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  Chapter 563 Quantum   Dimensional Chain (Second More) The meaning of Leixiang’s spit, Xu Tui has already Indescribable.

There are too many messages confided!

A lot of information, not only the first time Xu Tui heard it, but also the first time Zhu Lang heard it.

The interrogation at this time lasted for a full ten hours.

Because of the long duration, Yanghuai injected Leixiang with a stimulant, five times the dose.

Without the blessing of stimulants, the Leixiang will pass out on the spot.

Severe injuries, constant torture and five days and five nights of sleeplessness, Leixiang is on the verge of collapse.

After the interrogation lasted ten hours, the state of Leixiang had become very unstable.

The answer to the question has become a kind of babble, and I can't answer the point, more like a kind of nonsense.

"Head, he has to rest. His will has collapsed. If this continues, this kid may die suddenly or mentally."

As a boiled eagle People, Yanghuai still has a say.

"Then, after letting him rest, what is the effect of the trial again?" Xu Tui asked.

"Let him take a rest and then arraignment, he will be able to recover to a certain extent, said he will certainly say, but the authenticity will be discounted.

If there are critical issues , It’s most appropriate to ask now.” Yang Huai said.

"Okay, then I will ask the last two questions."

"How did the quantum multi-dimensional chain where you store the item, that is, the quantum dimensional chain, come out?


Is there any cultivation or opening method?"

"Is there any."

The Leixiang who started talking, made Xu Tui frown, and Yanghuai stepped forward. No nonsense, directly poured a bottle of E-rank energy replenishment potion into the Lei Elephant, and then turned off the highlight light shining on the Lei Elephant's eyes for a second, then turned it on again.

"The last two or three questions, after saying that, I will turn off the lights, give you water, let you drink enough, and let you rest!"

Experienced a second of happiness The thunder elephant is nodded fiercely.

The feeling of wanting to sleep but being gathered by the lights is too bad, I can't stop it with my eyes closed.

"Answer the previous question."


"What is the specific opening method?"

"I don't I know."

"How did you turn it on?"

"The elders in the family, brought my spirit strength into his quantum dimensional chain. It lasted for a month. I It's on."

Lei Xiang's answer made everyone present, including Xu Tui, very disappointed.

The way that didn't expect Spirit Race to open the quantum dimensional chain turned out to be this way of spreading.

Moreover, it takes one month to open the band.

Obviously, Spirit Race must have a way to open the quantum dimensional chain, but this opening method is definitely difficult and troublesome, so Spirit Race invented this way of spreading.

But even so, for a month, it is very scary!

According to Xu Tui's understanding, it means to invite others to live in one's own body for a month to open the quantum dimensional chain.

Unless you have extreme trust, it is generally difficult to do this.

Moreover, Xu Tui estimates that the speed of Leixiang is relatively fast.

"Let him hand over all the items in his quantum dimensional chain." Xu Tui told Yanghuai.

Just as Yanghuai was about to speak, Xu Tui's heart suddenly moved.

"Let him bring my spirit strength into his quantum dimensional chain."

Yanghuai slightly frowned, "The leader, I am afraid it will be difficult. How much spirit strength, this will be supported by stimulants."

Xu Tui looked at Zhu Lang, then looked at Yanghuai, and suddenly took out a bottle of Class B energy active potion." Give him one-fifth and let him recover a little spirit strength."

Xu Tui's behavior can be said to be very bold.

However, today is a rare opportunity.

Once the Lei Xiang has recovered from sleep today, it will be more difficult to bring the Lei Xiang to the current state.

Let the Leixiang sleep and recover, even if the Leixiang brought Xu Tui's spirit strength into his quantum dimensional chain because of the fear of torture, but at that time, he has recovered a certain amount of consciousness and reason. The Thunder Elephant and Willpower may have reservations, and may even have crooked minds.

More critically, once the Leixiang is out of its current state, the shielding cap and shielding nails must be put on.

Therefore, today’s timing is very unique and critical!   "Head, the risk is very small, but there is still it. I will be on guard by his side." Yang Huai reminded Xu Tui, and directly poured a fifth bottle of Class B energy active potion into Lei Xiang , Maybe not yet.

The purpose is to restore a little spirit strength to the Leixiang.

Less than one minute into the potion, in Xu Tui's mental induction, the spirit strength of Leixiang fluctuates slightly and has recovered.

After getting Xu Tui's eyes, Yang Huai ordered, "Take my spirit strength into your quantum dimensional chain and walk around, I want to watch you take everything to me Come out! After this is done, you can drink water and rest."

For the Leixiang whose will has been destroyed at this moment, any request is acceptable.

Slightly nodded, the spirit strength of the Thunder Elephant trembled suddenly.

Everyone looked nervous at the same time!

But just after a tremor, the spirit strength that the thunder elephant had just gathered collapsed again.

After trying three or four times in a row, the Iron Fist of Yanghuai is already on the back of the Leixiang’s head. If the Leixiang makes any changes, a punch can make the Leixiang unconscious on the spot.

However, when Lei Xiang tried his best for the fifth time, the light spirit strength fluctuated constantly. In Xu Tui's mental induction, a very light but extremely constant spirit strength shock point was Appeared on Lei Xiang's chest.

After hesitating for a while, Xu Tui’s spirit strength took the initiative to approach this spirit strength shock point. The moment it was pasted, Xu Tui’s spirit strength was brought into a strangeness by an inexplicable tearing force. Space.

There are many items stored in the space.

There are a large number of source crystals, and the number of thunder beads used by the Thunder Elephant many times before, there are actually eleven, and there are also two shining thunderballs.

The net worth of this servant is really.   There are actually two silver boxes.

There are also a few bottles of medicine pill, and some weird things that Xu Tui doesn't recognize.

"Let him take it all out."

While Xu Tui gave Yanghuai sound transmission, his spirit strength was continuously injected into the quantum dimensional chain of Leixiang, Xu Tui was distracted and used twice, and also struggled to enter a state of illusory introspection.

Whether you can open the quantum dimensional chain, it depends on this one.

Since Spirit Race uses the quantum dimensional chain opened by the way of spreading, then from the cultivation theory, one’s own spirit strength enters the quantum dimensional chain of others, which stimulates the related genetic base point. Effective.

It’s just that this kind of stimulation takes a month to turn on.

Xu Tui's current idea is to use Unreal Inner View to see if he can lock the relevant genetic base points in a short time.

Can you open the quantum dimensional chain?

While Lei Xiang took out the item in his quantum dimensional chain, Xu Tui himself also poured himself a bottle of C-Rank energy supplement medicine. As long as the body has sufficient energy, Xu Tui can Clearly find the energy flow in his body.

Less than one minute, Leixiang took out all the items in one go.

However, Xu Tui in the quantum dimensional chain of the spirit strength has already felt that this quantum dimensional chain has begun to oscillate. This is a sign of the instability of the spirit strength of the lightning.

"Give him some potion again to keep him steady, I need time."


After Yanghuai filled the potion, The state of the Leixiang has stabilized slightly.

Xu Tui's spirit strength continues to flow in the quantum dimensional chain of Leixiang, while observing himself with illusory inner vision.

It lasted for more than twenty minutes without any change.

"Ask him, when he injects spirit strength into other people's quantum dimensional chain, do he do nothing or do other training?" Xu Tui frowned.


"You need to borrow the quantum dimensional chain of other people, and use your own spirit strength to continuously access the item in order to open the quantum dimensional chain."

Lei Xiang's answer caused Xu Tui to curse secretly, almost delayed.

However, the current state of mind of this servant is not bad.

"What are the precautions when opening the quantum dimensional chain?"

"When opening the quantum dimensional chain, this chain must be established in any part of your body."

"Any part of your body can store that many things?"

"The saint said, one sand and one world, one leaf and one bodhi!"

As soon as this statement came out, Xu Tui's heart jumped. He saw this sentence many times in the ancient book.

From the perspective of modern science, one piece of sand and one world has been proven, and it seems to be plausible to use it now to open the quantum dimensional chain.

But if this is the case, do many ancient books contain the truth about cultivation?   Especially extraordinary ability?   Or is this also the reason Cai Shaochu asked him to practice those ancient characters?   Suddenly, Xu Tui felt that he seemed to touch a point, another level of cultivation.

But it's just a little thought, and a little vague.

Feeling the unstable quantum dimensional chain of Lei Xiang, Xu Tui quickly concentrated his attention and began to cultivation according to the method Lei Xiang said.

Xu Tui took a source crystal and began to use spirit strength to move in and out of Leixiang’s quantum dimensional chain continuously.

Zhu Lang, Cui Xi, and the others looked amazing.

This is just like magic.

Everyone understands Xu Tui's intentions.

But no one reported too much expectations.

Failure is normal! It   took a month for Leixiang to open the quantum dimensional chain. Will Xu Tui be able to use Leixian’s quantum dimensional chain. How many cultivations?   Looking at the state of the Leixiang, another hour or two will be choking!

Xu Tui’s cultivation is a special concern.

Five minutes later, Xu Tui replaced the mobile source crystal with a huge metal ingot.

Xu Tui found that when moving metal ingots, his spirit strength burden and consumption are greater, and it is also more difficult.

In theory, the effect of this exercise should be better.

It's just that Leixiang’s mental state is really at its extreme. Every ten minutes, Yanghuai will feed Leixiang a little B-level energy active potion.

An hour later, Xu Tui was able to move two metal ingots at once, but he didn't mean to stop.

The few people present were all nervously observing the state of the Thunder Elephant. No one noticed that Xu Tui's face no longer had too much anxiety, but instead has several points of calm and composed.

Under the illusory inner vision, Xu Tui's quantum entangled state energy transmission genetic ability chain has seven genetic base points, which are extremely active at this time, and the golden light is shining.

Apart from this, in the vicinity of these seven genetic base points, there are six genetic base points with very obvious energy flow, which is obviously stimulated to a certain extent because of the training just now.

Basically, Xu Tui can already determine the genetic basis of the quantum dimensional chain.

But the opportunity is rare, and Xu Tui also wants to confirm it more accurately.

As for the life and death of Leixiang, Xu Tui doesn't care much anymore. I got enough today.

The tenacious of Leixiang is stronger than Yanghuai imagined.

With the support of the B-level energy active agent, the Leixiang actually supported it for two hours and ten minutes before passing out of a coma.

Xu Tui's spirit strength fell out and looked towards Yanghuai, "How about it, can't you die?"

"The quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse should not die." Yanghuai Said.

"Will you continue? Give him ten times the dose of stimulants, and he may be able to wake up for a while."

"Forget it, there is value, that's it for today Right." Xu Tui said.

At the moment when Yanghuai was nodded, suddenly, Yanghuai himself fell straight back, and the moment Cui Xi caught it, Yanghuai's snoring sounded.

Yanghuai has reached its limit.

"Old Cui, send him to rest, let him rest."

"Has it turned on?" Zhu Lang asked, staring at Xu Tui.

Xu Tui shook the head with a smile, "How is it possible." After saying that, Xu Tui looked towards the ground and took out a lot of things from the quantum dimensional chain of the Lei Xiang and asked, "How Deal with it?"

"The valuable thing is the source crystal, this thunder bead, and the thunder ball. I took half and gave it to Taiyi and Haotian. Including meritorious service, I will also divide part of them, and the others will be ignored. It’s not easy to divide."

"These two silver boxes"

"It’s yours. Give Principal Cai the research and get even more."

Xu At the same time as Tui nodded, he began to shield the unconscious Thunder Elephant nails and put on a shielding helmet. This point must not be relaxed. Zhu Lang took the things and left first.

After the incident, Xu Tui made a backpack and loaded all the things that he had just pulled out of the quantum dimensional chain of Leixiang.

Suddenly, Xu Tui's gaze was focused on a jade core with a special material and a surface that looked a bit like a chip pattern.

The reason why Xu Tui pays attention is that this thing is similar to the scarlet fire Jane that Xu Tui got at the beginning has several points of.

But the material breath is far worse than scarlet fire, and Xu Tui's spirit can penetrate directly.

The stuff inside is very complicated, and it has several points of quantum entangled state.

"What is this?"

Suspicious, Xu Tui threw this jade core made of extremely high-quality monolithic source crystal directly into it Backpacked.

Today I got too much information, and I got a lot of good treasures. After digesting it, I will study slowly to see if there is any value.

After a few breaths, Xu Tui found another disc. The center of the disc was inlaid with a rhombohedral mid-level melozoite.

Inlaid with a little source crystal with corners and corners, this intermediate melobride lit up slightly and recovered. Mitsubishi tripod confirmed it immediately. This thing is used by the thunder elephant sensed by Mitsubishi tripod. The clot of communication.

It's worthless!   After confirming, Xu Tui wanted to pick off the source crystal and threw it into the backpack. Suddenly, the middle-grade rhombohedron colony in the middle of the plate flashed.

*****The   third one is probably a bit difficult tonight, so let's postpone it to 12:30 tomorrow.

Forgive me!

(End of this chapter)

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