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2021-06-04   Chapter 572 resonance anomaly   on the open space in front of the main base One, people are like Ray Ban Ban Standing upright on the ground, surrounded by members of the Heavenspan Special Forces, frowned and thought.

I have to say, Spirit Race is really tall and big.

Even if the Leixiang loses his legs and becomes a human board, and is placed upright on the ground, his height is almost close to Mu Xingluan.

After waiting for about five minutes, Lei Xiang hadn't spoken yet, Xu Tui suddenly looked towards Yanghuai.

"Forget it, bring the corpse back to the research institute for research. Lao Yang, you do it, make it neater.

In addition, the Lei Elephant’s blood is also released in two large barrels, vacuum Storage, maybe the research institute is useful." After that, Xu Tui turned around and left.

Yanghuai responded, rolled up his sleeves, and shouted at Cui Xi, "Old Cui, give me some vacuum water storage bags so I can let the blood."

"Immediately. "

Cui Xi's swift answer directly made Leixiang panic, and suffered that many sins. He finally survived by spitting out, which would be directly turned into a corpse. Pulling back the Blue Star Moon, what is that?

If you really want to die, then you will die to the end.

"don't, don't, don't, I thought about it." Lei Xiang yelled at Xu Tui's back.

These days, he has long known that Xu Tui is in charge.

Xu Tui turned around, slightly smiled at the sweaty thunder elephant on his head, his mouth full of white teeth, "I said there is no other way, no trouble, it is convenient to take the corpse back."


"It's no trouble, no trouble at all."

Lei Xiang was sweating frantically and glanced at Yang Huai who was carrying the knife.

He is really afraid of Yanghuai. The movement of the boy who rolled up his sleeves just now resembled some of the slaughter movements in Spirit Race, with bloodletting. This is so extraordinary.   Fortunately, he has already I have no legs, otherwise this will surely make the legs soft.

"Let’s talk, I’ll listen, I'll take you back when the operation is good, I guess the research institute is reluctant to kill you.

If it is not easy to operate, I can only take The corpse went back. I just want to go home right now and don't want to talk about other things." Xu Tui said.

"No trouble, simple." Lei Xiang said quickly.

After being infinitely close to death, the fear of death will deepen exponentially.

"In this way, if you bleed me and let out more than 40% of my blood, I will fall into a state of extreme weakness." Lei Xiang said.

"This shouldn't work, right? Bloodletting puts you in an extremely weak state, which will attenuate your spirit strength and Thunder Element's extraordinary strength to a certain extent, but at most it will attenuate by 40-50%.

The temporary quantum arbitrary gate we built can only pass through the power fluctuations of the genetic evolutionary realm at most.

With the power fluctuations that you are infinitely close to the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse, even if the bloodletting comes to you Being unconscious, the remaining power fluctuations in your body are also at the powerhouse level of the genetic transmutation realm." Xu Tui analyzed.

"I know, but this is only the 1st Step." Lei Xiang said.

"What about Second Step?"

"Second Step is, you took these shielding nails and shielding helmets on my head, give me ten minutes, I will Consume more than 70% to 80% of the spirit strength and extraordinary power remaining in the body.

When the time comes, you can take me through this quantum Transmission Passage smoothly." Lei Xiang said.


Xu Tui looked at the Thunder Elephant, looking like an idiot, I believe you a ghost!   "Come on, let's take the corpse back!"

Xu Tui waved his hand and turned to leave. Yanghuai's little blunt horse instantly caught Leixiang’s neck. There was a sour cracking sound in the arteries, and Leixiang’s skin strength was still very good.

Cui Xi has already attached a vacuum-compressed water bag to Lei Xiang’s neck, and a large amount of blood rushes into the water bag.

All the blood on Leixiang’s face faded instantly. The next moment, Leixiang yelled at Xu Tui hysterically, “Really! I have absolutely no ideas. I just want to live.


I promise, I will never attack you!

I promise!   I swear by my ancestors!

I promise!"


Not far away, Xu Tui just sneered listening to these so-called guarantees.

I'm leaving, I'm going home, there is no need to take risks.

A powerhouse like Leixiang is really going to go crazy, so how many people might die.

You can kill the body and take the body home.

The Thunder Elephant is dumbfounded!

I'm really confused!   The method he said really works.

"I'll change a bag."

A vacuum compressed water bag was full, and Cui Xi changed one.

As the blood in the Lei Elephant's body decreases and the blood spewing in the arteries slows down, Yanghuai begins to pour blood on the Lei Elephant, just like a pig killer.

That jindao, and the feeling of getting colder and colder all over, made the Lei Xiang extremely frightened.

If you insist, you are really going to die!   He really is going to die here!   No way!   He is a Thunder Elephant!   He is Heaven's Chosen Child of Spirit Race Leibu, how could he die here in humiliation?

It was so difficult before, but I have survived.

As long as he follows these people back to the moon and meets more blue star people, he has a chance.

There are many differences within the Blue Star people.

And, his uncle, his clansman, maybe he is rescuing him?

He must not die like this!   It was just a moment, the last trace of Lei Xiang's heart was persevering and it was shattered!   Regardless of what breakthrough developments the Blue Star Human Race can obtain, it threatens Spirit Race, the most important thing now is that he must live first!

Otherwise, it's all in vain!   "Stop, stop! I'll use the second method!"

Xu Tui ignored him, Yanghuai continued the bloodletting.

Lei Xiang was really panicked, "I really have a second method, related to quantum arbitrary gates!" Lei Xiang yelled desperately.

Xu Tui, who turned around in the wind, looked stunned, walked quickly to the Lei Xiang, slapped his backhand, "Fuck, do you really have a hand?"

Xu Tui was surprised.

Yanghuai was also surprised.

It's all like that. Whether it's Xu Tui or Yanghuai, they feel that Leixiang should confess all the secrets.

didn't expect, there will be more.

It's still about quantum arbitrary gates.

"You didn't ask again"

The Leixiang replied weakly, the feeling of being bled, it was too uncomfortable, "Stop it now, I don't think it will work."


Xu Tui waved his hand. Yanghuai restrained the Lei Xiang to stop the bleeding. Li Zhen stepped forward and immediately treated Lei Xiang a little bit. Then Xu Tui said, "Let’s talk about it. Don’t play tricks, you are not down. It’s a chance to squander.

You have to keep your hands again, and the blood will be put out for you. Here, there is no first aid equipment and no blood for you to infuse."

"Yes, yes, I say!"

"Quantum array core, I have a quantum array core. After installing it in the temporary quantum arbitrary gate channel, the intensity of the quantum arbitrary gate channel can be increased to Level 1, and that’s it. It's a genetic transmutation powerhouse." Lei Xiang gasped.

Xu Tui was startled.

The first reaction was looked towards all directions.

Within a hundred meters of nearby, there are no other people except members of the Heavenspan Special Forces.

In an instant, Xu Tui realized the value of this quantum array core.

With this, in the future, Blue Star Human Race’s fire star actual combat and space raid warfare will be able to lead the team with the genetic transmutation powerhouse.

The genetic transmutation powerhouse can travel back and forth between the fire star and the moon at any time.

This meaning is self-evident!

"Where is the quantum array core?"

"It's with you."

Lei Xiang's words made Xu Tui stunned, "In my place, Isn’t it impossible? I don’t know what I found from you. Haven’t you identified them all.

There is nothing called a quantum array core?"

"It’s me That piece of Ancient Race fossil artifact." Lei Xiang replied, panting.

Xu Tui froze, and took out the palm-size jade board that he felt slightly different before.

When this thing first arrived, Xu Tui took another look because the shape was a bit similar to scarlet fire Jane.

But I didn’t care.

He doesn't know this stuff.

Later, he deliberately interrogated Leixiang what it was. Leixiang told him that it was an Ancient Race fossil he had accidentally obtained, and it became a kind of unique and unmatched handicraft. Very collectible.

In addition, the recent cultivation learning tasks are quite heavy. Principal Cai has assigned a single-word task of 100,000 times, and even one third has not been completed, and he has not paid attention anymore.

I didn't expect, but was fooled by this kid.

A slap fiercely on the Lei Elephant’s cheek, Xu Tui kicked the Lei Elephant to the ground, "Still playing with me and fucking him!It's all   done!"

Yanghuai laughed, and the knife went up immediately, Lei Xiang already shouted sternly, "Really, I mean it!"

"It's true!"

"You put it into the Quantum Transmission Passage, and then use 100 grams of source crystal to activate it. If you put ten times the source crystal, you can permanently upgrade the Quantum Transmission Passage." Lei Xiang Da roar !   "I can't trust you. If I put this thing in our temporary Quantum Transmission Passage, what if it explodes? If it   explodes, we can't go back!"

"No! In that case, I can't live, I want to live, I don't want to die! I will never explode." The blood-stained Leixiang looked anxious.

Xu Tui spread out both hands, indicating distrust.

"You can be psychopathic? If so, use a gram of source crystal to guide the fusion with it, and you will be able to sense the internal structure and level of this quantum array core.

As long as you have a little knowledge, you can find that this quantum array core really strengthens the properties of quantum entangled states and superposition states." Lei Xiang is anxious, this will no longer be secret, save your life!

Must live! You   must make Xu Tui believe in yourself.

Xu Tui frowned, signalling Yanghuai to stop temporarily.

"One gram of source crystal guides the fusion of the past?"

"You sense, you use mental sense, the quantum array core is actually three-dimensional, the middle of the quantum array core, There is a quantum vortex that guides the source energy into it.

It can be sensed.

At the same time, when using it, a large amount of source energy must be guided into the quantum array core. In the quantum vortex, the quantum Transmission Passage can be strengthened."

The Leixiang has no scruples. In order to save his life, he has said all the methods of use.

"Is this thing disposable, or can it be reused?" Xu Tui asked a very critical question.

"Complete activation means a one-time, and it will be consumed. When you introduce a source energy of more than 100 grams of source crystal at a time, it will be fully activated and will be consumed.

A small amount of no effect." Lei Xiang answered very happily.

"Look at him."

Staring at Lei Xiang, Xu Tui took out a gram of source crystal.

Just now Xu Tui suspected that this thing would ruin the Quantum Transmission Passage, it is not to scare the Leixiang, that is Xu Tui is really worried!

Things that haven't been verified, Xu Tui dare not use it to enhance the Quantum Transmission Passage casually.

That's the only way to go home now, there shouldn't be any problems!

"Hailong, help me guard, I will try."

Xu Tui confessed. First, he sensed the quantum array core carefully, and he did see it. The structure and characteristics mentioned by Lei Xiang.

Cautiously, the spirit strength is used to draw out the source energy of the crystal interior of a gram source and introduce it into the quantum array core.

In an instant, the plain quantum array core, as if activated, became extremely profound in the mental induction.

Like endless space.

But there are two points, shining brightly in the endless space.

One point is flashing, and the other point is also flashing.

Quantum entangled state!   The moment the spirit strength sank, Xu Tui suddenly discovered that the genetic chain of quantum entanglement in his mind actually flickered.

An indescribable resonance occurs between Xu Tui and the quantum array core.

Xu Tui sensed that as the quantum array core was briefly activated, the genetic ability chain of the quantum entangled state in his mind also began to resonate in a large area in an instant.

It is not just that the entire genetic ability chain of the quantum entangled state is in resonance, but under the illusory inner view, the genetic ability chain of the quantum entangled state drives the genetic base points in resonance.

Xu Tui can't see clearly even under the illusory inner view.

A large area of ​​genetic basis points flashed white light in resonance there.

Xu Tui understands the meaning of this very well. If you can figure it out, the benefits are hard to imagine.

At the moment, Xu Tui dared to take out a source crystal and absorbed it by himself.

If you have more source energy in your body, these resonated genetic base points will absorb source energy due to stimulation.

As long as the source energy is absorbed, there will be a trajectory, and Xu Tui can remember these genetic basis points.

Almost the moment the source energy enters the body, part of the source energy rushes to the unknown genetic base point in the resonance.

The source energy is supplemented. The resonance of dozens of hundreds of unknown genetic base points is strengthened at the same time, and under the illusory inner view, it is slightly clearer.

At this moment, Xu Tui's head was banged!

Qiqiao spurted blood and fell to the ground on the spot!   ******   First update, ask for monthly ticket.

(End of this chapter)

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