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  Chapter 568 Quantum Dimensional Chain and Traitor Clues (Second More)

Quantum Dimensional Chain is actually A high level of quantum mechanics uses method, but Spirit Race demonstrates it with extraordinary power.

Among them, the quantum entangled state and the quantum superposition state are the most critical cornerstones of the quantum dimensional chain.

To put it bluntly, the so-called quantum superposition state means that in the quantum state, the state of a particle is uncertain.

In our normal scientific world, it is either black or white, and it does not exist if it exists. If a particle does not exist, then it is wrong to say that it exists.

But the quantum world is completely different. As long as there is no external interference, an item can either exist or not.

This is the theoretical cornerstone of Spirit Race’s quantum dimensional chain. Bluestar humans also have this theory, but Spirit Race has realized the theory, and Human Race is still on the road of exploration.

The quantum dimensional chain is an extraordinary ability that takes the quantum entangled state as the link and the quantum superposition state as the cornerstone.

This is the research level.

In terms of macro theory, Spirit Race has only ten words: One Flower One World, one leaf and one bodhi.

It is also fortunate that Xu Tui has worked hard in this area in order to develop the quantum entangled state energy transmission genetic ability chain. Otherwise, he can't understand what Lei Xiang said now, let alone dare to try it boldly! If you   understand the theory, it becomes easier to try.

The ability of the quantum dimensional chain, when it is used, is to send a strange point through the quantum entangled state.

With this point, after continuous solidification and expansion, it is an extremely magical quantum dimensional chain that can accommodate items.

However, the two points of a quantum entangled state can be infinitely close, and even infinitely far away.

It's easy to talk when it's near, and when it's far away, the role of the quantum dimensional chain that carries the item with you will be abolished.

The solution of Spirit Race is that another point of the quantum entangled state is solidified in the body.

One point is in the genetic ability chain in the Spiritual Body, and the other point is solidified in the body.

Access to item will become very convenient.

The value of the ability of the quantum dimension chain has also jumped in an instant!

Although another point is solidified in the human body, its position is also very particular.

The head is absolutely not acceptable.

Even Spirit Race, the research on the head and brain is still not thorough.

The limbs are not a good position either.

Because this point is solidified.

If the limb is broken in the battle, then this point will fall with the broken limb. Even if it can be recovered, there are many hidden dangers.

So inside Spirit Race, this point of the quantum dimensional chain is generally at a critical position.

In short, as long as a person is alive, the quantum dimensional chain will not be lost.

Something is there!

Because of this, Xu Tui did not take a different approach, and directly based on the experience of Spirit Race, this point was opened on the position of the thoracic spine in the middle of the upper part of the heart.

This position is generally a defensive point.

In extreme cases, the leg may break, but this will not happen. Once there are problems here, then Xu Tui is probably going to confess!

The quantum dimensional chain's ability slightly fluctuated, and this point was opened by Xu Tui to the position of the thoracic spine.

Next, it's water milling kung fu.

The ability of the quantum dimensional chain is continuously promoted again and again, and this point is constantly anchored with spirit strength.

At the same time, the ability to catalyze the quantum dimensional chain has begun to explore another point of this quantum entangled state.

Continuous development and expansion can form a quantum dimensional chain that can be stored.

It can be said that as long as the genetic ability chain of the quantum dimension chain is opened, the rest is a matter of course.

According to Lei Xiang, after the quantum dimensional chain is solidified, it generally takes a long time to develop to have practical value.

Like him, after opening the quantum dimensional chain, the space in the quantum dimensional chain that was initially opened is very small, let alone half a cubic meter, not even 0.05 cubic meter.

According to the size of a standard 500ml bottle of water, only 10 bottles can be thrown in.

However, with such a small space, the effect is extremely amazing.

The extremely important cultivation resources, such as the source crystal, such as life-saving gadgets, can be installed without any load, will not be lost or dropped, and can be taken at any time.

Don’t be too practical.

Since then, as his cultivation base has been continuously improved and developed, in five or six years, the space of Leixiang’s quantum dimensional chain has increased by thirty times, expanding to just over one cubic meter.

This is very capable of installation.

This is Leixiang's data.

But when Xu Tui was developing his own quantum dimensional chain, he felt something was wrong.

Slightly larger.

The quantum dimensional chain is simply oscillated and opened up a few times, and the quantum dimensional chain space solidified on the thoracic spine is about 0.1 cubic meters in size.

The size of 0.1 cubic meter is already very practical. Generally, the capacity of an oversized tactical backpack is actually only 0.1 cubic meter.

Continue to oscillate and develop.

Xu Tui's quantum dimensional chain is constantly expanding.

0.2 cubic meters.

0.3 cubic meters.

Two hours later, when the quantum dimensional chain ability was activated, when there was no change in the entire quantum dimensional chain space, Xu Tui knew that the so-called first expansion limit in Leixiang’s mouth was coming. .

The space size of the quantum dimensional chain is directly proportional to the strength of the pioneer’s spirit strength and the strength of the quantum dimensional chain.

After reaching the limit of the first development, it is all about water milling. It takes a little time every day to continuously oscillate and develop, gradually increase, and if the strength is greatly improved, it will also be improved.

1.5 cubic meters.

The space of this quantum dimensional chain is already larger than that of Leixiang.

But Xu Tui is a bit unsatisfied.

If it is bigger, the more things you carry with you, the greater the surprise for the enemy, and the greater the probability of survival in a dangerous situation.

After thinking about it, since Lei Xiang said that this size is also related to the degree of development of the quantum dimensional chain, Xu Tui simply strengthened the six genetic basis points of the quantum dimensional chain.

Anyway, there are enough source crystals in my hand.

Six hours later, the genetic chain of the quantum dimensional chain was not only strengthened to Level 2 silver, and two of the genetic base points were also strengthened to Level 3 golden.

To be precise, the quantum dimensional chain genetic ability chain has a total of 13 genetic basis points, and now nine of them have been strengthened to Level 3 golden!   It's another pass to stimulate the ability to shock and develop! The   increase is not large.

Two cubic meters.

A space two meters high, one meter long and one meter wide.

Once opened, Xu Tui is already very satisfied with such a large space.

I tried to access things several times and it was very convenient.

This own quantum dimensional chain space, fetching and placing things is more convenient and quicker than fetching and placing things in Leixiang’s quantum dimensional chain space.

After thinking about it, Xu Tui threw in some important things in the backpack, including the source crystal, including some B-grade mechanical spirit alloys, spirit boxes, etc., which greatly reduced the load.

Of course, the backpack was not thrown either.

Keep it.

Otherwise, it would be too different.

When we get back to the moon, Xu Tui will get some good stuff here!

Get some nuclear bombs?

Launch with Flying Sword?   Xu Tui opened his brain in a flash.

When Xu Tui's Dimensional Quantum Chain was officially developed successfully, time also entered the fiftieth Nine Heavens of the Space Invasion War.

Everyone with one's heart set on speeding home.

The Huaxia District Participating Group, Taiyi, and Haotian Special Battle Group have all begun to tear down the components of the base ore refinement they are stationed in and prepare to take them back.

In the six major joint zone combat channels, the main quantum beacon has been activated in the Union District of India, and the personnel and materials in the Union District of India and the Union District have begun to return to the road.

The value of the three quantum beacons, primary, secondary, and secondary, is also reflected at this time.

Only when the channel formed by the primary quantum beacon is closed, can the secondary quantum beacon be directionally connected with the lunar quantum channel to form a quantum channel.

The delivery of materials from the Yinlian District and the Milian District is expected to end in seven hours.

Seven hours later, the secondary quantum beacon in China can establish a temporary quantum transmission passage.

At this moment, all personnel around the No. 1 main base are quietly waiting for the passage of time. Of course, the alert has not been relaxed.

There are still enemies on this planet.

As for the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces, the cultivation was also stopped at this time.

Home is coming soon, everyone has been cultivated unintentionally.

Suddenly, Xu Tui's personal communication device shook, and an unfamiliar message was suddenly sent to Xu Tui.

"I'm here, Xu Tuan will respond." The other party sent a coordinate.

Xu Tui is a little confused, this is unfathomable mystery.

However, pure strangers, especially on the alien planet of Extreme Wind VII Resource Star, cannot send messages to Xu Tui.

"This is."

Suddenly, Xu Tui's expression was shocked, and he remembered who this guy whose contact method was a number was.

Yue Qiang!

Tian Suqing's subordinate Yue Qiang is gone.

On the moon, I added Xu Tui's contact information. After landing, I haven't seen the Yueqiang again.

Reminiscent of the nature of Yue Qiang's work, this will contact him, and may be in danger.

"I will set off right away and get to your position. I may take about eight hours."

"Thank you Xu Tuan, please keep quiet, but it is better to bring some people over, maybe Some trouble." Yue Qiang replied.

"Okay, keep in touch at any time."

Five minutes later, Xu Tui handed the secondary quantum beacon to Zhu Lang, and took six people on the triangular flying saucer towards Yue. The coordinates reported by the gun set off.

All with the strongest battle strength in the Heavenspan Special Combat Team.

Zhao Hailong, Yang Huai, Luo Murong, Yan Lie, Li Zhen, Mu Xingluan.

Fly at full speed.

Xu Tui guessed, what might Yue Qian find?   What will be found?

Are you a traitor in the Huaxia District?   Or a traitor within Bluestar Human Race?   Or something else? In the   meantime, Xu Tui kept in touch with Yue Qiang, and Yue Qiang re-reported Xu Tui's coordinates every five minutes.

According to the coordinate movement track display, Yueqiang is also moving at high speed.

In this case, it will take less than four or five hours to receive Yue Qiang.

However, just three hours and thirty-five minutes after Xu Tui set off, the frequency of contact between Xu Tui and Yue Qiang every five minutes suddenly stopped.

"What's the situation, answer me?"

Yue Qiang did not respond to Xu Tui, but directly sent a data packet, and another sentence, "Transfer to the field bureau."

"Fuck, what happened?   Have you been overtaken by someone?   Have you overtaken by who?"

Xu Tui is alone There was a roar in his communication channel, but there was no response.

There is no sound.

"Accelerate, accelerate!"

"The captain, is already the extreme speed of the triangular flying saucer." Yan Lie said.

An indescribable sense of powerlessness rushed to Xu Tui's heart.

Distance and space, this will become a gap that cannot be crossed.

There must be something wrong with Yue Qiang.

However, after more than half an hour's journey, this will become the sky!   Twenty-seven minutes later, Xu Tui entire group appeared at the last coordinate location reported by Yue Qiang.

No one!

There are no exceptions.

Subsequently, Xu Tui and the others began to search the surrounding ten kilometers, and then continued to expand the range.

Two minutes later, at a distance of 30 kilometers from the last coordinate reported by Yue Qiang, Xu Tui and the others found a fresh body!   A twisted corpse burned into a coke skeleton.

"The deceased should have been subjected to extremely cruel torture techniques before he was alive. The bones were all broken by life and life. The bones were broken before they were burned." Said Yang Huai, who is extremely experienced in torture.

Xu Tui took Yan Lie into the air, using Yan Lie's Hawkeye ability to see if he could find anything.

Ten minutes later, reactive power fell to the ground.

"Take this corpse home first and verify the identity." This episode before the return made Xu Tui's mood extremely heavy!   *****The   third is even more postponed to 12 o'clock tomorrow noon.

(End of this chapter)

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