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  Chapter 567 On the Eve of Return (first update)   57th day of space raid, the entire No. 1 base Obviously lively.

The Taiyi Special Combat Group and the Haotian Special Combat Group the past few days are all transferring the ore and metal ingots in the resource base where they are stationed in batches to the No. 1 main base, preparing to leave in advance.

Not only them, but also the participating regiments and special operations regiments of the Russian Union area, all of them are transferring supplies to the No. 1 main base.

When the time comes, they will leave through the temporary quantum Transmission Passage established by the secondary quantum beacon in the hands of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group.

There are also people from the non-union zone participating groups and special operations groups, after contacting Zhu Lang, they are preparing to concentrate on the No. 1 main base.

This is relatively close here, and the second is the price of the transmission fee given by Huaxia District, which is a little bit more favorable and 20% off.

Of course, at this price, Zhu Lang and Xu Tui have communicated.

After all, the secondary quantum beacon was contended by Xu Tui.

According to the plan, in the 50th Nine Heavens of the Space Invasion War, the primary quantum beacon with the highest pass sequence will first establish the quantum Transmission Passage, followed by the secondary quantum beacon.

At the latest, on the 60th day of the space raid, the warrior on the Huaxia District can return.

The return is approaching, and every member's face is filled with ease and joy.

The pressure of participation in the space war is indescribable.

It's no longer a problem of fighting alone, but once something goes wrong, it is the result of Dark Starry Sky.

This kind of pressure is extremely huge for elites in China who have a strong sense of belonging to their families.

However, as the return approaches, this pressure has disappeared silently.

The Heavenspan Special Operations Group has a small number of people, and the order maintenance and defense of the No. 1 main base are basically handed over to the Huaxia District participating group.

The members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group are not idle either, except for cultivation or cultivation! In the   daytime, it is almost cultivation in the source crystal, and at night, it is cultivation in the cultivation hall where the source energy concentration is quite high.

The source energy concentration of the cultivation hall of the No. 1 main base is about three times that of other resource bases, and the cultivation efficiency is very high.

Even if it’s sleeping, in the cultivation hall where the source energy concentration is not low, it strengthens itself as an unnoticeable influence.

In this cultivation state, good news spreads frequently.

Five days ago, on the fifty-second day of the space raid, Luo Murong's aura surged. After rushing out of the cultivation hall, the golden blade blade light slashed out two hundred meters!   The two-hundred-meter blade light shocked everyone in amazement.

A big knife with several hundred meters long is here.

Luo Murong successfully evolved independently and officially announced that breakthrough has reached the genetic evolutionary state.

This made Cui Xi, who often carried with Luo Murong, couldn't help but shrink her neck.

Several hundred meters long sword, it's so special here.

For his free mouth, he must step up and cultivated!   Before Xu Tui completed his own evolution, in fact, the reaction in the Heavenspan Special Operations Group was not great.

In previous battles, Xu Tui's battle strength and abilities were extremely tough.

To be honest, in the eyes of the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, even if the commander said that he has breakthrough to the evolutionary stage, they would believe it.

So, what's so surprising about the leader Xu Tui's independent breakthrough to genetic evolution?   Isn't this a logical thing?   Failure to achieve independent breakthrough is abnormal and good cut!   So, Xu Tui's independent evolution breakthrough is not shocking for most members.

They feel that they are incomparable with the group leader!   However, after Luo Murong completed his own evolution, the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces, who had previously acted as melon-eating crowds, smashed their blood.

Luo Murong is strong, but they are all strong who can see and touch.

Luo Murong can sling Cui Xi and clean up Yan Lie, but Zhao Hailong has to clean up.

For example, Cui Xi’s idea is that Luo Murong has only one year more cultivation than him.

If he makes up for this year's cultivation time, Luo Murong will definitely not be able to hang him!   Now, Luo Murong has completed the independent evolution breakthrough. The signal to others is that Luo Murong can, so can I!   The five people, Yan Lie, Cui Xi, Yan Xuejin, Mu Xingluan, Miao Huanshan, and Tao Guan began to go crazy, and they even reduced their sleeping time to four to five hours.

In this kind of cultivation atmosphere, Zhao Hailong, Yanghuai, and Li Zhen, who had been breaking through genetic evolution early, felt tremendous pressure.

These guys have worked hard one by one to prepare for independent evolution breakthrough.

Everyone knows that the battle strength after independent evolution of breakthrough is stronger or even a lot stronger than the battle strength of drug-assisted breakthrough, especially after the evolution, the level effect is stronger and lasts for a long time. Longer, the overall improvement of the foundation is also stronger.

Therefore, Zhao Hailong, Yanghuai, and Li Zhen were also stimulated, and one by one failed assisted cultivation.

On the fifty-fifth day of the Space Invasion War, Zhao Hailong and Luo Murong had a private discussion of limited intensity.

Discuss with onlookers, only members of the Heavenspan Special Forces.

No surprise, Luo Murong lost again!   However, the defeat was amazing!   Before the breakthrough, Luo Murong and Zhao Hailong also had a discussion. Usually, Luo Murong's best record is under Zhao Hailong's hands for 30 seconds!   But at this time, Luo Murong and Zhao Hailong fought vigorously for twelve minutes before the winner was determined. Half of the time was a reckless fight.

Zhao Hailong wins, but it is not easy to win.

This sees Yanghuai be eager to have a try.

Luo Murong can fight with Zhao Hailong for twelve minutes, representing Luo Murong's battle strength, which has risen to their level.

In most cases, the battle between genetic new humans is actually very fast, usually within a few minutes.

"Is the self-evolution improvement that big?" Zhao Hailong, who won, was not happy.

"The improvement of the genetic ability chain of the main evolution is very large. According to my estimation, it should be more than 50% stronger than the medicine assisted evolution.

However, I think the biggest improvement is The effect of improving the horizontal efficiency after evolution.

I feel that all my basic abilities have been improved, and even the overall reaction speed and perception have also been greatly improved.

Self-evolving this time has completely improved my previous shortcomings of basic quality."

Luo Murong answered objectively, and also pointed the way to other members.

After this battle, Zhao Hailong's cultivation became even harder.

He has broken through to the genetic evolutionary realm, and he can't rely on his own evolution.

In order to keep the position of the second brother of the Heavenspan Special Forces, there is nothing else but hard training.

That's right, Zhao Hailong is now the second person in the Heavenspan Special Forces.

Luo Murong's actual combat performance stimulated the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces.

Five days later, the 57th day of the space raid, Yan Lie's self-evolution was completed.

The main genetic ability chain chosen by this self-evolutionary choice is his signature ability to hide.

Recluse still cannot pass through the real thing.

But it can easily pass through the energy barrier.

Other people's Vajra Barrier, Li Zhen's water wave defense cover, and Yan Lie's retreat can all be easily passed through.

As for the real object, as long as there are slits, such as a door slit, as long as there are slits, Yan Lie can pass through in seclusion.

On the fifty-eighth day of the space raid, Xu Tui took Yan Lie to base two for a secret experiment.

Because the main program of the data control center was taken over by Ahuang deciphering the No. 2 base, the energy shield of the No. 2 base is intact!   Xu Tui wants to test whether Yan Lie's recluse, which has been greatly strengthened after genetic evolution, can pass through the energy shield of the alien resource base!   If you can pass through, then the meaning is The   experiment was inadvertently carried out in secret, Xu Tui just took people to Base 2 in the name of research.

In the blink of an eye, Yan Lie appeared outside the energy shield opened by the No. 2 base, and the next moment, this man appeared beside Xu Tui again.

Can wear it!

It is certain that Yan Lie’s recluse can pass through the energy shield of the alien resource base.

This meaning is extraordinary.

This means that Yan Lie can directly evade into the alien base as an energy shield that serves as a defensive barrier.

At this time, on the resource star of Extreme Wind VII, there are twelve remaining alien resource bases that have not been defended!

And Yan Lie can go in?

This is a very attractive opportunity!

But after thinking about it for a long time, Xu Tui decisively gave up this tempting idea.

Enough alien resource bases have been captured.

No need to take risks anymore!   Take another two extraterrestrial resource bases. The capture is actually very limited, and there will be no disruptive results.

On the contrary, the risk is too great.

Yan Lie has to bear too much risk.

Others can't get in, and the support they can give Yan Lie is very limited. Even if Xu Tui can fight through the defensive shield with energy, there are too many uncontrollable factors.

It's better to go home safely.

How many people come and how many people return.

This thought reminds Xu Tui of the Yue Qiang that Tian Suqing arranged to come in.

Since the departure of the Jifeng 7 resource star, Xu Tui has not been contacted again. Now, I don't know what is going on, and I don't know what I'm doing.

But Xu Tui felt that before the return, Yue Qiang should always appear, right?

Just when the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces were stimulated by Yan Lie's independent evolution for the second time, and even more life-threatening cultivation, Xu Tui also began to try to condense the quantum dimensional chain.

In the past ten days, Xu Tui took Yanghuai with him, and has repeatedly interrogated Lei Xiang.

The direction of the interrogation, myriad, speak in all directions.

The repercussions of the eagle are still there. Leixiang will answer all the questions, but the truth is not guaranteed.

For example, regarding the purification and purification method of the spirit box, Leixiang’s answer has always been ignorant.

The method of purifying the spirit transformation box is only known to some saints in the temple.

Among them, Xu Tui asked a lot of questions about quantum dimensional chains, and Lei Xiang answered them all.

Although Lei Xiang’s answer is not 100% correct, as Xu Tui has a certain understanding of the quantum dimensional chain, especially Xu Tui himself has successfully opened the quantum dimensional chain genetic energy chain. Under the circumstances, Xu Tui's answer to Lei Xiang can also have a basic judgment.

The content of the answer should be true!

It may be that Leixiang feels that even if you tell Xu Tui all the information of the quantum dimensional chain that Xu Tui wants to know, Xu Tui will not be able to open the quantum dimensional chain.

After all, the genetic ability chain of the quantum dimension chain is extremely difficult to open, even if it is inside Spirit Race, it is opened by way of spreading.

As for the content of the extreme interrogation ten days ago, Lei Xiang could not remember part of the details.

That night, his mental state was too extreme.

Of course, in Lei Xiang's view, even if he brings Xu Tui's spirit strength into and out of his quantum dimensional chain, that's all.

After a few hours of shifting and practicing items in the Quantum Dimensional Chain of Guide, I want to open the Quantum Dimensional Chain. Is it true that the genius in Spirit Race is a waste? It's   impossible!

So, when Xu Tui asked for some details, Lei Xiang's answer was still very honest.

It's useless if Xu Tui knows it anyway, and he won't suffer!   That is to say, under the situation of Lei Xiang, Xu Tui finally has a comprehensive understanding of the condensation process of quantum dimensional chains.

On the eve of returning, I also started to condense my own quantum dimensional chain!   After all, Leixiang believes that Xu Tui is absolutely impossible to open the quantum dimensional chain. This most critical part, Xu Tui has been completed!   *****When   I woke up, there was another Alliance Leader, and Zhu San, who had just paid off his debt, was shiver coldly surprised in an instant!

Zhu San also planned to spend eighty yuan to wash his feet without squinting quietly, to treat himself.

Then, you have to transform into a tentacle monster in an instant!   Thanks to the boss of "Onilis" for giving the pig three rewards, bow!   Today, Zhu San will try to complete the addition. If it fails, it will be postponed until tomorrow morning.

(End of this chapter)

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