Great Genetic Era Chapter 576

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  Chapter 574 Heavenspan's King Explosions Again (see monthly ticket)

The Return of Space Invasion in 2138 , Is destined to be a restless day.

Huaxia District has harvested a huge amount of mechanical spirit alloys and rare metal ingots. The total harvest of the two major areas of Yinlian District and Milian District is not as much as that of Huaxia District.

Fortunately, the Huaxia District took out a part of the material exchange, which was considered stable. However, when the personnel of the war participating regiments and special operations regiments in the Huaxia District returned one after another, another incident occurred. The Chief-In-Charge side of each district!


The Heavenspan Special Operations Group in the Huaxia District returned to the moon with a prisoner.

Of course, the prisoner is not so strange.

Blue Star Human Race In the past hundred years of conquering War Star, many prisoners have been obtained.

For example, the original body of the Mitsubishi tripod, which is now acting as a full-frequency energy tester on the moon, was also captured.

One hundred years ago, hundreds of prisoners of the Spirit Race, Fission Race, and Alienation Race were caught. These prisoners are also Bluestar’s current two science and technology lines-science and technology and advanced technology advanced by One of the root causes of leaps and bounds.

The captives of Spirit Race are extremely rare.

Especially the ones that can bring back to the moon alive, there was no such thing before.

This time, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group broke the record.

The Chief-In-Charge of the major joint districts began to communicate frequently in private. The space invasion is a collective action led by the Blue Star genetic committee and organized by the six major joint districts.

Although each district is seized and returned to each district, the sharing of such intangible assets as prisoners, especially the information drawn from the mouths of prisoners of war in space raids, can be regarded as a basic principle.

However, the captives were obtained by the special warfare group in China.

The interrogation and supervision must be done in the Huaxia District, but the interrogation of this prisoner by the Huaxia District must also be conducted under the effective gaze of the various coalition districts.

This is not a temporary business.

these all are the basic agreement before the war of space invasion in the major alliances.

Of course, the appearance of the captive man, that is, the tragic appearance of the thunder elephant, can be certain that he must have been interrogated before he came to the moon.

What other areas are most concerned about is the information from the previous interrogation.

However, I was only communicating in private, and I was not too nervous.

Because of the Quantum Transmission Passage when each participating group special combat group returns, at most, it can only transmit cultivators from the genetic evolutionary realm.

This traffic feature is very iron.

In other words, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group brought back a prisoner of Spirit Race's genetic evolution.

Very valuable, of course, this value is also impossible and explosive.

The Spirit Race of genetic evolution is destined to be impossible at the top.

Whether it is the Blue Star Human Race, or Mechanical Spirit Race, Fission Race, Alienation Race, Spirit Race, among these known alien races, those who are in power or have important resource information, without exception The lowest is genetic transmutation.

Because of this, a Spirit Race captive who may have been alive in the genetic evolutionary realm brought it back, which caused some movement, but did not cause a sensation.

Of course, how to bring it back is also very simple. With multiple insurances, Leixiang himself did not have a generous determination to die.

The Chief-In-Charge of each district didn't expect at all. The thunder elephant captured back is a genetic transmutation powerhouse, or a relative of the commander-in-chief of the Spirit Race forward base.

Not only the Chief-In-Charge of other regions, but also Wei Bin and Cai Shaochu of Huaxia District, they did not think about this.

I just feel that the Heavenspan Special Forces has given them another surprise.

Spirit Race of genetic evolution, good luck points, can dig out greater value.

But it accidentally appeared one minute after Leixiang was taken down as a captive.

Mai Ponao, deputy director of the genetic committee of the Milian District, was the first to smile and say, "Spirit Race captives are really a good harvest.

Gentlemen, I propose, We immediately organized a team of interrogation experts from Cream of the Crop to interrogate the prisoners of Spirit Race, especially the torture experts who are good at mind control.

I just received the news that our mind control in Milian District Mr. Tomis, the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse in the direction, is on his way back to the moon.

His ability in the radiation influence system can definitely be ranked in the top five or even the top three of the Blue Star.

I suggest that the Vice Group Leader, who is the interrogator, lead the interrogation.

Of course, the leader of the interrogation team must be in China." Maiponao said actively.

In truth, this proposal, on the surface, is quite appropriate.

The position of the team leader is in Huaxia District.

But there is a key point, the spiritual interrogation of the Radiation Influence Department, whoever leads, can obtain the greatest information.

For example, the ability of mental radiation can sense part of the subconscious picture of the victim. Only the operator can know what he sees and what he finds.

Wei Bin looked at Cai Shaochu, but neither refused nor opposed.

Looking at the prisoner's appearance, he must have already been interrogated, and it was still an extremely harsh torture. Then how many valuable things he took out before will be a reference for Wei Bin to make a decision.

As an off-site partner, Cai Shaochu already knew what Wei Bin wanted him to do with a look in Wei Bin's eyes.


Talk to the Chief-In-Charge of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, Xu Tui and the others.

Check the status of the prisoners.

At this moment, the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group that has just returned, including the captured thunder elephants, are all on the other side of the three-dimensional ecological defense barrier, and they cannot communicate directly under the large public.

Cai Shaochu has become almost cheating.

"Xu Tui, this captive, please introduce what is happening now. You don't need to speak, just think in your mind, and I can know." Cai Shaochu communicated consciousness to Xu Tui who had just returned.

Standing on the other side of the ecological defense barrier, Xu Tui blinked, a little dazed.

What's so special, did Old Cai finally reveal his terrifying fangs at this time?

So fierce?   What he thinks, Old Cai will know it without speaking!

Can you not be so perverted!   Can this give people a little bit of privacy?   Xu Tui was thinking, Cai Shaochu in the distance frowned suddenly, and once again communicated with Xu Tui's consciousness, "Time is tight, cooperate, you don't think about messy things, just think hard about the answer."

Xu Tui blinked, and at the same time that Yaoyao was nodded, he began to think hard for the answer.

It's really hard.

Thirty seconds later, Old Cai frowned again, "Have you been serious about it? Seriously, harder, otherwise the information I sensed would be too fragmented."

Xu Tui was shocked.

He really tried hard.

Over and over again, I was thinking about the answer very intently.

In terms of spirit, the only way to exert strength is to concentrate!   However, Cai Shaochu still frowned, saying that he did not feel clearly.

Suddenly, Xu Tui's heart moved, and a hint of surprise appeared in the corner of his mouth.

Is it true that now that he has spirit strength, Old Cai can no longer feel his thoughts at will?   Or is it another reason?

"Principal Cai, I am thinking of the answer very intently." Xu Tui said.

Cai Shaochu stunned, "Your spirit strength has been able to withstand my mental induction? You just broke through to the genetic evolutionary realm, and it is impossible, right?"

Listen to Xu Tui Cai Shaochu's voice sounded in his own consciousness, and Cai Shaochu also reacted suddenly, "Come on, communicate directly, what are you doing so much trouble."

Xu Tui and Cai Shaochu communicated through the three-dimensional ecological defense barrier. In the process of communication, Cai Shaochu has always had a relaxed look, but Cai Shaochu's eyes have become extremely solemn.

Especially after learning the identity of the Lei Xiang, the corners of his mouth even twitched.

Before the massive amount of mechanical spirit alloys and rare metal ingots, Cai Shaochu thought that this was already the big and small king brought to them by the Heavenspan Special Forces.

didn't expect, this man who looked miserable in the end was taken prisoner, the only thing that really happened was True King exploded!   True King blow up!   Genetic Transmutation, breakthrough to quasi-Planetary Grade banned Spirit Race mine department senior, Spirit Race forward base commander Lei Shu's nephew, Spirit Race forward base chief of staff!   This is so special, if this identity is announced, this is not Wang Bo, this is full of hands!   "Very well, you are doing a good job." The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and Cai Shaochu quickly asked, "Have you done a good job of confidentiality? How many people know his true identity?"

, Cai Shaochu added, “I’m not stingy to ask this question. Our Huaxia District has seized it, and other districts want to drink soup, but our Huaxia District has to eat meat first!”

He, Old Cai is such a sincere man, a faithful follower of the concept of supreme interests in China!   Xu Tui thought for a moment. The word stingy, used on Old Cai, seems very appropriate.

Of course, it is stingy to everyone outside of China!

"Some people know that we captured the Leixiang, but the specific identity of the Leixiang, such as the status of the deputy chief of staff, should not be known under normal circumstances.

But there are very many traitor black holes. Maybe you know." Xu Tui said.

"Traitor black hole?"

Almost at the moment when Cai Shaochu frowned, on the other side, Nilab, deputy director of the Genetic Committee of the Union of India, also smiled and spoke.

"Mr. Ro Tammon, the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse in the Union of India, has just returned to Blue Star recently. It has a very high level of radiation influence.

I suggest me Mr. Fang’s Luo Tanmeng served as the Vice Group Leader of the Interrogation Team. Of course, the group leader must be from China."

As soon as this statement came out, Maiponao took a deep look at Nirabu. , Nilab smiled right.

"Our prospective Planetary Grade powerhouse Mikichenko is also very proficient in spiritual interrogation. I suggest that our prospective Planetary Grade powerhouse Mikichenko serve as the Vice Group Leader of the interrogation team.


Of course, the team leader must be from the Huaxia District.” Chief-In-Charge of the Russian Federation District, Plessian said blankly.

As soon as this statement came out, the persons in charge of the European Union and the non-union districts also smelled it. Obviously, this prisoner may be unusual and one after another recommended the Vice Group Leader to compete for the work of the interrogator.

At this time, Cai Shaochu and Wei Bin also completed the exchange of important news from Xu Tui.

As the Chief-In-Charge of Huaxia District, Wei Bin’s decisiveness and wisdom are also reflected in this brief moment.

"Regarding the interrogation of this prisoner, our Huaxia District will be led by Principal Cai Shaochu. Um, you other brothers who want to participate in the trial, please submit a list.

Principles Above, there can be no more than two persons participating in a joint trial, and no more than one person for direct interrogation.

Other rules, you can negotiate within twelve hours.

After all Even the interrogation will have to complete their twelve hours of ecological isolation and elimination."

Wei Bin smiled and settled the matter in one fell swoop.

After that, the combatants in the Huaxia District who had just turned back began to walk into the ecological defense and elimination center in an orderly manner to detect and eliminate them according to the procedures, and the return of the members of the European Union began.

Within a few minutes, Cai Shaochu also left silently.

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