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  Chapter 555 The Key to the Thunder Elephant

Jupiter, the forward base of Spirit Race.

Lightning suddenly exploded in the command hall on the top floor. The female adjutant Lei Qian who was waiting anxiously shook her heart and immediately greeted her.

There is only one person in the entire forward base who can directly blow lightning into the command hall of the base-commander-in-chief Lei Shu.

This shows that whether it is the loss of the main base of Jifeng 7 Resource Star 1 or the loss of Leixiang, one of these two things is extremely important to Lord Lei Shu.

The important thing is that Master Lei Shu was too slow to be the ship, so he hurried back with his extraordinary ability, Lei Dun!

Lei Qian guessed that Lei Xiang should be more important to Master Lei Shu.

The Extreme Wind No. 7 resource star belongs to Spirit Race, while Leixiang belongs to Master Lei Shu.

At this time, eleven hours have passed since Lei Qian reported that the main base of Jifeng 7 Resource Star One was lost.

"My lord, are you back? The Extreme Wind No. 7 Resource Star is there"

Lei Qian was about to report, but was stopped by Lei Shu, but directly at the command desk Before, I took out a special instrument and incorporated part of Yuanjing's signature document, lightning flashed on the index finger of his right hand, and Lei Shu began to write directly with lightning.

"Command: The wave giant will take the power of its subordinates, immediately move to the asteroid belt and transfer planet Ceres, Level 1 alert, unknown force can be killed on the spot, everything is centered on protecting the Ceres quantum teleportation hub."

After writing the order, Lei Shu stamped the order and handed it to Lei Qian, "Back up it immediately, upload it to the church for record, and then send it to Langju.

In addition, I told Lang Ju that he can die in battle, but the Ceres Quantum Teleport Hub cannot be lost."

Lei Qian took it, and was about to leave, but was stopped by Lei Shu.

"Wait, there's more."

In front of Lei Qian, Lei Shu began to write another command.

"Order: Lang Fanyun, with his troops, set out to patrol the Charon Star within three days and snipe the Daxi and Muya people who may appear. If any Daxi or Muya people are put in In the inner solar system, military law is engaged!"

Lei Qian's face changed a little as soon as this order was issued, "My lord, have the Daxi and Muya touched Charon Star?"


Lei Shu was lightly nodded, and he was patrolling this time, because of this, otherwise, the general situation is not worth his personal inspection.

Looking at the command in his hand, Lei Qian's face looked distressed, "My lord, the order to mobilize Lord Yun requires the approval of the church, and the order to cover the church is enough. After all, he is also Planetary Grade. powerhouse."

"Report to the sanctuary, the sanctuary will approve it! Let the Daxi people and Muya people fight together in the asteroid belt, this is our final bottom line.

Once the Daxi and Muya discover the exact location of the inner solar system and rush into the inner solar system, that will be the real trouble!

Our efforts over the years will probably be really wasted.” Lei Shu said .

"Go to do it now, finish it, and talk about Leixiang's business."

Knowing that the situation is serious, Lei Qian quickly took the order to leave.

After Lei Qian left, Lei Shu was not idle. He directly called another lieutenant and asked about the status of the Extreme Wind VII resource star.

"Is the No. 1 main base of the Extreme Wind VII Resource Star lost? What is the level of this loss? Is there no signal at all, no response, or disappeared?" Lei Shu asked .

The lieutenant saluted first, and then said, "Report to the commander-in-chief, that the signal of Jifeng-7 Resource Star No. 1 main base disappeared in the forward base's regular safety communication list."

"Have you activated the emergency enhanced contact?"

"Report to the commander-in-chief. It is activated, but there is still no signal found."

"Have you used the rhombohedral communication system? Contact?"

"The report commander has activated the rhombohedral colony communication unit, but there is no response from the other side."

In one question and one answer, Lei Shu felt tired. Pinch the eyebrows.

The adjutant Lei Qian's goodness is not just about the figure and the posture on the bed, such a woman, Lei Shu is plentiful and easily available.

Lei Qian’s goodness lies in his ability to handle his work in an orderly manner, and to take care of his life in every possible way. Finally, he is eye-catching and the fighting posture on the bed is a bonus!   If Lei Qian is here, there is no need for him to ask and answer at all, and he will be able to clarify the main points in a few sentences.

Simply, Lei Shu didn't ask any more. An accident happened to the resource star of Extreme Wind No. 7, but it was not too late to make a remedy.

Close your eyes and rest.

This time, although there is no battle, small problems are constantly discovered, which makes him a little tired.

And on the side of the temple   30 minutes later, Lei Qian hurriedly returned, "My lord, the group of the giants of Lang has begun to gather, and it is expected that they will set off for Ceres tomorrow afternoon. It is just a wave of waves. Where is Lord Yun."

"What happened to Langfanyun?" Lei Shu asked with closed eyes.

"Lang turned Lord Yun said, why do they send them out lineage whenever there is hard work, and good things are not for him?   He also said." Lei Qian stopped talking .

"What else did he say?"

"He also said that he has applied to the temple to rescue the Thunder Elephant and retrieve the Extreme Wind VII resource star." Lei Qian carefully said.

"Where is my order? He refused?"

"No, but the sanctuary has not issued it yet. Langfan Lord Yun said that the sanctuary issued that He will execute whichever one!" Lei Qian said.

"Not so confused!" Lei Shu sneered, and pursed his lips, "Then don't worry, he will complain. The temple will definitely issue my order, otherwise, The commander-in-chief of this forward base, they will do it instead.

Now, give me a report on the situation of Leixiang and Jifeng 7 Resource Star."

"My lord, no matter what Whether it's Master Leixiang or Jifeng 7 Resource Star, they are all missing." Lei Qian said softly.

Lei Qian basically solved all Lei Shu's doubts in one sentence.

A sentence of "all-round loss of connection" made Lei Shu, who closed his eyes and rested, suddenly opened his eyes, "Are all the contact channels lost?   We didn’t make an emergency situation. Is it?

How many resource bases are there for emergency contact channels?"

"My lord, the emergency contact channels we expect on Jifeng 7 will be placed on the 14th. Resource Base and Resource Base No. 5. Previously, Resource Base No. 14 was destroyed by the Blue Star Human Race.

Resource Base No. 5 is estimated to be the same."

Watching Lei Shu's face gradually became difficult to look, Lei Qian hurriedly added, "My lord, the only good news now is that after contacting the clan, I am sure that Lord Leixiang is still alive!"

"Leixiang is still alive!" ?"

This is good news, right?

Lei Xiang is a direct descendant of Lei Shu’s this lineage. He is a real genius. Otherwise, Lei Shu would not bring him to personally experience it. He has been holding him for three or four years, and he has not Let him be promoted to Quasi Planetary Grade.

If Leixiang can be promoted to Quasi-Planetary Grade with a perfect core state, then Leixiang will successfully take that step in the future and the probability of breakthrough becoming a Planetary Grade powerhouse will be very high!

Even in Spirit Race, Planetary Grade powerhouse, it is not common.

Not all quasi-Planetary Grades can break through to Planetary Grade.

"If the Leixiang is still alive, but has not used the rhombohedral colony to contact us, then it represents his situation, which may be an extreme danger.

Even, he It may have been captured!" Lei Shu tapped his fingers on the tabletop, his face has become cold.

Lei Qian hearing this pretty face changes, even the plumpness on her chest trembled, "My lord, this is unlikely, right?

Master Leixiang is so strong! Anytime you can From breakthrough to quasi-Planetary Grade, in Extreme Wind No. 7 Resource Star, that is an invincible existence.

Extreme Wind No. 7 Resource Star and that many Powerhouse of Spirit Race's Transformation.

He is impossible to be captured."

The reason why Lei Qian said this, the shock was because of the consequences.

The consequences of the Leixiang being captured, too terrifying!

Leixiang is the true descendant of Spirit Race and the real high-level of the advance base. Because of the commander-in-chief of Lei Shu, Leixiang can be called the invisible second commander of the advance base. What I know is nothing short of it.   "Apart from being captured and not killed in battle, I really can't think of the real reason why the Leixiang can't connect.

The rhombic colony in the hands of the Leixiang is a very precious commodity. As long as he is willing, he can contact us to report on the battle even if he is fleeing or fighting."

Lei Shu said expressionlessly, but Lei Qian didn't dare to speak any more.

According to this analysis, the Leixiang is most likely to be captured.

The consequences of the capture of the Leixiang, that is   "sir, with the determination of the Lord Leixiang, even if you are captured, you will not reveal anything!

We can rescue Lord Leixiang from other channels," Lei Qian said.

hearing this, Lei Shuxian bitterly laughed, "Xiao Qian, you don’t understand how crazy and cruel the Blue Star Human Races that have fought with us over the years!   Leixian’s willpower It’s powerful.

I also believe in his loyalty to Spirit Race, but it’s hard to say how long it can last. However, even if he vomits, many things he knows are not substantive and fundamental. The content, even if Bluestar Human Race knows it, it can’t make some fundamental changes.

As for the others, we can make a little change."

Speaking of , Lei Shu suddenly froze and looked towards Lei Qian.

Lei Qian blinked his eyes suspiciously, not quite understanding what Lei Shu meant.

"When Lei Xiang left, did I ask him to bring a set of quantum array cores?" Lei Shu asked suddenly.

"Yes, sir. Although Leixiang did not have a breakthrough to quasi-planetary grade, the power breath is infinitely close to quasi-planetary grade. Therefore, when passing through the quantum transmission gate, the quantum array core must be used to strengthen the channel.

A set of quantum array cores, one set when they go, and one set when they come back."

Having said that, Lei Qian’s face turned white suddenly, and Aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Quantum array core, that thing is too important.

Once acquired by Bluestar Human Race and being reversed to introduce many of the key technologies of Quantum Transmission Gate, the biggest shortcoming of Bluestar Human Race can be   the horrible consequence that Lei Qian thought of. Shu also thought about it. Lei Shu instantly got up, "Give me the source crystal regardless of the cost, and at the same time activate the set of Stellar Rank quantum array cores brought by the temple, the fastest time to get to the extreme wind 7 resource star The Quantum Transmission Passage is restored. I'm going for a trip by myself. I must rescue the thunder elephant."

Seeing Lei Shu, who was trying to save the thunder elephant at any cost, Lei Qian's face turned paler, "My lord, I have verified that the Quantum Transmission Passage of the Extreme Wind VII resource star has been completely destroyed by them!"


Lei Shu suddenly sat down Back to the chair!

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