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  Chapter 576 The number of deaths and the notification letter (first update)The   Lunar Ecological Defense Center In an independent isolation hall, the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group are all standing in standard posture, all looking at Cai Shaochu, Principal of the Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution University, with respect.

These people have seen Cai Shaochu countless times, but they have seen Cai Shaochu from a distance or on the news on the screen. It is the first time that they have seen Cai Shaochu like a close touch.

Of course, except for the group leader Xu Tui, the station is loose, and he is muttering for a while what the punishment is? There   will be no punishment, right?

"This time, your Heavenspan Special Forces can be called a record of success. Your feats, the people of Huaxia District, will remember, history and future will be remembered.

Recognition and There will be rewards.

However, personally, I would like to express my gratitude to you for your merits and contributions. Your contribution this time may be historical!

As an ordinary citizen of Huaxia District, thank you!"

Cai Shaochu stood upright, with his hands on the outside of his thighs, and bowed to the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, ninety degrees! In   an instant, the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group panicked.

I don't know how to deal with it at all.

Planetary Grade powerhouse bow to them, what kind of trouble is this!

Xu Tui, who was standing loose, bowed suddenly to Cai Shaochu, a little confused.

This old man is really a little unexpected in his work.

The atmosphere instantly became a little serious by Old Cai, Xu Tui must do something, the old man's ninety degrees old waist is still bent there.

"This is what we should do, salute the Principal!"

Amid the crackling noise, members of the Heavenspan Special Forces stood at attention and saluted.

Since the space raid, it has been managed semi-militarized, and military salutes have also been very familiar.

Old Cai's bow lasted three seconds before he got up slowly.

"This gift just now is to thank you for the quantum array core. As long as any little research results are achieved, progress will be epoch-making.

The significance of the Huaxia District, Even I can’t describe it.

Therefore, before the research results are published, this matter must be kept strictly confidential! Therefore, I have to use a little trick similar to the lock of mind to you, just in case This matter will not leak out under the overwhelming majority situation.

I hope you don’t mind!"

"We don’t mind, please Principal do it!"

Cai Shaochu tone barely fell, and Cui Xi, Yanghuai, Zhao Hailong, Yan Lie, Tao Guan, Miao Huanshan and other fanatics screamed with their necks.

It looks like Cai Shaochu will let him cut his ass and study, and he will definitely not hesitate.

Seeing Cai Shaochu's serious face, and then looking at the reaction of Cui Xi and the others, Xu Tui can only sigh in his heart, or Old Cai will play it! After   one minute, when everyone was thinking about the Quantum Array Core, a word "forget" appeared out of thin air, and then fell to the heads of all members of the Heavenspan Special Forces.

The forgetting words on other people's heads are slowly blending in and dissipating.

On Xu Tui's side, the spirit strength suddenly shook spontaneously, and the scarlet fire Jane's red light gleamed slightly in his mind.

Boom!   Cai Shaochu's word'forget' disappeared.

Xu Tui's forehead is sweating cold.

He didn't expect, a small and strengthened secret technique similar to a mind-locking secret technique, which actually inspired scarlet.

It was inspired by Planetary Grade powerhouse.

Cai Shaochu also looked towards Xu Tui. The Forgetting Word Jue was exploded by Xu Tui's spirit strength, which was really unexpected.

The spirit strength of this kid is stronger than he expected.

Apart from this, there was a very strange wave in the wave just now, which was fleeting.

Could it be that this kid opened another weird genetic basis?

However, Cai Shaochu didn't delve into this matter, nor did he use the Forgotten Words Technique on Xu Tui again.

His Forgetting Words tactic was exploded by Xu Tui. Similarly, other quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses and even Planetary Grade powerhouses are extremely difficult to control or interrogate Xu Tui.

As for other extreme situations, such as Xu Tui being captured and tortured, based on Xu Tui's current background, it means that his face is completely torn apart, and it is unnecessary.

Yes, Cai Shaochu thinks Xu Tui has a strong background.

Not only is the person of genetic miracle, more importantly, he Cai Shaochu has already opened the platform for Xu Tui! The   Forgotten Words Jue dissipated, and the eyes of the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces Group were a little dazed. What were they thinking just now?

Why can't I remember this anymore?

What is Cai Principal asking him to do?

It seems to be thanking them for coming.

The key memory of the quantum array core can no longer be remembered as if it were forgotten.

Don’t say it’s dreaming, being arrogant, or being tortured. Under normal circumstances, I can’t think of it.

"Principal, from Leixiang, do you have to come here too?" Xu Tui exchanged consciousness.

"Well, rest assured, I will deal with it."

"In view of your outstanding contributions to Huaxia District, I personally, I am going to give you a little reward first, which can be regarded as my own A little bit of thought." Cai Shaochu said.

As soon as this statement came out, the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group cheered, and the smile on Old Cui's face was about to burst!   The rewards given by Planetary Grade powerhouse, they are going to take off.

Generally speaking, only students of Planetary Grade powerhouse can get this kind of reward.

So, do they count as students of Planetary Grade powerhouse?

"It looks like you have had a good harvest this time. The source energy in an individual is so abundant that it is about to burst.

You are lying in the center of the source energy surge channel. Months?"

I didn't pay attention before, it would feel a little bit, Cai Shaochu found the problem.

All the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces team are full of source energy in their bodies. It feels like a fatty with food in the stomach, esophagus, and mouth!

The body is full of source energy, and it is difficult to absorb these foods.

In short, these guys do not lack source energy in their bodies now, lack an opportunity, lack training!

"Your situation, there is a reward, which is more suitable for you." Cai Shaochu suddenly said with a smile.

"What reward?" Cui Xi is bold.

"You guys, can you still fight? Is there any kind of mental breakdown? I don't think there is any." Cai Shaochu did not answer the question!

In the next moment, the other members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group roared.

"You can fight! Principal, don't worry, you can fight!"

That uniform voice, mixed with the soft and soft three of Li Zhen, Yan Xuejin, and Mu Xingluan Xu Tui's voice makes Xu Tui have an unknown premonition.


Can Guan fight what?

"It’s good to be able to fight. Then in my fantasy domain, let’s go for a while. Well, after everyone has died at least five times, if you can’t hold on, you can stop and I’ll let go. Come out.

Of course, if you can persist, you can die a few more times, depending on how many times you can persist.

Well, every time, I will base on your strength, Adjust the power of the phantoms in the fantasy domain, every time, you should be able to squeeze your maximum strength out." Cai Shaochu said.

'Dead a few more times'.   The members of the Heavenspan special warfare group look at each other in blank dismay, this reward, how it sounds a little scary.

Seeing everyone stunned, the experienced and knowledgeable Zhao Hailong shouted, "What are you doing in a daze, you are ready to fight!   Cai Principal’s fantasy domain, so many people can’t get in!

In actual combat, you die once and you are completely finished.

But in Cai Principal’s fantasy domain, death is illusory, but the process is real and can be maximized Refine your willpower, integrate your battle strength, and discover your own shortcomings.

You can break out your own strength to the greatest possible extent.

Every death, you can use Looking down on the death process from God’s perspective, learning from experience!

It is said that every death in Cai Principal’s fantasy domain can exercise spirit strength to a small extent?   Even if it’s our limit system, The spirit strength is stronger, which is also an excellent thing."

After saying that, Zhao Hailong cautiously asked Cai Shaochu, "Principal, am I right?"

That look, the standard licking dog look.

This is what our sea Brother Long has never looked like before.

Xu Tui sighed, the former Tiger of China also bowed in front of Old Cai!   "Yes, after the genetic transformation, many extreme cultivators have begun to subconsciously exercise their spirit strength.

Spirit strength is stronger. For extreme battle strength and cultivation speed, All have a certain degree of improvement." Cai Shaochu said.

After finishing speaking, Cai Shaochu flicked his fingers, and a "phantom" character in brilliant lights and vibrant colors suddenly appeared, slowly blooming in front of everyone.

A group of dense fog faintly shining with golden light and silver light spread out quickly in the isolation hall.

Cai Shaochu's fantasy domain!

"Five deaths in the battle, basically consume the source energy accumulated in your all person's body.

This is the most basic!   In it, All the tactics that can be used in reality can be used. It depends on how long and how many times you can persist, and do what you can.

You can enter!" Cai Shaochu said.

The cohesion that the Heavenspan Special Forces has trained in the past two months is reflected in this brief moment.

All the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces Group did not rush into the fantasy domain, but looked towards Xu Tui.

Get rewards, the leader has priority!   This magical domain, Xu Tui went in last time when he was competing for a quantum beacon. It was indeed quite magical, and quite capable of training.

After taking a look at the crowd, Xu Tui wanted to step into the fantasy realm. Before stepping into it, Xu Tui's heart suddenly flashed with happiness.

Is Old Cai afraid that he forgot to punish him?

In other words, the punishment mentioned before, in other words?

With this idea, Xu Tui wanted to step into the fantasy domain, but when he was about to step into the fantasy domain, he was stopped by Cai Shaochu.

"Xu Tui, your requirements are different."

Xu Tui: "???"

"Others are rewards! But what about you, You didn’t finish the homework I assigned to you before. Therefore, the number of deaths in the battle is five times that of the others.


Twenty-five times!" Cai Shaochu said blankly.

Xu Tui was stunned for a moment!   Twenty-five deaths in battle!

Have you been tortured to death by the phantom inside twenty-five times?

This punishment.   "Principal, or not reduce it."

Xu Tui hasn’t finished speaking yet, a force of suction gushes directly from the illusion and directly blows Xu Tui was sucked into the fantasy domain.

Ten seconds later, all the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces stepped into the illusion, and Cai Shaochu’s voice sounded again, “As long as you die, when the next battle begins, your spirit strength and energy field strength will return. Extraordinary powers will be restored to Peak status.

So, youngsters, fight as hard as you can!"

It is also when the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces enter Cai Shaochu’s fantasy universe. When the member was undergoing the death trial, Raymond, the director of the Blue Star Genetic Committee, who had just received the returning members of the Space Invasion War participating group, received two reports from the secretary.

"Mr. Remont, Master Itivi, Planetary Grade powerhouse in the Union of India, sent a notice saying that he was leaving the moon for a period of time." said the secretary.

"Master Itiwi is leaving the moon again. Isn’t this his guard period?"

"He dísciple said that the Sun God Temple incident has made a little progress. He needs Go back."

When mentioning the last time the Sun God Temple was slaughtered, Raymond was helpless. Whoever puts this matter on him will get angry.

Itivi's reaction is relatively conservative.

"Well, then you send a letter to wish Guru Itivi a smooth trip, and also inform the other districts of Guru Itivi's temporary departure." Raymont said.

"As you wish, sir! But here, there is a notice letter from Mr. Harlan, Planetary Grade, Milian District."

hearing this, Lei Monte frowned instantly, "Harlan wants to go out to do errands?"

****   First update

(End of this chapter)

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