With the help of broken jade, the problem in this “Lin Yao Wen” is solved.

Later, when Zhang Yan saw the term “Profound Sect” such as “Yangming, 亢”, “Rounding, 铮”, “Step imaginary, shun”, no need to go to great pains, but directly in the jade “.

However, he is not blindly relying on broken jade. Every time he encounters a difficult problem, he always combines the inferences learned in the chest first, and then confirms in the jade, one after the other, he gradually explored some doorways. The understanding of the term is getting deeper and deeper, and sometimes there is no need to break jade.

In less than five days, he not only understands the seven 7788 of the entire secret art comprehend, but also the terminology used in various Profound Sect Aristocratic Family. It can be said that it is a great gain.

This also made him feel that this broken jade is undoubtedly comparable to the divine object, and that day it is falling with the meteor, the origin is definitely not simple.

At this time, he had a whim, and this jade was originally empty, except for his own Clone, but since “Clone” can change with his own thoughts, then whether the objects around him can also be broken here. What is the existence and change in jade?

This idea is not whimsical, not even creating something from nothing. The basis is that his jade Clone is not naked, but dressed in clothing.

The style of this piece of clothing is one that he often wears. Since there is clothing, does it mean that other things can exist?

Thinking of this, he reached out to hold the book, and consciously thought about the book, “Lin Yao asked the law”, but before he got out of it, he suddenly felt bored in his chest, and his consciousness was awkward. He actually retired directly from Clone. Come out and fall back to the body.

Zhang Yan opened his eyes, and for a time, he only felt a headache, and he was sweating behind him.

He couldn’t help but be surprised. Since the path of cultivation, he hasn’t felt this for a long time. Hurrying inside to observe the body and find that he seems to be overworked, not only Divine Soul is exhausted, but also Inner Qi wears a lot. Just thinking about it, he guessed that this was caused by his attempt to change Dao Scripture in jade.

He nodded. It seems that this attempt, whether it is feasible or not, is not what he can do now, but he is not depressed.

Cheng, of course, is gratifying, not successful, and does not need to care, blindly seeking, but falling into the heart.

His Dao Heart is so harmonious that he can afford it and let it go, and he will leave it behind.

On the case, I picked up the bottle of Ai Zhongwen and sent it to his “Righteous Source Pill”, opened the bottle, and poured a grain in the palm of his hand. Only a scent of fragrance fell into the nose, and the chest and lungs For one, the heart understands that medicine pill is unusual. Immediately open the mouth and swallow it, sit for a moment, and wait until the Core Power is turned away, a warm and warm heat will spread out in the shackles, and it will be full of comfort.

When the medicine pill is taken down, he will have to work hard to guide the Core Power to the whole body. Otherwise, once the Core Power is deposited, it will hurt itself. He does not dare to neglect and immediately meditate.

After half an hour, his cultivation was complete, and the feeling of exhaustion was exhausted. The whole body, Inner Qi, swayed, the Origin Root was full, and the filling of the spirit was even better than his usual day of meditation!

Zhang Yan was secretly surprised. He knew that medicine pill was very helpful to the cultivator. I didn’t expect the effect to be so extraordinary. I used to look down on the role of medicine pill. No wonder that the Discovery of the Profound Sect Aristocratic Family are Building Origin. If you have success, I am afraid that in addition to having a good cadastre, there is also the help of medicine pill.

It is a pity that the medicine pill in his hand is scarce. In the future, he can only swallow it at a critical moment. He can’t waste it at will, and his heart secretly decides his mind. It seems that he will pay more attention to the collection of medicine pill in the future. There is a chance that he will never let go.

However, Zhang Yan did not know that this bottle of “Righteous Source Pill” was also considered High-Grade in the Profound Sect Aristocratic Family. It was Ai Zhongwen who was afraid that he would not return the poem and would like to deliberately better than him, so he The initiative to send out, if Ai Zhongwen knows that Zhang Yan treats his kindly gifted medicine pill as a Chinese cabbage, I am afraid it will be depressed to internal injuries.

Zhang Yan While painstaking cultivation in the immortal cave, in a gazebo at the Grand Sleep Peak, the main peak of Green Parasol Tree Mountain, Zhou Zishang is listening to the next person to inquire about him.

“So, Zhang Yan recently read Eclipse Canon on Green Parasol Tree Mountain, which is now famous for Three Temples?”

A savvy servant replied with a low-browed eyebrow: “Oh, son, precisely.”

Zhou Zishang was stunned. His thoughts were amazingly close to Ai Zhongwen. He did not believe that Zhang Yan could interpret Eclipse Canon on his own. Judging that someone must be pointing behind, this person is not Deacon Daoist in Profound Virtue Temple. It was the expert who smashed him up the mountain, and he could not help but have deep scruples in his heart. However, since the expert did not take Zhang Yan to the side of secretly teaching Dao Law, most of the latter is the latter.

“As a result, this Zhang Yan is even more difficult to move.”

He can’t be arrogant in handling this matter, but he has to use another means, but what Zhang Yan is doing is nothing more than a Lower Academy Disciple. He has a way to make him bow down.

The three servants who brought him up the mountain have been waiting respectfully on both sides. One of them is a strong body, and the steward looks like a slap: “Young master, need no small…” Shake, did a hand grab.

Zhou Zishang raised his eyebrows and waved his hand: “I don’t know, Zhou Zishang is also a path of cultivation. How can this low grade be used?” He immediately smiled confidently. “But I Zhou Zishang came to Green Parasol. Under Tree Mountain, can you go back empty-handed? And look good, no more than three months, I will call Zhang Yan down the mountain!”

This time, several servants who brought him up the mountain are all knowledgeable. Listen to him saying that although they have spoken out, they are puzzled. I don’t know where my son’s confidence comes from.

Zhou Zishang smiled a little and didn’t explain it.

After half an hour, a Dao Child walked down the mountain road. He hurried to Zhou Zishang. He didn’t dare to look at it. He respectfully said: “I don’t know which guest came to visit, Temple Lord invites you to enter. Look at the narrative.”

Zhou Zishang stood up and took care of his body. He looked a little proud and nodded. “Take the way ahead.”

Dao Child didn’t know his identity. He only knew that the Daoist Temple owner suddenly ordered him to go down the mountain to meet a nobleman. Where can he say more, and he leaned on his side to lead the way, and he always led the way.

Profound Virtue Temple Temple Lord Perhaps others are rare, but with Zhou Zishang’s cultivation base, just sit here and release Internal Qi. No need to say anything, the other party must have Sense, as Profound Sect Fellow Daoist, anyway, please He went in and saw one side.

The footsteps of the mountain were slightly slower. After about an hour, the huge Xuan Wenshi before the subjective eyes came into view.

No notification required, Dao Child led Zhou Zishang into the Mountain Sect.

The Profound Virtue Temple is arranged on the vertical axis of the mountain. After the Mountain Sect, there is a Black Tortoise Tablet on the side of the Wei Dynasty Kaiping, which is densely lined on both sides. The ancient woods are along the Fangshi Road. Through the Hall of Ethics, Jingqing Hall, and the Three Main Halls of Sanming Hall, you will enter the post-view.

At this time, there is a cobblestone trail in front of it. There are many potted Green ivy on both sides. It looks interesting and Immortal Family scene, Zhou Zishang has no intention to watch, followed Dao Child to Grand Sleep Peak. The highest cross-section of Crossing Truth In Palace

As soon as I entered the Main Hall, I saw a white-haired white beard’s Old Daoist sitting cross-legged on the main palace’s futon.

Old Daoist opened his eyes and made a small sweep. He said: “It turned out to be Jade Firmament Sect Fellow Daoist, This Poor Daoist is the first.”

Zhou Zishang did not return, straight to the point and said: “There is something to do with Fellow Daoist.”

“Fellow Daoist” was in the ear, and Zhou Zishang was also disrespectful. Old Daoist’s eyebrows shrugged indefinitely and slowly said: “Please also say thank you.”

Zhou Zishang stood up and said, “In the lower Dingyang Zhou Zishang, Guanzhong honorary disciple Zhang Yan is in the lower brother-in-law, only because of the mutual affairs of the family, so the negative gas up the mountain, today is to bring it down the mountain.”

Old Daoist’s lips squirmed and said with a blank expression: “The Disciple path of cultivation, but with Dao Heart’s original intention, Destiny spiritual intelligence, Old Daoist never insists.”

This sentence seems to answer questions. In fact, the key is “Dao Heart’s original intention”. His meaning is very clear. As long as Zhang Yan does not want to, he will not force him to go down.

Zhou Zishang smiled, and the result was as early as he expected.

“That’s the case, then please pass this Dao Scripture to my brother-in-law. Would you like to come to Daoist Priest?” Zhou Zishang handed out a thin book and handed it to Old Daoist.

Old Daoist glanced at the “Profound Origin Reference Record” with one word in his eyes. His eyelids jumped slightly. After a long sigh, he reached out and took the dao book. He said: “So, by This Poor Daoist handed over.”

Old Daoist looked indifferent, and Zhou Zishang didn’t care, he said: “Many Thanks Fellow Daoist.”

Old Daoist closes the eyes No words, just tapping on the jade in front of him, making a whisper, this is his delivery.

Zhou Zishang smiled and Shiran went out.

Old Daoist squats under the white beard, although the expression has not changed, but the heart is extremely surprised, this Zhou Zishang is young, actually has opened the meridians condensate, the whole body gives birth to the cloud vision, the cultivation base is not under the self, not Great sect Disciple, and the means of acting can also be seen with ingenuity.

Don’t look at him directly to the door, it seems rude, in fact, just as the fact is that I know that in sect people often talk about clouds and fog, and can not say the point for a long time, so deliberately make a young and young person’s ambition, arrogant appearance Let yourself not be good with him.

If it is a time, this person’s future is limitless.

Looking down at the dao book, this “Profound Origin Reference Record” is also an ancient classic. I heard that it was originally owned by Southern Flower Sect. I don’t know how to get to the hands of Zhou Zishang. It is indeed a fine opening of Immortal. The technology of the meridians.

When the inner vein of Dao Cultivator is opened, the roots are self-cultivating and clear-minded. This is the only way to learn the superior Immortal technique. However, this secret art is not only complicated but also very dangerous. If there is no elder teacher, it is easy to break the inner vein and destroy the Dao Foundation, so that the path of cultivation is hopeless.

Old Daoist couldn’t help but sigh a little, I don’t know what kind of enmity this Zhou Zishang and Zhang Yan have, but what is the path of cultivation?

Zhou Zishang, who walked out of the gate, was very proud. He thought it was very thoughtful. Zhang Yan was able to visit Green Parasol Tree Mountain. There must be a concern that he didn’t know. Wrong, he gave up all the details and made the most important thing. It was the most secure to destroy the Zhang Yan Dao Foundation by the hands of Profound Virtue Temple. Even if there was anything, I could say that it was a good intention. Blame Zhang Yan is not enough.

Once the path of cultivation is not completed, Zhang Yan can only go home to serve his wife!



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