Great Emperor Myriad Chapter 3474

The young Young Master holding a folding fan has the cultivation base of Immortal King Peak.

Although he can’t see Ling Xiao’s cultivation base a little bit, he doesn’t have the slightest worry on his face. Instead, he is full of arrogance and ambition, and he wants to let Ling Xiao hand over the clay pot.

“I bought this clay pot for ten Heavenly Dao source crystals. Why should I give it to you?”

Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed lightly, lightly saying.

He has seen many such hedonistic sons of rich parents, he can have two Quasi-Immortal Emperor powerhouses as guards, and look at his clothes, jewels, and have several powerful self-protection treasures. At first glance, it is the child of the great character in the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce, otherwise the impossible is so arrogant among the Heavenly Dao Emperor stars.

After all, there is the Law Enforcement Group here, and the young Young Master in front of him obviously doesn’t take the Law Enforcement Group in his eyes.

“Why give it to me? hahahaha, do you know who I am? These are ten Heavenly Dao source crystals. I won’t bully you, hand over the clay pot and you can go! this Young The Master’s patience is limited, I don’t want to say second time!”

The young Young Master holding a folding fan laughed heartily, his eyes full of expressions of irony, and the rays of light flashed in his palms. I took ten Heavenly Dao source crystals and threw them at Ling Xiao’s feet at random, and said domineeringly.

He just felt that the clay pot was very out of the ordinary, so he wanted to grab it anyway, even if Ling Xiao had bought the pot in advance, but in his opinion, No one would dare not hand over the treasures on these pavings as long as he liked them, so he didn’t at all put Ling Xiao in his eyes.

“This Young Master, you should leave as soon as possible. His name is Sun Ce, but we are all afraid of him. Because his grandfather is the chief Great Elder of Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce. Sun Daoyang.”

At this moment, there was a kind stall owner next to him, sound transmission to Ling Xiao, to remind Ling Xiao of the identity of this young Young Master.

“Sun Ce, Sun Daoyang’s grandson? That’s a coincidence!”

Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed, and a strange expression appeared in his eyes.

He glanced at Sun Ce lightly and said, “I also give you a chance to get out of here! Today I am in a bad mood, and I don’t want to talk about second time!”

“Bold! Courting death!”

The guards of the two Quasi-Immortal Emperors beside Sun Ce are cold glow flashed in their eyes, and the baleful qi all over the body suddenly rises, violent and unmatched. The imposing manner, grandiose’s moved towards Ling Xiao came from suppression.

Sun Ce is indeed a tyrant among the Heavenly Dao emperor stars, no one dares to provoke him.

Because his grandfather is the chief Great Elder of the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce, cultivation base deep and unmeasurable, with high authority. If he was fancying some treasure, and even just took it away, those stall owners would dare not say anything.

Now that Sun Ce discovered that Ling Xiao was so bold, not only did he not hand over the clay pot, but even dared to threaten him with words, he was immediately angry.

“Boy, I don’t care if you are who, but above Heavenly Dao, the dragon has to be held by me, and the tiger has to lie down for me! You successfully angered this Young Master , So next, this Young Master will let you not have the will to live, impossible to ask for death!”

Sun Ce’s eyes flashed with cold glow, revealing a cruel expression.

After that, with a wave of his sleeves, the two Quasi-Immortal Emperor powerhouses on his left and right burst into powerful aura fluctuations, and they moved towards Ling Xiao.


The cold glow flashed in Ling Xiao’s eyes, and the blazing fairy light all over his body rose, and then suddenly punched out.

The fist mark of terrifying matchless blooms with chaotic light, just like an ancient Divine Realm of chaos, which contains the aura fluctuations of Eternal Immortal, and it immediately collided with the two Quasi-Immortal Emperors. .

The two Quasi-Immortal Emperors were still cruel, but their complexion was greatly changed, and their eyes were full of expressions of horror.

They felt a terrifying divine force that was difficult to match. Suddenly, they trembled and their arms burst apart.

Both of them are as if was struck by lightning, they flew out suddenly, fiercely hitting the hard ground far away.

If it were not for the prohibition and formation on the Heavenly Dao Emperor Star, which made the buildings here extremely strong, I am afraid that half of the Heavenly Dao Emperor Star would be completely destroyed by this blow.


Sun Ce’s eyes are full of incredible expressions. The two Quasi-Immortal Emperors around him are extremely powerful. It is his grandfather Sun Daoyang. Give him personally to protect his safety!

He never thought that these two Quasi-Immortal Emperor guards would be so impossible to withstand a single blow in the hands of Ling Xiao!

So, Ling Xiao, who looks extremely young in front of him, is a Quasi-Immortal Emperor powerhouse?

The people around were also shocked.

They originally thought that Ling Xiao’s end would be extremely miserable.

After all, I have offended Sun Ce. If he falls into Sun Ce’s hands, I’m afraid he will be tortured to death. It’s even hard to die. It’s really as Sun Ce said, not have the will to live. unable to ask for death!

But they didn’t expect that Ling Xiao was also a powerful Quasi-Immortal Emperor powerhouse, and his strength was extremely terrifying. He suppressed Sun Ce’s two Quasi-Immortal Emperor guards with one shot.

“You, who the hell are you?”

Sun Ce’s eyes are full of gloomy and uncertain expressions, and he said to Ling Xiao sternly.

Ling Xiao’s gaze was fierce, and moved towards Sun Ce, without saying a word, but the whole body was filled with baleful qi, moving towards Sun Ce, suppressing it, making Sun Ce tremble all over, as if he couldn’t help it. moved towards Ling Xiao Kneel down.

Sun Ce was completely panicked. He didn’t expect that he would kick the iron plate.

However, here is the Heavenly Dao Emperor Star, the site of the Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce. He does not have the slightest fear in his heart, but is full of tyranny and cruelty.

“Boy, who the hell are you? This is Heavenly Dao Emperor Star, even if you have the cultivation base of Quasi-Immortal Emperor, don’t want to be wild here! If you know, you will immediately kneel down and be loyal This Young Master, I might still spare your life! Otherwise, when the time comes, no one can save you!”

Sun Ce stared at Ling Xiao and said with cold eyes.


Ling Xiao didn’t respond to Sun Ce at all, he moved towards Sun Ce in the air, and the fiery Golden-Red Clouds burst out, and the emptiness of the four directions seemed to be condensed completely in this brief moment.

Sun Ce trembled all over, and immediately wanted to escape.

Even the self-protection Supreme Treasure around him is blooming with the brilliance of dazzling, intertwined, exuding a powerful defense force, wanting to resist Ling Xiao’s suppression.

But only a crackle sound was heard, rune exploded, the divine light was surging, and the void was trembling violently. The self-protection treasures on Sun Ce were all directly caught by Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao’s palm was unobstructed, he grabbed Sun Ce by the throat, and directly picked up his whole figure like a chicken.

“Do you want to die or live?”

Ling Xiao stared at Sun Ce and asked indifferently, his eyes filled with extremely cold killing intents.

He didn’t put Sun Ce in his eyes at all.

It can even be said that he did not put the chief Great Elder Sun Daoyang in his eyes.

After all, he is already on the opposing side, and it won’t be long before there will be a battle between him and Ye Junlin. So even if he killed Sun Ce at this moment, he didn’t have the slightest worry.

When he touched Ling Xiao’s gaze, Sun Ce couldn’t help but trembled all over, and his eyes showed uncontrollable fear.

He could feel that Ling Xiao really wanted to kill him.

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