Great Emperor Myriad Chapter 3475

hong long long!

At this moment, the blazing divine light bloomed, and a silhouette of terrifying matchless aura from a distance came across the sky, with a group of armor-clad, baleful qi all over the sky, with an extremely cold face The soldier, suddenly appeared on this side of the street.

The headed person, with a cruel face, is a very delicate-looking middle age person, wearing a black armor, and his eyes are full of cruel killing intents. He suddenly drank. One said: “Let go of Sun Ce, or die!”

His voice exploded like a thunderbolt, causing the void in all directions to tremble violently.

“It’s broken, it turned out to be this one evil star?”

“He is the youngest son of the chief Great Elder Sun Daoyang, Sun Lei!”

“His strength Very tough, it is a Law Enforcement Elder, he came so fast, I’m afraid this young man will suffer!”

Everyone around was trembling, and there was an expression of fear in his eyes. , Lowered their heads, not daring to see Sun Lei.

“Uncle Seven, help me!”

At this moment, Sun Ce also saw Sun Lei appear, and his eyes suddenly showed a surprised and happy expression. Shouted.

“Are you, Ling Xiao?”

Sun Lei’s body suddenly shook, and there was a trace of extremely cold killing intent in his eyes, and he immediately discovered Ling Xiao’s identity.

As the Law Enforcement Elder, he has learned from his father Sun Daoyang about the return of the life Great Elder and Ling Xiao, and knows that Ling Xiao is extremely powerful, and easily suppressed the three Quasi-Immortal Emperors. .

Furthermore, this time, it is even more unkind to comers who want to compete with Young Alliance Lord Ye Junlin for the position of Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce Alliance Leader.

After recognizing that the young man in front of him was Ling Xiao, even Sun Lei had a look of dreading in his eyes.

After all, he is similar to Na Luofeng’s cultivation base.

Even Luo Feng was suppressed by Ling Xiao with no difficulty, even severely injured, he must not be Ling Xiao’s opponent.

He never thought that Sun Ce would provoke Ling Xiao to the head, which is a bit tricky.

“Yes, I’m Ling Xiao. Law Enforcement Elder Sun Lei, as a Law Enforcement Elder, you should be fair and just! But you sheltered your nephew, and made the Heavenly Dao Emperor star smug. Also worthy of being a Law Enforcement Elder?”

Ling Xiao glanced at Sun Lei lightly.

“Ling Xiao, don’t pretend to be here! You are not the Alliance Leader of Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce, you really think you can defeat Ye Junlinye Young Alliance Lord? Wishful thinking! Quickly let go of my house Nephew, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Sun Lei stared at Ling Xiao icily said.

Although he is very afraid of Ling Xiao, as the Law Enforcement Elder, he is backed by Sun Daoyang and Ye Junlin, so he is not afraid of Ling Xiao.

“Ling Xiao, don’t you let me go? You’re dead, wait for me to tell me grandfather, must rip you up and let your Primordial Spirit roast in Nine Nether Ten thousand years! When the time comes, no one can save you!” Sun Ce’s eyes were full of hatred, and he stared at Ling Xiao bitterly.

He is a hedonistic son of rich parents, and he has gone smoothly along the way. He hasn’t encountered any setbacks at all, so seeing Sun Lei’s arrival at this moment, he immediately couldn’t help but start to talk harshly.

“Really? But unfortunately, even if it is true, I am afraid you can’t see it anymore!”

There was a cold glow in Ling Xiao’s eyes.

“Ling Xiao, what do you want to do? Stop it!”

Sun Lei shook his heart and hurriedly shouted to Ling Xiao.

At the same time, he secretly scolded Sun Ce for being a pig’s brain. At this time, he dare to speak harshly to Ling Xiao?

The guy in front of you, but the person found by the Great Elder of Life, is extremely powerful and is said to be very ruthless!


In Ling Xiao’s palm, a fiery flame rose up.

He broke Sun Ce’s neck in an instant, and the Source Fire in his palm could destroy everything. Sun Ce’s Primordial Spirit was violently distorted on Source Fire, and his eyes were full of expressions of fear, malice, unwillingness and anger, and uttered an extremely miserable scream.

“Ling Xiao, you are courting death!”

Sun Lei was furious in an instant.

He never thought that Ling Xiao would be so bold, in front of him, directly destroying Sun Ce’s fleshy body, and even torturing Sun Ce’s Primordial Spirit.

hong long!

The blazing fairy light all over his body rises, and a black lance in his palm, stained with the monstrous murderous aura, stabs the sky moved towards Ling Xiao.

That lance is a peerless murderous soldier. He knows that Ling Xiao is powerful, so he makes his best effort at this moment, just to save Sun Ce from Ling Xiao’s hands.


Ling Xiao punched out, the terrifying fist imprint collided with that black lance, and suddenly the void trembled, and the blazing rune was annihilated.

Then, in Ling Xiao’s palm, an extremely fierce sword light rose up, and suddenly the ten thousand li void, as if it could kill everything, moved towards Sun Lei and fell down.


Sun Lei was shaking all over. Although he held lance to resist, under the unmatched divine force, the black lance in his hand roared and trembled and flew out in an instant.

The a sword light slashed down in the air, leaving a deep blood mark on his chest, which almost broke his stomach and cut him in half.

And his whole body trembled even more, and he flew out directly.

Sun Lei’s eyes were full of expressions of both shocked and angry.

Although he has overestimated Ling Xiao’s battle strength, he still did not expect Ling Xiao’s battle strength to be so terrifying.

Even the powerhouse of his Quasi-Immortal Emperor 5 Heavenly Layer, in the hands of Ling Xiao, can’t even take a sword!

If such a character challenges the Young Alliance Lord Ye Junlin, I am afraid he will become Ye Junlin’s most terrifying opponent!


At this moment, in Ling Xiao’s palm, Sun Ce’s Primordial Spirit was suddenly annihilated, and was directly burned to ashes by Ling Xiao with Source Fire.

The screams stopped abruptly, and Sun Ce died completely in Ling Xiao’s hands.

Everyone around was trembling, and their eyes were full of expressions of horror.

They all feel vaguely in their hearts that there is going to be a major event!

Although Sun Ce is a very dude, he is the most beloved grandson of the Chief Great Elder Sun Daoyang!

Now that Sun Ce died in Ling Xiao’s hands, Sun Daoyang will definitely be completely angry!

When the time comes, I am afraid that the entire Heavenly Dao Emperor Star will be shrouded in Sun Daoyang’s anger!

Some timid people are even thinking about how to leave Heavenly Dao Emperor Star to avoid the limelight temporarily.

“You, you actually killed Sun Ce?”

Sun Lei trembled all over, his eyes were full of expressions of both shocked and angry, staring at Ling Xiao firmly.

“If you want to die too, I can fulfill you too!”

Ling Xiao slowly turned around, staring at Sun Lei, and said indifferently.

He originally wanted to punish Sun Ce that’s all, but Sun Ce even uttered resentment and insisted on killing him.

Ling Xiao is also an extremely decisive person, so naturally he cannot leave this kind of harm.

So, I simply obliterated Sun Ce.

As for whether he offends Sun Daoyang, Ling Xiao doesn’t care at all.

This Heavenly Dao Chamber of Commerce has decayed so far, and sooner or later will undergo a major cleaning.

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