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  Chapter 577 is all good seedlings and this wind cannot grow (second update)   Moon ecological defense In the central isolation hall, Cai Shaochu stands with his hands under his hands, and the illusion is rolling in front of him, and sweat is faintly visible in the line of fortune.

From time to time, Cai Shaochu sprinkled a lot of source crystals into the fantasy domain.

The magic domain is indeed a magic domain, but the energy fluctuations in the magic domain are real within the dimensions of the magic domain.

Conservation of energy, this is the general iron law under the current scientific system and ultra-mortal body system.

If there is collision and consumption, there must be investment.

For Cai Shaochu, the display of the magical domain is actually quite a matter of energy, especially since the strength of each person like the Heavenspan Special Forces is different, and everyone faces the enemy. Special customized situation.

The magic domain that was used when competing for the quantum beacon was much simpler than it is now.

It's a bit like programmatic, the enemies faced by each special warfare group are the same.

So, even if Cai Shaochu is a Planetary Grade powerhouse, it is a bit hard at this time.

More than twenty minutes later, Li Zhen fell out first.

look pale, there is still fear in his eyes, the bangs are wet with sweat, and the whole person falls to the ground, hands and feet trembling constantly.

Five consecutive battles and five consecutive deaths brought great pressure to Li Zhen. At this moment, Li Zhen even had the urge to cry.

"Five deaths are enough?" Cai Shaochu asked, squinting.

Li Zhen bit his lip gently nodded.

"Is it the limit?"

"I feel it." Li Zhen replied, biting his lip.

"Then take a rest." Cai Shaochu squinted and said, and no longer paid attention to Li Zhen. Everyone has their own destiny. If the opportunity is given, can you grasp it? It depends on her.

After breathing heavily for a while, Li Zhen's mood gradually calmed down, and he poured a bottle of energy supplement medicine, Li Zhen felt much better.

However, she has been out for more than ten minutes, and no teammate has come out, which made Li Zhen a little flustered.

After hesitating several times, Li Zhen plucked up the courage to ask, "Principal, they are not done yet, are they still insisting?"

"Still insisting."

This answer makes Li Zhen somewhat absent-minded. The mission of five deaths has ended. The teammates are still insisting, causing Li Zhen to suddenly feel an indescribable sense of guilt. "Principal How many times have they persisted?"

"Yan Lie has the most times, nine times."

"What about Xuejin and Mu Xingluan?" Li Zhen cared.

"Yan Xuejin is now in the seventh battle, Mu Xingluan is in the eighth battle."

This answer caused Li Zhen to bite her lips constantly. She has Kind of feeling left behind by teammates.

I won’t talk about the other men, but the two female teammates are still insisting. She just persisted five times before she came out.

This.After   hesitating for several minutes, Li Zhen finally plucked up the courage again, "Principal, can I go in again?"

"Of course, but go in again If this is the case, the number of deaths is recalculated. You must die five times before you can come out. Can you persist?" Cai Shaochu asked with squinting eyes.

After hesitating for a moment, Li Zhen suddenly nodded, "Principal, I can!" Then, Li Zhen stepped into the fantasy domain again.

Seeing Li Zhen entering the fantasy domain, Cai Shaochu corner of the mouth slightly raised, "It seems that the cohesion of this team is pretty good."

Ten minutes later, Yan Lie was like falling from a high altitude, falling straight out of the illusion, motionless.

Lie on the ground for 3 minutes before it is relieved.

When I got up again, there was already a humanoid water mark on the ground.

"Principal, are they still insisting?" Yan Lie got up in amazement.

"en." Cai Shaochu nodded.

"Fuck, these animals. I have died in battle eleven times, and they are still insisting. No, I have to insist.

Principal, can I go in?"

"Of course you can, but you can go in again and die five times before you can come out." The answer was the same as before.

The sentence of death five times made Yan Lie shiver slightly, but he rushed in resolutely, "You can't let these animals make jokes."

Five minutes later, Tao The crown fell out and slowed down for a few minutes, just like Yan Lie, rushing in again.

Within an hour, almost everyone except Xu Tui came out once, but when they heard the others were still insisting, they rushed in again.

Looking at the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces fighting in the fantasy domain like Heavenly God, Cai Shaochu suddenly smiled bitterly, and threw a lot of source crystals in.

This is the third time Cai Shaochu has thrown the source crystal. At least one hundred grams must be thrown each time.

"This group of little fellows is much more resilient than I thought. It’s a bit of a loss for holding on for so long."

While sighing, Cai Shaochu’s personal communication device suddenly lights up. Yes, it was his assistant Fang You who called.

Cai Shaochu picked it up, "Speak."

"Principal, the commander’s office has sent a letter of notification stating that it is the Planetary Grade powerhouse Itiwi who is guarding the moon in the Union of India. Half a month away from the moon." Fang Youtong reported.

"What's the reason?"

"The statement over there is the Sun God Temple incident. There has been progress. Mr. Itiwi has to go back and deal with it. The commander-in-chief of the moon, Mr. Raymont I can't refuse either." Fang You said.

Cai Shaochu glanced at Xu Tui who was fighting in the illusion, helplessly said, "There are so many things about this old bastard.

But if there is a guard who leaves for a while, it’s okay, there are often Matter."

The Moon is the blue star’s first barrier and first buffer zone, and the Planetary Grade powerhouse is stationed in turn throughout the year.

The Planetary Grade powerhouse stationed on the moon is the guard of the moon, and a Planetary Grade powerhouse is usually obtained from a united area.

Guarding the three-year rotation.

After Cai Shaochu finished speaking, Fang You did not end the communication. Instead, he said, "Principal, another guard has also left."


Cai Shaochu instantly raised his head, "Who? What does Raymond commander-in-chief do? How can two of them leave at the same time when guarding the moon?"

"It's Mr. Harlan from Milian District. , He said that his student Quasi Planetary Grade powerhouse Clancy was on a meteorite flying around a fire star. The cultivation went wrong and his life was in danger, so he had to rush to rescue.

It takes ten days, and it takes 20 days to return.

He left in a hurry, but just sent a notice to the commander-in-chief’s office and left." Fang You said.


When Cai Shaochu got angry, the illusion fluctuated slightly. Xu Tui and the others who were fighting to death suddenly encountered a heavenly thunder and earth fire, all of them died in a wave .

"Raymond is also confused. It's okay to leave one guard temporarily. How can you let both guards leave?

Will he not stop it?" Cai Shaochu said angrily.

Fang You looked helpless, "Principal, you know, the whereabouts of Planetary Grade powerhouses, it is good to be able to give Raymond a notification letter, how can Commander Raymond stop it.

Just like you are old, you never notified them when you left the moon."

Cai Shaochu was stunned, and then stared, "I'm going back quickly, do I need to notify them? ?"

Fang You was helpless.

"No, although these years are very comfortable and the moon is safe, the rules cannot be broken.

Otherwise, if two guards can leave at the same time today, there will be three tomorrow. , Four or five people will leave quietly the day after tomorrow.

Will the moon still be guarded?   In the name of my guard team leader, you will send an official letter to the major joint genetics The committee pointed out that the two guards left the moon at the same time. This is an extremely irresponsible practice for the safety of the moon.

Itiwi and Harun can be in a hurry, but they must find them in a short time. Guarding the post.


Otherwise, the two words have just been uttered, and Cai Shaochu suddenly has nothing to follow.

Whether it is the Blue Star genetic committee or the so-called commander-in-chief of the moon, including his so-called rotating guard team leader, there is actually not much binding force on other Planetary Grade guards, except for the mouthpiece.

The basis of binding or rules is still within each of the six joint districts.

"Otherwise, an emergency security meeting of the six joint districts will be held." After a few breaths of silence, Cai Shaochu held back a move.

If you can’t form an effective binding force on the Guardian of the Planetary Grade you left, you can only start from the top of the six major alliances.

"Okay Principal, I'll do it right away."

At the end of the communication, Cai Shaochu's eyes flickered.

It should be a coincidence that the two Planetary Grade guards left on the same day?

Especially Yitvi, the Sun God Temple incident had a great impact on him, and the real culprit was in the fantasy domain in front of him.

After two 13 points, Yan Lie, who persisted in the magic domain for one hour and two 13 points, died 21 times, fell from the magic domain again.

This time, it was a straight fall. Yan Lie, who died twenty-one times, fainted, and his spirit was on the verge of collapse.

Don't think that Yan Lie was the first to come out of a coma, but the number of deaths Yan Lie insisted on is currently the most.

No way, Yan Lie's skin is crispy and he will die quickly.

"This is a good seed."

With a gentle wave, a small "An" flew out of Cai Shaochu's fingertips and merged into Yan Lie's head.

Almost instantly, Yan Lie, who looked terribly painful, calmed down, and his expression became more peaceful.

3 minutes later, the Tao Guan fell out, and when he landed, he was still screaming hysterically, and his consciousness was a little confused.

"This young man is not bad, he has died a full 17 times in battle."

Another word of'An' popped up.

Then, every few minutes, a person fell out.

The number of deaths in battle was mostly between fifteen and twenty, which was much more than the five deaths previously published by Cai Shaochu.

Even Li Zhen, who couldn't stir at first, persisted unexpectedly for 18 times before falling out in a coma.

In one hour and forty minutes, Mu Xingluan fell out, her pretty face was pale, her body was tight, and a seed was still growing in her chest, protecting her.

"This is also an excellent seedling." Another "An" bullet flew.

A few times, Cai Shaochu froze.

How come Heavenspan Special Forces is a good seed?

The good seedlings that Cai Shaochu says are not the good seedlings that ordinary teachers say.

The good seedlings most teachers say are just outstanding students.

Cai Shaochu may be rated as a'good seedling', he is definitely a genius among the elite, a genius amongst geniuses, with extraordinary potential!

Two hours and ten minutes later, Zhao Hailong and Yang Huai fell out one after another. At this time, only Xu Tui was left in the entire fantasy domain.

In the fantasy domain, Xu Tui, who has just been killed and resurrected, is shouting from the sky, "Principal, I'm done, I'm leaving, twenty-six times!"

No response.

The enemies in the fantasy domain have already been killed.

Xu Tui wants to cry without tears, but can only fight again.

At this time, he realized that 25 deaths in battle is not a real punishment. After 25 deaths, the real punishment will come.

This is the treatment of unfinished homework!   He was punished by Old Cai for being fiercely insidious! In the   fantasy domain, a quasi-Planetary Grade alien is chasing and killing Xu Tui frantically!

One minute later, Xu Tui was blocked, the fire sea rose, burned to death!

Ten seconds later, Xu Tui is back!

Repeatedly! For the   third hour after the magic field was opened, Xu Tui was killed 16 times by the same quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse. After learning all the methods and routines of the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse, he finally used all available factors. Kill him!

Then, Xu Tui’s enemy in the fantasy domain suddenly became a quasi-planet and a base transmutation.

In the constant death and battle, the enemy is constantly increasing.

Finally, when the enemy became a quasi-planet and four genetic transmutation powerhouses, Xu Tui didn't have much strength to fight back.

Constantly tortured and killed!

After forty-four deaths in battle, Xu Tui fell out of the illusion and was unconscious!   Cai Shaochu flicked a big "An" character into Xu Tui's head, "I have a good understanding."

After speaking, turned to leave, and the moment he left, Cai Shaochu quietly wiped his sweat. .

In these three hours, even though Cai Shaochu was a Planetary Grade powerhouse, he was exhausted and consumed a lot.

Ten minutes later, Cai Shaochu arrived at his office at the Genetic Evolution University outside the area. Immediately, he asked Fang You, "How is it, is there a response?"

Tiwi and Mr. Harlan both said that they will come back as soon as possible. As for the substitute guard, they are in contact. If they contact a suitable candidate, they will come over immediately." Fang You said.

"Cope, perfunctory!" Cai Shaochu sneered.

"Notify the Chief-In-Charge of the major joint districts that I will hold an emergency security meeting as the leader of the moon guarding team." Cai Shaochu shouted.

Fang You was stunned, and did not immediately execute, "Principal, I’m afraid it’s useless."

"I know it’s useless, but they must be warned! This wind is not Long!"

*****The   second update is on. Yesterday, I gave Divine Beast a big meal. Today I am much more honest, and the calculation is correct.

(End of this chapter)

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