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  Chapter 557 The final strategy of the invasion war (bless all mothers in the world)   The 41st day of the space invasion war , Xu Tui took the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces and fought for six thousand miles, and within a day, he took down four alien resource bases.

The lieutenant colonel of the Huaxia District Participating Group who was following behind to receive the related materials for the transfer, his eyes widened.

Nothing like this.

From their point of view, the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, like a trip home, rushed into the alien resource base, and then they were captured.

On the forty-second day of the space raid, Xu Tui took the Heavenspan Special Forces and fought 6,000 li or so again, preparing to take down four alien resource bases in one breath as the day before.

Up to fifteen hours during the day, set off early in the morning, each hour of the triangular flying saucer flying at a speed of 400 to 500 kilometers, 6,000 li or so, more than 3,000 kilometers, which means flying at full speed for seven. Only eight hours.

Even the combat time is more than enough.

Of course, the main reason is that the warrior of the Huaxia District participating group ended up in the back.

Xu Tui plans to use another three to four days to sweep all the remaining dozen bases.

However, on the forty-second day of the Space Invasion War, Xu Tui and the others attacked today's fourth target against the setting sun, and unexpectedly appeared at Base 25.

The four mechanical spirit guards in the 25th base have been under the influence of Xu Tui's mental resonance, high level hypnosis, and mental obscuration, and they went straight to the energy shield as if they were fascinated.

As long as they step out of the energy shield, Xu Tui and the others can immediately get their pass cards, and then pass through the energy shield to enter Base 25.

Kill three or four people, and other people will give a little support outside. It's not too easy.

However, the four mechanical spirit guards that Xu Tui used to influence and control with their abilities did not get out of the energy shield of Base 25.

The ability of the radiation influence system that is not Xu Tui doesn't work anymore.

It was these four weapon spirits who were controlled by Xu Tui's influence. They walked to the energy shield and wanted to wear it out. The pass cards they wore on their chests kept flashing, but they just couldn't wear them. Come.

The pass has expired!

It is also possible that Base 25 has completely closed the access rights of all pass cards!

The abnormal behavior of the four weapon spirits immediately drew the alarm bell of the No. 25 base. Under the command of the adjutant, those genetically transformed weapon spirits directly incarnate into the fort, blasting the Heavenspan Special Forces remotely.

Although some of the extraordinary abilities can be displayed through the energy shield, the power is greatly weakened.

Not insisting on two minutes, Xu Tui entire group evacuated in embarrassment under the fire of the opponent.

This is the first time since this space raid, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group has lost a raid on an alien resource base.

It's getting late, Xu Tui can only take people back.

2nd day, which is the 42nd day of the space raid, Xu Tui did not attack Base 25, but attacked Base 26.

The situation at Base 26 is exactly the same as Base 25. The Guardians of the Spirit can no longer pass through the energy shield.

Xu Tui did not give up and went to base 27 again.

The same is true for Base 27.

This makes Xu Tui's face look ugly.

This is a very bad signal.

This represents the remaining extraterrestrial resource base, with expert guidance, also established contact, and began to stand firm!   Even their own authority to enter and exit the energy shield has ceased. In the face of this powerful energy shield, Xu Tui has nothing to do.

Of course, if all the elite forces of the Huaxia District are concentrated, and the energy defensive cover of a certain base is blasted, there is a chance to break it.

After all, the internal strength of the current alien resource base is very weak, and you can let go of it.

But in that case, it doesn't make much sense.

For now, all the participating groups and special forces in the Huaxia District have obtained enough extraterrestrial resource bases.

It is hard to say whether there is a leader-like existence among the survivors of the Spirit Race on the weapon of the Extreme Wind VII resource star, or whether the surviving base has made contact with the outside world.

After Xu Tui communicated with Zhu Lang, he decided to temporarily stop cleaning other alien resource bases.

Judging from the current income, if you capture a few more bases, you won’t get much more income.

On the contrary, the risk will increase exponentially, and there are not that many fully automatic engineering robots to increase the mining volume and make the ore refining center run at full capacity.

The most important thing is that every time a base is captured, the Huaxia District must allocate forces to garrison it in order to ensure the normal operation of this base and produce metal ingots.

In the past three days, Xu Tui has successively laid down ten bases. In addition to sending one each to the non-union zone and the Russian alliance zone, the other eight resource bases are currently in the hands of the Huaxia District.

So far, the number of ore refining centers in Huaxia District has reached eleven.

In the Huaxia District, there are three special combat regiments and the total combat strength of the participating regiments. Excluding the sacrifices and injuries, the battle strength can be used, but there are only more than four hundred and fifty people.

The No. 1 main base needs to occupy at least one third manpower, and the remaining people are evenly distributed among other bases, and one resource base can be divided into 20 or 30 people.

This number is very dangerous.

Whether facing the possible counterattack against the remnants of the Spirit Race or facing some internal instability, a team of 20 or 30 people is extremely dangerous.

It may be wiped out by a silent raid by one party.

Zhu Lang believes that the risks are far greater than the benefits.

Let Xu Tui return to the No. 1 main base.

Xu Tui did not hesitate, and took the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, returned to the No. 1 main base, and returned to the No. 1 main base. It was already the 43rd day of the space raid.

As soon as Xu Tui returned, Zhu Lang held a head-level meeting. The participants were all regiments and heads and deputy heads.

"In the past few days, more and more people in the major joint districts are inquiring about us. Just yesterday, outside Base 9 and No. 10, other joint districts appeared. The team is of a tentative nature.

I think that we can no longer hide the great victory we have achieved." Zhu Lang straight to the point.

"Zhu Tuan, do you mean that people from other areas may be involved in black hands?" Li Shihua asked.

"Up to now, the alien resource bases are mainly in the hands of our Huaxia District, and then from the Russian Union and the Non-Union District. The Heavenly Dao Special Operations Group in the Huaya Region counts One, although the European Union District has obtained Base 14 before.

But the ore refining center of Base 14 was destroyed by Leixiang. You said, if they knew that our Huaxia District had enough With twelve alien resource bases, what would they think?   Especially so far, the Indo-Union zone and Mi-union zone that have not even been acquired by an alien base, and even the European Union, which has suffered heavy losses. District!" Zhu Lang said.

Jian Qi frowned, "The temporary communication tower has been established, they should not dare"

"There is nothing to dare! As long as they have the confidence to quickly wipe out some of our base forces , I think they have hands-on probability."

Zhu Lang's expression became extremely serious, "So, I have a proposal to shrink the line of defense and re-weave our defensive circle.

At the cost of giving up part of the base."

"How to give up?" Ruan Da asked.

"With No. 1 main base as the center circle, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 22, No. 23, the distance between these six bases and No. 1 main base , All within 3,000 kilometers, we are stationed at points to form an internal defensive circle.

And the fully automatic engineering robots we currently have have just met the full capacity of the ore refining centers of these bases. Needs.

The preliminary plan is that the Taiyi Special Forces Group stationed two bases, Haotian stationed two bases, Heavenspan stationed one base, our participating group stationed two bases, and another branch Manpower, and the Heavenspan Special Operations Group to help defend the No. 1 main base.

In addition, Haotian and Taiyi will also allocate a proportion of manpower to help defend the No. 1 main base.

Of course, this is just my proposal.

If you want to station more bases at the same time, you have to take greater risks yourself." Zhu Lang said.

"I have no opinion!"

Xu Tui was the first to express his opinion.

Zhu Lang's analysis is very rational.

And there is still a very important point that I didn’t point out, I’m very tired!   Especially the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces. After more than 40 days of fighting, the spirit and fleshy body are almost reaching their limits, and they need to rest!   A safe rest environment is needed.

The No. 1 main base is circularly arched in the center, which is a better resting environment.

"I agree."

Li Shihua made his second statement.

They are too small for the Special Operations Group itself, so they have a small number of manpower to help defend the No. 1 main base, and then divide the two bases, and the manpower seems very tense.

The only hesitation is Ruan Da.

They have two bases in Haotian, with a slightly larger number of people, and three bases separately, but the number of them is slightly smaller.

But after thinking about the warning that Cai Shaochu had conveyed through Dai Qi, Ruan Da decided to put it safe.

If a certain base is really annihilated by which alliance zone’s bad minds concentrated all its strength, then their Vast Sky Special Combat Group’s battle damage rate this time will have to exceed 15%. Up.

Then Ruan Da can be sure that the commander of the Haotian Special Team must be replaced!

Although there is a Planetary Grade powerhouse behind him, he can't stop Cai Shaochu's attack!

"I agree. But I want to know that we occupy a total of seven bases, and how to deal with the remaining five bases?

If you give it to them for nothing, it would be too cheap for them Right?"

"How could it be for nothing!"

Li Zhen laughed, "Of course I want to sell it, and I have to sell it at a good price!"

"If we all withdrew, how can we sell it? It is not easy to want other alliances to bleed?"

"It is not easy, but if I say, we have successfully deciphered the master of the ore refining center Program, can you control the main program of the ore refining center?" Li Zhen said with a smile.


Jianqi cry out in surprise, and stood up abruptly, "Deciphered the main program of the ore refining center. This is true and false. Going back, the minerals of our Huaxia District can definitely be improved by a big step!"

"It's just a preliminary control! However, no matter which joint district, we want to squint and occupy our base. Give it to Yuanjing.

Sorry, the ore refining center will be shut down immediately!" Li Zhen said with a smile.

While speaking, sharp eyes swept over unperturbed Xu Tui inadvertently.

That is, Xu Tui reported to them an astonishing situation, and Zhu Lang and Li Zhen made this decision.

Otherwise, for the remaining ten days of the space raid at this time, I'm afraid I won't even be able to sleep a good night's sleep.

"Let's do it then, I have no problem. After the regiments are stationed in the bases, they must do a good job in joint defense matters." Ruan Da added.

"I have to explain one thing to you, because these alien resource bases are all captured by the Heavenspan Special Forces, so the next five bases will be traded to obtain the source crystals. It belongs to the Heavenspan Special Operations Group. Our other groups will not be divided, nor are they eligible.

No problem, right?" Li Zhen said.

"No problem!"

Several head-level figures at the scene responded at the same time.

This time, the situation for the remaining seventeen days of the space invasion is basically set.

"Okay, if there is no problem, we will quickly delineate the respective defense zones, transfer materials, and mobilize personnel! At night, we will open a conference to divide the stolen goods!" Zhu Lang shouted.

hearing this, everyone present laughed, the harvest season is coming!   *****   Tell a sad story: My girl, Divine Beast Vermilion Bird, the eldest at home, got 79 points in the mid-term math test, and the highest score in the class was 93!

Then, brother sisters, brainstorm!   Finally, today is Mother's Day. I wish all mothers in the world peace and health!   (End of this chapter)

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