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  Chapter 561 The second evolution (for the arable land, the Haiwang Alliance Leader circle)

The Space Invasion War Chapter Forty-five days, the No. 1 main base.

This is the most leisurely day of the Heavenspan Special Forces since the beginning of the space raid.

Early in the morning, Xu Tui personally made a dark meal for all the members and changed their tastes.

In fact, Xu Tui's cooking skills are still great.

Take the cooking skills that you can try out by yourself.

But in this different planet, Xu Tui can use too few materials.

Is just a little salt, a bag of compressed pepper sauce, two bags of compressed dehydrated vegetables, and ten packets of compressed biscuits.

The taste is actually pretty good.

For the members who have been eating compressed biscuits for more than forty days, the extra salt and pepper flavor can make them swallow their tongues.

The point is that when the compressed biscuits are boiled, they become a pot of paste, which is still dark yellow in color.

If this is on the blue star or the moon, whoever sees it will vomit, let alone eat it.

But at this main base, the food was delicious, and even the alloy pot bottom that was temporarily found to deal with was scraped clean by Cui Xi and Yan Lie.

If it hadn't been for Xu Tui to leave a copy for Yanghuai long ago, it is estimated that this guy would not even have a chance to lick the bottom of the pot.

Yanghuai is still suffering from the thunder elephant! It's   been almost five days.

But Xu Tui is not in a hurry. He generally knows the method used by Yang Huai. Normally, few people can survive this eagle-like method.

Especially in the case of pharmaceutical cooperation.

To some extent, it is only a matter of time before Lei Xiang’s mouth is opened.

The key is to pry out something!

Now, we are waiting for the result of Yanghuai.

In the morning, Xu Tui’s dark dishes, Cui Xi’s meat jokes, and Zhao Hailong’s silver spear dance. At the end of the day, Xu Tui started, and everyone sang a chorus of Chinese power ( The name of the song is actually the power of China).

This is the decompression of the changed method, liberating all the members of the participating group from the tight state of war!

The war trauma syndrome is not a joke.

Especially the front-line combatants, during the war, looked as okay as the man in the hall. Once the war broke out, someone might be ruined!

Various small programs tossed for an hour, except for the guards, the big guys started to enter the cultivation state, and each cultivation was different.

Xu Tui is also rare to sit down and start focusing on cultivation.

This is the first time that Xu Tui has time to relax and sit down and observe his current state after breaking through to genetic evolution five days ago.

The improvement of the fleshy body state, Xu Tui's own feeling, is still very obvious.

For example, one-handed weightlifting, before the breakthrough, Xu Tui's record was about 210kg.

Recently, after breakthrough to genetic evolution, Xu Tui's one-handed weight lifting has soared to 350kg.

As for how to measure it, it's simple.

A metal ingot of a hundred kg level, just manipulate one, you can make a metal dumbbell.

Of course, no one cares about the details of snatch or clean and jerk.

Compared with Zhao Hailong, Cui Xi, Tao Guan, Yan Lie and a bunch of muscular men, just lift it up.

Zhao Hailong has a ton of power with one hand, Xu Tui is incomparable.

However, weak classmates like Miao Huanshan can only draw circles in one corner.

Xu Tui's strength is already comparable to that of Yan Lie of the limit system.

Of course, this is because Yan Lie hasn't had a breakthrough in evolution.

However, Xu Tui feels that his fleshy body is slowly being strengthened and improved.

Normally, from breakthrough to genetic evolution, about three to five days, evolution is basically over.

Xu Tui may be due to autonomous evolution, and it may take a little longer.

Moreover, the improvements brought about by evolution are all-round.

For example, load, speed and so on.

Xu Tui's current speed, without the help of any external force, has steadily rushed to within three seconds of a hundred meters, or 2.9 seconds of a hundred meters.

If you use spirit strength to boost it, you can do it in two seconds per 100 meters.

From insider, there is still only one Level 3 golden genetic ability chain in Xu Tui's body. Spirit strength lashes out the genetic ability chain.

From the inside, you can see that with the continuous flow of energy in this Level 3 genetic chain, there are continuous golden light spots escaping to all directions of the body.

The level effect of the genetic chain in the body is not over, it is still improving, but it is weak.

However, after five days, none of the genetic ability chain has been completely strengthened into a Level 3 genetic ability chain under this horizontal effect.

After thinking about it, Xu Tui pinched two source crystals and continued his cultivation.

The source energy is inhaled into the body, and Xu Tui directly guides the chain of strengthening the seven-two-point genetic ability chain again.

At seventy-two, Xu Tui has been cultivation for five days.

Because the breakthrough has reached the genetic evolutionary state, when this chain is strengthened again, the fear of life instinct in my heart is already much weaker.

still exists, but basically does not affect cultivated.

Since breakthrough to the evolutionary stage, Xu Tui has always wanted to completely strengthen several genetic ability chains to Level 3.

But after thinking about it for a long time, considering the horizontal effect, Xu Tui finally felt that from the point of view of the horizontal effect, the more genetic capability chains with more genetic basis points, the horizontal effect caused by the level 3 is thoroughly strengthened. It should be bigger!

The strengthening effect on one's body position should be better and faster!

In the cultivation data of the genetic research institute, there are very few cultivators. After a breakthrough is made for a long time in the genetic evolutionary environment, after a certain breakthrough, it will trigger the horizontal effect again, triggering a second degree of evolution. !

This situation is very rare.

But they all have a common feature. There are many genetic basis points for the ability of breakthrough to trigger second-degree evolution, most of which are more than 30.

The genetic research institute wants to do similar in-depth research, but the research cycle is too long and too difficult, and it will not stop at the end. It is only kept as data in the genetic research institute.

Xu Tui searched through Ah Huang's keywords and saw this information.

Only then have such a judgment.

This is also the reason why Xu Tui did not rush to completely strengthen other genetic chains to Level 3 in the past few days to improve battle strength.

Xu Tui wants to try, can it lead to secondary evolution?   Because of the seventy-two genetic basis points, the strengthening of the chain of the large genetic chain at seventy-two o'clock, Xu Tui spent five days in water, but did not complete it.

But today, there is nothing else to interrupt. Xu Tui spent most of the day working on this.

Basically, it is consumed at the rate of 15 grams of source crystal each hour.

After nearly six hours of continuous cultivation, Xu Tui felt his head tremble suddenly. The spirit strength that was originally convergent fluctuated suddenly, and the moment it opened, the eyes were golden even more. light shine!

In the cultivation hall, four transcenders, Li Zhen, Yan Xuejin, Mu Xingluan, and Miao Huanshan, were shocked and looked towards Xu Tui's direction at the same time.

"Is this group leader's spirit strength so strong?" Miao Huanshan muttered dullly!

Li Zhen also froze.

She always thought that regardless of battle strength, it would not be much worse than Xu Tui in terms of spirit strength, but this would completely release Xu Tui's spirit strength breath, and directly shock Li Zhen. Arrived.

In her induction, Xu Tui’s spirit strength is like a mountain, making her look up in addition to looking up!

Very small!   Mu Xingluan stared at the spirit strength Xu Tui, and then whispered softly for a while, "Continue cultivation. Only by continuing cultivation can you keep up with the leader!"

In fact At the moment when the spirit strength swings open, Xu Tui is really uncontrollable.

When the big genetic ability chain at 72 o'clock completely strengthened the Level 3 golden genetic ability chain, Xu Tui's body under the inner view, the golden light flashed in an instant.

The golden genetic energy chain with seventy-two genetic basis points strung together, just like the volley of the sun, shining every corner of Xu Tui's body in a flash.

Compared with it, the previous spirit strength flogged the Level 3 golden genetic ability chain, just like the difference between the sun and the moon.

Almost at the same time, indescribable heat spread from the head to all directions.

At this moment, Xu Tui felt every cell in his body cheering, every muscle was swelling, and the bones were itchy.

Soon, an indescribable hunger pandemic.

Xu Tui felt his stomach twitch.

"Give me a biscuit!" Xu Tui stretched out weakly, and poured the energy supplement potion wildly.

This feeling is even stronger than in the breakthrough genetic evolutionary environment!   Next, Xu Tui is like a starving ghost reborn, chewing on the hard compressed biscuits.

Finally, Cui Xi directly crushed the compressed biscuits and soaked them in water. Xu Tui didn't know how he ate the dark dishes like Xiang.

The key is to be hungry.

Hungry like stomach twitching!   This state did not ease until an hour later.

"Fuck, you seem to have grown taller again!" Miao Huanshan exclaimed.

After an induction, Xu Tui is roughly certain that he has grown taller again, 1.8 meters tall.

Really achieved a second evolution!

Moreover, this is just the beginning of the second evolution.

The second evolution is estimated to continue for several days.

Xu Tui is most concerned about the increase in the total amount of spirit strength.

Regardless of whether there is a secondary evolution, the 72-point genetic ability chain is completely strengthened to become a Level 3 genetic ability chain, and the spirit strength will definitely be greatly improved.

First of all, Xu Tui measured the distance of the telepathy.

Previously, there was no need for an increase of 1800 meters, which would directly increase to 2350 meters.

After that, Xu Tui went directly outside the base and began to test the many powers of Flying Sword, Shanzi Jue, and Tattoo Jue.

Half an hour later, Xu Tui stepped on the Flying Sword and returned to the base very windy.

Of course, it is the slow one.

But Xu Tui's spirit strength can already withstand the basic consumption of Xu Tui Controlling Sword Flight.

When the spirit strength genetic chain is strengthened to Level 3 golden, the consumption of Controlling Sword Flight will be greatly reduced.

When the time comes, Controlling Sword Flight can become another method of Xu Tui.

Of course, when you can use technology and equipment to hurry, you must use technology and equipment to hurry.

Controlling Sword Flight is only used in emergency situations.

Anyway, when Controlling Sword Flight, spirit strength must be consumed continuously!

Thirty percent!   After testing, Xu Tui basically judged that after the 72-point genetic ability chain was completely strengthened to Level 3 golden, the spirit strength skyrocketed by 30%.

The spirit strength has skyrocketed by 30%, and the power of other extraordinary abilities has also been improved accordingly.

Feeling the surging power growing in his body, Xu Tui's heart suddenly moved.

He has completely strengthened the 72-point genetic ability chain to Level 3 golden. Next, if the genetic chains such as Shanzi Jue, Tiaozi Jue, and Imperial Objects are also thoroughly strengthened to Level 3 What?

Then his battle strength, isn't it going to increase exponentially? How   strong is that?

Is this the reason for his autonomous evolution?

Or is it because he is an extremely rare abnormal cultivator that strengthens all the genetic base points in the genetic chain to Level 3 golden?   Xu Tui is a little confused.

His current state, no one can give him a reference!

Holding the source crystal in his hand, constantly supplementing and supporting the body's second evolution, Xu Tui, with a bitter face, began to complete the homework assigned by Cai Shaochu.

Four ancient Chinese booklets with different fonts, each with a range of one to two thousand characters, and a single character has to be written one hundred thousand times. Xu Tui thinks this is an impossible task.

However, Xu Tui felt that the learning task assigned by a Planetary Grade powerhouse would definitely not be a pastime for him. Therefore, Xu Tui took advantage of his spare time to complete the role assigned by Cai Shaochu.

Copy these ancient seal and oracle bone inscriptions.

Work hard first. As for whether it can be completed, it depends on the time.

In the evening, Xu Tui, who was immersed in copying, was suddenly shivered by Yan Lie’s cry out in surprise. The simple pen he made broke!   "Leader, Old Yang said, the eagle is cooked, and the thunder elephant is vomiting!"

Hearing this, Xu Tui suddenly stood up!

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