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  Chapter 558 Reasons for launching the war against the Blue Star (see monthly ticket)

Jupiter, advance base , In the small Conference Hall on the lower level of the command hall, the forward base commander Lei Shu and Major General Lei Zhen have been sitting relatively dry for a long time.

Of course, there is a third person.

Lei Qian, Lei Shu's adjutant, has been waiting for the two of them with tea and snacks. Although neither of them had a drink, Lei Qian still changed to new ones from time to time.

The internal organization of Spirit Race is more complicated.

Inside Spirit Race, the level of status has a great relationship with strength, but strength is not power.

After countless years of development, the internal regulations of Spirit Race have developed into a system with Spirit Race characteristics that is more suitable for Spirit Race.

Taking into account the powerful and extraordinary abilities of Spirit Race, it also establishes a power structure and can limit the power owner.

The highest authority is naturally the temple.

Inside the sanctuary, the power and status given to clansman are divided into two categories, one is similar to the title of the military rank.

For example, Major General.

Any spiritual race from cultivation base breakthrough to Planetary Grade will be awarded the rank of major general, and Lei Zhen is the case.

But this major general's rank is just status, not power. Power needs to be reflected by the position. For example, Lei Shu's rank is lieutenant general and the position is the commander-in-chief of the forward base. This is where the power is embodied.

Of course, this dual-track system is just a basic one. The size of the right to speak and the factors are extremely complicated.

At this time, Lei Shu and Lei Zhen sitting in this small Conference Hall basically control 50 to 60% of the voice of the entire forward base.

The capture of the Leixiang seems to only involve the life and death of the Leixiang, but in fact, the consequences can be continuously magnified!

"Brother, I can be sure that if the temple knows that the thunder elephant was captured and captured alive, it may reveal relevant important information. When the time comes, all the military arrangements of our forward base and the importance of the solar system Planet’s defense must be adjusted on a large scale.

Adjustment is only the second one. Someone must be responsible for this matter. Let me do it.

As long as you are still moving forward In the position of commander-in-chief of the base, the family in the clan will still be very safe.

I at worst went to the front line for ten or eight years." Lei Zhen said actively.

"This is the second thing. Defense adjustments are just to guard against a possible surprise attack by Blue Star's Planetary Grade powerhouse. But what if Leixiang vomits the quantum array core?" Lei Shu looked at it with determination. Lei Zhen.

This question made Lei Zhen's lips tight and speechless for a long while.

"Brother, can you conceal the Thunder Elephant with the quantum array core? When the time comes, even if the Thunder Elephant vomits, even if the Bluestar Human Race's quantum teleportation technology has made a leap Style development.

But what can it do?   Researching this thing is often the same as sudden enlightenment, suddenly advanced by leaps and bounds is also possible." Lei Zhen said.

"There has been a record. Anyone who accesses the quantum array core will record it and upload it to the temple database for record.

At the time, I only thought that it would be OK, so let Leixiang I took the quantum array core from the public library and regretted not using our own Lei Shu.

Lei Zhen's brows were frowned into Chuan, "There are records in the temple, it is difficult. Once the temple finds the thunder elephant is captured, the accountability may come down immediately.

When the time comes, I will push it out, it is definitely not qualified."

"It is useless for you to push it out. Once the Thunder Elephant and the quantum array core are discovered, then I, the commander-in-chief of the advance base, It’s about to be replaced.

When the time comes, our Lei Department’s hard work in the solar system over the years will be cheaper than other companies. When the time comes, the business in these years will probably not survive. One!" Lei Shu frowned.

"Directly changing the commander in chief, wouldn't it be so serious?" Lei Zhen frowned.

"A few other companies, which one is not fighting in the Milky Way, the solar system, this comfortable and promising location, are all staring at it.

This is just this The punishment after the incident is exposed, if Leixiang really handed over the quantum array core to Bluestar Human Race, when the time comes, the more severe punishment will definitely be behind!

Now, press Extreme Wind Seven According to the news that the surviving bases were contacted by the No. 2 Resource Star satellite, Leixiang was most likely to have been captured by the Bluestar Human Race Chinese people.” Lei Shu sighed.

"Brother, isn't there a renegade black hole from the Blue Star Human Race? Is it connected?"

"It is connected, it is determined that the Chinese people captured Leixiang , I learned from the black hole."

"Brother, let this black hole help us rescue the thunder elephant, how about a big reward?"

, This black hole is extremely cunning and extremely cautious. He directly said that he has no such ability and can only find ways to inquire about intelligence."

"Do you know the true identity of the black hole? Can you use this to threaten him to submit?" Lei Zhen asked Tao.

"I don't know." Lei Shu shook the head.

Lei Shu and Lei Zhen, in this small Conference Hall, fell into a long silence.

The minds of the two are constantly calculating and considering, because the next decision is very important.

Will determine their future!

This time, after sitting for two hours, Lei Shu spoke again.

"Now, I have two choices. You can choose for me."

"Brother, you say."

"The first choice, immediately Take the initiative to report this matter to the church to welcome the church’s disposal. I guess I will be transferred from the position of the forward base commander, but you should be able to stay.

We are in the family property of the solar system. , It should be able to retain 30-40%.

In the next few years, our life on this lineage will be a little sad.

This is the choice with the least loss.

After this incident is reported, even if Leixiang really surrenders the quantum array core, the subsequent punishment to me will not be too heavy!" Lei Shu said.

"Where is the Leixiang, where is the Xianger?" Lei Zhen asked.

"As soon as the temple takes over, Lei Xiang may have to be given up after this time."

Lei Zhen's face is dark, "Brother, I want to hear the second A choice!"

Hearing this, Lei Shu suddenly smiled, "The second choice is actually simple!"

"How to say?"

" War!"

"Start a war against the Blue Star humans, everything can be solved! Once the war is started, everything is up to me.

Moreover, together with the war, Leixiang’s things are not so conspicuous and important.

As for the consequences, if the war is won, or undefeated, then it is our success.

During the war, even if Leixiang’s affairs were uncovered, the sanctuary would not move us.

As long as we have some military exploits, we can offset this.

The tradition of being the first in combat has never changed.

The battlefield is changing rapidly, and there is a lot of maneuverability during this period, and there is even a great opportunity to rescue the thunder elephant." Lei Shu said.

"Then war! It is also very important to rescue the elephant. Among the next generation, there are not many innate talents like Xianger."

Don't Seeing Lei Zhen's choice was quick, but in fact, this is the answer after careful consideration.

Rather than bear the punishment and loss that you must bear, it is better to take a gamble or play a game. Maybe you can turn a bad thing into a good thing.

Lei Shu did not rush to nodded, but said with a bitter smile, "Xiao Zhen, do you know the consequences of the defeat of this war?"

"No one is Constant Victory General! Are there few losses in the clan over the years? Even if you fail, at most you and I will be liquidated and punished." Lei Zhen said.

"Not only that, all our interests in the solar system will be lost, all arrangements, all invalid, and even several decades in the future, will be sent to the forefront of the galactic battlefield."

"So what? You have to go to the left and right, it is better to fight hard. In case, this time the attack on Blue Star can win a lot.

Not to mention the occupation of the Blue Star homeland, it is to return to the fire star Or on the moon, the worst in the sanctuary would have to give you a quota for the sanctuary, right?" Lei Zhen said.

"This is true. But it is risky"

"The point is that not only is there a possibility of success, but also the probability of rescuing the thunder elephant is great!"

Lei Zhen With these words, Lei Shu made his final determination in an instant.


Lei Shu suddenly shouted lightly, and Lei Qian, who had been waiting here, immediately delivered a strong fruit wine with a strong dry aroma.

Lei Shu personally gave himself and Lei Zhenman.

"Since only war can solve the problem, start a war and do it!"

"Do it!"

Two large glasses of wine were drunk in one go, Lei Shu, who was still spitting alcohol, began to enter the role, "Then from now on. I will start planning the route, arranging supplies, various subordinate races, and ordering the generals of the base to advance, and at the same time make an open combat plan!   But you, take the staff of our Lei Department and come up with another combat plan for me!"

"Brother, don't worry, I must make this combat plan beautiful. Yes!"

"Xiao Zhen, I believe in your ability, but I still remind you a few points."

"First point, your secret combat plan must To ensure the military achievements and interests of our Lei Department, when necessary, we can even make other departments lose more.

After all, the purpose of this battle is to overcome difficulties for ourselves.

When the time comes, as long as there is a record, the other divisions will lose a little bit more, what about?

winner is the king, loser is the villain !" Lei Shu said.

"I understand!"

"The second point, the plan for rescuing the Leixiang should be done in a more detailed manner, starting from many aspects. I want to see Leixiang in the future after this setback It must be able to stand alone." Lei Shu said.

"Well, don’t worry, brother, I already have an idea. Besides, let me contact you if it’s black.

Since war is going to be launched, then this black hole, if it can If you make good use of it, you can definitely contribute surprises to us!" Lei Zhen asked.

"It's not just this black hole. I will also give you the contact channels and information of the Blue Star Dawn Redemption Organization that we have cultivated over the years. You will make plans together and use them as much as possible.

In this battle, we can only succeed, not fail!   Success, you will be able to set foot in the highest power hall of my Spirit Race, if you fail." Lei Shu's eyes were solemn.

"Brother, don't worry, I know!"

"Well, well, the battle plan must be perfect and meticulous. You still have a lot of time to do it. But now, there is A task, you need to complete it for me within three days."

"Please command the commander!" Lei Zhen snapped a military salute.

"Within three days, I need you to give me a reason for launching a war against the Blue Star that no one of us can deny!"

"The commander can rest assured and promise to complete Mission!"

Lei Shu patted Lei Zhen’s shoulders and left in a big stride. From now on, he will be busy!   *****   Thanks to all the handsome big brothers and sisters for your concern, Divine Beast is almost eleven years old, and is no longer suitable for mixed doubles. At home, I still have to talk about feelings, but I am a little worried!   (End of this chapter)

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