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  Chapter 559 Auction and Redemption Angel (first update)   By Zhu In a resource base bidding communication channel led by Lang, it was extremely lively.

Those who are eligible to be pulled into this communication channel are the commanders and deputy commanders of the special combat groups of the participating regiments, with more than fifty people.

At this moment, Li Zhen is making the final announcement before the auction.

"Dear heads and deputy heads, the auction will start in fifteen minutes. The rules and subject matter of this auction will be introduced below.

First of all, because of the different planet. , All procedures are simplified, and there is no need for a deposit or anything.

But after the bid is completed, if the source cannot be received within 30 hours, we will start the backup program, remotely shut down and silently The base’s ore refining center."

The first one was just thrown out, and in this auction communication channel, it was like a pot fried.

"Your Huaxia District can remotely close and silence the ore refining center of the alien resource base. Have you completely deciphered the main program of the ore refining center of the alien resource base?"

"Your Huaxia District has hacked into the main program of the Ore Refining Center?"

"Is it completely deciphered, or is it just control?"

One question after another, I directly swiped the screen .

Zhu Lang and Li Zhen of the No. 1 main base, including Xu Tui who is also in the auction channel, all watched these questions screen and laughed.

According to Li Zhen's suggestion, before bidding, first brighten the knife, so that these people don't have any crooked thoughts.

At the same time, I also gave these people a bite of fat to make them greedy.

Huaxia District can decipher the main program of the ore refining center of the alien resource base, does that mean that they can too?

But the prerequisite for deciphering the main program of the ore refining center of the alien resource base is that you must have an intact alien resource base of the ore refining center.

Hang out a bite of fat to get a good price.

A few minutes later, waiting for the bidding communication channel to quiet down, Li Zhen said again, "Our technicians have only temporarily hacked into the main program of the ore refining center. They have not been deciphered, but the deciphering should only be It’s a matter of time."

"The auction will begin immediately. All the alien bases and ore refining centers that have been taken out to participate in the auction are intact. There is also a cultivation hall underground with a channel for energy gushing out. The source energy concentration is about the level of absorbing one gram of source crystal in two hours.

There are five alien resource bases taken out for auction this time. The first base is the No. 12 base we occupied before. , The starting price is 1500 grams of source crystal, and the price increase shall not be less than 50 grams of source crystal."

"Deputy Commander Li, I have a question. Fifty-five days ago, Heavenspan Special Operations Group sold For base 14 in the European Union area, only 1,600 grams of the source crystal, it is now the 43rd day of the space raid, and there are still 16 days before the return.

Why is the starting price set? That's so high?   I think you need to set a reasonable starting price. It's only sixteen days, and the income is very limited?" Dan Rick, the head of the Free Special Forces in Milian District, asked the first question.

The auction communication channel is a bit quiet.

Obviously, this question asked the point, and it is also a question that everyone cares about.

"I will give you a piece of data. When the ore refining center is fully loaded, the number of metal ingots produced in a day is between 240 and 310. The proportion of rare metal ingots is about a percentage. The fifth is like this.

Well, let’s do it, the auction will begin."

"Head of Li Zhen, even so, after we have paid for the source crystal, we have the remaining ten days The income, deducting the labor cost and other costs, will still lose money, I suggest"

"You can not participate in the auction!"

Shocking without the slightest hesitation interrupted the meter Dan Rick, the commander of the United Zone Freedom Special Forces, was choked and lost his voice on the spot.

"I would like to emphasize the discipline of bidding. From now on, the bidding begins, and all people who follow the bidding rules, bargaining or disrupt the bidding, I will remove them and their special forces from the bidding channel.

Since I have no intention of bidding, there is no need to participate."

After that, Li Zhen added, "I am a soldier!"

The underlying meaning is that I do what I say! The   entire auction communication channel immediately quieted down.

"Well, the bidding for the 12th Alien Resource Base will start now. The starting price is 1500 grams of source crystal, and the price increase shall not be less than 50 grams of source crystal."

The earthquake announced the start, and soon someone would increase the fare.

However, the competition for this first base was not fierce. The only bids were the European Union and the Russian Union. In the end, the price of 1850 grams of Yuanjing was taken away by the European Union participating team.

And the Russian Union District bid, it is considered to be a trust!   The bidding for the second base is a bit interesting. The Indo-Union District offered a price, but did not keep up. Instead, the Euro-Union District made successive bids and won the second with 1950 grams of Yuanjing. base.

The third base started bidding, and it became very interesting.

Because no one had expected before that the European Union District actually bid for two alien resource bases in a row, and the third alien resource base will continue to bid.

Many people immediately realized what the European Union is going to do! The   European Union zone suffered heavy losses this time, and the Eternal Special Forces regiment was almost annihilated. With the current record, after the return of the leader of the European Union zone participating regiments, not only the six major alliance areas have no light on the surface, but also suffered internally. The punishment is even severe.

Only by gaining extraordinary gains in other directions, can we make up for the previous losses.

Alien strategic resource base, they can't attack it, but they can buy it at this time.

Therefore, the European Union region bids very positively.

The Milian District, which had been on the sidelines before, finally couldn't sit still.

The body is more honest than the mouth.

There are a total of five alien resource bases. If three are taken by the European Union Zone, if one is not good, they will not be able to get one of the Milian Zone.

Everyone knows that the greater value of taking the alien resource base at this moment is the potential meaning, influence and harvest.

When I left, some parts of the ore refining center were dismantled, which also has research significance!   Therefore, as soon as the Milian District, which is unable to sit still, participates in the auction, several of the joint districts participating in the auction will soon have their brains beaten out.

The non-union zone and the Russian zone have participated in the previous operations. One family now has two bases and the Russian zone has three bases.

So after being faithful for a while, he withdrew from the auction.

The auction has become a competition between Indo-Union District and Mid-Union District.

The transaction price of the third resource base, as high as 2,300 grams of source crystal, was taken away by the Milian District.

Chi Guoguo's face.

Previously, the Milian District thought that 1500 grams of source crystals were all high. In the end, they bid 2300 grams of source crystals themselves!   However, when bidding for the fourth resource base, a strange phenomenon suddenly appeared.

After the special combat regiments of the Indo-Union District and Mi-Lian District made a bid of 1850 grams of source crystal, no one bid.

It can be seen that the most likely reason is that the Indo-Union District and the Mi-Lian District have communicated behind the scenes and want to win the last two bases at a low price.

Li Zhen laughed, and directly contacted the head of the participating regiment of the Russian Union Area. There is no request. Isn’t that a waste?

However, the Heavenly Dao Special Operations Group, which has always been unknown, suddenly increased its fares without waiting for the Russian Union Zone Participating Group.

The Heavenly Dao Special Operations Group is a special operations group jointly formed by communities in the Huaya Region, such as Yamato District, Singapore and Malaysia District, and South Korea Sector. The internal complex is relatively complicated, but there are also a large number of people.

Before, the Heavenly Dao Special Operations Group bought an alien resource base.

For the participation of the Heavenly Dao Special Forces Group, there was the Indo-Union District and the Mi-Lian District that had been discussed in the background, so I was in a hurry.

These communities in Huaya Region, such as Yamato District, Singapore and Malaysia District, and South Korea Sector. These districts are characterized by a small population but strong technological and economic strength.

In short, it's not bad money! With   a violent roar, the price soared to 2450 grams of source crystal.

In the end, this fourth alien resource base was succeeded by the Heavenly Dao Special Forces at the price of 2450 grams of source crystal.

Then, the Milian District and the Yinlian District were confused!   According to their private discussion, in the remaining three bases, two in the Milian District and one in the Indo-Union District, and then the three bases of the two have internal research and interoperability.

After all, only enough samples can decipher the probability.

Take another ten thousand steps to say that demolition is also a technical job.

This ore refining center will not be demolished. As a result of random demolitions, the things you bring back may be rubbish!   Demolition, the big guy will not take it.

However, the Milian District negotiated with the Yinlian District, and when it returned, the second base that was photographed in Milian District should be demolished and practiced.

In this case, the value of the removed items will be great.

Of course, more than that.

However, the plan was disrupted by the Heavenly Dao Special Operations Group.

The Heavenly Dao Special Forces team and including the European Union Division actually played the same idea.

There must be two bases, one for practice, and strive to get the most benefit! It's   just that the Indo-Union District and Mi-Lian District are confused.

The most direct consequence is that when the fifth resource base is auctioned, the brains of the Milian District and the Indo-Union District have to be played out.

The Milian District has already got one, and I want to get the second one, so the value of research is even higher. But the problem is that the Indo-Union District did not get any of them.

Don't talk about research, just talk about on the surface. The six major alliances have turned around. In terms of record, the other five major alliances have obtained the alien resource base, but you have not got the Indian alliance?

When the time comes, who does the commander clean up?   The Union of India District is determined to win a resource base, and is bidding hard.

The Milian District is also cruel to win the second resource base, all the way to death!   As a result, the fire directly reached 3750 grams of source crystal.

In the end, the Indian Union District got the fifth base.

This has something to do with their future.

As for the previous two Europa League regions, at this moment apart from being fortunate or fortunate, fortunately they started early.

Otherwise, they can shout at the price, but they can't pay it.

In fact, there are not too many source crystals in the participating groups and special operations groups.

In the temporary resident of Milian District, the heads of the participating regiments and special operations regiments looked very ugly.

The previous negotiation resolution was jointly approved by them.

But now, their faces slapped themselves! In the   No. 1 main base, Xu Tui, Zhao Hailong, Cui Xi, and other deputy heads, looked at the wave of quotations and laughed from ear to ear.

The offer for this last base is so exciting.

3750 grams, which is still the price offered by the Union District!

This handful of wool is so refreshing!

Because Li Zhen had something to say first, the source crystal must be delivered within a day, otherwise it will be regarded as a flow auction theory, and the auction must be re-bid.

For this reason, the special battle groups of participating groups that have obtained alien resource bases by bidding are extremely active in delivering the source crystals.

Of course, it is also to get the control right of the base's ore refining center immediately, produce, pay back, and then research! The   first company to send Yuanjing to the Union of India was unexpectedly, which surprised Zhu Lang and the others.

As for the Indo-Union District's request to enter the No. 1 main base, it was flatly rejected by Li Zhen!

It is worth mentioning that the leader of the European Union zone was personally delivered by the leader of the participating regiment Clade to the two bases for bidding.

The reason why Clad came here in person is because it involves the transfer of prisoners!   Of course, it was not the captives of the Huaxia Participating Group, but the 20 members of the Eternal Special Forces captured by Leixiang’s team, including the leader of the Eternal Special Forces Fisher.

After breaking through the No. 1 main base, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group discovered this group of prisoners.

As the Blue Star Human Race, it is naturally easy to save lives.

However, these twenty people who were captured were not lightly injured. After being captured, they were also controlled by the clansman, the weapon spirit, with severed hands and legs.

You can only contact people in the European Union area and hand over the rescued prisoners to those in the European Union area.

To be honest, during the handover process, the so-called gratitude of the leader of the European Union participating group Clade is only in official words, and there is not much sincerity!   Clade has already recalled, when they bought Base 14 from the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, they had fallen into the pit! The   Leixiang’s raid not only destroyed the ore refining center at Base 14, but also caused them heavy casualties!   But it can only knock down teeth and swallow blood.

There is no place to reason.

Who makes them greedy!   It was the commander of the Eternal Special Operations Group, Fisher, and a group of members. When they were handed over, they looked excited and even cried on the spot!   Because they were desperate from the moment they were captured!   But no one didn't expect that the Heavenspan Special Forces rescued them as angels!

Yes, Heavenspan Special Forces is their angel!

"Xu, thank you, thank you for saving me, you are our redemption angel!"

"Thank you, I will repay you, my eternal friends!"

*****   Today add more changes, three changes!

Well, everyone who subscribes and smashes tickets is the redemption angel of Zhu San!

(End of this chapter)

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