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  Chapter 556 The Start of Rescue Operation

Command Hall of Base Four.

Su Tui, who was waiting, suddenly heard Ah Huang's scream, "Quick, physical destruction, triggered a hidden safety command to initiate self-destruction!   Five seconds .

Only five seconds!"

Xu Tui glanced contemptuously at Ah Huang, stepped out, and the ground thorn burst out. Three seconds later, Quantum The next-generation chip was taken down by Xu Tui, and the entire data center was completely smashed by Xu Tui.

"It's okay."

"Ahuang, can you do it?" Xu Tui said dissatisfied.

"The next base, it will definitely be possible."

"When the No. 1 main base, you said that the next one was fine, when you captured the No. 5, you said that the next one was fine, and now it's four. The number has been captured, and you said the next one, can you do it?"

"The next one will do! There are too many security commands in their data center, and the light-hidden startup self-destructive security There are three commands.

I should have done almost the same, the next one will definitely work." Ahuang said.

"Okay, I will believe you again."

An hour later Xu Tui led someone to the No. 3 base.

Nowadays, Xu Tui does not need to spend too long to prepare.

To put it bluntly, after Xu Tui's breakthrough, coupled with the emptiness of the bases, even if Xu Tui rushed in alone, he could destroy the weapon Spirit Race in the base.

Of course, Xu Tui will not take risks.

At least four or five weapon spirits will come out and rush in.

Before dark, Xu Tui took the No. 3 base without any suspense.

At this time, Xu Tui spent a very long time in the command hall of the No. 3 base, and Huang finally brought him good news.

"It has invaded the data center database of Base 3 and is under control. It takes some time."

"The main program of the data center of Base 3 has been cut into, and the facilities of Base 3 have been taken over. ."

"Start copying all the data in the data center database of No.3 Base."

Hearing this sentence, Xu Tui was finally sighed in relief.

It's done.

After working hard for so long, I finally got a part of the data center of Tool Spirit Race. Although it is only the resource base of Tool Spirit Race, the level should not be high, but the value and significance are extremely huge.

Xu Tui doesn't know if there is any precedent, but if you get back a few sets of data centers in the Spirit Race resource base, the gains should not be bad.

Regardless of whether or not Huaxia District can greatly increase the technical level of data center software and hardware, at least, it will not help Huaxia District when it encounters similar data centers in the future.

In Huang's words, starting from today, he will encounter this type of data center again, and it will break in seconds! In terms of   computer data offense and defense, in many cases, it is the accumulation of a data language.

When the accumulated characteristics and magnitude are reached, it will become very easy.

Ahuang was able to win the data center of Base 3 today, but it has failed eleven times.

But the previous eleven failures laid the foundation for success at this time.

"A Huang, search the database, did you find any useful technology?"

"In the preliminary search, no key technology was found, but three sets of control systems were found, so the corresponding Maintenance and repair data.

Through related maintenance and maintenance system data, it should be possible to reverse some of the manufacturing procedures. But the manufacturing process is a big problem." Huang said.

"Tell me, which three sets?"

"The whole ecological compound chain circular ecological planting system, which is to plant vegetables on the Jifeng 7 resource star in the Spirit Race Fruit technology." Ahuang said.

This sounds like Xu Tui fiercely nodded. Although this technology is unremarkable, it is very practical.

Although humans have also achieved planting on the moon, if we learn from the technology of aliens, the output may become higher or even have a breakthrough.

"The second set is the ore operation refining center control system." Ahuang said.

This set is within Xu Tui's expectations.

With this, when we leave, we will disassemble a part of the key components of the ore refining center of a certain resource base and take it back. I believe that with the strength of the Bluestar scientists, we will be able to reverse some of the technologies.

When the time comes, even if Bluestar's ore refining technology cannot make an epoch-making leap, there must be great progress.

Oh, yes, to be precise, it has greatly improved the ore refining center in Huaxia District.

Xu Tui is from Huaxia District and has no feelings for people in other districts!

"The third set of energy node reflux balance system." Ahuang said.

The name of this third system made Xu Tui slightly startled, and some did not react to it.

"What is this for?"

"You have breached the energy shield a dozen times before, which is a side function of this energy node backflow balance system."



Xu Tui exclaimed.

Bluestar also has the technology of energy defense cover.

But Blue Star’s energy shield is more to resist the harsh natural environment, just like on the moon, giving humans a living space.

The defense function is really lackluster.

For example, the energy shield of the moon, a stronger genetic evolutionary realm, can burst with a full blow.

Therefore, the energy shield of the moon is nested layer by layer, layer by layer, which can also be regarded as a safety measure.

And the energy defense cover of the resource base of Tool Spirit Race, it is a real energy defense cover.

Xu Tui's current Flying Sword can definitely explode the powerhouse's offensive power in the genetic transmutation realm, but it still can't break the energy defense cover.

Under Flying Sword's full strikes, only a little ripple appeared.

If this set of technology is taken back, it will definitely bring a certain degree of inspiration to the scientists in Huaxia District. The energy shield technology in Huaxia District will be worth the trip by just a small improvement!

"Apart from these, are there no other gains?" Xu Tui wondered.

"There are a lot of data, some of which are very scattered. According to my level of knowledge, I cannot judge the use of these scattered information and data.

Let the scientists identify it." Ahuang said.

The dark night of the 40th day of the space raid, after Xu Tui and the others captured Base 3, finally came.

Xu Tui entire group can only rest in base three.

Moreover, the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces also urgently need a rest to regain their strength one day, one night and the continuous battle without sleep.

And just as the Extreme Wind VII resource star entered the night, in a Conference Hall of Jupiter’s forward base, it was brightly lit.

The commander-in-chief Lei Shu called a large number of technical experts in science and technology communications to a meeting.

There is only one topic for the meeting-how to restore the connection with the Jifeng-7 resource star.

This is also the beginning of the thunder elephant rescue operation!   Although the No. 1 main base is lost, Lei Xiang is very likely to be captured, but both Lei Shu and Lei Qian firmly believe that Blue Star Human Race is impossible to conquer the Extreme Wind VII resource star in a short time. All resource bases.

The Blue Star humans are temporarily impossible to have that kind of strength.

As long as the Jifeng 7 resource star and the resource base have not been conquered, it is possible to reconnect with the lost Jifeng 7 resource star.

As long as you get in touch with the Jifeng 7 resource star and learn about the status of the Jifeng 7 resource star, you can make a plan to rescue the thunder elephant!

Whether it is the identity of the Leixiang or the quantum array core in the hands of the Leixiang, the Leixiang must be rescued.

Now, Lei Shu only hopes that if the Lei Elephant is captured, he will really vomit, and he will vomit something insignificant, instead of vomiting out the quantum array core! In   that case, Lei Shu is in big trouble when the temple is investigated! The   venue is divided into two, one is to discuss repairing the destroyed Quantum Transmission Passage, and the other is to restore communication.

Repairing the venue of the Quantum Transmission Passage, the final result is not helpful.

Even if it is repair at all costs, it will take more than half a year to repair the channel.

Of course, this is when repairs are started on the intact end of the Quantum Transmission Passage.

If someone tries to repair the Quantum Transmission Passage on the Jifeng-7 resource star, the time will be very short, and it may only take a week or even a few days to repair it.

But by thinking with your feet, you can know that the No. 1 main base is lost, even if you contact the survivors of the Extreme Wind No. 7 Resource Star, it is useless.

As long as the commander of Blue Star Human Race is not an idiot, he will definitely be optimistic about the No. 1 main base.

"How is it, are there any results?" Lei Shu had a gloomy expression when he arrived at the place where the communication was resumed.

The welcoming Lei Qian hurriedly brought Lei Shu a glass of sparkling wine, which was Lei Shu's favorite fruity aroma.

"My lord, they are determining the satellite model of the Jifeng-7 Resource Star. The satellite model of the Jifeng-7 Resource Star, if it is an old model before the seventh generation, has an ultra-remote control program. Yes.

Through this ultra-remote control program, we can remotely control the satellite, and then use the satellite to contact the base of the Jifeng-7 resource star that has not been lost.

The situation of the Feng-7 Resource Star." Lei Qian said.

"How is the model search?"

"It should be fast, the data is a bit old"

Lei Qian just finished speaking, in the venue, A group of Spirit Race and Weapon Spirit Race scientists suddenly cheered, and Lei Qian hurried over.

After one minute, Lei Qian rushed over with a smile on his face, "My lord, I have confirmed that it is a satellite that can be taken over by an ultra-long distance.

You can issue commands now. But because of the distance The reason for this is that there will be at least eight hours of transmission delay between a contact!" Lei Qian said.

Lei Shu startled, "So, it takes at least sixteen hours for me to communicate with the base of Jifeng 7 Resource Star."


This time is really long, this Lei Shu is a bit depressed. But it is a blessing to be able to restore the connection with the Jifeng 7 resource star.

"The information for the one-time exchange should be a bit more, I said, you can write it down."

While speaking, Lei Shu started to dictate, Lei Qian recorded it, and recorded it in one breath. After a dozen or so, Lei Shu suddenly asked, "By the way, the traitor black hole of the Blue Star Human Race that they contacted before, can we get in touch?"

"There is a specific contact method, but The previous plan was not complete enough, so only people on the Extreme Wind VII resource star can contact this black hole."

After a moment of indulgence, Lei Shu said again, "Then add one more to survive. The base takes the initiative to contact the black hole to see if it can form a fixed channel of communication with this traitor black hole."

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