Great Genetic Era Chapter 573

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  Chapter 571 The Choice of Balance and Thunder Elephant   Cai Shaochu, who appeared out of thin air, immediately attracted The attention of the senior executives of the six major joint districts.

Nilab, Maiponao, and the deputy director of the European Union's genetic committee, Dog Ansius, squinted at the sudden appearance of Cai Shaochu, and communicated privately.

Wei Bin asked Cai Shaochu to come over, essentially coming to the town.

Cai Shaochu is able to make the town, not only because of his Planetary Grade powerhouse, but more importantly, his identity is the Principal of an extraterrestrial genetic evolution university.

For example, most of the elites who participated in the space raid at this time had to call Principal when they met Cai Shaochu! In the   Academy circle, this relationship seems fragile, but sometimes it works!   The essence of politics is balance and suppression.

In this case, the harvest of Huaxia District can no longer be described as shocking when compared with the current harvest of Indo-Union District and Milian District.

Especially the amount of D-Rank mechanical spirit alloy, the Milian District and the Indian Union District combined are not as much as the fraction of the Huaxia District.

This is also impossible. In the Jifeng VII resource star, the combatants in the Milian District and the Indo-Union District fought encounters, and most of them were captured. It was captured by Spirit Race patrol officers.

And the Heavenspan Special Forces in Huaxia District, it was killed in the nest of Spirit Race.

A resource base, full of three hundred genetic mutation realm weapon spirits, except for those killed in the previous patrol battles, the rest were all captured by the Heavenspan Special Operations Group.

Nineteen such bases were captured by the Heavenspan Special Forces.

Can you not seize much?

It’s just that no one didn’t expect, the seizures are so hot!

It's normal to be jealous of others.

Huaxia District is now more jealous of Milian District or Yinlian District.

But it can only be jealous.

If you dare to stretch out your hand, Huaxia District will dare to raise a knife and chop it down for him.

Whoever dares to stretch out his hand indiscriminately, give him war!

But this is one-on-one.

Once the jealous circle of the six major alliances forms a community of interests, it will be troublesome.

Once that happens, Huaxia District, no matter how tough it is, dare not declare war casually.

More than a dozen is a big loss.

So, we still have to engage in politics!   Wei Bin asked Cai Shaochu to come over to do politics.

Pulling one wave after another is called politics!   Cai Shaochu was also a little confused looking at the constant appearance of D-Rank Mechanical Spirit Alloy being transported away.

The special warfare group of the Huaxia District Participating Group has eaten the fake blue pill this time, and it has become abnormal?

The number of seizures is no longer about hanging the two areas of Miyin, but putting the knife on their necks.

However, Cai Shaochu didn't rush to say anything. After so many years of cooperation with Wei Bin, there is still a tacit understanding.

Cai Shaochu directly used consciousness to communicate with Zhu Lang far away.

"I ask, you can just think it in your mind."

Cai Shaochu's voice sounded in Zhu Lang's mind, directly let Zhu Lang startled.

He doesn't need to speak, he only needs to think, and Cai Principal can know what he thinks. This ability is really enough for Cai Principal.

At this communication speed, in just one minute, Cai Shaochu can figure out the specific situation.

"Hey, Heavenspan, Haotian and Taiyi, the three major special forces, did not shame us this time, but I personally gave them a few Yuanjing ability seal cards!"

Admiring, Cai Shaochu slowly sat next to Wei Bin.

"It's a bit tricky."

Cai Shaochu and Wei Bin communicated silently.

"5600 ingots, you come forward, the town should be okay?"

"5600 ingots?"

Cai Shaochu sneered, "What do you want?"

"5600 ingots?"

Be prepared for a local war torn your face, or do it now."

"What do you mean?"

"5600 ingots, just D-Rank mechanical spirit alloy, C -Rank weapon spirit alloy 610 ingots!"

"C-Rank also has 610 ingots, perfect! The officer’s interstellar combat uniform, there is it! No, you can’t give in. Fight against these grandchildren, yes They will start the war with us first.

As long as we survive this wave, the six major alliances, our Huaxia district general." Cai Shaochu gave a thumbs up, and the meaning couldn't be clearer.

The Huaxia area that can directly explode 20,000 more interstellar combat Legion, when the time comes will undoubtedly be the boss of the six major alliances, when the time comes, everything is possible.!

"Other precious metal ingots, there are 130,000!" Cai Shaochu sighed softly.

"Wait, I heard that right? Don’t you cherish the metal ingots? Isn’t the shipment finished? Have you already finished 30,000 ingots?"

"The total number is 160,000. Part of it was only 30,000, as Zhu Lang just said.

Apart from this, seven sets of ore refining centers were dismantled, seven sets of ecological planting system, and various special pipe materials and building materials were calculated in hundreds of tons. .

I won’t talk about other small things." Cai Shaochu said.

Wei Bin froze, and fiercely rubbed his face in a daze, "Old Cai, did I have any extraordinary powers?I   fell into a illusion?   Our Huaxia District The wolf cub is a little stronger than the Milian district, isn’t it so ridiculously strong, right? For   this seizure, it doesn’t work if you just fill him with a small blue pill?"

"Do you have a lot of that stuff?" Cai Shaochu joked.

Wei Bin startled, "Go away, you only need it, I'm a stunner every day!"


"This time I've gained so much , Because there is a demon wolf among these wolf pups."


"Xu Tui!"

Wei Bin once again startled Startled, "If you want to say that this kid is a demon, then I believe it! This time the fire star actual combat, this kid is enough demon.

But, this time, it is too demon!   I directly plunged Lao Tzu into a war crisis!"

"Go trade, it just happens that we will be short of something recently." Cai Shaochu said.

"What is missing?"

"These wolf cubs have made such a big capture, you have to reward them according to the previous agreement!

Ten Sixty thousand standard metal ingots, 5600 ingots of mechanical spirit alloys, the source crystals you sent, the source crystals you sent to these participating group special battle groups, there are no 200,000 grams, but also 180,000 grams.

After sending out so much at once, our reserves are somewhat insufficient!   Moreover, with so much gain, it is expected that the market prices of the future mechanical spirit alloys and precious metal ingots will continue to fall.

You might as well be generous, and trade first.

The material must be available, but the source crystal reserve is also the top priority!At the   critical moment, the material cannot be eaten, but the source crystal can eat. Being able to fight can make people!" Cai Shaochu said.

Wei Bin only considered for three seconds, and nodded agreed. "How many districts will be given?"

"Well, let them exchange the source crystal, it's fast, otherwise When he reacts, the price may be lowered!" Cai Shaochu said.

"Oh, Old Cai, you still have a flexible mind. This thing that is besieged by people's red eyes, if you make trouble, it will immediately become a woolen fleece."

" Hurry up, I will ask Zhu Lang to contact the other side and ask them to send other materials first. These are slow, you can make a deal first!" Cai Shaochu said.

After one minute, Wei Bin stood up and said, "Temporarily talk about something, our little boys in China are very strong, this year we have captured a lot.

But, you know By law, we can’t take the seizures of the little boys for nothing. This is what they got in exchange for their lives. We have to exchange the source crystals for them.

But this is too much, we reserve. The source crystal is a bit nervous.

Therefore, we urgently discussed the transfer of D-Rank alloy and metal ingots to a part of the Brother Alliance.

Currently, we Prepare to come up with 2500 D-Rank Mechanical Spirit Alloys and 50,000 precious metal ingots, depending on which unit needs it.

The price is slightly lower than the market price. For example, one precious metal ingot, The market price is 2.1 grams of source crystal, we only sell 2 grams of source crystal.

A D-Rank alloy, the market price of 130 grams of source crystal, we only accept 120 grams of source crystal.

Well, the big guys need to report the number quickly.

The number is not much, the hand is fast and the hand is slow.

I'm sure, now I will hand over the Yuanjing and deliver the goods." Wei When Bin started business, he was very familiar with it.

The lack of tens of thousands of source crystals in Huaxia District is absolutely impossible. This is just an excuse to balance.

The Chief-In-Charge of the other districts can see it, but he didn't rush to speak.

"We want 1500 D-Rank alloys!" Kabanda, Deputy Director of the Non-Union District Genetic Committee, reported the number first.

This is absolutely free of charge!

Wei Bin likes this the most!   "Well, the big guys are brothers. It depends on whether you want them in other districts. If you want more people, you will evenly divide it.

If other people want less, 1500 will be given to you. "Wei Bin said.

"We also want 1500!" Plesian, deputy director of the genetic committee of the Russian Federation, played the second assist.

Of course, Cai Shaochu would not tell him about contacting him in private.

The fact that the non-union zone and the Russian union zone are about to pack up resources has made the European Union zone anxious.

This won't work.

"We also want 1,500 ingots!"

This is the interstellar Legion, and Dog Ansius, the deputy director of the European Union's Genetic Committee, can't do it in a hurry.

The three have opened their mouths. If the Milian District and the Indo-Union District do not speak any more, they will be rounded up by other regions. The Milian District and the Indo-Union District will lag far behind in the number of interstellar Legions.

If you fall behind, you will be beaten!   Also quickly stated!   Everyone wants 1500 spindles!   But the total amount taken out is only 2500 ingots!   Finally, Wei Bin suggested that they are all brothers. Everyone wants it. You can't favor one or the other, and the big guys should share it equally.

Sell 500 ingots of D-Rank alloy and 8000 ingots of precious metals to every company, and sell them now.

You need to get the goods in one hand, Yuanjing! In   this regard, the non-Chief is the most active.

In less than half an hour, the small 200,000 Yuanjing entered the hands of Huaxia District and successfully eliminated an invisible war.

Get cheap, get a good deal!   Of course, Cai Shaochu privately gave the non-union zone 200 ingots and the Russian alliance zone the 300 ingots trading quota, privately pulled a wave steadily!   So in the end, the Chief-In-Charge of each district was surprised to find that when the number of D-Rank mechanical spirit alloys seized in Huaxia District this time may be as high as 5,000 ingots, their expressions were very exciting.

The specific number, they are not too clear.

Because in the end, Huaxia District itself didn't count the number of things, and they can only estimate the number of things that have fallen.

The number of D-Rank mechanical spirit alloys obtained in Huaxia District may be close to 5,000 ingots, maybe it will be back.

At this time, even those who are shameless can't get into trouble right away.

Just traded 500 D-Rank alloys from Huaxia District. This is a fact!

What you have just eaten, hasn't been digested yet, can you deny it?

Moreover, at this point, the number of more than 2,000 spindles in Huaxia District, they also have 600 or 700 spindles, it seems that the gap is acceptable!   Of course, they don't know, the total amount of D-Rank Mechanical Spirit Alloys finally obtained in Huaxia District reached 3100 ingots, and the total amount of C-Rank Mechanical Spirit Alloys reached 610 ingots! At   least a 13,000-person interstellar combat Legion can be installed!   And the Milian District and the Yinlian District, according to the harvest after the transaction, it can barely be able to install three thousand people!   At the same moment, Jifeng 7 resource star.

Zhao Hailong, Luo Murong, Yan Lie, Cui Xi and the others defended from the periphery. Xu Tui and Yanghuai approached the thunder elephant that had recovered in the past few days.

Even if it recovers, Leixiang is still a personal board at this time.

Only a torso, supporting a head, all limbs are gone, of course, the third leg is still there.

A few days of rest, Lei Xiang's mental state has improved a lot.

For this reason, at least ten shielding nails were nailed to his head, and the spirit strength shielding cap was specially modified to cover his neck.

"Leike, our mission is complete, we are going to return to the moon! What do you think?"

"What do you mean?"

"Your cultivation base Too high, the temporary Quantum Transmission Passage we established cannot withstand the power fluctuations in your body, so it cannot bring you back to Blue Star.

And because of this, you now have two choices." Xu Tui said.


"The first choice, we will kill you now! Second, you can think of a way to let us take you back without killing you! "

When these two choices came out, Lei Xiang was forced!

Is there such a hostage?   *****   This is the second update of today. Because of the parent meeting this afternoon, the transmission was delayed.

(End of this chapter)

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