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  Chapter 578: Reward and Homecoming in Huaxia District (congratulations to the droopyAlliance Leader)   Blue Star Beyond Headquarters.

Raymond, the director of the Blue Star genetic committee and the extraterrestrial commander, sat at one end of the long conference table stupidly, and at the other end of him was a gloomy Cai Shaochu.

This is an emergency safety meeting convened by Cai Shaochu in the name of the rotation leader of the moon guard.

There is only one topic for the meeting, the Pumilian District and the Indo-Union District.

To be precise, it was Itivi and Harun who left without permission during the guard.

Of course, none of the two serious victims came. It was Maipengao, deputy director of the Genetic Committee of the Milian District, and Nilabo, the deputy director of the Genetic Committee of the Union of India.

The task of the two people's meeting today is to get sprayed.

Spit for Itiwi and Harun.

Since the opening of Great Genetic Era for a hundred years, Planetary Grade powerhouse's voice and personal will have become stronger and stronger.

The tolerance of the individual genetic committees of Planetary Grade powerhouse is also getting higher and higher.

As long as it is not a matter of principle, will not be true!

Today's emergency safety meeting can be held, mainly because Cai Shaochu, Planetary Grade powerhouse, spoke.

Otherwise, do not raise.

Of course, when the big guy started spraying, he also felt that Cai Shaochu had made a big fuss.

The two guards happened to be away for ten days, what big problems could go wrong?

Since the alien invaders were completely driven out of the moon more than sixty years ago, the alien invaders have never launched an attack on the moon.

The implementation of this moon guarding system up to now, in fact, can be regarded as very self-conscious.

Of course, the fire star battle is also a factor.

Seeing the Chief-In-Charge weakly sprayed the boldness of the Indo-Union District and the Mi-Lian District, Cai Shaochu was also helpless.

The current binding force within the six Bluestar Alliance Zones stops here for the time being.

Especially when it comes to the special group Planetary Grade powerhouse.

"Guarding the moon is not the business of our family in China, it is for Blue Star, and for the long-term stability of the six major alliances.

The moon is here, and the blue star is here.

Once   something goes wrong with the moon, it can trigger a series of catastrophic consequences for Blue Star! If there is an accident during the departure of the two guards of Itiwi and Harun, the Indo-Union District and Mi-Lian District, Take full responsibility!" Cai Shaochu yelled at the table.

"Since the people in the Indo-Union District and the Milian District take the lead in breaking the rules and do not correct them, then I think that in the next many things, the people and affairs of these two inter-regions will have to Accept the penalty in the rules!"

Wei Bin suddenly said, "For example, the order of spaceship fighters entering and leaving Starport, the entry and exit order of all spaceships in the Milian and Indo-Union areas will be delayed by 24 hours.


Including the projects jointly carried out by the other six major joint districts, these two joint districts will also be temporarily delayed or even kicked out."

As soon as Wei Bin said this, these substantive The proposal, let the Chief-In-Charge of the Russian Union, the non-union zone, and the European Union zone, all agree.

This proposal is good.

It is good for the big guys.

Nilab and Maiponao were a little anxious, and they quickly stated that they are already making corrections. The two Planetary Grade powerhouses are also in contact, and remedial measures are already being implemented, and so on.

Anyway, it's just empty talk and idiom.

"The Blue Star and the Moon belong to the six major alliances. Only if you work with a common purpose, the Moon and the Blue Star can be stable as Mount Tai.

Our Blue Star Only humans can have the opportunity to expedition to Endless Starry Sky!"

Wei Bin summed up a few words lightly, and did not mention the issue of sanctions on the two districts.

What is needed is the attitudes and warnings of the U.S. and India to admit mistakes.

As for the sanctions, because it involves the Planetary Grade powerhouse, or the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the two major joint regions of China and India, it is somewhat sensitive.

If it’s not a good one, it’s over.


The warning is the subject.

An emergency safety meeting initiated by Cai Shaochu ended without pain or itching.

Cai Shaochu's original intention was only to warn and block this kind of behavior in the future. After he was done, he plunged into the laboratory.

Xu Tui brought him two thoughts.

Both quantum array cores and spiritual boxes need to be researched by him personally. As long as a little result is produced, it is an epoch-making breakthrough.

So, after the meeting, Cai Shaochu plunged into the research institute.

As for the other equipment brought by the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, the system of the Ore Refining Control Center has been allocated to various research institutes.

Of course, meritorious service is also under urgent calculation.

One day later, on the afternoon of October 3, 2138, all returning members of the Huaxia District completed the detection and elimination of the ecological defense center and left the ecological defense center.

Officially return.

Next, Huaxia District will settle the record for them, and then take a holiday.

Returning from a war, a holiday is a must!

However, when I left the ecological defense center, there was a little accident.

The members of the Haotian Special Forces clashed with the staff of the Special Intelligence Bureau who came to arrest people.

When the staff of the Special Intelligence Bureau wanted to take away a member of the Haotian Special Forces Group named Liu Jin, conflicts arose.

A group of comrades-in-arms who have experienced life and death can't understand the style of taking people away for investigation as soon as the Special Intelligence Bureau comes, and a small-scale conflict has occurred.

Finally, Tian Suqing, director of the Extraterrestrial Special Intelligence Bureau of Huaxia District, was present in person.

Tian Suqing's wrists are very powerful. When he came, he directly called Ruan Da, the commander of the Haotian Special Battle Group, aside and showed a little something.

Ruan Da was stunned immediately.


"Our Special Intelligence Agency is also a warrior in China. Will he take away a warrior who has just returned from the war for no reason?

This information was obtained by a staff member of our Special Intelligence Agency, who exchanged his life for it." Tian Suqing was very serious.

A few minutes later, Ruan Da waved his hand, and the genetic evolutionary warrior called Liu Jin was taken away by the staff of the Special Intelligence Bureau.

Xu Tui frowned.

The encrypted data package that Yue Qiang gave him, as soon as he turned to the moon, Xu Tui gave everything to Tian Suqing, including Yue Qiang's corpse.

Just looking at the appearance of the special intelligence bureau, what Yue Qiang found out was an insider in the Huaxia District?   Instead of the traitor black hole of Blue Star Human Race?

Then why did the Yue Qiang be mutilated?

With such doubts, members of the various special warfare groups in the Huaxia District walked into their respective branch fields.

Today's administrative efficiency is extremely high.

Especially when it comes to war, it can be said to be extremely fast.

The frontline soldiers went to a different planet to fight for two months and took the materials they had put in for two months. All of them were turned in and put into the warehouse. If you are rewarded for a long time, who will sell their lives?   So, the action of the six major joint districts is very fast.

After the participating members are detected and eliminated at the Ecological Defense Center, the settlement begins.

The person responsible for the settlement of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group is a colonel from the Logistics Department, accompanied by Zhu Lang.

Basically, there is not much that can be calculated, it is all dry goods and figures.

In the battle to reward military resources, at least in Huaxia District, no one dares to reach out!

Whoever stretches out will chop whoever!   "Everyone, Heavenspan Special Operations Group has captured 4800 ingots of D-Rank Mechanical Spirit and 460 ingots of C-Rank Mechanical Spirit.

59,000 various rare metal ingots. , Blue Star has disappeared 6800 pieces of metal ingots. Apart from this, the Huaxia District Participating Group, Taiyi Participating Group, Haotian Special Battle Group, Russian Union Area, Non-Union Participating Group, Heavenly Dao Special Battle Group, according to the transaction The agreement to distribute the metal ingot revenue to the Heavenspan Special Operations Group ranges from 10% to 20%.

Currently the total is 16,400 yuan. Commander Xu Tui, this amount is not a problem, right?" said with a smile.

"No problem."

These are all clear when they come, and there is no problem.

"Well, according to the agreement between the Huaxia District Extraterrestrial Command and the warriors to participate in the war, D-Rank Mechanical Spirit Alloy Ingot, one ingot rewards ten grams of source crystal, and C-Rank Mechanical Spirit Alloy ingot rewards 50 Ke Yuanjing, one ingot of various rare metal ingots rewards 1 gram of source crystal, and the disappeared metal ingot, one ingot rewards 1.5 grams of source crystal."

Although I knew the price for a long time, I heard about it. After the announcement, many members looked slightly complicated.

Because this price is much lower than the market price.

You are like D-Rank Mechanical Spirit Alloy, a standard 100kg ingot, you can sell 20 grams or even 30 grams of source crystal in the market.

The price offered here is only ten grams.

The senior colonel of the logistics department was not surprised at all, but explained with a smile, "Does the big guy think the individual price of this reward is a bit low.

I want to explain Yes, the space invasion and raid warfare is the resources of the Huaxia District's dumping area to help you prepare for the war.

Quantum beacons, departure guarantee, fully automatic engineering robots, the total price of materials released during the battle is a day amount. .

In the past many years, it has been at a loss.

But this year, thanks to the blessing of the Heavenspan Special Forces, this year I have made a fortune.

Estimated There will be additional rewards for you above. Let’s settle this part first."

In fact, most people understand this.

The capture was obtained by the Heavenspan Special Forces, but if there is no support from the Huaxia District behind it, it will definitely not work.

A little thought from someone else's heart, just disappeared.

The source crystal that was finally settled to the Heavenspan Special Operations Group reached an astonishing 156,600 grams, which is almost 160,000!   After hearing the final numbers, everyone was shocked.

They all looked towards the head Xu Tui.

The head Xu Tui said that the real bulk of the income is actually seized.

At that time they thought about it, there will be many.

But didn't expect, it turned out to be as high as 150,000 grams of source crystal.

Moreover, this is a purely seized reward.

If this is divided per capita, everyone will start with 10,000 grams of Yuanjing.

Xu Tui also laughed.

Xu Tui also thought that in the face of such a large amount of seizures, the official promise of the original reward may be discounted.

Xu Tui originally thought, even after making a half-fold, he accepted it.

Because in previous years, the total harvest of a special warfare group was ten-twenty thousand grams of source crystal.

But taking Haotian as an example, it is worth hundreds of people.

But Heavenspan, only eleven people.

Xu Tui didn't expect, it was all fulfilled!

A check was issued on the spot!

Inexplicably happy!   "Apart from this, other equipment of the ore refining center turned over, the control system, the ecological planting system in extreme environments and other seizures.

Huaxia District has also done a unified accounting here, all with merit Click as a reward, and it will be sent according to the contribution reported by your Heavenspan Special Operations Group.

Well, apart from this, Cai Principal said, your Heavenspan Special Operations Group’s special contributions will be arranged in the future.

Now, to greet you, it will be a relaxing vacation.

Four air-to-sky fighters are already on standby at the airport. Those who want to return to Blue Star can use them at any time.

Special plane!

Well, you will be picked up and picked up directly by an air-to-sky fighter. This is also a special treatment for you Heavenspan Special Operations Group, in recognition of the great contributions of your Heavenspan Special Operations Group members!

Command from Lieutenant General Wei himself!"

"Hahaha, special plane! I have a special plane too!" Cui Xi was the first to release herself.

The war is over, especially the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces who have just died dozens of times in the hands of Cai Shaochu. Everyone wants to go home at this moment!

Go home and have a look, go home and rest!   Only when you return to your hometown, Blue Star, can you completely relax!   Everyone has only one hometown!   "Well, let's all go home, but before you go home, take the source crystals first, don't relax the cultivation!"

An hour later, after Xu Tui took the source crystals, After giving each member a kilogram of source crystals for cultivation, they boarded their special planes and prepared to return to Bluestar.

As for the others, come back and then subdivide, go home first!   Furthermore, taking too much is also dangerous, and it is prone to accidents!   According to the cash value, all of them are billionaires.

While boarding the special plane and waiting for takeoff, the personal communication devices of the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces began to ring non-stop.

However, the merit points awarded by Huaxia District have arrived. Their personal authority levels have soared like riding on a rocket.

Xu Tui also received it.

However, before he could see it, Xu Tui received a call from Tian Suqing, the director of the Extraterrestrial Special Intelligence Bureau!   *****   Add more to send, the prelude to another era in the book officially opens, thank the'droopy' boss for rewarding the Alliance Leader to Zhu San, bow and salute.

Thanks again to all the handsome big brothers and sisters for your support, bow!

The boss who has a monthly ticket recommendation ticket, smash the pig!   (End of this chapter)

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