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  Chapter 564 Overture and Fire Jane Suction (Congratulations to the Alliance Leader of the sesame seeds)

Watch the flash The lighted up middle-level mitre for communication made Xu Tui thoughts are revolving. Just as he took out the communication disk of this mitre, someone contacted Leixiang.

Those who contact the Leixiang are likely to be either Leixiang’s close relatives, or the advance base.

Because of this, Xu Tui hesitated for a while, and did not immediately pick out the source crystal.

"Thunder Elephant?"

In the clot, a female voice suddenly rang out. It was very light and crisp. It sounded like a young girl.

Xu Tui was silent and did not answer.

After asking these two words, he fell into a short silence.

"Blue Star Human Race?"

Xu Tui remained silent and was contacted by the enemy. Although the Quantum Transmission Passage was destroyed after several planets, Xu Tui felt It's always a bit unreliable.

The other side was silent for two breaths, and suddenly said, "Heavenspan, can you talk about it?"

These words made Xu Tui frowned.

The opponent called his code name accurately, which means that the opponent already knows that the Lei Xiang was captured by the Heavenspan Special Forces.

The traitor, the black hole, is so fast!   "Who are you?"

Xu Tui finally spoke.

Now that I ran into it, it wouldn't matter if I said a few words.

"I am Lei Qian, the Deputy Chief of Staff of Spirit Race Advance Base and Deputy Chief of Advance Base."

Inside the advance base, Lei Qian looked at the general who had just received his urgent notification. Command Lei Shu slowly reported her identity to Xu Tui.

This is also part of showing her sincerity in talking.

"Can you talk about it and see if there is any probability of redeeming the Leixiang?" Lei Shu said.

"My lord, where is the bottom line of our ransom?" Lei Qian asked.

"As long as the other person has an idea to talk to, he can agree to any terms. I'm afraid he will not mention terms." Lei Shu said.

Lei Qian has some doubts.

"As long as we talk, as long as we trade, there will be a lot of opportunities! Maybe it will give me a good start to the war that I started!" Lei Shu sneered.

The great wheel of war has begun to rotate, and the war report with irrefutable reasons for the war has been sent to the sanctuary.

The prelude to the war has sounded.

However, Lei Shu would be very happy if he could trade the Leixiang back before the war, or even do other things easily.

After all, among the Blue Star humans, those who can participate in the space invasion are all the elites!   "Heavenspan, we want to redeem Leixiang. What do you want, we will try our best to satisfy you, because Lord Leixiang is my blood relative!" Lei Qian found a reason to redeem Leixiang.

"How do you know that I am Heavenspan?"

"We have communicated with you once, and we have confirmed from other channels that Heavenspan is very young and Leixiang is also your captive "Lei Qian said.

"Black hole?"

These two words of Xu Tui silenced Lei Qian and did not immediately answer.

"I can release the Thunder Elephant, but I have to see your sincerity first! Who is the black hole, tell me?

I not only need to know the specific identity of the black hole, but also I want evidence of your transaction with the black hole!" Xu Tui shouted.

The Eternal Special Forces belongs to the Europa League. It belongs to different parts. Originally, Xu Tui didn't feel much.

But from Leixiang’s mouth, I learned that the Eternal Special Forces was betrayed by a black hole and the entire army was annihilated. Xu Tui’s anger against the black hole is beyond description! What   Xu Tui wants to do most now is to slash the traitor black hole!   This time, this black hole can betray the position of the Eternal Special Forces and cause the Eternal Special Forces to be wiped out.

So next time, will such an encounter fall on the Huaxia District or the Heavenspan Special Operations Group?   Similarly, what Xu Tui said is also a temptation!   Moving forward to the base, Lei Qianxiu's eyebrows frowned slightly, which is not easy to answer.

The identity of the black hole is easy to give.

Even make up one randomly and let Bluestar Human Race fight in its own way.

But to trade evidence, this must be a real black hole.

Not to mention their true identity of the black hole now, it is not too clear.

"Promise him, just say that when you hand over, you will give it all to him!" Lei Shu said.

Lei Qian did it accordingly.

Xu Tui sneered, "then there is no value in talking about it, 88!"

"Heavenspan, don't stop, we are very sincere."


"It's useless to say it! The first request I just made, you can't give it, talk about sincerity!"

"In this way, Heavenspan, let us talk to Leixiang Call to confirm his safety."

With a bang, the chrysanthemum communication disk light dissipated, but Xu Tui directly digged out the source crystal above.

After a brief exchange, Xu Tui can already be sure that Leixiang is very important to them.

But as for the handing over, the opposite is offering sky-high prices, and Xu Tui dare not accept it!

Unless Xu Tui's life is too long! It's   really going to be a deal. Come across to a Planetary Grade powerhouse. What is Xu Tui playing?   If you really want to trade the Thunder Elephant, after turning the moon, let Cai Shaochu bring the Planetary Grade powerhouse to talk to them.

Throwing the communication disk into the backpack, Xu Tui asked, "Mitsubishi Tripod, can you feel the breath of the guy who communicated with me just now?"

"Yes! I can roughly sense the breath of the other side through this communication mechtic in your hand.

The aura of the mecht on the opposite side is very strong, and it is very likely that it is specially used for communication. The high level meristem of the hub.

Very far, very far away from us." Mitsubishi Tripod said.

"Can you determine the location?"

"Vague, far away, basically impossible to judge."

"You are so useless!"

Xu Tui's three light and fluttering words made Mitsubishi Ding very hurt.

It's really too far.

Moving forward in the base, Lei Shu and Lei Qian, who were hung up on communication, analyzed the communication just now.

"Master Leixiang is still alive."

"But he may have vomited." Lei Shu said.

"It's been almost six days since I've been engaged in publishing. Leixiang-sama can last so long, and it's very difficult to deal with."

Lei Shu sent coldly in his nose. snorted, "It can be obtained by Heavenspan for the communication disk of the rhombohedral clot. It is basically certain that the things in the quantum dimensional chain of the Leixiang have been turned out.

That most likely, that quantum The array core has also fallen into the hands of Heavenspan."

Hearing this, Lei Qian’s pretty face condensed, "So, the worst consequence has happened?"


Lei Shu shook the head, "My opinion is exactly the opposite of yours. The worst consequences, most likely, did not happen."

"My lord, you Isn't it that Heavenspan has most likely already obtained the quantum array core?" Lei Qian wondered.

"Then I ask you, your command communicator was picked up by a native of a primordial planet, what would they be regarded as?" Lei Shu asked.

"Fancy toys? Decorations, trash that can't be eaten?"

Lei Qian suddenly reacted, "My lord, you mean, Heavenspan got Lord Leixiang He has the quantum array core in his hand, but he does not know the importance and value of the quantum array core?"

"This kind of probability is very big! A hundred years ago, when the Blue Star humans first captured the source crystal, it was enough It took three full years to know the true usage and value of Yuanjing," Lei Shu said.

"So, we can fight this war calmly?"

"Of course!"

Lei Shu stood up, but it was obviously sighed. in relief, "Thunder elephants are valuable, they will not kill, but will suffer.

The quantum array core fell into the hands of Heavenspan, but it is not as dangerous as before.

This thing, if it falls into the hands of people who do not have a deep knowledge of quantum states, it is a waste.

This Heavenspan is just a powerful genetic mutation realm of battle strength. There must be no research accomplishments in this area!

Do you think he will take this quantum array core back as trash, or throw it away?"

"It is possible, but it cannot be ruled out that he will Bring things back to the moon and give them to their research institute!" Lei Qian said.

"Yes, it is true! However, in the next war, we can play more tricks.

When the time comes, we must be able to give this Heavenspan is a big surprise!

I just don’t know if he can be as hard as he is now when the time comes!"

Lei Shu sneered, Lei Qian was looking thoughtful, and already understood a little bit. Lei Shu meant it.

In the cultivation hall of the No. 1 main base.

A thunder ball and six thunder beads are the largest seizures from a thunder elephant. The 500 grams of source crystals obtained are nothing more than nothing.

Thunderball and thunder bead, Xu Tui does not intend to divide it down, this thing needs spirit strength to detonate, few people can use it, but the source crystal is divided on the spot, of course, this seized more points One copy from Yanghuai.

What Xu Tui currently holds in his hand is a spiritual box and a silver box.

This time during the space raid war, Xu Tui got a total of 19 caskets, and got two silver caskets from Leixiang.

According to Lei Xiang, this silver box is a purified box.

In theory, since the Thunder Elephant can directly absorb the power in the silver box, Xu Tui can also.

Of course, Xu Tui is not so reckless now.

This silver box can strengthen the source core and strengthen the spirit. After returning, even if you use it, you have to ask the opinions of two teachers, and even use it after studying with Cai Shaochu and Cai Principal.

Now, Xu Tui just wants to compare the difference between the two.

The mental induction slowly penetrates. After three seconds, the penetrating induction and the micro induction will work at the same time.

Almost for an instant, the breath of hiding the sky and covering the earth appeared in front of Xu Tui's psychology, and it surged towards Xu Tui like a tide.

That is countless fragmented memories, emotions, and information!

Xu Tui's face is white!

He already knows how this spirit box was made! It   is through a special device to draw human-like life, or spirit that reproduces Spirit Physique, into this spiritual box.

Then the purified silver box can be roughly judged.

The mental induction falls into the silver box, and what is sensed inside is an indescribable pure force, a bit like spirit strength, but not like it.

Very pure and very clean.

The moment Xu Tui came into contact with this silver box Inner Strength, suddenly he felt joy.

This strength gives Xu Tui a very comfortable feeling.

Xu Tui feels that every cell in his body welcomes this force, especially the Spiritual Body, which is the most active!   Even with the spirit that penetrated, he became active, and touching this power gave Xu Tui a feeling of rain!   Very comfortable!

Under instinct, the spirit strength that Xu Tui penetrated into, touched a little bit of pure power in the silver box.

Almost the moment of contact, these pure powers that only existed in the telepathy suddenly had a trace of it merged into Xu Tui's telepathy.

Xu Tui's mental sensations suddenly became clear twice.

At the same moment, the scarlet fire slip in Xu Tui's mind also suddenly burst into red light, emitting inexplicable suction.

Suddenly, the pure power in the silver box was attracted by the scarlet flames, and it rushed into Xu Tui's body in an instant, with a sense of coolness, and went straight to Xu Tui's body. Mind.

Xu Tui complexion greatly changed!

This feeling of being out of his control is really terrible!

The tyrannical spirit strength and willpower erupted in an instant, directly cutting off the connection between the spirit strength and the silver box.

The suction of the scarlet fire Jane was also cut off instantly.

At the same moment, Xu Tui instantly entered the state of illusory internal vision, checking the status of the scarlet in his body.

But the first thing I saw was that it was the spiritual power in the silver box that was just sucked into the body by scarlet Huojian's suction and sent to the head. Then, Xu Tui was stunned!

Scarlet Huo Jane didn’t absorb a ray of spiritual power?

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