Ai Zhongwen was shocked. He had thought about all kinds of possibilities before, but never thought that Zhang Yan and Zhou Zishang were actually Lang Lang relations!

Dingyang Zhou Clan is very famous in the Eastern Flower Continent. As far as he knows, in the past 100 years, there are no fewer than 10 cultivators in the cultivation base above Nascent Soul. It is possible to marry the daughter of Zhou Clan. It is also not big!

However, Zhang Yan did not mention his own origins, and he naturally did not continue to ask questions.

At this time, Ai Zhongwen looked at Zhang Yan’s eyes differently than before. When he first met, he was very polite in his attitude, but the restraint of his own heart could not be eluted. At this moment, he obviously has Zhang Yan. It is even slightly over the specific place of the Profound Sect Aristocratic Family.

Zhang Yan’s cold-eyed observation, the heart secretly feels that although the path of cultivation is mostly based on the cultivation base, but also pays attention to the origins, now the Profound Sect Aristocratic Family is spread all over the path of cultivation great sect, so people are firmly holding it. On the way of the path of cultivation, the Disciple from the non-Aristocratic Family, even if your Aptitude is outstanding, there is no perfect encounter with Destiny, it is also difficult to make a comeback.

Thinking of this, he secretly thought that if one day the path of cultivation is successful, he must try to change this situation.

Since both of them had a good mind and a few words to talk about each other, Ai Zhongwen turned the topic and said, “Senior Brother knows Profound Canon Daoist Assembly?”

Zhang Yan looked faint, put down the tea pot in his hand, nodded and said: “I don’t know? I have only one chance in this event. Junior Brother, I originally wanted to see it. I just want to go to the cultivation for three years, and I have never made Fellow Daoist. Do not enter the door.”

Eastern Flower Continent has sixteen great sects, and there are countless small factions. Every three years, there will be a Profound Canon Daoist Assembly between each Sect Lower Academy. At that time, there will be outstanding cultivators with surnames in the major schools of the Great School. Regardless of the entry or the honorary disciple, you will come to exchange Dao Heart.

This year, it is the turn of Green Parasol Tree Mountain to be the owner of Daoist Assembly.

The name of Daoist Assembly is titled “Xuan Wen”, which is because of Eclipse Canon.

Since the opening of the earth, the surface of the mountains and rivers has undergone natural evolution through the millions and millions. After the sun and wind erosion, the vast and longitude latitude and longitude patterns of the mountains and the great forms have been formed. The implied world of Profound Principles has been gradually formed by the rational moral calculus. This is the unique text of this Dao Cultivator.

Legend has it that when Diagno Cultivator relied solely on comprehend Eclipse Canon, it was able to see Grand Dao, Ascend.

Although this is only a rumor, it is enough to show that Eclipse Canon is the foundation of Grand Dao. If it is Eclipse Canon, then Xianmen is looking forward to it.

In ancient times, the cultivator path of cultivation was first to learn Eclipse Canon and then to repair the Profound Technique.

It’s just that this method of path of cultivation is very slow, and whether you have achieved or not depends entirely on the talent of Eclipse Canon.

So since the Profound Sect Aristocratic Family has gradually emerged, Profound Sect Disciple is not following this path, because they have the elder Master Sect when they first learn. Not only can you take less roads, but you don’t have to think about Eclipse Canon at all. You just need to follow the instructions of Teacher. It’s not only solid, but also doesn’t make mistakes. When the cultivation increases, go back to Eclipse Canon. Since I was a high-rise building, I raised my hand.

This is one of the reasons why Ai Zhongwen thinks that Zhang Yan is not simple. The cultivator that was not from Aristocratic Family has not been able to take a path of cultivation for a limited time. Where will it take more time to learn the Eclipse Canon?

It can be said that there is no such thing as Zhang Yan’s predecessor step by step to study Eclipse Canon.

Today, the Fighting Competition on the Profound Canon Daoist Assembly Eclipse Canon has become a means of measuring the level of its own home between Profound Sect Aristocratic Family, no longer the path of cultivation.

Ai Zhongwen looked at Zhang Yan’s face in secret and saw that it was a pity on his mouth, but it didn’t seem to be so much in his heart. He couldn’t guess his mind for a while, and tried to say: “I don’t want Junior Brother, I am coming today, precisely Interested in inviting Junior Brother to go to the conference, with Junior Brother’s experience on Eclipse Canon, can you not show up at Daoist Assembly?”

Zhang Yan glanced at Ai Zhongwen and smiled: “Since Senior Brother Ai invited me to go, the Junior Brother, I have to shirk it?”

Ai Zhongwen breathed a sigh of relief. He touched a bronze medal and put his hands on it. He said, “This is the Daoist Assembly token. You can put it into the Mountain Sect.” Be hesitant, he took out a bottle of medicine pill. On the case, Kao: “This is a bottle of ‘Righteous Source Pill’ used in the spleen and veins. There is a number of Scorpio, which is the gift of Senior Brother Bian, and I hope that the Senior Brother will accept it.”

After all, he did not wait for Zhang Yan to open his mouth. He once again said: “Senior Brother Bian has some friendship with me. Some time ago, he was Menglang, and he slanded Senior Brother Zhang. He asked me to apologize again and again, and also hoped for Senior Brother Haihan. ”

Zhang Yan smells the song and knows the meaning of Ya, where can I not know Ai Zhongwen’s plan? However, I took a copy of Dao Scripture from the other side. Now I have to vote for it. He silently sighs and said: “I haven’t been careful about these little things. It’s just that I didn’t want to lose Bian Qiao. Also take the Senior Brother Hu out and press me.”

Ai Zhongwen smiled and said: “As a Senior Brother, why bother with these slaves.”

Zhang Yan screamed, and he took the page and gave it to Ai Zhongwen.

Since the purpose has been reached, seeing that the weather is too late, Zhang Yan has the intention of sending customers, Ai Zhongwen can not stay more, and then talk a few words, then leave.

Ai Zhongwen was sent away, and Zhang Yan returned to the immortal cave. He took out the bronze medal and looked at it. With his strength, he couldn’t help but smile.

Ai Zhongwen Where do you know that this Profound Canon Daoist Assembly is his purpose place? It can be said that Zhang Yan has done so much effort before going to the Daoist Assembly.

However, Daoist Assembly is not for anyone to participate in, and even if he wants to go, there must be someone to recommend it.

He has a honorary disciple, no Human Veins, no cultivation base. The reason why he was so high-profile before, is that he wants to use the excellent ability to interpret Eclipse Canon as a stepping stone to qualify for the Daoist Assembly.

Once you make a name on the Daoist Assembly, its meaning is completely different.

To put it bluntly, in his current status, even if the reputation resounds, it is only a little louder between the honorary disciple. Perhaps there will be people like Ai Zhongwen who appreciate him more, but those common disciple will not really look at him. Even a look. But if it’s completely different on the Daoist Assembly, then the elite Disciples of the sects gather together. You can’t help but say that in the future, the Elder Sect Master of each great sect may appear from among these people. The influence is not good. A little bit.

Once you’ve made a name for yourself in the Daoist Assembly, you should consider him first when you want to receive a common disciple.

The purpose of the past has been realized. At this moment, Zhang Yan is in a good mood, and he took Ai Zhongwen’s disguised form of Lin Yao’s question.

I know that at first glance, I was greatly surprised.

Originally, this “Lin Yao Wen Fa” precisely “Heart Ten”, the content inside is related to the final step of Building Origin “Origin Becomes True”, can be described as each word a gem.

Apparently Ai Zhongwen saw that his cultivation base had crossed the threshold of “Origin Becomes True”, so he sent such a Dao Scripture to show his sincerity.

Zhang Yan couldn’t help but smile. The Profound Sect Aristocratic Family is so deep that the precious Dao Scripture Zhang Yan didn’t even think about it before. Destiny got a copy of it occasionally, but they gave it away. Perhaps Dao Scripture, which is not worth mentioning to them, is a real treasure in his Disciple.

Only a short time later, this Dao Scripture saw him frown.

Among them, Eclipse Canon is hard to beat him, but there are many Profound Sect terms that refer to it. Although Zhang Yan knows a little, he is not an authentic Profound Sect Aristocratic Family. It is a bit difficult to watch, such as ” “Bushen, Rui”, “Dou Shen”, he knows that this is a term in the main pulse, there are generally three ways to get angry, and “Rui” must be specifically one of them, but The question is how does he know which one?

This is not easy to try. It is very easy to have a bad pool when you are careless, so it is useless to have this book in his hands.

But now he can’t help but practice.

He can’t guarantee that Ai Zhongwen’s mind is really so simple. If there is a dark temptation, as long as he doesn’t understand it, then you don’t need to look at the cultivation base, but you will see the details.

And he wants to participate in the Daoist Assembly, and sooner or later he will meet Ai Zhongwen again.

Standing up, he took a few steps back and forth, and the divine light flashed in his eyes, sat down again, and took out the broken jade in his sleeve.

Clone in Yuzhong is the same as him. He has tried cultivation before, but cultivation Clone can’t make his own cultivation base improve. Later, his mind is on the interpretation of Eclipse Canon, so he didn’t go any further. Now, when I think about it, I can’t help but capture a glimmer of light in my mind.

Sinking into the broken jade, his consciousness and Clone are combined into one. According to the Mnemonic chant of the Lin Yao Wen Fa, the two passes pass smoothly. At the third pass, the breath introduces a breath. Meridians, stunned heartache, the body suddenly numb, became unable to move, immediately know that this is a sigh of anger.

However, he did not feel discouraged, but he was greatly excited. This proves that his previous ideas are feasible!

This is just a Clone, it does not affect his body, even if he is practicing? It’s a big deal! Moreover, the jade world is ten times that of the real world. He can thoroughly understand the cultivation technique in jade and then go to cultivation itself.

Zhang Yan set his mind and regained the breath of the fork, ready to try again.

Just after making this step easily, he has a new discovery.

Since the breath can be returned, that is to say, the state of Clone is entirely based on his own ideas?

With this in mind, he was curious and tried to manipulate Clone’s cultivation base directly.

Sure enough, as his mind changed, this Clone suddenly became a little cultivation base, no doubt with an ordinary person; and the next moment, Clone’s cultivation base was promoted again, skipping the entry Dao Foundation in the blink of an eye, straight into Building Origin, Go back to your own cultivation base.

He tried to go one step further, but he couldn’t do it anymore. This shows that Clone can only evolve to the cultivation base he can achieve today, but for him, this is no small surprise, which means that even if there is no teacher to guide, you can find out a cultivation Grand Dao by yourself. !



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