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  Chapter 579 Unexpected fireworks in the night sky (subscription required)

"Xu Tui, you may You need to pay attention to your safety." Tian Suqing's voice on the phone was a little hesitant.

"Pay attention to safety, what do you mean? You have got the information. Is anyone going to be against me?" Xu Tui, who was already sitting in the aerospace fighter, was a little confused when he heard this reminder.

"There is no exact information, just to remind you." Tian Suqing said.

"Tian Ju, can you tell me, where does the threat come from? Blue Star Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization, or?" Xu Tui asked.

Security issues, you can’t be sloppy, especially when you are going home.

If there is a security problem, you must solve it before going home.

"You'd better pay attention to the developments in the Indian Union area. Itivi Blue Star is out. If you are fine, you'd better stay in Kyoto Prefecture and don't run around." Tian Suqing hesitated.

Xu Tui: "."

Tian Suqing has said this. Xu Tui already understands what Tian Suqing is reminding him to pay attention to safety.

It's just that Xu Tui is a little depressed.

This special Sun God temple incident, he did it so secretly, how does it feel that everyone knows that Xu Tui did it?

There were two teachers first, and then Principal Cai. Now the special intelligence bureau also knows.

The secret that so many people know, can it still be a secret?

"Tianju, I have some"

"You belong to our Huaxia District after all. We naturally know your movement trajectory and strength characteristics. Of course, you don't have to worry about it. This is only a possibility submitted by the expert analysis team of the Special Intelligence Bureau. There are more than a dozen such probability speculations.

I think it is you, but it is just my personal subjective judgment. So don’t worry." Tian Suqing explained.

Xu Tui is speechless, "Tian Ju, this is true."

"Don't make unnecessary excuses, I don't want you to admit it. This is just my twenty years. Intuitive analysis of the old intelligence.

At the same time, it is also our friendship, to remind you.

That Haotian Liu Jin has already vomited, to the Indian Union and Milian districts. The information sold includes your true strength and ability characteristics, as well as a video of the battle.

In the information sold by Liu Jin, Xu Tui believes that you are absolutely capable of fighting the powerhouse of Transmutation.

In the battle video he provided to the Federation of India, there are scenes where you use the extraordinary abilities of the soil and water elements.

He only provides the ability characteristics.

But If this piece of information is aggregated to the Indo-Union District, it will not take long before you will enter their suspicious line of sight.

So, be careful! Don't doubt the professionalism of the Indo-Union District intelligence personnel. Yes."

Tian Suqing spoke very sincerely, Xu Tui will deny it again, it's meaningless.

"Thank you, Tian Ju."

"No thanks, Yue Qiang, I haven't thanked you yet, at least let him return to his roots." Tian Suqing said.

When he mentioned Yue Qiang, Xu Tui felt a little heavy. "Yue Qiang spent his life to gather intelligence, is Liu Jin the only traitor?" Xu Tui asked.

On the other side of the phone, Tian Suqing was silent for a while, "For disciplinary reasons, I can't say it, but I can tell you more than that."

"Well, I get it. That's right. What happened to Yue Qiang?"

"Martyrs, the state pensions two million at a time, and the child inherits his D-Rank upper-level personal level authority. Before the child is a child, the monthly living expenses are 3000, and his parents directly Join our affiliated companies of the Special Intelligence Bureau and receive additional pensions on a monthly basis until death.

Apart from this, the colleagues of the Special Intelligence Bureau also have a little heart and are limited to this." This matter Above, Tian Suqing made it very clear.

For the warrior returning from the battlefield, his treatment may still be second, and the treatment of the comrades who died in battle is the most sensitive.

In other words, the comforting is good, but people still sacrificed after all.

"Tian Ju, Yue Qiang is also a member of our Heavenspan Special Forces. Our Heavenspan Special Forces will also give a pension, which is also a tribute." Xu Tui said.

"Yes, but not too much. For orphans and widows, too much money is also a problem." Tian Suqing said.

What Tian Suqing said is also a very realistic problem.

Everyone wants to take care of the family members of the comrades who died in battle, but they can’t do it perfectly.

At this time, Xu Tui thought about it for a few minutes before he made a decision.

"Our Heavenspan Special Forces Group, please give a one million gift to Yue Qiang at a time. After returning to Blue Star, I will set up a Heavenspan Care Foundation in the name of Heavenspan Special Forces. Families can also receive 3000 yuan long-term pension from the Foundation every month.

If you encounter other difficulties, you can also apply for temporary assistance." Xu Tui said of his plan.

"I'm interested, I thank you for Yue Qiang."

"It should be."

The idea of ​​establishing the Heavenspan Foundation was just a vague idea. The idea, in this brief moment, is extremely clear.

On the battlefield, you are fighting for your life. The battlefield is changing rapidly, and no one can be sure that he will survive.

But with this Heavenspan Foundation, it should make them feel more at ease.

If there is an accident, the family will be more secure.

As for the start-up capital, it's very simple.

The Heavenspan Special Operations Group can now be said to be rich overnight. The source crystal is hard currency outside the ground, and it can easily be exchanged for large sums of cash at Blue Star.

Even if the black market price fluctuates greatly, there is no problem selling one gram of Yuanjing for several million or even tens of millions. If you sell one hundred grams, the problem will be solved.

Xu Tui called Zhuang Ziqiang when he was still on the aerospace fighter.

Ask him to register and set up the Heavenspan Pension Foundation, with Early-Stage funding 2 billion.

Early-Stage is included in the pensioners. For the time being, only the family members of Yue Qiang and the family members of all members of the Heavenspan Special Forces are included in the management database, including Xu Tui's parents.

Once a member dies in action, Heavenspan Pension Foundation will act and issue long-term pension protection.

The focus is on long-term protection.

Even if there is an accident on the pillars of the family, you can ensure that your family members are safe from food and clothing and do not worry about money.

The flying speed of the air and sky fighter is very fast, and it will be able to return to the blue star from the moon in less than six hours.

Xu Tui glanced back at the moon before the aerospace fighter rushed into the atmosphere.

The only regret at this time is that because of the time difference caused by the planet's rotation and revolution, when Xu Tui returned, the wasteland reclamation team had already set off.

Did not see An Xiaoxue.

An Xiaoxue has gone to the unknown planet to open up wasteland.

However, according to Cai Shaochu, the wasteland reclamation group is currently very stable, and after a period of time, after An Xiaoxue, the third batch of land reclamation groups, will receive more accurate information, Blue Star will organize the fourth batch. The land reclamation team set off.

Xu Tui plans to sign up for the fourth batch of land reclamation groups.

On the morning of October 4th, Xu Tui landed at Juntiantian Port. One and a half hours later, Xu Tui, who had been quickly detected and killed, appeared in the community where his parents lived.

In the small area, Zhuang Ziqiang opened a slightly off-site chess tea room for the two elders. He he he tea every day and playing chess, which can be regarded as recreational time.

mother Zhang Xiuli keeps a balcony with flowers, every day he makes tea and cooks, just to care for the flowers and plants.

When Xu Tui, who was 1.88 meters tall and was carrying a huge backpack, appeared at the entrance of the chess tea room with a huge backpack, the sun was suddenly blocked, so that the mother who was arranging flowers, Zhang Xiuli was shocked. Shocked, turned around, and saw Xu Tui.

Xu Tui is laughing in the sun.

Zhang Xiuli wiped her eyes, settled, and after she was sure it was not an illusion, tears welled up.

Xu Tui's participation in the space raid war did not hide them.

I can’t get in touch for two months, and I can’t hide it.

At this moment, Zhang Xiuli looked at her son who had returned after the war, and suddenly rushed over and hammered a few of Xu Tui, "You dead child, don’t call in advance when you come back, what am I? I'm not prepared yet."

The whole person is constantly looking at Xu Tui, for fear that Xu Tui is missing an arm or leg or something.

A few minutes later, Zhang Xiuli, who smiled and wiped the corner of his eye, rushed to the chess tea room, and directly set off the chess game of Dad Xu Jianguo.

Xu Jianguo frowned, "Why are you lady-in-law, why are you crazy?"

"If you play chess and chess, you know how to play chess. If your son comes back, you don’t know how to play chess. Give it to me quickly. Go shopping, hurry up, I will send you a list." Zhang Xiuli roared.

Xu Jianguo was startled, and suddenly got up, "Is my son back?"

Three steps and two steps to the outside, he saw the smiling Xu Tui, full of laughter After watching one minute, Xu Jianguo was nodded, "It’s good to come back, it’s good to come back, I will go shopping, I will go."

The feeling of going home is for those who are fighting abroad. , Indescribable.

After a lovely meal, Xu Tui touched the bed and fell asleep.

This night, I slept from noon on October 4 to the morning of October 5.

All fatigue, tension, and pressure disappeared completely after returning home.

Get up, it is still a hearty meal, and there are all kinds of inquiries and concerns.

In the past, when parents asked a few more questions, Xu Tui would feel annoying and long-winded.

But now, the feeling of happiness is emerging spontaneously, Xu Tui patiently answered, including the situation of the war outside the territory.

Of course, it is the basic principle to report good news and not bad news.

On the afternoon of the 4th, Xu Tui went to the Huaxia Genetic Evolution University, and went to the No. 14 Institute for a circle. Now it is a remote teacher who is hosting, and there is a new student. After chatting , Xu Tui killed another forty selves with his own hands, and pushed all the forty selves into the incinerator.

The internal regulations of the genetic miracle are that after a substantial breakthrough in ability or cultivation, clones must be re-created.

Under normal circumstances, it is prepared once every three to five years, and to the extent that Ji Guoliang and He Yunfeng are two, it is possible to prepare once in seven or eight years.

However, Xu Tui is a bit diligent here. In a year, he has made four or five clones.

"Ahuang, the chips are all here, you can get it yourself."

In the data research room independently owned by Ahuang in the No. 14 Research Institute, Xu Tui will start from Jifeng No. 7 The Planetary Grade quantum chip obtained by Resource Star, as well as sixty Meteor-star quantum chips, were all obtained.

Ah Huang wants to use these chips to upgrade Xu Tui's personal communication equipment.

"There is a choice. The original plan was to send at least forty-five meteor quantum chips to my Ontology data center outside the territory to upgrade my ontology.

But because of the star interval, my own computing power has been upgraded. For me who is following you now, the improvement is not big.

Look, if it is according to the original plan, Or just integrate all the chips into your personal communication equipment center." Ahuang asked suddenly.

"What's the difference?"

"The first method uses a Planetary Grade quantum chip and nine flow-star quantum chips to form a quantum array without changing the appearance of existing communication equipment. In the case of an energy supply system, the performance can be improved several times.

About a little bit lower than Bluestar's meteor super quantum computer." Huang said.

"With the Planetary Grade quantum chip, why is the performance lower than that of Bluestar's meteor quantum supercomputer?" Xu Tui wondered.

"Power supply. At present, your personal communication equipment mainly relies on some batteries and bio-electricity. The power supply is extremely limited, and all chips cannot be turned on at full power." Ahuang said.

"What about the second method?"

"The existing Planetary Grade quantum chip also has 60 flow-star quantum chips, all of which are used to form a quantum array. The normal performance exceeds the current Star-rated quantum supercomputer.

With the aid of additional cooling equipment, under full power consumption, the performance should be able to break through to the level of Planetary Grade quantum supercomputers, or even a little bit beyond.


But limited to other hardware reasons, it cannot last." Ahuang said.

"You said that after the upgrade, how long can you get the data center of the alien resource base?"

"Thirty seconds."

"Then the second plan."

"But the second plan has a flaw."

"What's the flaw?"

"It will be bigger and bulky One point, the most important thing is that it burns a little bit."

"Burn money? How much?"

"At least one billion yuan, right? You want to buy a state-of-the-art ultramicro core. Fusion equipment provides it with continuous energy.

This type of equipment is the latest scientific research achievement. It is generally not available for purchase. You need to apply for it with your own authority.

Price, estimated More than 1.5 billion." Ahuang said.

"1.5 billion, it's really a bit burnt, but nothing, one or two hundred grams of source crystal matter, it is accurate, you can apply directly with my identity."


Xu Tui's previous personal authority level was C-Rank medium level, because the Blue Star Guardian Silver Medal winners, personal authority can be raised to two levels, the actual enjoyment is B-level inferior personal authority.

This time the space raid warfare. Because the ore refining center controls the system and equipment, as well as the ecological planting system and equipment in extreme environments, China District has rewarded the Heavenspan Special Forces with a large number of merit points.

The equipment is good to say, quite a lot, but a complete set of control system, the value, there is no way to say.

Therefore, Huaxia District is also very bold in making a shot this time.

Reward Xu Tui 1.2 million individual merit points, reward the four deputy commanders of the Heavenspan Special Forces Zhao Hailong, Yan Lie, Luo Murong, and Cui Xi 800,000 individual merit points, and reward other members 50 Ten thousand points of personal merit.

Of course, everyone’s cash rewards of several millions are not worth mentioning.

The personal authority level of other people has increased wildly, but Xu Tui's personal authority level has actually only increased to Level 1, reaching the upper level of C-Rank.

In order to obtain the B-level lower-level personal authority, the accumulated personal merit points must reach 10 million points. Xu Tui's current accumulated merit points are only less than 1.8 million.

However, with the Blue Star Guardian Silver Medal, Xu Tui's personal privileges actually enjoyed, reached the B-level intermediate.

Most of the directors or deputy directors of genetic committees enjoy this level of authority.

Within Bluestar, Xu Tui's current personal permission level is already a batch of Cream of the Crop.

Even many veteran quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses are not as good as Xu Tui.

No way, many people can't compare with the Heavenspan Special Forces in capturing this matter.

Especially this year, the combined gains of the other five alliances are not as much as the Heavenspan Special Forces regiment.

For a few days, Xu Tui was in a semi-relaxed state, and asked Cheng Mo to eat a few times.

This guy has also made it into the sophomore Dragon-Tiger list with a thick skin, and the momentum is very strong.

In the meantime, I had an appointment with Gong Ling, Zuo Qingqing, Chai Xiao, and Chi Hongying. It was obvious that the atmosphere was not as casual as before.

Although the Huaxia District did not publicize the record outside the land, sitting face to face, certain auras can be sensed.

The gap between them and Xu Tui is getting bigger and bigger.

Even if they are trying to catch up.

Among them, Pete, the current sophomore dragon, hit the most.

Hearing Xu Tui's return, the original sophomore dragon Pete rushed to see Xu Tui. He didn't want to challenge Xu Tui. He just wanted to use Xu Tui as a participant to test his strength. Increase rate.

It's just that Xu Tui just stood there and let Pete attack with all his strength once, and Pete collapsed.

Under his full attack, Xu Tui's Vajra Barrier is completely motionless.

Zhuang Ziqiang, a spirited boy, is quite efficient.

In just a few days, all matters related to Heavenspan's pension foundation were completed, including the management team, supervisors, etc. The long-term pension for the survivors of Yue Qiang will begin to be normal next month Issue.

During this period, Xu Tui received another good news.

Cui Xi and Mu Xingluan have completed their own evolution during this period.

It may be that the Extreme Wind VII resource stars have accumulated, and it is also very likely that Cai Shaochu's experience of nearly 20 deaths in the fantasy domain civil war gave them the final help.

Several other people, who were also said to have been stimulated by this news, have started to cultivation during the holidays.

After all, in the entire Heavenspan Special Operations Group, there are only three people, Tao Guan, Yan Xuejin, and Miao Huanshan, who have not yet broken through to the genetic evolutionary realm.

On October 9th, Xu Tui, who was resting at home for 5-6 days, couldn't stay a little longer.

After dinner, Xu Tui played chess with his father Xu Jianguo. Mother Zhang Xiuli played the role of a good wife and mother, making tea for the father and son and acting as a tea artist.

"Dad, Mom, I'm going to stay for another two days, and I will return to the moon." Xu Tui said suddenly.

The pawn that old father Xu Jianguo was about to make freezes, "So fast?"

"Well, there are still many things over there."

"Yeah. , Ok, go to work for the country!" Xu Jianguo slowly settled down, but the mother Zhang Xiuli on the side was a little unbearable, "Isn’t this just coming back from the end of the war? If I stay a few days, I will leave."

While complaining, I started to wipe my tears and got up. The war, for them, was really scary.

Xu Tui smiled bitterly with Xu Jianguo. In the end, Xu Jianguo got up to comfort his wife on the balcony.

Choose any path, after all, there are trade-offs and trade-offs.

While feeling melancholy, on the balcony, father Xu Jianguo and mother Zhang Xiuli exclaimed, "Hey, is there a plane crash? Or is there a celebration?

in the sky Why do so many fireworks explode?"

"Impossible is fireworks, how can fireworks be so high? Can they send the moon to the moon?"

In the muttering of the old couple, Xu Tui Also walked to the balcony.

At the moment when he raised his head, Xu Tui saw that around the moon hovering high in the sky, bursts of fiery flames suddenly burst out, shining the entire night sky.

At first glance, it looks like fireworks, very beautiful.

Within tens of seconds after Xu Tui came over, seven or eight groups of fireworks exploded.

But the moment he saw this scene, Xu Tui's cold hair exploded.

That is not fireworks, it should be the explosion of space stations and man-made moonguard fortresses around the moon.

The moon, there may be an accident!   At the same moment, Xu Tui's personal communication device suddenly received a text message.

"The moon is attacked, and all members of the Heavenspan Special Forces are dispatched to gather at Juntian Sky Harbor within six hours, and return to the moon to stand by for battle within 24 hours, the Huaxia District Extraterrestrial Command Headquarters."

Xu Tui was stunned. At the same moment, Xu Tui's personal communication device rang like crazy.

*****The   monthly pass also rings a few times.

(End of this chapter)

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