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  Chapter 580 Three-phase Thermal Bomb (see monthly ticket)   Lunar and Galaxy Research Institute.

The quantum array core handed in by Xu Tui is floating in front of Cai Shaochu, exuding a faint streamer. Cai Shaochu's eyebrows are full of fatigue and relief.

Progress has been made.

All the structures of this quantum array core, he already has understood clearly in the mind, and took out a little preparation clue from Leixiang’s mouth. Cai Shaochu also verified it in many ways and had his own ideas.

If the two problems can be solved again, the so-called meteor-star quantum array core manufactured by Huaxia District has great hopes.

Two problems, one is the material problem.

The body of the quantum array core is a palm-size jade, which is full of source energy, more like a natural giant source crystal.

You must know that the largest source crystal that the current Blue Star can get is just a little bigger than an egg. The slap-sized source crystal has never been seen before.

However, the quantum array core in front of me does not seem to be purely natural.

This is the first problem.

The second problem is to find an expert that can completely resonate with the quantum array core. Such an expert is rare even in Spirit Race.

Huaxia District or even the entire Blue Star, there should not be.

However, Cai Shaochu is very confident.

Since Great Genetic Era, the entire Blue Star, including everything in the China Region, has been made from scratch and gradually earned it step by step.

If there is no expert that can completely resonate the quantum array core, then slowly cultivate.

If one year doesn’t work, then two years, if two years don’t work, then three years, five years, and one day it will work.

"Fangyou, send these materials."

While speaking, Cai Shaochu was frowned and looked towards outside the window of the institute. Just now, a Planetary Grade powerhouse aura flashed past.

On the moon, Planetary Grade powerhouses are very well-known.

From Cai Shaochu's view, it may be that Itivi or Harun, who had left, are back, or the planetary grade they are looking for is coming.

In either case, this is a good sign.

"Fangyou, after finishing asking, which Planetary Grade powerhouse is back."

Suddenly, Cai Shaochu's face changed drastically, "No, there is more than one Planetary Grade powerhouse. Aura, five, no, at least seven."

In an instant, the blood on Cai Shaochu's face faded, and a black remote control appeared in Cai Shaochu's hand and pressed it violently.

The piercing siren resounded instantaneously throughout the moon base.

In a flash, the lights of the entire moon base flashed into one piece.

At the same time, a moonguard fortress in the orbit above the moon suddenly exploded. One second later, the flames of the second explosion shone in the dark space.

Cai Shaochu understood that it was the second moonguard fortress that was attacked, and the second flash, it should be that the nuclear fusion reactor of the second moonguard fortress exploded.

"Fangyou, immediately transfer all the data of the Galaxy Spirit Research Institute these days to Bluestar, and make more backups. At the same time, transfer the other materials of the Galaxy Spirit to the underground fortress, including all All of the researchers have been transferred to the underground fortress.

No one can come out without my order!"

Cai Shaochu’s voice echoed, but the people had disappeared.

"Guards gather together! All the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses on the moon gather together!   Everyone, follow the wartime emergency plan." Cai Shaochu's roar instantly resounded with a strange frequency. Comprehensive bases in all major joint districts.

Time, only thirty seconds have passed since the attack.

However, in these thirty seconds, huge beams of flames exploded around the moon, and even heat could be felt on the moon.

The Milian Space Station was destroyed!

The China Space Station was destroyed!

The Eurasian Space Station was destroyed!

The Russian Union Zone Space Station was destroyed!

Destroyed the space station in the Federation of India!

Within 30 seconds of the explosion of Moonguard Fortress No. 2, Moonguard Fortress No. 1, Moonguard Fortress No. 4, Moonguard Fortress No. 4, Moonguard Fortress No. 5, and Moonguard Fortress No. 5 Guard Fortress, Moon Guard Fortress on the 7th, and Moon Guard Fortress on the 8th, all burst open.

Like fireworks exploding in space one after another, bursting gorgeously.

No one can see the blood in the splendid brilliance!   Only those who know know the death behind this splendid brilliance!

The lunar space station in each region has a small number of people, between ten and twenty people, and most of them are observation and scientific research personnel.

But Yuewei Fortress suffered heavy casualties.

In the one month guard fortress, there is generally a company of troops stationed, mainly equipped with long-range heavy weapons such as laser cannons, particle acceleration guns, and electromagnetic rail guns.

As long as you are prepared, if you are locked in by the Moonguard Fortress, those who are quasi-Planetary Grade will suffer a big loss.

If more than three Moonguard fortresses set fire, Planetary Grade powerhouse will be extremely embarrassed.

The Moonguard Fortress is the most powerful fortress on the moon.

But no one didn't expect that, in thirty seconds, it will all burst!   The other three moon guards who just rushed out and assembled, as well as other quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses, were stunned.

"How could this be?" The Planetary Grade powerhouse in the European Union area Hanrich just rushed to Cai Shaochu's side, and the Planetary Grade powerhouse was shocked.

Bluestar’s elaborately constructed lunar defense system, with peripheral space stations as eyes and ears, moonguard fortresses as fists, and moon guarding, this defense system has been demonstrated countless times and is reasonable and useful. of.

Why did it crash within 30 seconds?

Cai Shaochu complexion ashen, "The other party dispatched at least seven Planetary Grade powerhouses to attack first."

"Seven Planetary Grade powerhouses?" Hanrich was stunned.

The Planetary Grade powerhouse Porov, who just arrived in the Russian Federation District, said with a hate, "Itivi and Harun, it's really time to leave!"

"Hey, it's been so many years. , Is it finally time for me to show my heroic appearance again?” The dark complexion Planetary Grade powerhouse Manute appeared with a funny face.

"Yes, it's time for you to show your heroism. There may be seven Planetary Grades on the opposite side. One-to-two, you pick first." Planetary Grade powerhouse in the European Union District said Hanli strangely.

Manute was stunned, "Oh, no, one, it is my limit to deal with one! Brothers, you know my strength!"

In the dark night sky, The seven stream of light quickly fell to the moon. It was the seven Planetary Grade powerhouse.

"We are one person, one by one, let the quasiplanets fight one by three, buy us time?" Planetary Grade powerhouse Porov proposed in the Russian Union District.

"Do you think that the seven Planetary Grade powerhouses of alien invaders are coming, there will be no quasiplanets?" Cai Shaochu frowned.

"Damn Itivi and Harun, if they don't give us a reasonable explanation after the war, I must get them to death!" Porov was angry.

"Count me!" said Hanrich of Planetary Grade powerhouse in the European Union area.

"How could I be missing!" Manute still smiled.

"Cai, you can command, how to fight, you arrange." Hanrich proposed.

While Cai Shaochu was nodded, he immediately connected to the Lunar Command.

The lunar defense system is three-dimensional. The attack was immediate, Cai Shaochu sounded the alarm. At this moment, all the military personnel of the coalition areas have been concentrated in the underground fortress command center.

"Mr. Remont, the situation is very serious. At least seven Planetary Grade powerhouses are coming, and the other enemies are unknown.

Order the star-dropping squad in each district, and prepare." Cai Shaochu said .

"Has it reached the point where the star will fall?" Raymond, the commander of the moon, who was just in position, lost his voice.

"It may be more than that, at least seven Planetary Grades are coming. This is not a surprise attack, but a long-prepared battle launched by alien invaders.

Please mobilize your forces and put them on the battlefield as soon as possible.

In addition, I need the two guards of Itiwi and Harun to return as soon as possible.

At the same time, we need more Planetary Grade powerhouses to participate in the battle!" Cai Shaochu said.


After that, Cai Shaochu switched to another communication channel, "All three-phase thermal explosive bases report on their in-place status."

"The No. 1 three-phase thermal bomb base is in place."

"The No. 2 three-phase thermal bomb base is in place."

"The No. 6 three-phase thermal bomb base is in place."

The bomb base is in place."

In the communication channel, the response was extremely fast.

After hesitating for a while, Cai Shaochu said again, "The first and second three-phase thermal bomb bases are ready for firing. Except for the five basic launchers, all other unrelated personnel are evacuated.

All three-phase thermal explosive bombs within 500 meters of the base will be emptied immediately, and no one is allowed to stay."

Cai Shaochu's voice is calm and indifferent.

This kind of heavy weapon base that can threaten the Planetary Grade powerhouse, once fired, it means exposure, and exposure means it will become the opponent's removal target.

means death.

"Get ready, thirty seconds countdown." The quasi Planetary Grade powerhouse gathered below has also been divided into combat teams.

Twenty seconds later, Cai Shaochu looked at Hanrich, Porov and Manut behind him, and whispered, "Everyone, get together after killing the enemy!"

In the next moment, Cai Shaochu soared into the sky and rushed towards the two streamers falling towards the moon. Cai Shaochu turned out to use his own strength to fight the two Planetary Grade powerhouses.

At the same moment, more than 30 quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses also rose into the sky in small groups.

The ground-based defensive weapons on the moon have all entered a state of readiness, but they have not moved.

Technological weapons, without the intervention of other powers, for Planetary Grade powerhouse, either they can’t be hit, or they don’t work.

Ten seconds later, Cai Shaochu took the first shot, and a big magic word steeply covered the fastest Planetary Grade powerhouse.

Almost at the same time, Cai Shaochu was suspended in the air, his arms spread out, as if he had merged into Endless Starry Sky, "The No. 1 and No. 2 thermal bombs are locked to my left target!"

"The number one has been locked to the target."

"The number two has been locked to the target."

In the next instant, a big fighting character suddenly covered it. An alienated Planetary Grade powerhouse who has just been troubled by magic characters.

The man disappeared instantly, but was teleported more than ten kilometers away by Cai Shaochu's escape character.

At the same time, another Planetary Grade powerhouse from the fission race rushed towards Cai Shaochu.

A big fixed character flew out steeply.

The golden light flashed, and the fixed character was stubbornly carried by the Planetary Grade powerhouse, but it couldn't fall.

Cai Shaochu coldly snorted, rubbing his index finger lightly, the moment blood gushing out from the index finger, Cai Shaochu wrote a book of Void Disease, and instantly wrote a blood-colored'ding' word!

The blood-colored fixed character overwhelmed the brilliance of the previous fixed character, and crushed the golden light around the fission clan Planetary Grade powerhouse, and instantly set it in the sky.

"Bang me!"

In an instant, two three-phase thermal bombs dragging a long streamer shot out from different directions on the moon.

bang! The   mushroom cloud emerged, exploded, collapsed inward and then imploded. Then, the fire was bright, and the strikes reached a kilometer range, which directly turned into a golden fire sea!

Another stream of light also took the opportunity to fiercely blast at Cai Shaochu’s side. Cai Shaochu, who was fully committed to blessing the Dingzi Jue, had no choice but to fight hard. At the same time, when blood appeared from the corners of Cai Shaochu’s mouth, his expression became even more hideous. .

"One, come again! No. 3, No. 4 three-phase thermal bomb base preparations!"

Almost the moment when Cai Shaochu's voice landed, two streams of light blasted from the moon. Next, it accurately blasted into the two bases where three-phase thermal explosive bombs were fired.

In an instant, a fire sea rose up from these two bases in situ, and the No. 1 and No. 2 three-phase hot-boiled egg bases were destroyed!

More than fifty streams of light leaped from the dark deep sky and rushed to the moon.

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