Great Emperor Myriad Chapter 3472

Immortal Palace of Life!

This is an ancient and mysterious Immortal Palace, located in an ancient forest, with the vast and majestic Life Aura spouting out.

Around the Immortal Palace of life, ancient vine Immortal Medicine, immortal birds and beasts can be seen everywhere. The towering old trees on the ten thousand zhang high contain strange spirituality, intertwined with each other, as if forming a piece of Formation. Keep the Immortal Palace of life in it.

When Ling Xiao and Great Elder returned to the Immortal Palace of Life, they found that the Formation of Immortal Palace had been forcibly broken open.

The expression of the Great Elder of life, instantly looks ugly.

At the same time, he also saw a figure in the Immortal Palace of Life.

“Sun Daoyang, do you dare to break into the Immortal Palace of my life?!”

The voice of the Great Elder of Life was extremely cold, staring at the silhouette icily said.

That silhouette, wearing a black robe, is tall and burly. At this moment, slowly turning around, it is Sun Daoyang, the majestic and domineering chief Great Elder.

His eyes were extremely cold, and he glanced lightly at Life Great Elder and Ling Xiao, especially when he stayed on Ling Xiao for a while, with a bit of scrutiny and hidden hostility.

“Li Xuanji, you shouldn’t be back!”

Sun Daoyang glanced at the Great Elder.

The real name of the Great Elder of Life is Li Xuanji.

“Should I not come back? hahaha…If I don’t come back, I’m afraid it’s just what you want, right? You abandon the Alliance Leader, stupid, and try to subvert my Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce? Damn it. !”

Life Great Elder laughed heartily, his eyes cold and sad.

“Li Xuanji, you don’t know the number of days. Now all of us Elder have agreed to elect Ye Junlin as the Alliance Leader. What is the point even if you oppose it? I, this time, represent the Young Alliance Lord come, if you are willing to support him, you will be the Vice Alliance Lord of Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce in the future, and your status is only under me!

Besides, he won’t be long before he will start refining Jiuqiao Emperor’s Heart Pill! When the time comes, you will naturally share one. The Jiuqiao Emperor’s Heart Pill is precious, so I don’t need to talk more about it, right?”

Sun Daoyang lightly saying.

“Vice Alliance Lord? Jiuqiao Emperor Heart Pill? Ye Junlin is really generous! But it is a pity that if it is not my race, his heart will be different! Sun Daoyang, you betray the immortal realm and take refuge in the darkness. The eternal fairyland can’t tolerate you!”

Life Great Elder said with a sneer, his eyes were full of mockery.

Ling Xiao couldn’t help but moved in his heart. He had heard the Great Elder tell about the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce before. Sun Daoyang in front of him is the chief Great Elder, and now he wants to win the Great Elder for Ye Junlin. It seems that the status of the Great Elder of Life is not simple.

As for the Jiuqiao Emperor Heart Pill, Ling Xiao has also heard of it.

Nine-aperture emperor heart pill is a Supreme elixir refined with one type of Emperor Grade Immortal Medicine and nine types of quasi-Emperor Grade Immortal Medicine. It is said that a single one can enable the Quasi-Immortal Emperor to proclaim Immortal. The chance of the Emperor increases by 10%!

Don’t underestimate this achievement, this is already an act against the sky.

It’s just that the Pill Recipe of the Jiuqiao Emperor’s Heart Pill has long been lost, and it is extremely difficult to refine it. Even if Ye Junlin is proficient in Pill Dao, but wants to refine the Jiuqiao Emperor Heart pill is not that easy, right?

But having said that, I am afraid that only places with huge financial resources like Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce can get the Jiuqiao Emperor Heart Pill and make up the Immortal Medicine for refining the Jiuqiao Emperor Heart Pill.

“So, did you refuse?”

In Sun Daoyang’s eyes, a blazing killing intent flashed, expressionless said.

“Nonsense! I came back this time to prevent Ye Junlin from ascending to the position of Alliance Leader. You make him ready, Ling Xiao will formally challenge him in the ancestral land a month later and compete for Alliance Leader! You should be very clear about what I have in my hands. Let Ye Junlin wash his neck and wait!”

The Great Elder of Life said fiercely.

“Stubborn! Li Xuanji, you have lost your last vitality. Since you want to die, no one can save you! You can wait in this Immortal Palace of life, and wait for the Young Alliance Lord to come out Close, I will come to you naturally!”

The cold glow flashed in Sun Daoyang’s eyes, and then took another look at Life Great Elder and Ling Xiao, then turned around and walked away.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to shoot.

On the contrary, he wished he would kill Great Elder and Ling Xiao now.

But there is something in the life Great Elder that makes him very jealous, otherwise, he and Ye Junlin would not spend such a high price to win the life Great Elder.

Unfortunately, the result was exactly what they expected. It failed!

However, with Sun Daoyang’s vicious eyes, he still saw Ling Xiao’s out of the ordinary.

Quasi-Immortal Emperor 3 Heavenly Layer’s cultivation base and excellent battle strength can easily suppress Luo Feng of Quasi-Immortal Emperor 5 Heavenly Layer, and there is a mysterious breath within the body that makes Sun Daoyang feel It’s a threat.

It can be seen that Ling Xiao is absolutely out of the ordinary.

Otherwise, Life Great Elder impossible has such confidence in Ling Xiao.

However, before coming, a mysterious organization of the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce had been completely activated, like a big net, moved towards the eternal fairyland.

I believe it won’t take long for Ling Xiao to be able to understand Ling Xiao’s reality.

“Great Elder, are we under house arrest?”

Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed and asked aloud.

“House arrest? That’s it! But they dare not do anything to us, at least not now! But after we come here, we can’t easily leave the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce! Unless you can overcome it! Ye Junlin, Ling Xiao, are you afraid?”

Life Great Elder sneered.

“Fear? It’s here, what’s there to be afraid of? I’m really curious about Ye Junlin, what exactly is it, and the others, so that they are all devoted to him! And Great Elder , What is in your hands that makes them so afraid?”

Ling Xiao curiously asked.

“As far as the matter is, I will not hide it from you! I have the Immortal Emperor’s decree left by the Alliance Leader in my hands!”

Life Great Elder took a deep breath, slowly said.

“Immortal Emperor’s decree? No wonder!”

Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed, nodded.

The decree of the Immortal Emperor not only contains the extremely mysterious power, it can burst out the power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth just like the Immortal Emperor is here.

More importantly, Ye Junlin and Sun Daoyang are afraid of life Great Elder either the fish dies or the net splits.

If the Great Elder of Life insists on taking out the Immortal Emperor’s decree, telling the eternal immortal domain and telling everyone in the immortal domain that Ye Junlin is a dark creature, for Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce and dark creatures, Definitely an unimaginable blow.

They are afraid of life Great Elder either the fish dies or the net splits!

“I have the Immortal Emperor’s decree left by the Alliance Leader, so if you challenge Ye Junlin, he must agree! Ling Xiao, I believe you will be able to defeat him!”

Life Great Elder slowly said, his eyes were full of expressions of expectation.

“Ye Junlin? I am really curious, what kind of person is he? What kind of battle strength does he have?”

The divine glow flickers in Ling Xiao’s eyes, As if pierced through many voids, I saw that magnificent and ancient Immortal Palace, the majestic and heroic silhouette covered in fairy light!

Ye Junlin!

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