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  Chapter 575 Rewards and Punishments of Cai Principal

The Lunar Ecological Defense Center.

This is the first ecological defense system built by Bluestar humans.

This is also the lesson of blood learned by Blue Star after several decades of ecological disasters.

This is also the most fundamental reason why the moon is an extraterrestrial base, and it is also the strategic position of the moon.

Whether it is a war or other ecological disasters, the moon is a barrier and buffer zone for the Blue Star.

Several decades After dealing with several disasters and crises, the scientific and technological content and system of the moon's ecological defense center have been very complete.

Especially those who come back from outside of fire star must go through a complete set of detection and elimination procedures, and no one can violate it.

However, the rule was made because someone violated it.

After the establishment, those who are eligible to violate the regulations can still violate the regulations.

For example, Comrade Cai Shaochu, Principal of the Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution University, just after the participating members of the Huaxia District went through the first all-round killing procedure, he came in.

He can come in because Cai Shaochu himself is the creator of the Lunar Ecological Defense Center and one of the Chief-In-Charge.

Of course, the fundamental reason is still because he is Planetary Grade powerhouse.

Planetary Grade powerhouse, you can fear all kinds of microorganisms and viruses.

After saying hello, Cai Shaochu met Xu Tui in a single room of the Lunar Ecological Defense Base.

"Principal, you."

Xu Tui was a little surprised when he saw Cai Shaochu himself here, and saw Cai Shaochu slightly frowned, and suddenly shook his sleeves at Xu Tui.

An intangible and intangible character'Jing' that Xu Tui's mentality can see, suddenly flew towards Xu Tui's mask.

Xu Tui forcibly resisted his instinct to defend, letting this pure word pass through his body.

An indescribable refreshment, suddenly spread all over Xu Tui's body, and even the greasy hair seemed to be clean.

"Did you see it?" Cai Shaochu startedled?   Xu Tui nodded.

In the next instant, Cai Shaochu had substantial spirit strength, and in an instant it fell to Xu Tui, who swept unscrupulously, and his expression became stunned.

"Breakthrough, independent evolution? The main evolution genetic ability chain is related to spirit strength?"

"Principal, my main evolution genetic ability chain is the spirit strength whiplash "Xu Tui said honestly.

"No, your evolutionary strength is not right! If you choose that spirit strength to lead the evolution of genetic ability chain, your current physical fitness and spirit strength, impossible have such a big improvement.

Before you left, I checked your condition."

Suddenly, Cai Shaochu was shocked and asked softly, "Secondary evolution?"

Xu Tui gently nodded.

"Genetic miracle, what kind of luck is this?" Cai Shaochu was really shocked. "Why don't you voluntarily worship me as a teacher, how about being my student?"

Xu Tui was startled shook the head.

"Because of An Xiaoxue?"

Xu Tui did not answer.

"This is a whole thing. From now on, it seems that I will have to accept a few more female students. Maybe I will be able to pick up a shame like you sometime.

It's a pity, and Lao Shang Lao Ji, they are too familiar, they can't do the robbing."

Old Cai's words, listening to Xu Tui very pleased in one's mind.

At the beginning, no one wanted to be assigned to the Huixin Department. Now even the Principal of the Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution University is rushing to accept him as a student.

If you don't feel dark and refreshing at this moment, that's the hell.

Of course, Xu Tui has the bottom line of being a human being.   Looking at what Xu Tui looks like, Cai Shaochu is not in a hurry. Perhaps it has several points of Xu Tui's little sense of pride, and suddenly asked, "Has the homework been completed?"

Xu Tui became nervous for a moment.

"This .Principal, we went, we have been fighting, we have been fighting, we only took a rest for the last few days, so."

"So the homework is not completed, right? "

Xu Tui: "."

Cai Shaochu's eyes were like a sword, and Xu Tui dropped his head on the spot. As a student, he couldn't get up because he didn't finish his homework.

"If the homework is not completed, you will be punished!" Cai Shaochu said.

"What punishment?"

Xu Tui instantly became nervous. Can the punishment of Planetary Grade powerhouse keep him nervous?

"No hurry, first give me the details of your space raid war this time, as well as this prisoner, as well as the additional seizures and the things dug from this prisoner's mouth." Cai Shaochu asked.

"Principal, we really didn't have any additional seizures"

Cai Shaochu snort disdainfully, "I won't snatch you, what are you afraid of? I just fell in love with you brat's stingy, just I'll take care of you."

Xu Tui is at a loss, is he stinging?   He is very generous, alright!

"This Principal, in fact, the big guy left more than a dozen B-grade mechanical spirit alloy ingots, and a dozen kg of A-grade mechanical spirit alloy."

Xu Tui is helpless. "The big guy wants to use this to upgrade his combat uniform first."

"No problem, this is what you deserve, what else?"

"Other things, It’s more sensitive, and it’s about to be turned over in private.” While speaking, Xu Tui looked around the single room.

"Don't worry, where I am, monitoring won't work."

Xu Tui's eyes widened, "Principal, I believe, but I think you don’t regret it for a while, really If there is a trace of it, it may be the war within the six major alliance areas!" This sentence was said by Xu Tui to Cai Shaochu through conscious communication.

Cai Shao looked at Xu Tui preliminarily, with a little surprise, "The Spirit Race prisoner, it’s the King who exploded, you still have the goods?   Take it out of the Spirit Race prisoner? "

"More than!"

Cai Shao first glanced at Xu Tui, waved his hand, and a magic word appeared out of thin air, turning into a layer of naked eye visible mist The barrier is wrapped in all directions of Xu Tui and Cai Shaochu.

"Let’s talk now."

"Principal, look at these things."

While speaking, Xu Tui will only have one Cai Shaochu’s face changed as soon as he took it out. He sat up straight, and slapped Xu Tui on the back of his head. "You brat is really in stock!"

"Principal, do you know the goods?"

Cai Shaochu looked at Xu Tui and was suddenly shocked, "No, the breath of this thing is very weak, but the Planetary Grade powerhouse is at close range. It's easy to sense.

I didn't sense it just now.

Where did you get it?   Quantum dimensional chain?"

Cai Shaochu, who was able to make a judgment, suddenly looked at Xu Tui with the same look as a monster, and was startled.

Completely shocked.

"Can I say that you are a monster? You know that in our Blue Star Human Race, Planetary Grade powerhouse opens the quantum dimensional chain. There are not many." Cai Shaochu surprised.

Xu Tui was speechless.

Can he say that Cai Shaochu is abnormal?

His space invasion and warfare this time, in terms of personal ability, the biggest breakthrough is autonomous evolution and quantum dimensional chain.

But less than an hour after he came back, he didn't mention a word, so Cai Shaochu could see through it.

If I do something bad in the future, I don’t know what to do!   "Let me study this thing! The results have been achieved, I promise you are the first to enjoy, you can also participate in, you are also a member of our Galaxy Spirit Research Institute."

Cai Shaochu unceremoniously took the silver box away.

Under Cai Shaochu's gaze, Xu Tui shua~ shua~ shua~ placed nineteen spiritual boxes.

"Fuck! Are you robbing the forward base of Spirit Race?" Cai Shaochu's expression was dull.

In the next moment, Cai Shaochu waved his sleeves and swept away the nineteen cassettes. "With so many unpurified cassettes, the probability of producing results in a short period of time is very great.

I accepted it."


Xu Tui nodded, then thiefly said, "Principal, then you won't give me a reward What is it."

"What do you want?"

"Principal, your seal card with the ability to seal the source crystal is very easy to use."

Cai Shaochu Nodded, I took a picture directly.

"Only one, Principal?"

"Should I return one from your teacher?" Cai Shaochu gritted his teeth.

"Don't, don't, don't, Principal, you are magnificent, you are bright." Xu Tui quickly gave a thumbs up.

Cai Shaochu smiled suddenly when he looked at Xu Tui's appearance, "you brat, it's really good. But my ability seal card is extremely difficult and consumes materials to make.

I gave you three teachers from the teacher before, which is really not much.

In this way, I will give you another one, which is a reward."

While speaking, Cai Shaochu took another shot. A escape character and a magic character source crystal ability sealing card came to Xu Tui.

Xu Tui quickly swept into his quantum dimensional chain.

"Don’t use magic words lightly. This is one of my most accomplished skills so far. It can be attacked, defended, and assisted.

It’s better to be able to understand a bit more thoroughly."

After finishing, Cai Shaochu said again, "Satisfied with this reward."

"Satisfied, satisfied!"

Xu Tui is very nodded, but he took out the quantum array core and placed it in front of Cai Shaochu lightly.

Cai Shaochu is frowned. He doesn't know this thing either. Obviously, he hasn't seen it before.

"What is this? The quantum fluctuations inside are very strong and characteristic."

"Principal, this is a quantum array core?"

hearing This, Cai Shaochu shook the head, "I haven't heard it."

"Well, according to Lei Xiang, that is, the prisoner of Spirit Race said, after the quantum array core uses a special method to induce the source crystal, It can be used to upgrade and strengthen the Quantum Transmission Passage.

After using it, you can only pass the Quantum Transmission Passage of the genetic evolutionary environment. After the upgrade and strengthening, you can pass the powerhouse of the genetic transformation environment."

When Xu Tui was not finished, Cai Shaochu suddenly leaned over and looked towards Xu Tui with a sharp look, "Really?"

"More than that, Lei Xiang said, this thing is still establishing a quantum Transmission Passage The most fundamental thing.

If a quantum array core can be manufactured, it can be used to build a quantum Transmission Passage."

As soon as this statement came out, Cai Shaochu’s face changed. "Who else knows about this?"

"All the members of our special warfare team know about it, but don't worry, Principal, I have already used a mind lock on him!"


Cai Shaochu glanced at Xu Tui, "What you have done is not enough, but this thing is good!

You did good!"

You did good!"


In the next moment, Cai Shaochu made a direct call and ordered, "Within five minutes, gather all the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces. I will meet them personally and test them!"

"Good Principal."

"Principal, do you want to give them another mind lock?"

"I don't know, but there are similar Means."

After a moment of silence, Xu Tui said, "Can you give everyone some rewards, they have all worked hard, and besides, I don’t trust them all the time because they always use mind locks on them. It’s like."

"It’s not distrust, it’s for insurance. But you are also right."

Cai Shaochu nodded, "Since you said, then I will give it to you A collective reward for the Heavenspan Special Forces!   Well, including the punishment for not completing your homework!"

"I still have punishment?" Xu Tui Yelled.

"Of course, the students who didn't complete the homework are fate!"

Xu Tui: "."

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The big Divine Beast 10-1 is equal to 8, which directly blows up the pig three   (end of this chapter)

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