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  Chapter 562 Longevity Without Borders (first update) When   Xu Tui rushed to the interrogation room, first What I saw were Yang Huai's bloodshot eyes that were about to protrude.

Just like a big red-eyed bunny.

Yanghuai spent five days and five nights with Leixiang. In fact, why not Leixiang spent five days and five nights with Yanghuai.

The only advantage of Yanghuai is the freedom to eat and drink.

But for five days and five nights, I didn't leave the interrogation room for half a step. In order to keep it going, I injected several stimulants into myself.

I have to say that this Leixiang is a tough guy. With this interrogation method that can directly destroy spirit willpower, it can last five days and five nights.

According to the information found by Xu Tui, most people vomit within two days of this so-called torture. Very few people can last for three days. Those who can last for four or five days are rare. Up.

"How about, do I need to rest, can I hold it?"

Entering the door, Xu Tui did not rush to ask, but first cared about the situation in Yanghuai .

Hearing this, Yang Huai with blushing eyes looked at Lei Xiang and sneered, "It's okay, I can survive the next three days.

Leader, this boy is now Consciousness has fallen into a state of semi-collapse. Because I have been through him for five days, the relationship between me and him is a bit like an eagle and an eagle.

Aroused his instinctive fear reaction.

If you need to ask for information later, the leader should make a list. Let me ask. Listen, leader, the accuracy of intelligence is higher." Yang Huai Said.

Xu Tui nodded, but Cui Xi laughed aside, "During the raid that day, this man also said that he would train us into dogs. In a blink of an eye, he was trained into dogs first."

To be honest, the image of Leixiang at this time can be described as terrible.

There is almost no good flesh on the chest and abdomen, but the wound is very neat.

The same scarlet eyes were wide open, and the bright spotlight shone on his eyes to ensure that it would be useless for him to close his eyes.

At this moment, consciousness has entered a state of semi-collapse.

"Give me water, let me sleep well"

"Give me water, I will say everything"

Yang Huai stepped forward and dipped it with a cotton swab He added a little water and gently wiped it on Lei Xiang's lips. The moist feeling caused Lei Xiang's throat and mouth to twitch wildly.

"What's your name?"

"Thunder elephant."

"Where do you come from?"

"Spirit Race, Leibu "

"Your identity."

"The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Advance Base."

This answer made everyone in the interrogation room look at them. Then became stunned.

Big fish!   Previously, they only thought that Leixiang had a higher bloodline status in Spirit Race and had a stronger strength, but now, Leixiang’s true identity is actually the former deputy chief of staff of the base of Spirit Race.

This is so special!

From this position, the Deputy Chief of Staff, most of the military secrets of Spirit Race’s forward base should be known.

Frozen for a second, Xu Tui suddenly said, "Old Cui, you go personally, please come over, please head Zhu Lang.

We need him to verify this Leixiang’s True identity."


Whether Lei Xiang is the under-chief of the staff, Zhu Lang, a professional soldier, asks a few intelligence points, and it is estimated that he will be able to verify it.

Moreover, if Leixiang is really the deputy chief of staff of the advance base, then the next interrogation will require professionals like Zhu Lang and others to ask professional questions in order to dig out Leixiang’s greatest value. !   Fifteen minutes later, Zhu Lang arrived in a hurry.

Zhu Lang only asked two questions, then directed at Xu Tui nodded.

"Verified from intelligence, the identity of the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Leixiang Advance Base should be true. What do you plan to do next?" Zhu Lang said.

"This Leixiang has great value in mining. Whether it is cultivation or military, I will try it first and then hand it over to you." Xu Tui said.

Zhu Lang looked at Xu Tui and gently nodded, "I've written down this favor. But don't worry, no matter what you dig out from this kid, when you return to the moon to report your merits , There is definitely a copy of your Heavenspan Special Forces."

Xu Tui nodded, no more nonsense, just made a list, and let Yanghuai, the eagle man, interrogate Leixiang.

Not long after the trial, Xu Tui's heart suddenly moved, "You said, how much battle strength this thunder elephant can have now?"

"Battle strength? It should be gone, right? ?" Cui Xi said.

Xu Tui looked towards Zhu Lang. The research conducted by the military must be more and more complicated than the genetic research institute.

"There may be battle strength, but as far as the Blue Star Human Race is concerned, the human body has survived to this level, and the battle strength may not even exist.

In this state, It’s actually very difficult to give out extraordinary abilities.

Even if it can barely give out, it also requires extremely difficult self-willpower struggles and fluctuations. In layman’s terms, he wants to emit extraordinary powers in this state. Attacks take time and cannot be instantaneous as before." Zhu Lang said.

Xu Tui hearing this, took a look at Yanghuai, "The information he confided next may be critical.

In order to confirm the authenticity of the information, make sure that he will not keep a hand. , So I add a piece of insurance."

"Take his shielding helmet and shielding nails temporarily." Xu Tui said.

Yanghuai was taken aback, and immediately followed suit.

Almost when the shielding cap and shielding nails were removed, Xu Tui's mental resonance first touched the Spiritual Body of Leixiang.

Confusion, collapse, pain, wanting to be relieved   all kinds of complex intelligence assaults the senses.

Xu Tui didn't have hypnosis. In this case, using hypnosis might make Leixiang fall asleep on the spot, but let him rest completely.

The soul radiates, and the soul covers the past at the same time.

Spiritual resonance and mental radiation can distinguish whether the Leixiang’s answer is conscious or unconscious, and whether it is false.

Mind covering, but it can strengthen Yanghuai's deterrent against thunder elephants.

"During the battle at this time, did Bluestar Human Race contact you?" Xu Tui asked the first extremely sensitive and critical question.


Leixiang's answer refreshed everyone's spirits. This time there are traitors inside the Human Race who participated in the space raid warfare!

"Who is it?"

"Black hole."

"Speak clearly."

"This person calls himself a black hole. Those who contacted us gave us some intelligence support."

"What kind of intelligence support?"

"The location of the special warfare group that was destroyed by us is him. Yes."

Xu Tui and Zhu Lang looked at each other, and their eyes were shocked. There is such a complicated situation behind the destruction of the Eternal Special Forces in the European Union.

"Do you know the specific identity of the black hole?"

"I don't know."

"If you cooperate with the black hole, don't you ask about his specific identity? ?"

"I asked, he didn't say that this black hole is very cautious."

"Then does he have any characteristics?"

"I don't know. "

"The black hole has concluded several transactions with you, what did they do?"

"A total of three transactions were concluded, two relatively backward technologies were traded, and a cultivation method."

"Let’s talk about it."

"I only know the direction. I can’t tell the specific technology, but I know the cultivation method."

"What's the use of the broken silver box when you broke through to the quasi Planetary Grade that day? Why did you break the silver box during the breakthrough?" Xu Tui suddenly asked a heavy question.

This question caused Lei Xiang's spirit to struggle violently, and it seemed to have touched some of his psychological bottom line.

Without Xu Tui's order, Yanghuai, the eagle-boiler, took a step forward. The small blunt knife just hit the Lei Xiang's skin, and the Lei Xiang trembled involuntarily.

"The spirit box is a purified spirit box."

"Well, the performance is good, answer a few more questions, and you can rest." Yanghuai retracted the small box. The blunt knife gave the Lei Xiang another drop of water.

The Leixiang murmured, "Really?"


The few people who were watching had a chill. The method of interrogation is really terrifying!   Theoretically speaking, as long as the interrogator has enough patience, there is no one who will not speak up!

Of course, those who have received professional anti-reconnaissance and anti-interrogation training have to say something else.

"What's the use of the purified spirit box? Why do you use it when you break through to Quasi Planetary Grade?"

"It can strengthen our source core and greatly improve The effect of breakthrough."

"What is the source core?"

"The source core is the spirit."

This answer, let Xu Tui and the others listen There are some fucking eggs, which is tantamount to no answer.

Yanghuai asked in a soft voice, "Let’s change the language and be more specific."

"The core of the Spiritual Body."

Yanghuai still wants Asked, but was stopped by Xu Tui, Xu Tui already understood it by and large.

The so-called source core is the spirit, which is the core of the spiritual body.

In fact, Spiritual Body is the combination of spirit strength and spirit. If you exclude spirit strength, the source core is spirit.

To be more layman, if it is explained in the secular terms of Blue Star, it should refer to the soul.

The soul in the pure sense.

That is the so-called spirit again!   Xu Tui has scanned a large number of Chinese traditional cultural classics before, and his understanding is amazing.

However, if this is the case, then the role of the so-called Spirit Physique is a bit scary!

In order to gain spirit, Spirit Race created Spirit Physique?

Use Bluestar Human Race as a material for cultivation.

"Your so-called Spirit Physique, including your invasion of the Blue Star, are all for the purpose of gaining spirit? The materials used to obtain this kind of cultivation?"

"Cultivating Spirit Physique? It is indeed for the spirit. Invading the blue star and obtaining the spirit is also one of the main purposes.

But whether it is breeding Spirit Physique or invading the blue star to obtain the spirit, it is not for cultivation to use advanced materials. ."

"Why do you say that?"

"The use of the spirit box is not necessary for breakthrough to quasi-planetary grade, just to make it stronger after breakthrough.

Our extensive cultivation of Spirit Physique and gaining spirit are all for survival!" Lei Xiang said.

This statement made Xu Tui, Zhu Lang and the others confused.

"The spirit is only for survival? Your Spirit Race is so powerful? The invasion of the blue star is only for survival?"

"Not just us, Daxi people, Muya people need Spirit, both need to return to the solar system, and both need to return to the blue star, otherwise, they will eventually go to extinction!" These words shocked Xu Tui and the others.

Xu Tui This is the first time I have heard of Daxi and Muya people.

"The Daxi people and Muya people, I have seen records in the internal reference, the enemies of Spirit Race, the Planetary Grade powerhouse that went out to explore, it is said that they have had contact with them, but they are all outside the solar system. "Zhu Lang said.

Xu Tui was stunned.

This is so special, the military or the high-level knows more information than he thought.

"Do you know about the spirit?" Xu Tui asked when he looked at Zhu Lang.

Zhu Lang shook the head, "I don't know, but Cai Shaochu Principal established the Galaxy Spirit Research Institute, which is enough to represent the importance of the blue star to the spirit."

" Why do you Spirit Race, Daxi tribe, and Muya need spirits? You all need to return to the solar system and return to the blue star?   Why do you say that you are returning?Have   they survived or stayed in the solar system before?" Xu Tui had a question in his head.

This question made Leixiang’s thoughts clearly confused, "I don’t know, I don’t know"

"Then how do you or your Spirit Race know this?"

"Saint Ancestor announced in the sanctuary."

As soon as this statement came out, Zhu Lang's expression changed first, "Is Saint Ancestor more than ninety years ago? Killed my ten-constellation Blue Star starship, and the two Planetary Grade powerhouses and the four quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses including the Planetary Grade powerhouse Cheng Fengxi?"

"I don’t know. But Saint Ancestor did make one shot more than ninety years ago."

Suddenly, both Xu Tui and Zhu Lang shudder!

"He is still alive?"

"Saint Ancestor, longevity, how can you die?"

******   Indebted It feels very bad, but Zhu San’s dreams in the past few days are plots.

There are a little more pits to dig today. Write slowly. Zhu San will try his best to complete the third shift, and the third shift may be postponed to tomorrow morning.

(End of this chapter)

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