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  Chapter 569 Reconnaissance Directions and Material Quantity (Congratulations to the Omniris Alliance Leader!)

Although new The scorched corpse found is not yet known to be Yue Qiang, but it is most likely to be Yue Qiang.

No such coincidence.

Xu Tui used psychology to sense the inside and outside of the charred corpse carefully.

If this person is Yue Qiang, then the one who killed Yue Qiang should be a Fire Element transcender.

The remaining breath, including spirit strength, fluctuates very little, almost none.

However, there is still a little bit of residue on Yue Qiang, the dead person, especially Xu Tui who rushed over very quickly, and the remaining aura did not completely escape!

The spirit strength remaining on Yue Qiang's body is very pure, only one strand.

In other words, the person who killed Yue Qiang was theoretically only one person.

There was no trace of violent fighting in the surrounding area.

This shows that this person is very strong!   Very strong! You   know, according to Tian Suqing's introduction, Yue Qiang itself is the powerhouse of the genetic evolutionary Peak, and has the power to fight against the genetic evolutionary powerhouse.

The person who killed Yue Qiang can kill Yue Qiang in a very short time.

This person definitely possesses the battle strength of the genetic evolutionary powerhouse, and his personal strength should be the genetic evolutionary Peak.

Fire Element is extraordinary, genetic evolutionary Peak.

This is a tracing direction.

Of course, the Krypton Killing cannot be ruled out!

It is also possible to take a strong source crystal ability seal card made in Planetary Grade or Quasi-Planetary Grade.

However, if you really want to kill gold, the target range will be even smaller.

Unfortunately, Xu Tui didn't learn much about the disciplines of traceology, force trajectory, and breath classification. Zhu Lang should have people who are proficient in this area.

Apart from this, there is another extremely important factor.

Time node!

Today is the return day of the space raid at this time. At this time, the temporary quantum Transmission Passage opened with the main quantum beacon in the Union District will be over in another three hours.

Next, Xu Tui will hold a secondary quantum beacon with a maximum duration of ten hours and an estimated duration of nine hours.

Finally, it is the European Union region that holds the quantum beacon. They will enable the quantum beacon to turn on the quantum Transmission Passage at the end.

The opening points of the three quantum beacons have already been confirmed and publicized.

The No. 1 main base in the Huaxia District, while the No. 9 base in the Indo-Union District, and the No. 27 base in the European Union District, which they later obtained through a bid.

The 27th base is a relatively complete base.

If these three points are drawn on the map in a bird's-eye view.

So the point in the Huaxia District is in the middle, the Indo-Union District is in the east, and the European Union is in the west or even the extreme west.

The place where the Huiyue Spear happened was near the No. 10 base.

Regardless of anyone, today’s top priority is to return.

If you can't go back today, then never want to go back.

Therefore, no matter how strong the battle strength of the person who killed Yue Qiang is, he must also return through the Quantum Transmission Gate.

The starting point for the Quantum Transmission Gate in the European Union area is the distance between the east and the west.

The straight-line distance exceeds 13,000 kilometers.

If you use a triangular flying saucer at a speed of 500 kilometers each hour, it will take at least twenty-six hours to get to the opening location of the Quantum Transmission Gate in the European Union area from this moment.

According to the plan, the Quantum Transmission Gate in the European Union area will be opened after twelve hours at the latest, and will be closed after ten hours at most.

According to this distance, the murderer of Yue Qiang is too late. In theory, the probability of the murderer is a person in the European Union region, which is relatively small.

The closest place to the incident was the Quantum Transmission Gate opened on the 9th base in the Union of India. From here, it will take up to two hours to get there.

The Quantum Transmission Gate opened in the Union District will be closed in three hours.

From this point of view, it is inferred that the murderer of Yue Qiang was most likely to return through the opened Quantum Transmission Gate in the Indian Union.

However, this is not to say that the murderers are from the Indian Union.

At this moment of return, I used the Quantum Transmission Passage opened in the Union of India to leave the participating groups and special forces, quite a few.

A few days ago, the major alliance areas have negotiated the return.

The participating regiments and special forces in the Union District must all leave from their opened Quantum Transmission Passage, and the participating regiments and special forces in the Union District will all depart from the Quantum Transmission Passage in the Union District. Transmission Passage left.

The Heavenly Dao Special Operations Group in the Huaya Region and the Wand Special Operations Group in the non-union area also left the temporary Quantum Transmission Passage at Base 9.

This situation is a bit more complicated.

The murderer of Yue Qiang is most likely from these participating groups and special operations groups.

However, Xu Tui's greater suspicion is mainly concentrated in the Milian District and the Indian Union District.

What did Yue Qian find?

"Team leader, you can start with time." On the way back, Yang Huai suddenly spoke.


"If the murderer leaves from the Quantum Transmission Passage of the Indo-Union District, then he must pass the temporary quantum Transmission Passage of the Indo-Union District in the last time period. Yes.

The order of return, there must be records on the moon.

Combine with other characteristics. "Yanghuai has already said it very clearly, and Xu Tui also understands it. .

This direction can greatly reduce the target range.

Xu Tui had already let Ah Huang read the data packet that Yue Qiang was dying.

All meaningless data.

It should be able to break through the use of a specific completely random and disorderly codebook. I am afraid that only Tian Suqing can interpret the specific content.

"Raise alert and go home safely!" Xu Tui exhaled for a long time.

After Xu Tui and the others return to the No. 1 main base, the Quantum Temporary Transmission Passage opened by the secondary quantum beacon here is already in use.

The first batch to pass was the one hundred warriors of the Huaxia District Participating Group led by Zhu Lang. These warriors will participate in receiving a large amount of confiscated materials on the other side of the moon after they pass.

In the case of a large amount of materials, it is expected to last three hours.

Then came the personnel and materials of the Russian joint combat regiment and special operations regiment, and the non-joint combat regiment.

Finally, it is the other members of Huaxia District.

In previous years, this access priority was very sought-after.

Whoever left first, the major special warfare groups were about to rob their heads.

Because in this unknown alien planet, every minute left, there is a risk of one minute more.

But this year, it's different.

The Spirit Race on the resource star of Extreme Wind VII was almost scrapped by the Huaxia District.

The two genetic transmutation powerhouses who escaped have never appeared again.


Basically does not exist.

So the traffic priority is not so sought-after.

Tolls are not as high as in previous years.

To activate the temporary quantum Transmission Passage for a quantum beacon, it needs 500 grams of source crystal to be turned on, and then it needs to put in 100 grams of source crystal for every hour of maintenance.

As usual, the special forces that win the Quantum Beacon must make a fortune from the toll.

Tolls are calculated by time.

Sixty grams of source crystal every ten minutes.

Generally speaking, the Quantum Transmission Passage can last from eight to ten from time to time, but the time cannot be used up.

The cost is about 20 to 30 grams of source crystal every ten minutes.

You can still make a small profit.

The Russian Union area and the non-union area are all given a 20% discount.

As for the inside of Huaxia District, the discount is even greater.

30% off!

This discount is still very strong.

If this is before, it is basically impossible.

But in this wave this year, the Heavenspan Special Forces has also made enough. This little money does not matter.

However, some of the team members are more cautious.

"Head of the team, Haotian made a ruthless talk at the beginning. He had to let us pass the original price directly. The 20% discount is not ours.

Thank you, I gave them directly. 30% off." Yan Lie was slightly dissatisfied.

"Yes, if we give them a 20% discount, they must also be grateful to us!" Mu Xingluan also interrupted.

"The leader is too generous." Li Zhen said.

"30% off, the head of the group took too much care of them."

Not far away, listening to Li Zhen from chirp chirp twitter twitter sneered to himself.

Xu Tui generous?

You haven't seen Xu Tui picking up on the fire star battlefield.

"It's okay. It's only 10%, and there is no competition for priority. You can let the Russian Union and the Non-Union District go first. We are not bad now.

That's right.

, Let’s go, let’s take a look at the Thunder Elephant.

Now, it’s time to study the issue of this guy’s retention."

The moon, in front of the Quantum Transmission Gate fortress, silhouettes gathered.

Today is the day for the return of the participating groups and special forces in the space raid.

At this time of year, it is a grand event in the six major alliances, and it is a grand event on the moon.

A harvest season!

The participating regiments and special operations regiments in all major alliances can bring massive amounts of seized materials and minerals.

This is also the reason why the space raid can continue.

Only benefits can be sustained.

In order to welcome the return of the warriors, the chief Chief-In-Charge of the six major alliances, including Raymond, the director of the highest genetic committee of the Blue Star, also appeared as a mascot in the Lunar Quantum Transmission Gate fortress before.

A small number of quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses with children participating in the war also appeared here and waited.

Of course, Planetary Grade powerhouses will not appear here, even if they are worried about it.

Moon time, October 2, 2138.

As the highest Chief-In-Charge in Huaxia District, Lieutenant General Wei Binwei also appeared here.

Wei Bin, including the Chief-In-Charge of the Union District, appears here, mainly with an attitude.

It shows Blue Star’s highly positive attitude towards this matter.

Space invasion is a landmark event for Bluestar Human Race to go out and actively fight in space.

Wei Bin has appeared here for several years, also to express this attitude and express the attitude of Huaxia District to external expansion.

Space invasion war, the word invasion is of great significance!

Of course, the Chief-In-Charge of the major joint districts are gathered together, and there will inevitably be some comparisons.

For politicians, sometimes it can be shameless, but sometimes face is extremely important.

The members of the participating regiments and special forces in the U.S. and U.S. districts, who were the first to return, let Nilab, the deputy director of the U.S. and U.S. genetic committee, and Maipun Ao, the deputy director of the U.S. genetic committee. satisfaction.

The regression rate is very high.

The battle damage rate in the Indo-Union zone is only 6 percent, and the battle loss rate in the Milian zone is slightly higher, over 8%, which is within the scope of regulations and acceptance.

At the same time, the seizure is also gratifying.

Especially the piles of metal ingots, look very gratifying.

Compared with previous years, one third more was seized.

Especially the extraterrestrial science and technology creations that are still being folded in a large pile, that is an excellent research sample.

The harvest in the Milian District is similar to that of the Indo-Union District. For example, the standard metal ingots are 4230+ in the Indo-Union District and 4120+ in the Milian District.

apart from this, the two have 8,800 tons and 9,300 tons of raw ore each.

Originally, this was a good harvest.

But after seeing standard metal ingots refined before, these raw ore are unremarkable.

Nine thousand tons of raw ore, according to the current level of refining, there will be about one thousand tons of precious metals, and the purity may not be as high as that of standard metal ingots.

Approximately, it is another 10,000 standard metal ingots.

This amount refers to the amount of precious metals and even rare metals from the blue star and the moon.

This wave of gains is awesome!

Therefore, Nilab and Maiponao, in front of all the senior leaders of the six major alliances, vigorously commended their respective team leaders and special operations team leaders.

Praise them for making great contributions to the development of Bluestar! It's   just that the expressions of the heads of the participating regiments and special operations regiments in the Indian Union and Mi Union districts are a little weird, even a little embarrassing!

In the public, such praise can only continue.

After participating in the ceremony in a hurry, the members of the special warfare groups of the Indo-Union and Milian Districts were all sent to the lunar ecological defense base.

Here, they have to accept at least twelve hours of full ecological disinfection and testing.

To prevent some extraterrestrial super microbes and super viruses from spreading, causing huge damage to the ecology of the moon and blue stars.

So for the time being, they have no communication.

Nilab and Maiponao, who are more satisfied, did not leave in a hurry.

It is also good to appreciate the transcripts of other districts.

Immediately after returning, it was a hundred warriors of the participating group in the Huaxia District. After reporting the basic battle damage, the transmission of seized materials began quickly.

The total battle loss in Huaxia District is over seven percent. There are no slots and no bright spots.

But only ten minutes after the seized materials were transmitted, Nilab and Maiponao sat up straight involuntarily.

A lot, so much!

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