the Senior Brother Zhang face?” Ai Zhongwen took a step back and looked up and down, and couldn’t help but praise, “Senior Brother is as handsome as a rumor.”

Although Zhang Yan is just an ordinary coarse cloth gown, but on the appearance of the figure, Ai Zhongwen has not seen a few people who can match it. Not only that, but the other side’s eyes are ruthless, and there is a sense of oppression. If you are not standing on the side of the plank, he can’t help but take a few more steps.

To say that Zhou Family’s daughter is elected, first look at the fate of the life, then look at the looks, and finally choose to choose Zhang Yan from among the million people, which is enough to show that his body is cost-effective.

Zhang Yan smiled and said: “Senior Brother praised him. Under Zhang Yan, I don’t know what the Senior Brother called?”

Ai Zhongwen smiled heartily and said, “Ai Zhongwen.”

“Oh?” Zhang Yan looked a little bit, and looked at the eyes of the people carefully. He said, “The long-awaited Senior Brother is famous.”

Ai Zhongwen’s name has long been heard, and it is said that this person has a very wide range of Human Veins, and generally Disciple will have a generous donation when he encounters something difficult, and he has a good reputation on Green Parasol Tree Mountain, with Bian Qiao. It is the two extremes, but the two seem to have a little friendship.

This person’s appearance is not outstanding, medium-sized, it can be regarded as strong and powerful. Under the rough look, he may be regarded as a passer-by, but his voice is low and magnetic, and he can’t help but feel good. His skin is as moist as jade, and a pair of eyes flashed a glimmer of light, apparently also Building Origin cultivation base.

Zhang Yan secretly guessed Ai Zhongwen’s intentions and said: “Senior Brother Ai, please sit inside, immortal cave, cold and wet, please don’t be surprised.”

Ai Zhongwen laughed and waved his hand and said, “I am waiting for Immortal Cultivation’s generation to hold the spring and sleep with Sun and Moon. How can there be so much arrogance?”

He was also welcome, strode inward, and halfway through, he suddenly turned around and said: “I heard that Senior Brother is very good at interpreting Eclipse Canon. I recently visited a copy of Lin Yao Wen. I would like to ask Senior Brother, if you have any income, please give me one or two.”

He handed out a Dao Scripture and handed it to Zhang Yan. “I also know that the Senior Brother has been retired for a few days, so I dare not force it. This book is placed here at the Senior Brother. When will you say it later?”

Zhang Yan’s look was slightly moving, and his mouth was slightly smiling. This Ai Zhongwen spoke politely. In fact, it was clearly given to Dao Scripture by the name of the interpretation. This is a means of climbing friendship, but the other party is free and easy, and has not caused his resentment.

Moreover, this person is indeed worth paying.

He did not care, immediately reached out and said a sentence, and made a “please” gesture.

After the two of the guests sat down, they talked a few words. Ai Zhongwen suddenly asked: “Junior Brother, when I came, I saw someone familiar. I don’t know if I came to visit Junior Brother Zhang?”

Zhang Yan, no wonder, Ai Zhongwen is so polite to him, the roots are here.

However, if I think about it, I will make friends with people like Ai Zhongwen, and maybe I will enter their circle in the future. If I don’t have a status, I can’t help but feel weak. Since Zhou Family is using him, why not he can borrow Zhou Family for the time being? What about the name? It is only when the interest is collected.

“Senior Brother is to say Zhou Zishang?

“Senior Brother knows Zhou Family Saburo?” Despite the early expectations, Ai Zhongwen was surprised.

Zhang Yan looked calm and said: “Can you not know? Saburo Sister, precisely is a wife.”



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