Great Emperor Myriad Chapter 3471

“What? You are courting death!”

Luo Feng and the others Murderous intention flashed in his eyes, and the baleful qi moved towards Ling Xiao instantly Suppressed away.

They never thought that Ling Xiao was so arrogant, but that’s all of the Great Elder of Life, and it seemed that the breakthrough Quasi-Immortal Emperor was not very long, and the aura was not very strong. How dare to say such arrogant and conceited words made them angry instantly.

“Leave them alive! After all, they are nothing but dogs that’s all raised by others.”

Life Great Elder sighed and said indifferently.

Luo Feng never imagined that Great Elder, who has always shown gentleness and never performed a thunderbolt, even said such ugly words, making them both shocked and angry.

But, before they could say anything, Ling Xiao had already started.

hong long long!

The violent tremor of the void in the four directions, the chaotic light rising in Ling Xiao’s palm, he moved towards Luo Feng with a volley and the others suppressed it.

The huge palm prints seem to permeate this Chaos Void, covering the sky and the sun, as if the space was shrouded in time and space, fierce and powerful to the extreme.


Luo Feng’s eyes are full of extremely cold expression.


In the palm of his hand, the black Dualbladed Halberd burst into blazing rays of light, murderous aura surging to the sky, and then moved towards Ling Xiao volleyed down Come.

That Dualbladed Halberd blooms with the power of External Heavenly Dao, rays of light dazzling, runs and Divine Order Chain are intertwined, and the divine power in it seems to be completely revived!

This is an extremely powerful Quasi-Immortal Emperor weapon, which has been sacrificed by Luo Feng for many years!

He believes that with his cultivation base of Quasi-Immortal Emperor 5 Heavenly Layer, even the powerhouse that is a Quasi-Immortal Emperor 6 Heavenly Layer in front of him, dare not take his blow!

Not to mention, the two men around him are also the powerhouses of the Quasi-Immortal Emperor 4 Heavenly Layer. At this moment, they both took out the long sword and the sharp sword!

The sword energy is vertical and horizontal, and the sword glow is surging. It flickers back and forth, moving towards Ling Xiao and cutting down.

The terrorist attack launched by their three people showed no signs of leaving their hands, as if they were going to kill Ling Xiao directly on the spot.

The cold glow flashed in Ling Xiao’s eyes, and his palm prints became thicker, like an immortal Divine Realm, suppressed by grandiose.

In that moment, it collided with the Dualbladed Halberd and sword energy.


The violent tremor of the void, under the suppression of Ling Xiao’s palm print, the sword light and sword energy burst into pieces.

The incomparable power of horror, instantly hitting the shatter void, fiercely slapped the bodies of the two Quasi-Immortal Emperors, causing them to be shocked, half of their bodies burst apart. The expression in his eyes was full of horror, and he flew out directly.

Luo Feng was the first to bear the brunt. The Dualbladed Halberd in his palm trembled violently, and an unimaginable terrifying divine force struck, causing his arm to numb violently.

In that instant, Dualbladed Halberd took off and flew, and Ling Xiao’s palm also slammed into Luo Feng’s body.

You must know that Ling Xiao’s blow was directed at Luo Feng.

The other two Quasi-Immortal Emperors were just suffering from the disaster of the pond fish that’s all, and they have been severely damaged.

Not to mention, Luo Feng who bears the brunt!


Luo Feng’s body was slapped by Ling Xiao’s palm, and the rays of light all over his body were radiant. Rune exploded, and his body was extremely powerful defense The battle armor burst into pieces.

Then, a crack like one after another spider web appeared all over his body.

Under the suppression of Ling Xiao’s palmprints like Primal Chaos Continent, his fleshy body also burst into pieces and turned into a blood mist, which was directly erased by the palmprints that destroyed everything. All vitality.

In the void, only Luo Feng’s shiver coldly Primordial Spirit is left. It seems that the rays of light and aura are extremely weak, staring at Ling Xiao in horror and horror, with eyes full of The color of incredible fear.

And Ling Xiao’s palm print was received in time.

If not, Luo Feng’s Primordial Spirit will be completely photographed, and the soul flew away and scattered and died without any vitality.

“The power of a palm, and even Si!”

At this moment, even the Great Elder of life is slightly shocked, and his eyes are full of expressions of surprise and joy. .

Be aware that the Great Elder of Life does not know everything that happens in Heavenly Dao Ancient Battlefield.

When he saw Ling Xiao, he only found that Ling Xiao was okay, and it seemed that the cultivation base was not small and had reached the Quasi-Immortal Emperor 3 Heavenly Layer.

But he never thought that Ling Xiao’s battle strength would have changed from Heaven and Earth turning upside down, and become so terrifying, even Luo Feng of Quasi-Immortal Emperor 5 Heavenly Layer Can’t take Ling Xiao’s palm!

This makes him more confident in his next actions!

With Ling Xiao here, he will definitely be able to defeat Ye Junlin and ascend the throne of the Lord of Heavenly Dao Alliance!

“If you don’t want to die, hurry up!”

The Great Elder’s eyes were extremely cold, and he gave Luo Feng and the people around him a faint glance.

Luo Feng and the others trembled all over, one by one, such as the amnesty, his eyes were full of expressions of incomparable fear, he did not dare to stay at all, nor dare to say anything harsh. , Ran away in embarrassment.

They will report the news that Great Elder will return to Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce!

No, maybe, they don’t need to report it. Those Great Elder and Young Alliance Lord should have discovered the return of life Great Elder!

Chaos Void, rays of light dazzling.

In an Immortal Palace of Eternal Immortal, there is a young man with majestic hair sitting cross-legged.

He looks deep and unmeasurable, his face is extraordinary, he has long purple hair, thick hair, and contains bright radiance and rune. His eyes are full of frightening rays of light. Make him look domineering.

Beside him, there is a burly old man wearing a black robe. His breath is so powerful that he has reached the Quasi-Immortal Emperor peak realm. He has a majestic and domineering temperament.

They are naturally Young Alliance Lord Ye Junlin of Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce, and Sun Daoyang, Chief Great Elder of Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce!

“King’s Landing, it seems that the young man brought back by the Great Elder of Life, with extraordinary means, defeated Luo Feng so easily and destroyed Luo Feng’s fleshy body. I am afraid that Great Elder lives. I want him to challenge you and compete for the position of Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce Alliance Leader!”

Sun Daoyang sneered in cold glow flashed in his eyes.

The rays of light in front of them are shining, and there is a light curtain like water waves, which clearly shows the scene of the conflict between Ling Xiao, Life Great Elder, Luo Feng and the others.

“Quasi-Immortal Emperor 3 Heavenly Layer’s cultivation base, there is such a battle strength, this Ling Xiao is really extraordinary. However, when he comes to the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce, no matter how strong he is Even if he is an Immortal Emperor powerhouse, it is impossible to impudent here! Even more how, just by him, is worthy of being my opponent? I’m worried that no one can use it to stand up to their power. They actually bumped into it, so don’t blame me You’re welcome!”

Ye Junlin said with a smile indifferently, his eyes are extremely sharp, full of powerful fighting intents.

His golden light all over his body is shining, his rune rises, and his whole body seems to have Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Phoenix, Black Tortoise, Four Spirits, Immortal Beast, flying strange scenes, and chaos opens up countless gods and demons roar, constantly moved towards the sight of him kneeling down, making his whole person more mysterious and unpredictable.

His cultivation base has reached Quasi-Immortal Emperor 8 Heavenly Layer impressively, and it is not far from Quasi-Immortal Emperor Nine Layers Heaven.

“Junlin, you are right. With your current cultivation base, it is enough to suppress everything! Even more how, in a few days, you will break through to Quasi-Immortal Emperor Nine Layers Heaven. , When the time comes, even those old bastard are not your opponents!”

Sun Daoyang also sneered, his eyes full of extremely proud expression.

His cultivation base is the most powerful house under the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce organization, and it has reached Quasi-Immortal Emperor Nine Layers Heaven.

But even so, standing in front of Ye Junlin, he still felt a strong pressure and threat, which is enough to explain the horror and deep and unmeasurable of Ye Junlin’s strength.

“The chief Great Elder, the life Great Elder and this child are not to be feared! However, in order to prevent them from destroying the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce today, you still need to take a shot. It can take three or two days. For two weeks, I will be able to cultivation to finish the Last Style forbidden technique. When the time comes, I can completely suppress them when the time comes!”

Ye Junlin said indifferently.

Then, he slowly sat down again, the chaotic light intertwined all over his body, and the Grand Dao Law ascended, forming a strange golden Formation around him, making his whole person more majestic When mysterious got up, he began to continue cultivation.

Sun Daoyang looked at the terrifying aura emanating from Ye Junlin’s body, with a trace of awe in his eyes, slowly nodded, and then withdrew from this immortal Immortal Palace.

After Ling Xiao and the Great Elder of Life suppressed Luo Feng and the others, they came to the biggest supreme star.

Speaking of stars, it is better to say that it is a vast continent floating in endless void. It is vast and vast. Even with the cultivation base of Ling Xiao and Great Elder of life, their division sense cannot All areas of this supreme star are covered, showing its vastness and vastness.

This supreme star is Heavenly Dao Emperor Star!

Heavenly Dao is also the true core of the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce. Here Spiritual Qi is like a waterfall, which has nurtured countless mountains and rivers.

Everywhere is hidden in the mist and Immortal Palace main hall, pavilions, and fairy birds and beasts under the aura.

Powerful immortals can be seen everywhere, like the immortal generals who commanded billions of universes and eras in ancient times.

Those Immortal Palaces are extremely luxurious and magnificent, which is amazing.

Ling Xiao could feel that in the Heavenly Dao Emperor Star, there are dozens of powerful and deep and unmeasurable silhouettes, like the bright sun, shaking the void in all directions.

Those silhouettes are obviously Quasi-Immortal Emperor powerhouse!

Only above the Heavenly Dao Emperor Star, there are dozens of Quasi-Immortal Emperors!

You have to know that there are a total of 3,000 supreme stars here, and no one knows how many Immortal Emperor powerhouses the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce has. This shows the depth and horror of the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce.

The Great Elder of Life has a very high prestige among the Heavenly Dao stars. He flew all the way. After seeing him, many people in the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce paid respectful salutes. Zhong is full of expressions of incomparable respect.

Life Great Elder also smiled and nodded to them, but instead of stopping at all, he flew away with Ling Xiao moved towards Life Immortal Palace, which is the site of Life Great Elder.

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