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  Chapter 573 Shocking Significance and Soul Lock

When Xu Tui woke up, there was only one feeling --soft!

I don’t know what I’m resting on my head, it’s soft and comfortable.

Slowly opened his eyes, and saw Li Zhen's big eyes, staring at him steadily, a cloud of water, constantly rolling around on his forehead, very comfortable.

At the same moment, Li Zhen exclaimed, "The captain is awake, the captain is awake!"

Still with the splitting headache, Xu Tui struggled to remember, suddenly Ma touched his legs beside him, and supported him without the slightest hesitation.

Behind Xu Tui, Mu Xingluan's pretty face instantly turned red, but he did not dare to struggle, probably because Xu Tui was injured.

"Head, you. You are holding my leg" Mu Xingluan sounded like a mosquito.

Xu Tui startled and glanced back, only to find that he was held in Mu Xingluan's arms, and a group of green brilliance was flashing above his head.

The place where he felt very soft just now was where Mu Xingluan's thigh rested on his head.

This is where Mu Xingluan's calf and the other thigh will be grasped!   It may be dumbfounded, it may be subconsciously, Xu Tui squeezed again.

It's really soft!

Mu Xingluan's face was flushed, but Xu Tui's face changed in an instant.

What's so special, be onlookers!   Most of the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group are all around him all directions!

Then, so immortal, he just pinched it subconsciously.

What's more terrible is that it is still watched by many members!

"It's meow, I don't have a face now!"

Xu Tui, who reacted, sat down for a moment, curled up his body, and clamped his legs.

Fortunately, most members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group are relatively pure.

For example, Zhao Hailong, Luo Murong, and Yan Xuejin are all embarrassed.

I don’t know what Xu Tui is doing?   What's wrong with the corpse?   Only Cui Xi and Miao Huanshan, these two people, laughed wretchedly.

Obviously, they found it!

Fortunately, there are only two people.

Later, Xu Tui found that Li Zhen was also flushed. What the hell is this?

Li Zhen also found out?

Xu Tui feels his old face burns!   "It's fine if you wake up, we thought you were pitted by the thunder elephant?" Zhao Hailong sighed in relief, and then shouted at the rear, "Lao Yang, stop for a while, the leader wakes up. That's it!"

At this time, Xu Tui heard the scream of the Lei Xiang again. Looking back, Yang Huai began to chip the Lei Xiang again.

A few minutes later, Xu Tui understood what had happened.

He has been in a coma for more than twenty minutes.

His unconscious appearance is very scary, Qiqiao spurts blood.

Everyone thought that the thunder elephant had harmed Xu Tui. While some people rescued Xu Tui, some began to clean up the thunder elephant and find the root cause.

Lei Xiang said it was none of his business, but no one believed it.

Finally, Leixiang gave a spirit strength massage.

It is said that Xu Tui's Spiritual Body with milder spirit strength may be able to treat Xu Tui's Spiritual Body's injuries.

Leixiang’s judgment is that Xu Tui’s Spiritual Body is injured.

Then, there was the scene that just appeared, Li Zhen and Mu Xingluan used their spirit strength to warm Xu Tui's Spiritual Body.

That's it, Yanghuai, Tao Guan, and the others did not let the thunder elephants go.

As if venting his anger, he cut a piece on the Lei Elephant. Yang Huai even said that if something went wrong with Xu Tui, he would fight the Lei Elephant again like an eagle, and let him endure hell before he died. Such suffering!

Xu Tui will wake up, and the people will sighed in relief.

"It's not that he cheated me, it's me." Xu Tui struggled to get up, Mu Xingluan and Li Zhen hurriedly helped Xu Tui up.

Not far away, Lei Xiang yelled Bumping Tianqu, "Look, I said it wasn't me"

"Shut up, just now the head of the group had an accident and was not killed." Even if you are lucky!" Yang Huai's kick directly caused Lei Xiang to close his mouth.

Xu Tui filled himself with a bottle of Class B energy active potion and felt better. Holding the quantum array core that has returned to a silent state in his hand, Xu Tui's heart surged.

Just now he spurted blood from Qiqiao, Xu Tui probably guessed the reason.

He should be too reckless.

He rarely opened the genetic chain of quantum entangled states, but the deepening of the spirit strength just now resonated with the quantum array core.

Xu Tui greedily determines the specific location of the genetic base point of the resonance, and directly inhales the source energy. It may be because the resonance genetic base point is too much, causing the Spiritual Body or the brain to be overloaded, so he sprays on the spot. Blood coma.

This is Xu Tui's own inference.

After thinking about it for a while, Xu Tui slowly came to the Lei Xiang, who was bruised all over his body, squatted down, and gently pressed the neck artery wound that Lei Xiang had just scabbed.

"I have already understood the state of the quantum array core just now! However, the Spiritual Body is overloaded in space during resonance."

"Can you resonate?" Lei Xiang suddenly The eyes shrank, with a look of amazement.

"Well, so, about the function and expansion performance of this thing, you can tell me all about the matters needing attention.

Otherwise, wait for me to slowly explore and find If you conceal something, I will kill you first," Xu Tui said.

The threat of death, the thunder elephant at this moment, has become infinite.

Especially when Xu Tui actually said the word'resonance', Lei Xiang has believed it for the most part.

There are some things that can't be ridiculed by nonsense.

"Basically there is nothing to hide!"


"Yes, if you talk about expanding performance, it is said that this quantum array core is also built The key to Quantum Transmission Passage." Lei Xiang said hesitantly.

"How to use it to establish a quantum Transmission Passage?" Xu Tui asked.

"I don't know, I only know that whether it is to strengthen the built quantum Transmission Passage, or to build a new quantum Transmission Passage, it must be used." Lei Xiang said.

"Then tell me, how do you make this quantum array core?" Xu Tui asked.

At this moment, Xu Tui realizes that if the quantum array core is of great value, it will be waste.

The significance of this quantum array core to the Bluestar Human Race and to the China region is beyond description at this time.

For example, if we master the manufacturing technology of quantum array cores, then Bluestar can establish a permanent quantum Transmission Passage on the Jifeng-7 resource star, turning the Jifeng-7 resource star into Blue Star Human Race or the colony or resource star of Huaxia District!

If it is a resource star, it can be mined exhaustively.

The value and significance of the amount of resources obtained is beyond description.

"I don't know!"

Lei Xiang shook his head, "If I could make a quantum array core, I would have been invited into the church to be a saint."

"It is difficult to manufacture quantum array cores?"

"It should be, our Spirit Race, there will be no more than ten saints who can make quantum array cores. Everyone, in my Spirit The status in Race is extremely detached." Lei Xiang said.

"What are the characteristics of the saints who can make quantum array cores in your Spirit Race? Transcender or?"

"All spirit strength super powerhouse! They should all be transcenders, Their unified ability feature is that they can resonate with the quantum array core!"

The last two words are Lei Xiang looking directly at Xu Tui and saying.

Xu Tui brows tightly frowns, looking at Lei Xiangdao, "The last question, if this thing is completely activated once, it will disappear?"

"Yes, consumables!" Lei Xiang replied.

"Nice, behaved well, Kyoko, heal him."

After that, Xu Tui turned and left, and Lei Xiang finally sighed in relief.

In order to survive, he completely gave up his bottom line and all his persistence, but fortunately, he was finally able to survive.

In the distance, the seized materials in the Huaxia District have been delivered. The personnel in the Russian Union and the Non-Union District have begun to transmit the materials they seized. It is expected that Xu Tui will be able to pass through the Quantum Transmission Gate in two hours. It's back.

However, Xu Tui has some headaches.

Not a real headache.

It was the thing provided by Lei Xiang just now, and the quantum array core, which gave Xu Tui a huge entanglement! If you   go back with the Leixiang, you will use the quantum array core.

Once this quantum array core is used, it disappears, and its meaning and value no longer exist.

Everything is gone, how to study!

The best choice is to go back with the quantum array core and kill the Leixiang!

It’s just that bringing the Lei Xiang back alive is also of great value. Not to mention that he is a high level member of Spirit Race, and will soon be a quasi-planetary grade powerhouse of Spirit Race. Maybe some unremarkable insights and common sense , For Bluestar Human Race or Huaxia District, it is of great help.

In this case, choose one of the two.

It's really hard!   Ten minutes later, Xu Tui suddenly summoned the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group together, saying solemnly, "Everyone, I want to take a risk, but I want to hear your opinions!"

" Commander, you say."

Xu Tui roughly said his own thoughts, and then said, "If you have any ideas, just say it directly. It doesn't matter if you disagree. This will be the discussion."

"Team leader, I think it is feasible. Although there is a certain risk, I think this risk is still controllable.

Especially Leixiang has a very strong will to survive. Under circumstances!   Just as he said before, let the bloodletter first, let him be extremely weak, even if he can use his extraordinary abilities, what can he do?" Zhao Hailong was the first to express his stance.

"Team leader, I can control a kind of plant and get into his body first. I stayed 300 meters away. As long as there is any change, I can get the seed that got into his body. Killed his life." Mu Xingluan said.

"It's not bad, it's safer."

"Leader, let's have another double insurance. The particle directional high-explosive mine, tie one to him, and come and take the remote control in the distance. Be prepared, as soon as there is a problem   , it will detonate! There is still me, just stay behind his head and hold a shield, unless he kills me in a second, otherwise I will stir his brain with a single knife!" Yang Huai said.

"Hey, don't forget there is me. I'm hiding in the distance, and he has changed, so he immediately disappeared for a second." Yan Lie chuckled.

These one after another, but Xu Tui to listen to music.

This is no longer double insurance, but four insurance, plus Xu Tui, it is five insurance.

The Leixiang in the weak state is seriously injured, unless five of them are in an instant for a full second, otherwise, there is no door.

"Since the big guys support it, then I will be more greedy, and take the captive Leixiang and this quantum array core back!   If everything goes well, it will be considered. God Bless China !"

Everyone was nodded, but Xu Tui looked around, "The last thing, the quantum array core, is a matter of great importance.

After going back, the Huaxia District I don’t know how to deal with it, but you all want to understand the meaning of this stuff.

If it leaks out a little, it will cause the Blue Star to shake, and even cause us big trouble or even a killing disaster. Especially before the Huaxia District has not dealt with it.

So, before the action, all of us in the Heavenspan Special Forces must accept the mind lock again.

To ensure absolute The secrecy keeps you from speaking out because of your mistakes. In some extreme cases, the secrets about the quantum array core will not be revealed.

I believe you, but in many cases, accidents are inevitable. Take precautions!" Xu Tui said.

"No comment, I accept!" As Zhao Hailong first expressed his position, all members of the team did not hesitate to express their position.

"Okay, then let go of your spirits, do according to my guidance, and accept the lock of your mind!"

(End of this chapter)

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